The head of Belgium’s largest mobile phone company bans WiFi in his offices and tells kids mobile phones are dangerous!

It really appears that the cat is now out of the bag when the head of a large mobile phone company bans WiFi in his offices and warns children about the dangers of mobile phones.

Didier Bellens, president of Belgacom, (Belgium’s largest mobile phone company) is a brave man. While most telecommunications companies and mobile phone manufacturers are still actively denying the dangers of microwave radiation, here is a man who asks his contacts to call him on his land-line rather than his mobile phone and who tells children to use a headset with their mobile phone and to turn them off at night.

It is amazing Didier Bellens has kept his job!


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11 Responses to The head of Belgium’s largest mobile phone company bans WiFi in his offices and tells kids mobile phones are dangerous!

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    Think about this!

  4. Frank says:

    Note, this information is from 2011. He talks about GSM in the article, no mention yet of WCDMA and LTE (which are far worse in terms of radiation issues).
    Google him, and you find:
    “Didier Bellens is a Belgian businessman. Until November 15, 2013, he was the CEO of Belgacom, the leading telecommunications company of Belgium”
    So he kept his job for a while after the statement…
    In any case, yes, a brave statement nevertheless

  5. Jason says:

    Maybe he’s kept his job because of what ELSE he knows that might come out in a more formal court hearing over ‘unfair dismissal’.

  6. Paul says:

    To Dennis, the other ministers of this soon-to-be-out-of-office government and Labor, are you reading this? Remember, you will have PPV to deal with at every turn in relation to smart meters and WiFi during sittings of state parliament.

    • Paul says:

      Also, NSW looks like it will be going ahead with full SM rollouts now that they are privatising their electricity. New South Welshmen and women, you have been warned. The battle is only just beginning for you. SSMA will support you.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        New South Welshmen and Women,
        Please padlock your Private and any Small Business owned electric meter boxes and get up your Lawful Commonwealth Anti Trespass Signs immediately. The signs will not work for you unless you have first padlock your electric meter boxes with a stout padlock, that’s what over 300,000 of us here in Victoria have done already.

        Should you not heed this warning you will be risking your health most certainly and possibly end up with a dopey electric Microwave Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Smart Meter, now renamed A.M.I remote reading meter which is the same thing. The name change was done by the Victorian Government and the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies acting in collusion with one another in an attempt to “Dum Down” the Victorian People.

        Please HEED THESE WARNINGS or suffer the consequences of giving into a WICKED and DEADLY TECHNOLOGY which has been and still is responsible for burning down a number of Victorians’ private homes, one in Northcote a suburb of Victoria and doing much fire damage to the Haddon Dentist practice in Glenroy, another Melbourne suburb as well as more fire damage to at least five homes in the Geelong area and fire damage to four homes in the Ararat area where I live. Note that Electric Smart Meters are not so smart really and all are potential INCENDIARY METERS.

        You have all been WARNED !

    • Hammer Mann says:

      To the now proving to be Dishonourable Mr Denis Napthine,
      Your silence on the now proving to be poisonous Electric Microwave and far from smart meters Denis is DEAFENING !. I know that at one time you cared about ANIMALS, but what about us HUMANS. We hear nothing from you about really caring about us humans health and welfare in relation to these now proving to be Poisonous to Humans and all life wrecking filthy Type 2B Carcinogen Electric so-called but far from Smart Meters.

      Don’t you realise that your days are numbered as the Premier of Victoria as you have been silent on this shocking debacle of the continuing roll-out of these now accursed Type 2 B proving to be Carcinogen meters.

      There is a song which goes, ” Denis the Menace etc.” Well Denis you’d better get off your ARSE and stop the continuing roll-out of these deadly machines right now, or be thou prepared to be flung out of office at the upcoming November 2014 Victorian Elections.

      I will never vote for the Victorian Labor Party or the Liberal Party as both parties are CORRUPT and useless and both parties refuse to listen to us, YOUR BOSSES. Quite frankly both parties are a disgrace to the Human Race as all you do when you get into power is CRAWL to Big Business as you don’t give a damn for the common people’s health and welfare, Many Victorians were misguided enough to elect you to office. Quite frankly all of you in both the Victorian Liberal and the past Labor Party have proven yourselves to be a Disgrace to the HUMAN RACE.

      Go stick that in your pipe and smoke it !

  7. Anonymous says:

    SP Ausnet have deployed WiMax <<>>Gridnet
    section 3
    900 MHz systems are available for licensed and unlicensed frequencies. 900 MHz offers better penetration capabilities through walls and vegetation than the longer range WiMAX operating in the gigahertz bands
    Through what?
    WALLS and VEGETATION and ???????????????????????
    WiMax is refered to as being Wi-Fi on “STEROIDS”
    SOURCE 1 :
    SOURCE 2
    SOURCE 3
    SOURCE 4
    SOURCE 5
    Around the world an increasing number of governments and authorities have banned or warned against the use of Wi-Fi in schools. Many experts, scientists and doctors are warning schools to take a precautionary approach.
    ARPANSA the Australian Radiation and Nuclear Authority Standards are 12 years OLD and simply OUT OF DATE AND ARE ARCHAIC
    USA: The FCC Rules are 16 years OLD

    Im Glad this Belgium CEO is Honest
    FOLKS;It is High Time WE HAD a COMPLETE review of OUR Australian …APRA Radiation Standards… Many People here are reporting Bad health Effects from Smart Meters in April May and Now In June,2014 as follows .. Heart Palpitations, Tinnitus, Chest Pains, headaches and More!

    Vote for peoplepowervictoria sign up and Join the Party today… let us have a Strong Voice here in Victoria in The upcoming state elections in November,2014


    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Mr Russell Northee,
      Please be so kind as to look at the truly disgusting way a child was effectively not allowed to be enrolled at a Montessori educational school below in the letter from Amand Wells, because the powers that be within this school board are forcing children and staff to use the Wi-Fi system in children’s’ education syllabi. This attitude shows me that the powers that be there on the Sunshine Coast are just as stupid and wilfully cruel and uncaring of the school children’s and staff’s health concerns as here in Victoria.

      Even the head C.E.O of a huge Mobile Phone Conglomerate in Europe states that Caution must be exercised with this relatively new technology. I will put the link here for you to read as well………………………………………….. He himself and his staff will not allow any Wi-Fi or any Microwave equipment on the floor where he and his staff work. This is a very sensible move by this Top Executive as he is showing compassion and a sensible responsibility for his staff’s Health and Welfare.

      Sadly this incumbent Victorian Government is still wickedly refuses to show any Duty of Care for the Victorian Peoples’ Health and Welfare. Such an attitude of still ongoing carelessness, cruelty and downright stupidity by this Victorian Government, is an utter disgrace which they, and you too Mr Russell Northee will pay dearly for at the 2014 November Victorian Election.

      Remember it is we the Victorian People to whom you in the Victorian Liberal Party actually owe your ALLEGIANCE, and not to the big business moguls and Microwave Industry including A.C.M.A as well all of you crazy for more and more money, anyway you can carelessly reap this Filthy Lucre.

      We the Victorian People are YOUR BOSSES so do as we have been asking you to do, for so long, and stop the continuing roll-out of these now proven to be Human and All Life Health Wrecking Microwave meters. We the people of Victoria DEMAND that every one of these deadly Microwave meters be removed and replaced with the SAFE and Passive Analog Electric Meters, I allege you Criminally forced the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies to install. You who make up the Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources past and present have I allege been wickedly forcing these Human Health Wrecking Microwave meters on the Victorian people.

      I allege every one of you from your earlier Premiers of Victoria Mr Ted Baillieu and the then Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Michael O’Brien and his replacement Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and last of all, you Mr Russell Northe of being a bunch of Cringing Cowards and Lick Spittle’s to the Microwave Industry.

      Go and hang thy heads in SHAME !

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