Canberra neurosurgeon writes about smart meters…

Here is what Dr Vini G. Khurana MBBS (Syd, Hons), BScMed (Syd, Hons), PhD (Mayo Clinic), FRACS, neurosurgeon from Canberra, thinks about wireless smart meters:

The Australian electrical utility company Citipower (Powercor) is currently rolling out “smart meters” in Australian homes. There are public concerns regarding possible health effects that such a device might have via continuous near-field electromagnetic radiation emissions (especially if situated near bed-heads and family and childrens’ rooms). Info about smart meter health and safety issues via Citipower’s own brochure (CLICK HERE) appears inadequate based on information gathered from experts elsewhere (see links below). Regarding smart meters:

    1. There does not appear to be any real benefit for consumers/households and no “green” benefit either
    2. Financial benefits following installation appear to be exclusively for power companies
    3. DETRIMENTAL effects for consumers appear to be (i) a substantial rise in household utility bills; (ii) possible adverse neurological effects in people who sustain close proximity to the meters (especially < 10 feet/3 metres); (iii) invaded personal privacy via third parties obtaining information about household occupancy patterns gleaned from time-specific utility usage data, (iv) impending additional wireless meter installations for gas, water, television and communication devices etc.
    • A generic letter received from Citipower (CLICK HERE). Note the asterisked section on page 2 of the letter; the statement is inaccurate – how can this electrical radiotransmitter device have no electromagnetic field? The device emits throughout the day and night…but:
      • what are the exact signal strengths?
      • when exactly/how frequently is it transmitting back-to-base?
      • what is the EMF plume (distant-dependent EM field) of the meter itself when not transmitting (i.e., “at rest”) versus when transmitting?
      • Why can’t they be hard-wired instead and shouldn’t their ‘boxes’ be EMF-shielded by the Utility company?
    • The above fundamental questions need to be addressed.
    • Further info:
      • Report on smart meters by Dr Don Maisch Australia ( CLICK HERE
      • Report on smart meters from a Californian professional group. CLICK HERE
      • Article on smart meter problems from Canada. CLICK HERE
      • A notice from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine regarding smart meters. CLICK HERE
      • Report on smart meters by Dan Hirsch, Univ California Santa Cruz. CLICK HERE
      • An on-line report regarding smart meter removal actions in California. CLICK HERE
      • An example of stop smart meter installation signage (Australia; CLICK HERE) from


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30 Responses to Canberra neurosurgeon writes about smart meters…

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  2. Sick Of Their Lies. says:

    In the “Further info” section of the good Doctor’s letter above, it had a link:
    “An example of stop smart meter installation signage (Australia; CLICK HERE) from

    Please make sure you all have the since updated sign that not only mentions electricity “smart” meters, but also gas and water ones as well.

    Link below:

    Click to access a-1-meter-box-sign.pdf

  3. Eric says:


    “Do smart meters emit radiation that may have health effects?
    Smart meters are no more of a threat than old meters.They cause no electromagnetic field by themselves and the radio messages they send four times a day are half the strength of a mobile phone sending a text message.”

    Just completely made up tripe which I have confirmed by my own testing. It can be clearly seen how these criminals thought they could get away with playing the population as totally stupid and ignorant.

    Have they now been exposed or what ?

    They must be made to answer for this and no punishment can be severe enough for what they have perpetrated.

    • Gwen says:

      Eric, you are right. Look what the powers that be did to the people of Morwell during the fire at the Hazeldine coal mine. An evacuation was meant to happen when carbon dioxide levels reached 30, and when it did, they raised the level to 70 for the alert to evacuate. Those in power will not look after the peoples best interests first.

      • Cedar says:

        They don’t care, they just do what’s convenient for THEM and to hell with everyone else.
        PS It’s Hazelwood coal mine and breathing in Morwell was very unpleasant during the fires.

  4. Eric says:


    1. Make sure your meter box is locked and stays that way. Stick another lock on whilst you’re at it.
    2. Make sure the dog always remains out the front
    3. Don’t call them
    4. Don’t be intimidated by these $<uMEag B@$+@rD$. They have no more power to do anything to you now than what they had two years ago.

    All we are now seeing is the last desperate hurrah from them before their extended so called "mandate" ends on 30 June 2014. The day will come when these people are going to burn.

    If you want to go on the front foot, you can let them know that you will do them for harassment.
    These little boys and girls can be given theoretically up to 10 years imprisonment for their bullying behaviour.

    Postal Harassment is also a crime under the Commonwealth Crimes Act and carries maximum penalty of up to two years imprisonment.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hammer Mann sayeth,
      Every Victorian private home and small business owner needs to know the following,
      “That these lying little boys and girls of the Human Relations Departments of the five foreign owned Electricity Power Companies are actually sales people for what is in TRUTH their the INHUMANE Public Relations Department and that, “Under Brodie’s Law” they these lying sales people and their equally lying C.E.O’s especially, will when tried in COURT and under Common Law and found guilty of telling bare-faced lies to their Victorian Electricity Customers, WILL FACE UP TO TEN (10) years in Gaol for constantly bullying and lying to their Victorian Electricity Customers.

      Shake in your shoes you purveyors of LIES and EVIL for soon cometh thy downfall and just punishment under THE LAW, your days of continual Lying must soon be brought to AN END.

      • Cedar says:

        I wonder if they are being employed by the commission for population reduction, if so, they will be very successful. ; ) Except that we are going to stop them!

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  6. Lets Take our Power Back says:

    Leave the dog out the front, don’t phone them, do everything in writing and tell them that you do not consent to the installation. And lock your box in case they get past the dog!!!

  7. Happy Dissenter says:

    Bravo for an informative ( albeit scary ) update. Thanks Doc.

  8. Heather says:

    After nearly two years of refusing and objecting to the installation of a so-called “Smart Meter” attached to my home, this week I received a large envelope from United Energy containing a plethora of propaganda regarding these meters and a letter instructing me to contact them before 10th June to arrange installation. Well guess what? They have ignored my objections and civil rights all this time so I have no qualms about ignoring their letter. They really have a nerve.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Go Girl! You tell em Heather!

    • Faye says:

      Heather I wouldn’t ignore this letter – it is one that you need to reply to. It is very similar to the the letter Jemena sent out to their customers not that long ago. If you type ‘A response to Jemena’ into search on the top right of this page it will take you to both Jemena’s letter and the reply. Although United Energy have not made it so clear in their wording to us, I believe they are saying exactly the same thing as Jemena which was (putting it briefly) that if you don’t reply by 10 days they will consider you have refused their offer to replace the old meter with the new smart meter by reason of you refusing access to the meter at your property. It’s those words “refusing access” that you need to be very cautious of. United Energy have used those words this time in their heading to the letter i.e. Exchanging the Smart Meter – access refused. I don’t like it. And it’s better to be safe than sorry. I simply used the Response to Jemena letter, changing details from Jemena to United Energy of course and sent it off registered mail. Good luck….

    • Glenj says:

      Heather, Ditto, the same happened to me with United Energy sending me about 30 pages of stuff that went straight into the bin. They say in their covering letter it will ensure that you avoid any charges that may be incurred from 2015 for costs of having a non-standard meter. Why would anyone pay for something they do not want, don’t have, don’t need and don’t agree with, is beyond me. My meter box is locked and will remain locked.

    • Nabil says:

      I think their grab bag of garbage is nothing more than an attempt to catch the customer by an element of surprise just as their previous registered letter. I don’t think they’ll try registered mail again as the element of surprise would be gone and they know that no one will sign. So something different this time is all about getting the customer to open the envelope. Not that it’s going to be easy to prove that their little package was even delivered if it came down to that. As far as they are concerned, once you open the envelope you’ve accepted the commercial/contractual negotiation process (which they have legally “served” upon you) which is all about claim and counterclaim, offers and counteroffers and who stands in honour and who stands in dishonour. An unrebutted statement of truth stands as truth in commercial law and commercial law is what they use to snare their customers into agreeing “to their offer” of allowing them to charge you extra for not having a smart meter. It’s dirty tricks because they deliberately fail to sufficiently disclose to customers of this commercial process that they are employing and how it actually works against the customer if they are ignorant about it, which is exactly what UE wants. However for those who understand the process, they can cause it to bite the power company in the backside big time.

      • Anonymous says:

        It does make you ask the question that if they cannot attempt and I reiterate “attempt” (a bit like the word “endeavor”, remember that one ?) to charge you prior to March of 2015, then what is the purpose of these present notices being sent out to customers ?
        Firstly the potential bonus that a few more might cave in and allow the installation of a carcinogenic smart arse meter, so keep those boxes locked securely and that should never happen.
        Secondly, they cannot attempt to just impose a charge on the spur of the moment come March 2015. They can only do that when they have agreed with us first. This requires proper forewarning, but also requires our consent. Hence the sending of these letters to us customers, letters which are contractual notices. However these notices are sent without full disclosure of the contractual process that they are forcing upon their customers. They are intentionally contracting with those persons whom they know are not aware of the contractual process that the power company is imposing upon them and they would have it so.
        Remember, contractual law requires consent. Without consent, there can be no contract.
        Do not give them consent to charge you.
        Do not accept their offer to allow them to charge you.
        Do not allow them to obtain your consent to allow them to charge you through your implied consent.
        Remember smart meters ?
        They are not law. The power companies were told to use their “best endeavors” to install them. So they found a way to convert people’s silence and ignorance into implied consent.
        These extra charges are the same. The power companies have been given the green light to “attempt” to “recover costs” or to charge you. Now they will try to once again convert your ignorance and your silence into a situation where they will be able to justify making their monetary demands (which in reality is extortion ie. “pay us if you want to stay healthy”) and impose their monopoly of essential services upon those that won’t pay their (extortion) demands with further threats (similar to what we see happening in what has become the U.S. police state)

        So both prior warning and CONSENT from the customer ARE REQUIRED in order for them to make further monetary demands upon the customer, otherwise they would not be sending out these letters at this point in time.

        I would happily pay more money for my electricity if it meant that the smart meter roll out was permanently terminated and every single one of these carcinogenic devices already installed were removed. I am not prepared to pay a single cent more that will in any way further this wicked agenda.

        • Eric says:

          Yes, ditto.
          I would definitely pay money for smart meters to be taken away from people’s houses (even though the government and the distribution companies are the ones who should be paying)
          I too won’t be paying money for smart meters to be retained.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        Even if you do open the Jemena Package or the S.P AusNet package where they are trying to trick you into accepting their offer, they still have not won, because until you have read the offer they make you, you don’t know what is in the package and it could be a pleasant surprise where they may, if you’re very lucky state that they will let you keep your Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter. However don’t believe them and make sure you keep your electric meter box padlocked and keep those Anti-Trespass signs erected on the meter box and on your front fence or gate at all times.

        What ever you do, don’t just chuck the letter from Jemena or S.P AusNet or any of the others into the rubbish bin as they will assume “a no reply” to their offer is acceptance for them to change your Analog Meter over to the Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Meter which is in their Legally Tricky minds to try to force the change-over.

        You must return the package and letter to them ‘ with honour’ and state in your unsigned note to them, that for health reasons you are unable to accept their offer. I’d suggest you send a short note to them in a new envelope with their original envelope and their letter enclosed with your polite note together.

        Do not put your name and address on the back of the return envelope and don’t sign the note you send back. They are so cunning they will try every trick in the book to get their own way.

  9. Maryann Stephens says:

    There’ve just sent us a letter telling us that want us to call ASAP and make a time for them to pop our smart meter in as the dog out the front will not allow them to access to our electricity box . What should we do ??

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      You “Do Not Consent” to a “smart” meter installation.
      End of Story.

      • Jason says:

        Better yet: (“You “Do Not Consent” to a “smart” meter installation.”)
        YOUR DOG doesn’t consent! I bet he’d ignore any nasty mail, too! 😆

    • Gwen 's says:

      Put 2 dogs there !!!! The Canberra Neurosurgeon is going to be of great help,we feel…have printed out some of the pages, the others I have put in documents to keep for anyone who is interested in reading it..We received an “UNSIGNED” letter from SP Ausnet, telling us to unlock the box & take all tresspassing signs down .FREE way in to exchange our meter !!!!!! ( We had sent them a registered letter some weeks ago now.) We are in our late 70’s & just do not need this constant FIGHT… We are also in good health… (We sent a copy down to SSMA & PPV….) Can’t wait to vote these B!!!!!!S out of Parliment..Come on PPV-No Smart Meters-….The Drs. & hospitals will not be able to cope with a lot of folk getting SICK with these so called SMART METERS.

      • Jason says:

        Onya Gwen!….Just play it as a game, and you’ll find yourself being less stressed.
        Even play their own silly game back at them. Invite them around to swap your meter, but get someone else to write and sign it the letter (and perhaps post it from a different suburb)
        ….and when they turn up all eager-eyed and bushy-tailed tell them to piss off before you call the police! 😉

        • Happy Dissenter says:

          Good tactic Jason. I found I was holding my breath waiting for contact from United Energy…now I have so much chutzpah due to the support from this site. I am secure in my civil rights and they can waste their time all they like. Thank you for the giggle. 🙂

      • Hammer Mann says:

        Even better hire four (4) Rottweilers to guard your property and get a sign up to say “Keep Off My Property as the last trespasser and Smart Meter Installer got eaten by these dogs.” That should scare these nasty bully boys off for good. GGGGGGRRRRRRR !

    • Minnie says:

      Maryann, there is no law stating that you have to call them or talk to them or read letters. They don’t have to answer questions or talk to you if they don’t want to. They do have to obey the law.

    • Paul says:

      Maryann take the following action in this order:

      1. Make sure your meter box is locked (with a window for the meter reader).
      2. Starve the dog for about 3 days
      3. When the installer comes around, throw something on him that will attract the dog
      4. Feed the dog the best steak you can buy and give it a medal for a ‘job well done.’

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