I suddenly became ill with excruciating headaches, pains….

13 months ago I suddenly became ill with excruciating headaches, pains like electricity going through me, & nausea – on the exact date the smart meter rollout reached homes near me. I didn’t find out until weeks later what hit me as I’d never heard of the smart meter health issue before. As my symptoms matched no condition I’d ever heard of as a healthcare professional – I googled my symptoms & they exactly matched the classic symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS).

Only later did I find out the rollout had begun in my area. I found an unusually bright GP who already understood EMS and I had blood tests, a brain & sinus MRI, specialist referral, etc. to rule out other conditions. My GP told me I’m not imagining this condition. Where do I go from here? I’m told I’d make a very credible witness & have quite a story to tell.

[Name has been withheld at the request of the author]

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  1. Rob Guy says:

    Current ARPANSA focus is on the health affects caused by the power/field strength of electromagnetic radiation while ignoring how the spacing of low power pulse groups affects the human mind. This link leads to how CIA/NSA use low power signals during “robust interrogations” to induce mental disturbances in prisoners. This extract is an example of a US patent for one of an array of such techniques.
    “Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing
    images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the……..”

    CIA and NSA ELECTROMAGNETIC MIND CONTROL PATENTS https://groups.google.com/forum/m/?hl=en#!topic/soc.genealogy.ireland/5bmP5Xb_EGg

  2. Lisa says:

    We’re in SE Michigan, DTE utility. Smart meters were attached to our home in late 2012. The entire family suffered, but my health problems were also accompanied by tachycardia and palpitations which escalated in occurrence until I ended up in the ER two months later with doctors under the impressions I was having a heart attack, though test results left them baffled. We installed an analog after that, and everyone was fine once again. I’m the exception. Having had a cell phone for over 20 years and all kinds of wireless gadgets, I now have to avoid, not only smart meters, but wireless in general or the symptoms resurface. I’d by lying, if I said I don’t miss them. Recently, DTE cut our power, the day after Mother’s Day to be exact. They arrived in bucket trucks, pickups, and a car–five vehicles, six if you include the police escort. They claimed the analog was stolen property–that may have been for the sheriff’s benefit, as they did return it a few days later. Last week, they came back to collect the line running from the house to the pole. Later that same day, they made sure to install a smart meter on our farm–which is a commercial meter (3-phase) and not eligible for the opt-out program. If I didn’t know better, I beginning to think I’m on their SHIT LIST. It was one thing to be confined to home, but now I’m locked up in the house like a prisoner. So, what options are left? Find a place to rent while waiting for a growing public awareness resulting in a change in public policy? That could be decades. How many people will be maimed or dead before something changes? http://www.pinterest.com/ldhem/emf-electromagnetic-fields-wireless-technology-mic/

    • Access denied says:

      Stay strong, Lisa. What you have had forced upon you WILL NOT define you! These parasites are preying on you right now… but they wont win the war. There are many more of us waking up to the deceit day by day, albeit slowly. Great information on your pinterest page and most informative – thankyou 🙂

  3. Geri Johnson says:

    I just received a letter from United Energy, headed Smart Meter, informing me someone from customer relations will be in contact within 10 days and apologising for any INCONVENIENCE I may have experienced. I am very interested to know what ACTUAL inconvenience they are referring to. Is it that both my disabled daughter and myself are without power because we have disabled the Smart Meter? Is it the inconvenience of my daughter almost dying, due to having the Smart Meter attached to her bedroom wall? Is it the inconvenience of having wasted $6000 relocating her Smart Meter when we could have bought her a new wheel chair? Is it the inconvenience of the deterioration of my health? Is it the inconvenience that the only solution except from moving house is to go off grid with Solar at a cost of $50,000?
    I look forward to their call and hope they are not too inconvenienced when they are hit with a class action……..

    • Minnie says:

      Geri, try and record their phone call if you can. They probably don’t want your story getting out, but it needs to be told to everyone. Sofia’s story is a start and how many more are going to come out. They have treated us like animals going to the slaughter house ,in fact if you treated an animal like we have been treated, their would be a big outcry from all over the world. The worst part is they think they are the victims.
      If you treated an animal like we have been treated, it would be all over the news.
      How quick is the Government to condemn human right violations in other countries?

  4. Minnie says:

    I wonder if this is a trick to get people to open any letters sent to them. Most people would be glad to get a letter stating that they will not be trying to install a smart meter and therefore open any new letter they receive. They know that people are sending letters back and not reading them.
    They know people are stressed and tired, they know that some people will now open letters they receive hoping the letter states that they won’t be trying to install a smart meter.
    They still need consent, especially as more information is starting to come out about the health implications. JUST REMEMBER THAT WE ARE DEALING WITH FOREIGN OWNED COMPANIES. THESE COMPANIES HAVE A LOT OF MONEY WHICH EQUALS A LOT OF POWER.

  5. Graeme says:

    To Rilk
    Do you think they are going to leave you alone without a SMART METER.
    Do not drop your guard. leave your meter box locked.You should know by now they will play their little game so that you think you have won,.then by chance you will get a SMART METER
    If you want confirmed notification that they will not fit a SMART METER, get in writing and signed by the CEO and possibly the premier of Victoria.
    Don’t UNLOCK your METER BOX. maybe put another LOCK on it.
    Everybody be vigilante.

  6. Rik says:

    I received a letter from SPAusNet today saying I’m refusing a Smart Meter so I called them about it.
    They said the letter is the last about Smart Meters as they are stopping installations on 30th June this year so unless I request one they wont put one in.

    YEA! Its finally over. No more spontaneous installers trying to install one, No more bullying.
    They said after June 2015 there might be a fee to get the meter read but they wont be trying to install one anymore.
    All it will take is them to call you and you to take a photo of the meter and send it to them. No need for a person to come out and read the meter and it’ll be free but no, they will charge you for what they’ve been doing for many years as a punishment for keeping the old meter and your health.

    Anyway, its finally over. In July we can now unlock our meter boxes and let the readers access to it again knowing a Smart Meter wont get installed.

    (I would’ve posted this direct to the site but cant find where so I put it as a reply here instead)

    • Minnie says:

      Rik, they can write write whatever they want in letters and on the phone, Haven’t they been telling people smart meters are safe? Haven’t they been telling people that smart meters have caused no fires?. It is not over, just because they said so and the fees are going to be a big problem for you in the future as they will keep on increasing them.
      Ask them to put what they said to you in an affidavit, i bet you they don’t. You could also inform them that you object to their fees as you already pay for your meter to be read. But you agree to them not installing a smart meter on your property.

    • Paul says:

      No Rik, it’s not over! Don’t believe a word they say. Keep your meter box locked and do not agree to any extra fees such as “after June 2015 there might be a fee to get the meter read.” This is more of their BS because, if you fail to respond to this, it will be regarded as ‘consent by implication,’ that is, you accept that there may be a charge. Do not accept any of their charges, which are illegal unless you give permission.

    • Minnie says:


    • Eric says:

      You must NEVER unlock your meter box EVER.
      You should know better that you can never allow yourself to believe anything let
      alone be assured by anything that is contained within SP Ausnet’s correspondence.

      Until the state Government explicitly states that the smart meter is no longer the standard meter, I can guarantee you that if you unlock your meter box the day will come when you will get the nastiest surprise of your life.

      Do not let your guard down at all. This has got a long way to go to play out well beyond
      30 June 2014.

      SP Ausnet, Jemena, United Energy, Citipower and Powercor are never to be trusted again.

      Do NOT unlock your meter box. Please don’t ever make that mistake.
      A line has been crossed in this nation and things can never be the same again.
      This nation’s innocency has been well and truly lost.
      My citizenship of this nation means nothing to me anymore. That is the extent of the offense that has been caused to me by this whole smart meter matter.

    • David says:

      After all their tricks so far, do you really believe them?
      Unfortunately, I don’t.
      Meter box is staying locked.

    • Paul says:

      Be careful! Keep your meter locked and don’t agree to anything they might say such as ….”there might be a charge.’ If you don’t respond it will be regarded as ‘implied consent’ to accept their charges.

    • sdjm says:

      Careful Rik, they’re not to be trusted and are liars… All of them! It’s far from over for all of their customers they have already fooled into installing SMs and are now sick from them… Will they now listen to these people and restore the analogue meters to their homes? Probably not.

    • Geri Johnson says:

      Hi Rik, I was wondering if SPAusNet have made any provision for people who have had a Smart Meter installed and are now without electricity as they have made the decision that living without power is preferable to living with the Smart Meter?

    • Minnie says:

      If SP Ausnet are telling the truth, then Sophia’s power should be reconnected immediately, even if she is with a different distributor.What about all the people that want smart meters removed? How kind of SP Ausnet to offer a fee for reading the meter, when they already get paid, How kind of these five distributors to harass, threaten, intimidate and try to coerce people into accepting a potentially lethal communication device. Don’t forget all the people that are sick and the people that have moved or can’t live in their homes.
      I for one object to any fine, fee or penalty.

    • Gwen 's says:

      Sorry..We just DO NOT TRUST the SMART METER installers.We are keeping ours LOCKED until such time the SM’s are completely removed from all homes & business’s that have them & we get back to “normal”..This is just a “CON”.!!!!! Come on PPV-No Smart Meters……

    • Minnie says:

      So if you have to take a photo of the meter and send it to them, then you can charge them money, $10 for starters. Then you can let SP Ausnet know that in the future their might be additional fees for them if you have to take your own reading.

    • Ms T says:

      as everyone is saying, do not trust SP Ausnet. They are the biggest bullies of all the distributors. All the distributors do is nothing but lie. And DO NOT leave your meter box unlocked for the meter reading or for your electricity retailer. The retailers are now the lackeys of the distributors and they will trick you into leaving your meter unsecured. If you must unlock your meter box, then make sure you are there while it is unlocked to watch their every deceitful movement. There have been several reports of people being conned into leaving their box unsecured by their electricity retailer and they have come home to a smart meter.

  7. Peter Coventry says:

    Slightly off topic, but related. I am an IT technician, and I have long been concerned about wireless technologies. Wireless internet is by far the most popular method of domestic internet connection, and this has a lot to do with the rise of iPads, and Tablets. These portable devices often do not have an ethernet port (for cable). Wired internet will always be more reliable, and provide a faster connection, however, for many people this is not convenient. I have an ADSL modem/router which allows me to turn off the wireless internet, and just use the ethernet cable connection. I also use ethernet over powerline devices, which allows me to use the home electical wiring as computer cable. Very cost effective, and no special installation required. Yes, I have a mobile phone, and frankly, I would happily go back to a time before these things were invented, but this is not practical. Until I can be absolutely convinced that wireless technologies are harmless to all things, I will try to keep our exposure to a minimum.

  8. Steve says:

    Welcome to my world. I am currently trying to work through this issue with ARPANSA who for the moment are not demonstrating the necessary duty of care to investigate. I wrote a “Personal EHS Case study” which can be found here http://www.es-uk.info/information/7-electrosensitivity-uk-case-studies.html that describes my experiences and understanding of EHS.

    It is interesting to note that at the recent BioEM2014 conference in Cape Town a well respected scientist Carl F. Blackman, recipient of the D’Arsonval Award, the highest scientific honor that can be bestowed by the Bioelectromagnetics Society opened the conference with a lecture. He made a statement on EHS – “people claiming to be EHS might indeed be affected by EMF”. Furthermore, Carl mentioned that apparently EHS studies were not designed properly because the scientists designing them have no understanding of EHS….it is good to see I am not alone in making such claims. Such EHS-related statements, coming from the D’Arsonval awardee, carries scientific weight and should be seriously considered by anyone and by everyone.
    Although ARPANSA says they recognise EHS like the World Health Organisation (WHO) does, they refuse to believe it is linked to EMF with some of them suggesting it may be psychological. It suits their purposes to make these claims because it allows them to deflect people’s concerns that Australia’s RF Standard is not fit for purpose. The reality is of course that our RF Standard does not protect the vulnerable and sensitive portion of our population as advised by ICNIRP (2002 Statement) – instead it provides a so called “high level of protection” against heating damage for the “General Population” – not pregnant women, children, chronically ill or elderly. I shall write a blog on this for SSMA shortly.

  9. powerunseen says:

    You could try shielding the wall on the neighbours side, and ask all the neighbours if they are having problems. Bet you find one or two have got immediate effects.

  10. Rik says:

    The only thing you can do to stop them is put a lock on the meterbox. They DONT care for signs, they DONT care for letters they will only stop if they cant get to the meter BUT there are reports they remove the screws from the door and still install it anyway.

    WHY are they pushing so hard and making people sick? They will end up wasting more money when we get them all removed so they should listen to their customers and keep them happy then they will look like a good company and they will get more customers but no, they dont care for their customers and they are moving to solar so they will all be off the grid and they will eventually loose all their customers and be broke all because of these stupid meters and the hard push they are doing to install them.
    Its a real surprise why these companies dont do things smart. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS should be the first thing they do but nope, its all about the money they make now and they dont care for the future as what they are doing is killing themselves as they will be the losers in the end.

  11. rik says:

    I’m the same. My problems started the day after the neighbors got their smart meters installed and the day I refused to get one. 24 hour headaches, nausea, confusion, and just a feeling of general unwell. But I’ve been to 2 doctors that just lain at me when I ask if these are smart meter EMS related.

    • Cedar says:

      I don’t (yet!) have a Smart meter but my neighbours do. They were installed a few months ago but the system wasn’t turned on until recently. I have had no problems until this last week when I started getting headaches randomly, not all day long they come and go, and a pounding pulse chest pains and sometimes buzzing in my ears. At first I didn’t connect this with the meters around me but I’m starting to think that they may be the trouble because I don’t have headaches normally (or the rest). I hesitate to mention it to the doctor because I feel certain I will get the same response as you did. SP Ausnet keep threatening to install one at my place. God knows how I’ll cope if they do manage to force one on me. What rights do we have in law if we can’t afford expensive legal assistance? Presumably they are depending on that situation to wear us down, well, I’m going to continue fighting. It’s too important to our health to give up. It is insane that our government will expose us to these deadly devices because of some deals they have made with a foreign businesses. (Countries that don’t have much regard for Human Rights mostly, too). When your own country is prepared to kill you for a bit of cash it is the end of any semblance of democracy as far as I’m concerned. They should do something about reforming the monetary system to make it fairer instead.

    • Rik says:

      So much for Apple’s AutoINcorrect.
      I went to 3 doctors and they LAUGH at me when I enquirer if my symptoms are caused from Smart Meters and EMS.
      Till this day I still suffer headaches, nausea, undiagnosed sickness all because the neighborhood has smart meters. And its not just 1 smart meter, here there are 3 units a block so I have 3 times the smart meters. NO, thats not just the block I live on, its ALL the blocks in this area. On my side of the street there are 3 units per block for about 5 blocks on a row, its the same for the other side of the street and surrounding streets are doing the same so this whole area is filled with 3x the normal smart meters so anyone that suffers from EMS wont even be able to come to this area without getting sick really bad.

  12. john anderson says:

    I refused to have a s/m installed.sent letters to sp,ausnet including pages from plenty &Dillon case and on each occasion refused them entry.they came in when I was out and installed a s/m and didn’t take any notice of mywarnings nor did they tune it for my solar system and now I am getting bills,for power and they want me to pay $196.00 to come and tune it in…is this blackmail or not…I get no credits for the power I produce that is going into the grid..i need to talk to someone..my phone no is 0404955883

  13. Chris says:

    from here you get statuatory declarations from your doctors and specialists that the smart meters are directly responsible for your conditions and that you must not have one installed on your house and submit them to the power company, and insist that you get a confirmation that one will not be installed there. IF you receive a letter like this, im sure SSM would like to see it! so post it here!

    Oh and like Anonymous says, you lock your meter box!!

  14. You can get a proxy for the effect of emf on intracellular water (exclusion zone water as outlined by gerald pollack) by taking a bun:creatinine ratio test, and read it alongside a vitamin d test

  15. Paul says:

    Where do you go from here? Not wishing to sound insensitive but the only way is to go to the polls in November and vote PPV, because sure as anything, the state government and your power company will not listen to you. You could also try a standalone power system utilising solar panels, a small generator (for top ups) and a decent battery bank. Most solar companies will help you out with this. Cost will be around $3,000 – $4,000

  16. MovingEntity says:

    Since you have relinquished your analogue meter the situation is now pretty much the Power Distributor(PD) has the upper hand on the meter type since what goes in will most likely be their owned property. People who retain the older analogue meters have an argument they own the meter and it’s still within specification/calibration for use.

    The alternative is to go off-grid with your own solar panels and battery array. That would cost 10K – 20K and last 20+ years if properly installed.

    A slight chance is declaring your illness to the Power Distributor and asking them for solutions. They maybe willing to check the output wattage of the transmitter, and may replace the meter with a suitable one. Note: informing the PD will put them on notice and you have a better chance of compensation in future if there is any class-litigation.

  17. smart meter sufferer says:

    As this GP is aware of your condition and recogises EHS, why is he/she not alerting the AMA to this growing problem?
    We need more medical professionals to speak out in support of all the smart meter sufferers.

  18. TL says:

    Lucky you that you found a GP who understands this issue. Most of us are still waiting for the ‘intellectual elite’ to catch up with us.

    Many people have been affected by smart meters installed on neighbours’ homes and it has taken them several weeks to figure out that what has changed is smart meters arriving in the area. So this makes a nonsense of those who like to claim that EHS people started to feel psychosomatically sick as soon as they saw the installer installing a smart meter on their own home. Frankly, if I ‘psychosomatically’ believed that allowing an installer to install a smart meter on my home was going to make me sick, would I just stand back and let them do it and wait for the headaches to begin?

    • Despiser of Singapore Power says:

      TL, I locked my meter box and when the installer came I sent him away. He then went to my neighbor’s house and persuaded her to allow him to install. He then installed in the rest of the houses in my street that same day and the next. I was wondering if i was going to start feeling anything. After one day I didn’t feel any symptoms. After two days I didn’t feel any symptoms. I started to think that perhaps smart meters weren’t going to be a problem after all. After 3 days nothing. After 4 days I stopped thinking about it. After one week I no longer had concerns about health risks from smart meters. One more week passed and then after two weeks I woke up one morning with a mild pain in my forehead. The next morning the same pain. It was the first thing I became aware of as soon as I woke out of sleep every morning. The head pains became constant and at times totally debilitating. I have zero history of headaches. I also started to experience a sick sick nausea for an extended period of time accompanied by something akin to dizziness. This has become a most horrific episode in my life that had developed after I had come to believe that smart meters would not cause me any problems. This only confirms that the symptoms people seem to commence suffering just after a smart meter is installed are totally legitimate and in absolutely no way some sort of psychosomatic episode. Independent testing subsequently confirmed that the wireless communication from the smart meter installed at my neighbors house was coming into my bedrooms and kitchen.

      • TL says:

        DSP, thanks for sharing your experience with me and others. I’ve often been curious about what sort of time lag others experience before they get symptoms from smart meters. For me it was insomnia from day 1, plus other symptoms arising later. However, it took me several weeks to find the cause was smart meters installed on neighbours’ houses.

        We all are at different thresh-holds of how much more EMR/RF our bodies can tolerate before we experience noticeable symptoms. Of course, there are other symptoms going on which we do not notice, such as an increased heart rate or red blood cells clumping together. I believe those who are not EHS are experiencing these invisible symptoms. They, like us, will probably lose years off their life, but they won’t know why.

        Have you tried sleeping in a room further from your neighbours’ smart meters?

        • Despiser of Singapore Power says:

          It’s not practical to sleep in the kitchen. I have been trying various methods with a lot of trial and error to try and make my life bearable and liveable again. I have now set up a shield along the complete side of my house and earthed it into a 1.5 – 2 meter copper rod which I have banged all the way into the ground. I also sleep with all my power switched off at night. I implemented this solution in stages over a period of time and it took some time for my symptoms to alleviate but they seem to have finally. It’s become bearable again but I cannot say that my life is liveable. Opening up and closing my meter box several times a day is exposing me to asbestos risks as my meter box is lined with the stuff and there are a number of broken pieces in the box. I am very stressed about this. I am now trying to deal with the dirty electrictity with stetzerizer filters to avoid having to open and close the meter box but I am not convinced that this is the right way to go a this stage.

          I have a threefold problem.
          1. Electromagnetic radiation from neighbor’s smart meter
          2. Dirty Electricity in my house wiring with all appliances switched off
          3. Asbestos in my meter box

          NONE of these were a source of problem for me prior to smart meters being rolled out.
          Hence my name.

          • TL says:


            this may not be a practical or workable solution in your situation, but there is some sort of spray like paint, I guess, to apply to asbestos to seal the fibres. I’m not sure if this is available in small quantities.

            How are the stetzerizer filters working for you? Improving the situation?

            What shielding material did you use?

            • Despiser of Singapore Power says:

              1. Anyone with details of such paint ? I’d be interested to know. To be honest though I just freak out going near there especially with broken pieces just hanging there.
              2. It’s hard to tell. I’m only operating one power point circuit and two lighting circuits.
              The numbers on the power point circuits range from 54 to 84 approx with 3 filters. More filtering has minimal further reduction. Does that mean I am OK ? I really don’t know. And I don’t think that I am necessarily fixing the problem on the lighting circuits. The headache test is still standing up but jury still out.
              3. Aluminium Flywire (baked enamel)

  19. Anonymous says:

    Do you have a smart meter installed in your house? If not, you must lock your mere box and display the signs NO TRESPASSING and DO NOT INSTALL SMART METER. asap

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