Local smart meter rally at Minister Northe’s Office. But where was he?

Stop Smart Meters Australia (SSMA) Morwell branch organised a rally on Friday 23rd May at Minister Russell Northe’s Office in Morwell.

At this rally, SSMA representatives from Morwell and surrounding areas demanded that:

  • People whose health is affected by smart meter radiation immediately have the communication card removed from their smart meter (the wireless component of the smart meter).
  • Minister Northe direct United Energy to reconnect Sofia Telemzouguer’s power. Sofia and her daughter have been living without electricity for three months as United Energy reneged on an agreement to install a manually read digital meter.  In his convenient absence, a copy of a petition was handed to Minister Northe’s Office. See: https://stopsmartmeters.com.au/2014/04/07/petition-to-reconnect-sofias-power/

In January this year, responding to rising concerns by the Victorian community, the former Minister for Energy and Resources announced an independent audit of smart meters to determine health risks associated with these devices.

Mr Trevor Bridges, spokesperson for the Morwell branch of SSMA said “We have heard nothing since”.  At the very least the smart meter roll-out should cease until the health audit is completed.“

“The current Minister for Energy and Resources, the Hon. Russell Northe, refuses to meet and speak to anyone regarding this issue, despite the fact that, as the rollout of smart meters continues around the state, an increasing number of people are reporting adverse health effects from the pulsing, microwave emitting smart meter transmissions. “

Mr Bridges continued “Mr Northe has also refused to meet or acknowledge that a number of people in his electorate have been suffering as a result from the pulsing microwave emitting smart meters.  Such people have a number of medically documented symptoms, including headaches, insomnia, tinnitus, dizziness, blurred vision, and heart palpitations.

News footage of the rally can be found at:


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38 Responses to Local smart meter rally at Minister Northe’s Office. But where was he?

  1. Eric says:

    All the persons that are responsible for Sofia’s household being denied essential services are the ones who are much much more in the dark than what Sofia will ever be.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Russell will not talk to anyone probably because his party has told him not to. Both major parties are in total support of the UN’s Agenda 21, of which smart meters are a part. As such, it is not in either party’s interests to ‘do battle’ with anyone on the smart meter issue. Both Labor and Liberal are hoping the matter will simply ‘go away’ and, come November, it will – for them!

  4. Wendy Wolfe says:

    I live in a hilly area of “low signal” meaning that the mobile phone does not work; the computer needs a satellite dish for internet, etc. Now I am informed by the smart meter reader that although the smart meter has been fitted it does not ‘work’ either except as an analogue. Apparently there are many in Gippsland that have been fitted but do not work because of their location.

  5. Happy Dissenter says:

    Well done fellow members. What’s with the reporter’s comment near the end of the segment that the smart meter rollout is nearly 98 % complete?? What a porky!!!!! Where did she get her stats from?

  6. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Yes, a line in the sand has to be drawn – the Victorian Liberals have to go!
    How can they justify letting a single mother and her daughter live without electricity? How will they survive the coming winter without any form of heating? How can this be happening in my country? In my name?
    Bring on the November elections!

  7. smart meter sufferer says:

    I drove from Melbourne to Morwell on Friday to protest against these dangerous devices that are ruining so many lives. From the moment I entered the WIMAX area I developed a severe pain in my chest : Beautiful countyside now so polluted with RF electromagnetic radiation I don’t know how anyone can live there.
    Obviously these heartless politicians have no respect for human life, even their own children who are also being exposed 24/7
    Utterly disgraceful that Minister Northe will not speak to anyone, including his own constituents who are experiencing adverse health symptoms from smart meters. Isn’t he an ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE of the PEOPLE?????

  8. Maria says:

    Does this minister have a smart meter on his wall or on the wall of his office?

  9. John M says:

    Thanks for your efforts Trevor. Sorry I couldn’t be there to offer support in person.

    Having watched the news broadcast on the youtube link I can agree with Russel Northe on one point he made. “We have to draw a line in the sand”. Well, Mr Russel Northe, a line in the sand has already been drawn by many of us, and we will be pushed no further. Your federal colleague Joe Hockey equally came out with some sobering truth too when he said “The age of entitlement is over” I fully agree. It’s far past the time to start pushing back against elitist parasites and their souless greedy minions who feel entitled to continually impose on and bleed the rest of us dry. I will pay no more into my own enslavement.

    • Minnie says:

      John, If Russel had drawn the line in the sand, we would have police breaking down our doors and forcibly installing these radiation meters. We have said no Russel.

    • Minnie says:

      Why doesn’t Russel get the police or army to forcibly install these radiation devices? Draw the line Russel, because i have when i said no. Everyone drew the line when they decided to say no and lock their meter boxes.
      If Russel wanted to draw the line, why not address the people that organized this rally?

    • Minnie says:

      Who is Russel drawing a line in the sand for? Is it the people of Victoria that pay his wages and are his true master’s? Only the people can draw the line Russel, we are your employer and you work for us. Russel you will follow our orders or step down.
      An employee cannot give orders to their employer and they certainly can’t draw the line for their employer, Only we can do that.

      • Gwen says:

        Great comments Minnie. When I told powercor that I didn’t want a change in meters, I was told that it was the law. I asked this disrespectful bully woman if I was going to be arrested then. She was flustered for a moment and then told me I would be put on a refusal list and that after December last year the “government” would deal with me.
        I haven’t heard from them again to FORCE this death meter on me and my family.

        • Minnie says:

          Gwen, we can share the same prison cell, I think we would have a lot in common.
          Bullies are cowards Gwen. They are little insignificant people, that have no real purpose in life. So they get a tiny bit of power from some other bully and think they are invincible. Of course when confronted the bully does not know what to do. So they either become aggressive or ignore you.
          This woman you spoke to, probably thought she could say what she wants and her mother company would protect her. You are not on a refusal list, did you give them permission to put you on their list in the first place?
          You don’t have to accept a smart meter. The order is for the distributor’s it is their problem not ours. We did not create the problem.
          Which Government was she referring to Gwen?

          Was it the Commonwealth of Australia, being “The people unite in one indissoluble Commonwealth” under the Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia1900 (UK)
          Was it the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, being a company registered with the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington DC,USA,CIK#; 0000805157

          The people are the Government, the other one is a company.

          • John M says:

            Minnie said “the other one is a company.” A company of theives and pretenders in place and fully complicit in the most vile corruption and treason for decades.

          • Gwen says:

            Thanks Minnie. I asked her to put what she told me in writing and surprise surprise, I’m still waiting.

  10. Brenda says:

    Fantastic to see this rally occur – and only a few streets away from where I live. Such a pity I was unable to attend. A bigger pity is that our Minister seems to be under the thumb of big business and unwilling to stand up for the people of Victoria. Shame.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I reckon you are right on the money there dear lady. I have written to Mr Russell Northe the incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources a few times, and all I get is dopy ” Boiler Plate Letters” in reply pushing ARPANSA’s tired and now more that twelve year old hopelessly out-dated Microwave figures on what they at ARPANSA claim are safe Microwave levels of radiation for human beings bodies and cells and various body organs. ARPANSA it seems is only concerned with heating levels of Microwave Radiation which they like to believe or constantly tell themselves are safe for humans, hardly a scientific approach is it ?, not in light of the latest evidence from top doctors of medicine and radio physicists’ findings who work closely with these doctors of medicine who are not under the corrupting influence and pay of the microwave industry.

      Well I’ve got good news for you Brenda, only months ago I managed to get hold of the gentleman who was the second in charge of ARPANSA for the second time, who told me over my land-line phone that they at ARPANSA are well aware of how much mounting unrest there is not only in Victoria Australia but world-wide concerning even lower levels of Microwave Radiation, than ARPANSA quotes. He stated that they at ARPANSA are reviewing their older Scientific findings and are regularly testing for more evidence of claimed harmfulness from the Microwave Smart Meters, Mobile Phones and Microwave Radios atop high towers and buildings.

      I asked him, ” Please tell me when and where will these figures be published?, but he seemed cagey on this question I’d put to him, so it looks as if he is being stood over by his bosses.

      I then moved to a different tack and asked him, “Have you got a microwave Smart Meter on your home property.”
      Then he said in a forceful tone, “No I haven’t and I’ve padlocked my Electric Meter box and put up Anti Trespass and Fines Notices as well.”
      I stated that I’d done the same nearly two years ago.
      ” So you agree with me, that you don’t want a Microwave Smart Meter on your property !”
      “No I don’t,” said he for the second time, then added “I wear my Government hat at work and at home I wear my private hat and I will never allow a Microwave Smart Meter on my property.
      ” Good for you,” I said.
      He then added, “Richard even if I knew the very latest ARPANSA figures which claim are safe for humans, I would not be allowed to tell you as I could lose my job if they found out. I have a big home mortgage to pay off and a wife and children to support.”
      “Thank you for your time and candour,” I said in closing and hung up.

      So you see Brenda, the Moguls at the top of the Microwave Industry here in Victoria Australia and in every State of Australia and world-wide and ACMA are using what definitely seems to be Terrorist Tactics to frighten their employees, as it’s Big Business as usual Full Steam Ahead and in essence those of the Microwave Industry don’t give a STUFF about you our customers health or welfare. Fortunately public anger is growing rapidly and I’m hoping we can soon turn the tables on this truly CORRUPT and Money Grubbing Industry.

      • Happy Dissenter says:

        Very interesting story Richard. Even those who are in these govt bodies are afraid of speaking out for fear of losing their jobs. We just have to keep up the resistance and remind the ministers and Premiers that they are the servants of the people…not the other way round. Cheers!!!!

  11. Hammer Mann says:

    Sadly Mr Russell Northe was not at the Stop Smart Meters rally which was attended by many people at his Morwell office on Friday the 23rd of May 2014 just a few days ago. It seems he had ducked out the back door when he saw these people holding their placards aloft? Like the penultimate Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Michael O’Brien it seems that Mr Russell Northe refused to attend and speak to the people who needed to see him.

    This shows a definite lack of moral fibre on Mr Russel Northe’s character. He is obviously frightened of facing his obligations regarding this very serious issue of these Electric Microwave Smart Meters and the definite sickness these machines are causing to mounting numbers of Victorian people. His attitude of not showing any Duty of Care for Victorians who suffer from the varying sickness being caused by these now proving to be far from Smart Meters is an utter disgrace. He needs to be SACKED and thrown out of office, for his spineless attitude.

  12. Gwen 's says:

    We sent Mr. Northe a Registered letter on the 8th.May & also to SPAusnet…haven’t heard from either. Looked for the SSMA rally on the Gippsland News on the computer..No where to be found !!!!!( Seaspray Rally is on it re the awful drilling for oil on peoples property… But not the SSMA rally) …He is so” TWO FACED”…Not to be TRUSTED…. COME ON PPV- NO SMART METERS.. We have now done 7 “Letter Drops” Our own paper & printer for a VERY WORTHY CAUSE..We are Volunteers.. It is all for a good cause & we enjoy doing this ..Every bit helps…..NO SMART METERS for us…..Will Keep up the FIGHT to get back to NORMAL. Too many are suffering.Our thoughts are with all those folk who are suffering. They shouldn’t have to suffer..We wonder if ALL the MINISTERS have a SMART METER on their home !!!!!!

  13. Robert Scott says:

    These politicians who make themselves unavailable to the public are really a waste of space. They loose sight of the fact that voters put them in a position to serve.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      These politicians of whom you speak, all need to be put on TRIAL in a Court of Law and made to appear before an honest Judge and tried by a Jury of twelve (12) men straight and true for their ongoing crimes against the Victorian Public they continue to mercilessly TORTURE with these now proving to be Poisonous Electric Microwave and far from Smart Meters.

      Most of these politicians have proven themselves to be Servants of Corrupt Money Grubbing and Immoral Corporations and business interest of all kinds. Fear not, their day of Reckoning Fast Approacheth !

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