So it looks like SP AusNet are now accepting that people have a right to refuse….

I received a call from SP AusNet this morning requesting approval for installation of a smart meter. I explained to the guy at SP AusNet that in 2011 I was notified that they would be installing a smart meter and would also need to install a wireless antenna to the outside of my house, I said to them in 2011 that I’m not having any external antennas installed on my house and the government smart meter mandate does not say they were fitting aerials, they said they would look into this and get back to me.

Well it’s been 3 years now and they start calling to say they are in the area and would like to install the smart meter, I said to the operator that SP AusNet has not once tried to contact me about this issue so I have locked my meter box and no one will be permitted on my property. He then said that’s ok I will remove you from the smart meter install list and I will be left alone and will not be contacted again.

So it looks like SP AusNet are now accepting that people have a right to refuse and are respecting it. So keep holding these companies off and they will give in, Be strong!


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  1. Adrian says:

    Have just received a letter from SP ScamNet with big, red bold writing at the top…unable to exchange SP ScamNet Electricity meter.
    It goes on to say “our records indicate, despite several attempts, we have been unable to exchange the existing meter at my premises, and have been unable to contact me in relation to this activity”. This just means I haven’t been returning their calls.
    Letter also goes on to say “planned work; Vic Government program; industry standard and that it is a requirement for all Vic customers to have a smart meter installed”.
    Furthermore, under section 3.3of Electricity Distribution Code, customer is required to allow SP ScamNet; as the owner of the meter, clear and unhindered access for the new meter to be installed. Refusing or preventing access constitutes non compliance with the code and Electricity Industry Act”.
    The letter informs me that I’m now in the non compliant category and if I continue to refuse the meter, may incur additional electricity fees as a consequence.

    What I’ve been reading so far, tells me that I will need to respond in writing via registered post and tell SP ScamNet that in no way will I accept any additional fee on the grounds of the ongoing health and safety of my family if I have a smart meter installed.
    Is there a proforma letter that someone has developed with the applicable info or can someone give me the detail I need.
    How does the argument of taking quarterly meter readings myself and sending them through hold up?

    Where to from here?

    • Despiser of Singapore Power says:

      Adrian, I have a few ideas which I need a little time to put together.
      This letter is both an offer to contract and also uses the now familiar ploy of invitation to self incriminate yourself by failing to rebutt their “accusation” (where is their proof ?) that
      1. Are non compliant with the Distribution Code
      2. Are in breach of the Electricity Industry Act 2000

      Well, that’s not what our legal advice tells us is it ?

      Their ploy
      They’ve conceded they’ve exhausted all their illegitimate avenues and they’re not going to get a smart meter onto your property unless they break the law outright and they know that we will crucify them mercilessly should they dare do any such thing.

      Therefore they want to make an agreement with you to pay them more money.
      Adrian, do nothing and admit their accusation of being non compliant and in breach and thus also agree to pay them whatever they want
      Ask them for the proof of their accusations.
      Get them to provide their statement of proof under oath (an affidavit of truth) under penalty of perjury or cease from harassment.

      I need time to put some ideas together but the folk in BC Canada have already encountered this BS from BC Hydro.

      You may get some good ideas from the link entitled
      “~VOID alleged BCUC MCP Approval Notification~”
      from the website
      Link is down the very bottom.

      SP SCAMNET’s offer is VOID as far as I am concerned because they are not FULLY disclosing that their letter to you is being sent as legal service to Contract with them. What they are saying in their notice is by no means done and dusted and is part of a process which you could even choose not to participate in. There are various ways to do that including returning unopened mail back to sender or even returning opened mail back to sender if done within a certain timeframe OR if done in a certain way.

      Also who are they contarcting with ?
      “to the Occupant” ???
      Who’s that Adrian ? is that your name ? I don’t think so. I’m sure there are
      possibilities to VOID their Notice for defect also. Cheers.

    • Minnie says:

      Adrian, if you write to them you have to rebut everything they say and ask them to produce factual evidence. They would also have to respond to any of your questions in an affidavit and send it registered mail. If all your questions are not answered and that is all of them and factual evidence provided, such as where exactly does it state that they are allowed on your property to install a smart meter, it is not in their code, nowhere does it say specifically that you have to allow them on your property to install a smart meter. There are letters on the forum you could read and information.
      You don’t have to have a smart meter, so how have you refused. Ask them for proof that you have not complied with the code.
      The code states, they are only allowed on your property to read the meter and a few other things. It does not state anywhere that you have to allow them on your property to install a smart meter. Ask them to show you the documents for planned work, which states that you have to have a smart meter.
      Ask them for a health guarantee and factual evidence to support it. Ask them to give you a guarantee that the smart meter will not start or cause a fire. Ask them to guarantee that your appliances won’t be destroyed.
      If they do not respond to each of your questions with factual evidence and first hand knowledge and in an affidavit, then they are in default. Which basically means they have not complied.This is what they are trying to do to you.
      Tell them you formally object to any fees, fines or penalties for not having a smart meter.
      Take a look at some of the posts and read some of the letters sent to other distributors on the forum.

  2. Linda Ballis says:

    Just letting you know I had a phone call from SPAusnet this morning who rang to make an appointment to install a Smart Meter. I politely stated that I didn’t want a meter and the lady very politely said OK that would be noted and my name taken off the list and I wouldn’t be contacted again. However, she needed to read me a disclaimer which basically said SP Ausnet reserves the right to charge the very small number of people that are refusing a Smart Meter extra to have their meters read manually. She couldn’t give me any more details. Seems what ever they charge it is a small price to pay. I will however, continue to keep my meter box locked.

    • Minnie says:

      Linda, you have just agreed to pay them whatever they want. They do not have the right to charge you, for what you already pay for, unless you agree. It won’t be a small price either, Just because she said she had to read you a disclaimer does not mean it is true. They have to use their ‘best endeavors’ If you are happy paying for something you already pay for, then that is your choice.
      There is no law that we have to have a smart meter, so why would you have to pay for your meter to be read, when you already pay.

    • Paul says:

      Hope you didn’t listen to it but, if you did, then you must write to them saying that you do not accept their illegal charge for manual reading of the meter. Your existing ‘standing charge’ already covers meter reading. Remember that if you listen to their recording and do nothing then it becomes ‘implied consent’ (that you accept their charge).

      Tell them bluntly (via registered mail) that you do not accept it!

      • Paul says:

        Also, I don’t think SP ausnet does the reading. I believe it is the billing company. So if you contact them and offer to photograph the analogue meter display at a certain time they will usually accept that. As such you will avoid the illegal ‘meter reading charge.’

    • Max says:

      You should never have talked to them on the phone, what this woman has stated to you is ,that you have refused a smart meter. You are under no obligation to have one anyway. You now have a contract with SP Ausnet to pay whatever they want and if you don’t pay up they will disconnect your power or install a radiation meter.I don’t understand, why people are still talking to the distributors on the phone, when they know they should not talk to them on the phone.
      She probably recorded the call as well, this is evidence of a contract . You can undo the damage, by sending a letter to SP Ausnet and stating that you made a mistake and formally object to the charge of having your meter read. You can also let them know that their is no law stating that you have to have a smart meter. Send it registered mail, with return receipt.

    • Max says:

      Why let them take you off one mythical list and put you on another?

    • Max says:

      Linda a disclaimer is a statement that passes all the responsibilities on to you, for e.g paying fees. By reading out this disclaimer to you, this woman has now passed all the responsibility on to you. If you are happy with this private contract, between you and SP Ausnet, then that is you choice. This is a private contract and does not apply to any one else.

  3. Con says:

    Don’t trust them for a spit second, Jemena said the same to me, the lady on the phone said “ill take you of the list and make sure no one comes out” just over a week later they were at my front door!!

    • Minnie says:


  4. Chris says:

    I have a very sad story to report today. my neighbor (who is already suffering with terminal prostate cancer) has been hassled continuously by United Energy to have a smart meter installed, as recently as in the past few weeks. He gets letters continually saying “a smart meter installer will be in your area”. He has his meter box locked and a Do Not Install sign on the box. Unfortunately he had a smart meter installed in his box today. He is devastated. He is undergoing chemo and taking very strong drugs in his fight to stay alive (the doctors told him he would not see last Christmas) and now he has a Cancer Meter on his wall to help put him in his grave just that little bit faster.

    Unfortunately, he failed on two counts. Every time he received a letter, he responded to them by calling up United Energy. He did not respond in writing. I told him he must respond in writing with a Registered mail but he just thought calling was enough. So it seems he was never put on a “do not install” list even though he said in repeatedly on the phone, because he did not write to them. So he kept getting bullied.

    Secondly, he had his box locked but did not cut a Perspex viewer in it. Instead he chose to open the box for the meter reader every time. Well United Energy called him on Friday and said that they had (apparently) sent around a meter reader to take a reading but there was no answer on the door and the meter box was locked. So could he please unlock the box on Monday so they could “try again”. Naively, he did this. And today instead the shameless United Energy, knowing the box would be open, sent around a Smart Meter installer instead. And that was it. Big smile and laughs on the installers faces (there were 2 of them together).

    Please be aware of these kind of lies and trickery that these evil companies are using to get their damn cancer meters installed.

    The look on my neighbours face tonight was of a man who seemed finally beaten down and ready to give up on life because of this action today. He had looked so positive about fighting and winning his war against his cancer up to now. But tonight in his kitchen he was just asking me “whats the point of fighting anything anymore”.

    United Energy, you are truely evil to lie and trick a dying old man. Rot in hell.

    • Max says:

      Chris, this is a very sad story. If anything happens to this man they should be held responsible. This is from the American Cancer Society Website.

      Could smart meters cause health problems in cancer survivors?

      While RF exposure might not cause cancer directly, there is concern that cells in the body that have been damaged by exposure to some other substance might somehow be more likely to become cancerous when exposed to RF waves. In theory, this might be a concern for cancer patients being treated with ionizing radiation and/or medicines that might cause cancer themselves. There is no strong evidence to show that this is the case, but research on this issue is still in the very earliest stages.

      CRIMES ACT 1958 – SECT 18
      Causing injury intentionally or recklessly

      A person who, without lawful excuse, intentionally or recklessly causes injury to another person is guilty of an indictable offence.

      Penalty: If the injury was caused intentionally—level 5 imprisonment (10 years maximum);

      If the injury was caused recklessly—level 6 imprisonment (5 years maximum).

      S. 19 substituted by No. 10233 s. 8(2).

    • Minnie says:

      Chris, this story needs to be sent to all the politicians and the distributor in question. This man is not to blame he is the victim, United Energy are. He probably has more than enough worries on his mind. Did he have a trespassing sign up? If he did they are guilty of trespassing. Some one needs to get the smart meter installers names as they are responsible for the installation and disregarding the notice this man had up.

    • Gwen 's says:

      Hi, Chris…We feel so much for your neighbour..These installers are SO LOW. They stop at nothing..We wonder how they would feel if the” tables were turned”…They need to be sued..PPV-No Smart Meters- We HAVE TO GIVE IT ALL WE CAN…We have done 5 lots of PPV letter drops so far & talking to friends & family.We have sent a registered letter to SP Ausnet & another(same) to Russell Northe…a week ago..This makes us want to do more.. One’s health & home are more important than anything………Everyone PLEASE get right behind PPV -No Smart Meters-. in November…….. This is NOT GOING TO GO AWAY..Don’t BURY your “heads in the Sand” & say it won’t happen..It is happening to a lot of folk getting sick & homes burnt down now !!!!

      • Chris says:

        thank you for your kind responses. I have told him to write a letter to several people, I offered to even help him write them if he wishes, but right now he just seems exhausted. This whole thing has broken this poor man’s spirit. it makes me so sad to feel that United Energy believe they have “won”. It makes me so angry.

    • Informed Choice says:

      They are a disgusting company, United Energy. Playing with peoples lives, ruining the life they’ve got left. Can only hope that someone has a baseball bat ready for the next time they try this dirty low act, it is LONG OVERDUE… My sincere and heartfelt sympathy to this poor man.

    • Cedar says:

      I wouldn’t trust anything these scummy creeps say. They want to instal these bloody meters and your health is of no concern to them. We already pay for our meters to be read so I don’t see how they can charge us again for the same thing. They bully and baffle people and come up with a lot of misinformation in the hope that we will give up. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP. (and sometime in the future SP Ausnet et al you will be glad of that because there will be less compensation claims to pay out)

  5. Ada says:

    There’s an easy way to get out of this infernal mess:
    vote for PEOPLE POWER VICTORIA – NO SMART METERS in November!!

  6. Citizen for Democracy says:

    A fire from an exploding TV in St Kilda early this morning has landed 2 people in hospital (1 is a teenage boy) and 30 people had to be evacuated from the apartment block in Barkly St.
    Now, we all know that wireless smart meters are NOT compatible with existing wiring and appliances. The radiofrequencies they emit couple on to the entire wiring of the home and cause dangerous overheating. Fires can then start at any point, but roof spaces are the most common, as that’s where there’s the most wires. Overheating can also cause appliances to malfunction or explode.
    A log of Victorian house fires is being kept and so far shows that in Victoria, there are on average 2 house fires/week and at least 3 people have perished as a consequence. This disturbing number cannot be explained by anything other than smart meters.
    Napthine’s government is likely to be found guilty of manslaughter once the truth comes out.

  7. susie says:

    thats good to hear. the last installer that came here was really nice and said to make sure i keep it locked or some of the other installers will install it whether there is a notice or not. i mentioned how the life span of smart meters was 5-10 yrs compared to an anolgue meter being about 40-50 yrs, something id read or heard and asked him if this was true. he said they will be lucky if they even last 5 years!lhe was very encouraging and said good on you, keep fighting the whole thing BS.

  8. John Potocnik says:

    Hi all,

    Today’s H/S, page 2 an article by Karen C .reveals that only 0.001% of households have switched to TOU pricing.

    Advert on radio for a new cordless telephone.( Australian) En Genius Freestyl 1.






    • Paul says:

      What standards would they be? Able to melt brain cells through 9 floors? Guaranteed to kill within 6 Kms?

  9. Rik says:

    When they tried to install one on my place back in 201? I told them no so I called them and they put me on the no smart meter list (conscientious objectors list). That was ok until August 2013 when someone turned up while I was out and I caught them as I came home just as they were standing at my meterbox saying they are going to put one in. I said no and I was already on the no smart meter list so I called them and they said I wasn’t on the list. So they removed me from it. So I put a lock on it and luckily as a week later another installer was on my doorstep trying to install it.
    I had a good chat to him and he said he would put a note on the job and maybe that will stop them. So far I’ve had nobody else on my doorstep and no letters and still no smart meter.
    I’m having lots of health problems from all the neighbours smart meters as we have 3 units per property here so there is 3x the amount of smart meters in this area. I’ll never be fit to work so unemployed forever as long as I live in Victoria and forever on a pension thanks to smart meters.

    So even if they say you are on the list don’t believe them, put a lock on your meterbox as thats the only way they will stop.

  10. Nenad Stanojevic says:

    Yes, This is correct.

    They came and visited me two days ago, and we put up some serious strong opposition against them, basically saying that under no circumstances will they ever put a smart meter here, ever, period.

    We gave them lots of reasons, with health and safety being prominent part of the conversation.

    They basically acknowledged that they will never win this fight against us, and there was no way this was ever going to work. My father told them simply, I DON’T WANT TO GET SICK AND DIE, because of your meter, like many others who are suffering and dying right now.

    My bedroom is behind the meter meter box. No way, are you ever putting that dangerous stuff in my house.

    They talked about additional costs for sending out a meter man to read the meter. Dad replied, what is so difficult in my ringing you up and telling the meter readings? People have been doing this for over 20 years ?

    They had no answer for that, and they left.

    I still would not trust them. The meter box stays LOCKED !

    Kindest Regards *Nenad Stanojevic* (Neno) Mobile – 0409 351 210

    On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 4:48 PM, Stop Smart Meters Australia wrote:

    > Stop Smart Meters Australia posted: “I received a call from SP AusNet > this morning requesting approval for installation of a smart meter. I > explained to the guy at SP AusNet that in 2011 I was notified that they > would be installing a smart meter and would also need to install a wireless > ante”

    • Minnie says:

      To Nenad, your father did the right thing by objecting to additional fees. They are making an offer and if you don’t formally object to these fees then they will charge whatever they want. These are private companies making an offer and it is up to us to accept or formally object to their offer. If you don’t object to these fictitious fees or fines, you will be at there mercy. They will probably charge you so much money that you won’t be able to afford to pay your bill, thus resulting in disconnection or worse a possible cancer causing meter to be installed.
      These distributor’s only have a license to distribute electricity, they have to read the meter, they have to maintain street lights and the poles and wires. We buy the electricity from our retailer, we don’t buy it from the distributor.
      This is just another game, yes we will leave you alone but we will fine you. We can’t tell you how much because it has not been approved and we can’t fine you unless you agree to our offer.
      Who gave these foreign owned private companies permission to put anyone’s address on their list? There license does not state that they can put your address on their private AMI rollout list.There license does not state that they can fine you if you do not consent to a possible cancer causing communication device.

    • Max says:

      Nenad, your father objected to their offer of additional fees and also made his own offer, being i can read my own meter. They did not answer, so they have agreed to the offer, If the distributor’s had the power to fine people, why then inform us that we might have additional costs? Why not just fine us, if they can do this? Is it because they need your consent?
      Logically speaking if the distributor’s could do all these things they claim they can do, why not just do it? Why phone people? Why send them offers through the mail? Why send there installers out?
      Why use immoral, unethical and cowardly tactics?

    • Snowy says:

      Freedom is not usual, in fact it’s anomalous, a rare occurrence which requires eternal vigilance. The usual human condition and in fact the usual human need is the opposite of free choice. Few want the responsibility of control over their own private lives.
      Democracy is a much misused word, not the same as freedom, since the majority are hard wired to be followers, not to think for themselves and given any choice they will invariably choose to forfeit freedom of choice.
      In the case of the smart grid, the compliant who actually choose to have a smart meter (versus those ambushed into one) by their own compliance also remove freedom of choice from everyone else for miles all around them. So your totalitarian inclined compliant neighbour puts you in danger despite the fact that you DO want control and do NOT want exposure, or to have your appliances monitored by their smart monitoring device..
      Totalitarianism is like a deadly virus, more lethal each time it resurges, incremental, usually only noticed by the unwilling once it is entrenched.
      It takes very few to achieve control over millions.
      It is done by using
      – the compliance of the many
      – fictional authority,
      Authority must be granted and authority is granted to them= few by the many, by those in the public realm who are in fact eager to forfeit private rights, who do not care about any right of refusal and who readily grant consent to the few to be “ruled” and controlled by them.
      Every right-wing totalitarian regime, be it naziism or stalinism or Maoism, etc., has in common with religious “leadership” that each and every regime starts out using flattery
      At least at first, this “appears” non threatening, use of the power of persuasion. The public is repeatedly told how “smart” they are or can become, instructed abut how to be good citizens, as if they are consenting to become wards of the state in need of “re-education”. The state handles them like children, telling them how earn “rewards” or “points” via energy consciousness, while at the same time assuring that the compliant remain unconscious in every way that really matters.
      Slowly the use of force appears, as not all comply, and as each regime seeks to to achieve and maintain a state of either fearful or docile compliance on the part of those who support and fund government,namely taxpayers.
      Assange and Snowden serve as terrible lessons, largely ignored, their goal that a message be gifted to the public, at great personal risk,.
      they both represent a warning by revealing for all to see that the goal of the modern state is to penetrate and control all aspects of public and private life. Ultimately legislation is created to serve only one rigid purpose, support of absolute authority of the corporations, be they corporate government or its twin, public or private corporations. Illegality is in interim step on the road to fascism. Ultimately any totalitarian government can make even random murder legitimate, via legislation – but only if the public is swayed by false authority and complies with its tricks and use of force.
      Things are already so far gone that even when resisters use contract law, common law, the foundation of which is “Do Not Harm”, and even when the aware
      – use contract law documents
      – refuse to pay the utility any extortive opt out or other bolt on fees
      – are careful to not inadvertently re-contract verbally or in writing
      – post all relevant lawful signs
      – do not in any way consent to a new meter
      – barricade the safe meter
      – posted exact violations of electrical and building code
      – post proof that they themselves own the safe analogue meter

      …as soon as a hold out is absent many now report that they STILL had a safe barricaded meter swapped out, and replaced by a transmitting device which takes over their service panel, uninsulated home wiring, all private data and in fact their whole lives, and that the Trespass Act was ignored, contract law was ignored and common law was ignored. So these people are no longer even playing by their own rules which is a huge “tell”.

      One could be forgiven for concluding that one’s formerly sovereign nation or country has since been incorporated internationally of traded away to foreign ownership and control, and is no longer one’s nation.

      Corporate lackeys appear willing to be paid to ignore all claims of right of refusal, common law, contract law, trespass law, private property rights, human rights laws, health rights laws, privacy rights laws, Nuremberg law, charter law, statutory law.
      This sure looks like an all out war against all forms of autonomy.

      The earmark of most installers is that they behave no differently than break and enter delinquents. Once in a while one may listen, and only sometimes, if the private property owner happens to be home and asks the intruder to leave.
      And….Why only that?

      It is clear that they are waiting to see what power anyone has to do anything beyond documents – or if people who got a meter taken anyway now give up, remain silent, do nothing.

      Demand for Removal
      Will a demand for removal or a lawsuit regarding liability differ in its force and effect even though they already ignore
      – property devaluation rights
      – private property law
      – trespass law,
      – contract law,
      – electrical code law,
      – possession is nine tenths of the law,
      – real estate fixture law,
      – receipt for proof of analogue purchase
      – laws related to private ownership of the analogue meter
      – all common law
      In Vermont one couple recently won over one million dollars by suing for smart grid property devaluation.
      However, their home is no longer usable, due to a smart grid tower, so in a way this is simply a pay out for taking away their home.
      Still? If property matters more and is valued higher in legal terms than human life, so be it.
      Use what is there to be used to achieve choice.

  11. excellent Steve …. this will be heartening news to many. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. smart meter sufferer says:

    Do not get complacent. Do not trust them. I know for a fact that SP AusNet installers ignored “Do Not Install Signs” on a meter box & took great pride & care in NOT breaking the locks, but rather undid the rivets on the hinge side, installed a smart meter & carefully replaced the rivets so as not to “damage” anything.

    • Rik says:

      Really? damn, they are getting really bad these days. THAT should be illegal and grounds to sue

    • Max says:

      Don’t forget the distributor’s have contracts and we don’t know what the contract says. They might have penalties, like fines themselves or their licenses might be revoked. We don’t know what has been said behind closed doors. On paper they have been told to use their best endeavors.

  13. Possum says:

    Few years ago in Canada when smart meters were being rolled out many people did not want one on grounds of negative health implications, higher bills, house fires, etc, so these people were put on a “deferred list”. It was of the Canadian peoples understanding that by being put on a “deferred list” that they would be left alone, however this was not the case, as many found out.

    In fact being placed on a “deferred list” only meant that installation was to be postponed for a certain period of time, however some Canadians knew this and prepared themselves.

    The postponement gave the people enough time to gather information, to network with other like minded people, to place signage on their properties not to install a smart meter, followed by making the meters impossible to remove (while I know this may seem drastic, but it seemed to work). In Canada and USA a smart meter can be installed in just a few minutes due to the meters plugging in with a large retaining type clip with bolt and nut with a tamper-proof tag.

    As we all are starting to understand, once a smart meter is installed it is virtually impossible to get removed. We should never let our guard down, because these power companies do nor play by the rules and cannot be trusted. I strongly advise people to install hard-wired cameras with battery back up that have movement sensors which initiate recording when movement has been detected, with the video recorded to a hard-drive. Any illegal action ie: trespass, break and enter, damage to gates, etc, by the (power industry or contractors) caught on video would be damming proof of what lengths they will go to shove this meters down our throats. I wont drop me guard!

    • Gwen says:

      Exactly right Possum. This is a ploy and they cannot be trusted as they have proved over and over again.
      I was told by Powercor that I would be put on a refusal list and will be dealt with later by the so called government. We don’t have a smart meter but my fourteen year old has symptoms of EMR sensitivity when exposed to it. HOW FRIGHTENING. Babies who can’t tell us their pain may not get to fourteen at this rate.

  14. MovingEntity says:

    It would be costing them a fortune to allocate staff and resources to keep hassling people.

    Some people are being told by SP-AusNet that if you refuse to have an AMI installation that in July 2015 they will be able to charge a fee to administering people with analogue meters. Don’t ask me how much that would be.

    • Possum says:

      The power industry have more than enough money and resources to keep hassling people into getting a smart meter. The power industry will, and have done pretty much every sly trick possible. When they know that the people wont be intimidated and will stand their ground, because they know the law and have all their bases covered, that is a completely different situation that the power companies have factored into their plan for the smart grid roll-out. For a while they may appear to change their strategy but they still strive toward their end result because there is too much money to be extorted from the people through this smart meter scam for the power industry to give up so easily. I believe it’s important to be vigilant to measure and document the living space for RF microwaves (in designated areas for consistency in measurement), RF microwave levels measured in microwatts and volts to measure/document any differences. Any changes in the RF microwave readings would indicate a change in RF microwave exposure. I am concerned at how many people do not have the most basic of RF microwave measuring tools, to measure their immediate environment. If we do not know where the RF microwaves are being emitted we cannot take safe steps to safeguard our health.

    • Minnie says:

      They have made an offer and if you do not formally object to their fictitious fees, you will have to pay whatever they want. They will then get their possible cancer causing communication devices installed. They only have a license to distribute electricity. They are not our superiors, nor do they have as much authority as they claim to have.

    • Max says:

      It is not costing them a fortune, the people of Victoria are footing the bill. The people of Victoria are going to suffer with health problems. Why are we paying for foreign owned private companies infrastructure?

  15. ingrid says:

    Congratulations, you’re a winner. Thanks for letting us know.
    We might need to accept that it will be more expensive for power companies to have meter readers going to the houses only with analogue meters.

    You were called on Sunday morning? (Or is the date when the web master put the post up?)

    • Anonymous says:

      “We might need to accept that it will be more expensive for power companies to have meter readers going to the houses only with analogue meters.”

      I do not believe this for one bit. Why would you be thinking to pay extra money Ingrid ?
      It’s about keeping your health isn’t it ? Surely it is. Is this something we should be paying for ?????????? Surely not.

      I am currently providing my own meter reads and it is costing the company nothing. They can come up with any sort of legitimate sounding label for payment demand but at the end of the day you should not have to pay money to stay healthy, money which only supports the power companies to cause other people to lose their health and I don’t want that on my conscience.

    • Citizen for Democracy says:

      Keeping meter readers makes good economic sense. It means more jobs for Victorians, creating more taxpayers and fewer welfare recipients, it means keeping jobs in this country, rather than the power distributors becoming nothing more than a call centre in China or Singapore.

  16. Kate says:

    I had a similar call from SP Ausnet a couple of months ago. I think the aim of the call was to give the impression that they had given up trying to make me have a smart meter and wouldn’t be sending any more installers round, but in fact they have continued to do so. Luckily I haven’t unlocked my meter box. When the meter reader arrives I unlock the box for him if I am home, otherwise I get an estimated reading for that bill, which is fine. However, on the day the most recent meter reading was due the usual guy on the motorbike did not arrive, instead it was a car bearing the logo of the company which installs the meters. I wasn’t home but my teenage children were, and they tell me he went to the box, saw it was locked, returned to his car and left. I later found a leaflet in my letterbox from SP Ausnet stating that they had attempted to read the meter but could not gain access due to a locked box. It also stated that they had knocked on the front door and no one answered (not true ).

    So what I gather from this incident is that they were hoping I would leave the box unlocked on the day the meter was due to be read, in which case they would have installed a smart meter. Their back up was to claim that they could not gain access to the meter as required. Then last week they called me again and spoke to my teenage daughter, asking her if we still “refused” to have a smart meter installed, to which she said yes. They then informed her that from March 2015 they will be charging extra to have someone come out and read the meter. I have no doubt that the installer will be back.

    So don’t be lulled into a false sense of security and keep your meter box locked!

    • Anonymous says:

      How dare they attempt to speak to your teenage daughter ?
      You should take them to task for attempting to contract with a minor.
      Kate, believe me, what they did is just not on.
      And they used that word “refuse” on your teenage daughter which seems
      to have legal implications.
      The way you describe it, it almost seems as if admitting “refusal” is consenting to pay their extra charges.
      And the bastards would have recorded their conversation with your daughter, I can guarantee you.

      SP Ausnet must go to hell with their smart meter, their fees and if needs be with their dirty stinking electricity.

      Not getting a smart meter and not paying fees is not enough for me.
      SP Ausnet must be wiped out of existence as far as I am concerned.

    • russell says:

      Cut a small hole in the meterbox so they can read it and nothing else.

  17. Rob Guy says:

    Let’s hope that they do not bill you on estimated usage with an adjustment based on an annual meter reading.

  18. Paul says:

    Good for you Steve, however I wouldn’t trust the bastards as far as I could microwave them.

  19. Bella Moary says:

    yes we had the same experience

  20. Wendy Rice says:

    That is great! However, look forward to annual fees of at least $150. These energy companies will never back down unless there is Federal legislation in place stopping them from charging us to keep our analogues.

    • Allison Holmes says:

      These “annual fees” are non legal and presently non existant. Two reasons not to pay. 1. Your health is free. You should not have to pay to retain it.
      2. You would be subsidizing the furtherance of a criminal agenda.

    • Paul says:

      No one should accept an annual fee to have their meter read. This is pure B/S and nothing short of corporate theft. We should all oppose it vehemently. There is nothing wrong with photographing your existing analogue meter and emailing it to your billing company. They can always send someone around to check the reading if they don’t trust us.

    • Wendy,
      Check your bill for the electricity charge if it looks suspicious or like down-right THEFT, get it itemised and refuse to pay any exorbitant charges.

    • Minnie says:

      Lance, the statement they read to you was an offer, you have to formally object to their offer in writing and send it registered post, with return receipt to there CEO.

    • Minnie says:

      Wendy, they can only charge fees if you agree to their offer. If you do not object to their offer then you agree.Much the same way they have got these communication devices in, if you did not object, then you have agreed.
      They are private companies and they are making an offer.

  21. Keep your Electric Meter Boxes Locked Folks.

  22. Dave says:

    They have been in touch with me also and have taken me off the list, but said I would be contacted by the Office of the Minister of Energy and told of their decision and what they have planned for our home regarding the installation of the meter

    • Anonymous says:

      Tell them that for health reasons you are unable to allow the Microwave Electric Meter on your property. Tell them that you will SUE them if they try to force you to take this Type 2B Carcinogen causing mete.

  23. Gerhard says:

    I don’t believe for one moment that big companies respect anything but profit and that they give in at anything at all but profit. . If they appear to step back it will be only to come out stronger – may it be that the they will lobby the government so that the law will be changed or may it be to put up a platform for hitting all people who refuse a smart meter with some kind of other fee – most likely twice as much as the smart meter fee.


    • 1vimana1 says:

      It doesn’t matter how they change the law to suit themselves, we still live in a democracy and if they do ever get this to become Law it must be broken and smashed to smithereens as a bad law is the height of Evil and I will not tolerate it and nor will any sane person, so keep your Electric Meter Boxes PADLOCKED.

    • Max says:

      Gerhard, don’t believe anything they say. Once you become complacent, they will attack. No one can let their guard down. They are trying to lull us into a false sense of security. Then they will raise their armies and attack. No one can afford to sit back. The distributor’s have contracts and i would assume penalties as well. They can only get stronger if we let them, and that is by doing nothing.

  24. toecutter666 says:

    Yes, United Energy, too, has notified me in writing that I am on a list of residences that refuse, and that they will leave us alone. It was a good fight, though! The letter is displayed prominently on our wall.

    • Anonymous says:

      Toecutter, UE letter states that you will not install “at this time”. That leaves the window open for installation at a future time. That’s not good enough. And they also mention you may incur additional charges. For what ? They refer to “costs of non standard metering”. This is rubbish. We are trying to preserve our health and a demand for money to enable us to retain our fundamental human right to good health is an extortion demand. Anyone that is facilitating a demand for extra money in such manner belongs in prison. People who were duped into signing for UE’s legally loaded letter should let UE know very clearly that no smart meter is to be installed EVER and that any extortion demand will not be paid.

  25. Jason says:

    Yeah, SPAUSNET recently accepted me as a refusenik, too, after I threatened to sue.
    But I’m keeping both sets of gates locked all the same.
    ….and the dogs primed.
    Handy for other undesirables as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Be specific in your words to them – You are “declining their offer” and saying “no thanks”. This is different to refusing.
      Look up both words in the dictionary, carefully read and understand the difference between the two.
      We are DECLINING their OFFER with a NO THANKS response.
      Be very clear with them that you are DECLINING their OFFER of a DEATH METER and you are not refusing.
      Tell them you don’t want to be put on a refusal list because you are not refusing. You are declining.

  26. Laurie says:

    They have also told me this as well but beware as you will be slugged for the cost of a Smart Meter, even though you do not have one, and also an amount of somewhere in the region of $200 each year to read your meter. I offered to take a digital dated photo of my Meter Readings and e-mail it to them on the due date to save them sending someone round but this was totally ignored.
    Clients with pre-existing medical complaints such as Asthma and Heart Palpitations are vulnerable to the emissions from these meters (again totally ignored by the suppliers) and only when there is a death irrefutably caused by these units will they be rolled back (like in the USA). They themselves will not guarantee that they are harmless but shield behind some so-called ‘research’ authorized by the Government that declares them safe which leaves them (and the Government) immune to prosecution.

    • Eric says:

      Laurie, don’t negotiate with SP Ausnet. Find out which company does the meter readings at your place and deal with them. It won’t be SP Ausnet. You will find that the correct people will be much more accommodating to you providing assistance to them to get their meter reads. SP Ausnet just want to either install their murderous device on your property or take your money from you by any means. To them they have no genuine interest in your meter reads or anything that you would think to offer them in good faith.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Laurie, you are absolutely right. the ‘research’ they are citing is from the Australian Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Authority (ARPANSA). This ‘research’ is old and only covers the heating effect that microwave (MW) radiation has on living cells. It in no way looks at biological effects such as damage to the blood/brain barrier, the very strong correlation between increased brain (and other cancers), damage to DNA, etc, etc. These are completely ignored by the power companies. I urge everyone to watch two documentaries: Take Back Your Power and Beings of Frequency.

      Others who have suggested that the installation of a smart meter may become compulsory should (many believe) rest assured that this will never be the case. If law were to be passed to this effect, the government would be open to litigation that would make the James Hardy asbestos law suits and resulting compensation seem small by comparison when smart meters are proved beyond doubt to be the cancer-causing devices that they are. It’s only a matter of time before this is proved.


      We must all remain vigilant and we must all support the People Power Victoria Party to ensure that, whoever is in power after the next election, is forced by the people of Victoria to accept their will. Forget whether you are a ‘liberal’ or ‘labor’ supporter, this issue is far more serious than petty party squabbling.

      • Max says:

        Paul, think about the enormity of the smart meter roll out. Millions of people exposed to potentially cancer causing radiation. Children that have not even been born yet exposed in the womb. They are trying to distract the ignorant masses, this should not be to hard to do. But for everyone else it won’t work.

    • Richard commenting on twin brother Henry’s page,
      As the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies here in Victoria as well as the head of the publicity department of Powercor cannot guarantee anybody here in Victoria will not be adversely affected by the Microwave Smart Meter Radiation. They and this now incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government leave themselves open to being Massively Sued by Common Class Action.

      The past Labour Victorian and now incumbent Liberal Party Victorian Governments have forced these Poisonous Microwave Meters on the Victorian Public, full well knowing that these machines are a Virulent Type 2B Carcinogen Poison to Humans and Animals and all Life. But these two Victorian Governments as well as the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and their C.E.O’s and their ilk play Dumb which will be their downfall in the long-run.

      This pretence of these two Victorian Governments and the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies stating they want Real Proof of the Harmfulness of the Microwave Electric Smart Meters is a lie they keep telling themselves to force more and more of these now proving to be DEADLY to ALL LIFE accursed Electric Microwave and far from Smart-Meters on the Victorian privately owned home and small business owners. In so forcing the people of Victoria by constantly bullying them to accept these deadly machines they the Victorian Government have proven themselves to be ENEMIES of the People and have broken their bounden duty of Care for all standards of Care for Human Health and welfare. This is another reason to SACK this incumbent Victorian Liberal Party just as the Victorian Labor Party was SACKED !

      • Max says:

        Henry, the Liberal Party, Labor Party and any other politician or public servant endorsing these possible cancer causing devices needs to be sacked, and replaced with more intelligent life forms, like apes or gorillas.

      • Rennie says:

        For anyone who doesn’t know, these are the very words which Powercor’s Janet Hogarty has stated in writing
        “We are not in a position to give you any guarantees or assurances about smart meters and your health concerns”

        This statement straight out of the horse’s mouth (literally) tells us that statements such as “these smart meters meet Australian Standards” or that “smart meters are safe” are nothing more than piss and wind.

  27. Geri Johnson says:

    I had been told recently that no action or force would be taken for anyone who refused to have a Smart Meter installed. Unfortunately they are still refusing to remove and replace the meters that have already been replaced. The fact that they are finally acknowledging that there are issues is a win for democracy. What needs to happen now is that all Smart Meters that have caused medical issues be replaced immediately. Possibly if we all connect to ISP Ausnet and ditch our providers, people power may beat $$$$$ power.

    • Eric says:

      The Liberals are splashing money around like there is no tomorrow to try and win the next election. They could easily afford to scrap the smart meter program which nobody ever wanted and which has become a human rights travesty. It would be the right thing to do by all Victorians and would set a great example for the rest of the world. They should acknowledge that they have made a big mistake and accept egg on their face now because they will pay a far heavier price down than the track if they don’t, and so will we all.

      • Chris says:

        really they would not have to “scrap” it completely , just stop the so-called compulsory installation tactics and offer anyone who wants to swap back over to an analog one the opportunity to do so. Not every place would take this up, so it would be far from the cost of the rollout, but it would mean democracy would be restored and peoples rights respected once more, as they should always have been.

        • Gwen says:

          Chris, the real cost of the rollout is THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR HEALTH! Money cannot replace that. If your neighbour has a smart meter, you will be affected.You can be affected by the poles with the boxes on them which must be a data collection device.
          NO SMART METERS is the only way.

    • Max says:

      Geri, there is no law stating that we have to have a possible causing cancer device, so how can they take action? They are not acknowledging any of the issues at all,and they never will. They have probably been warned to behave, their is an election coming up. The Government can’t afford to many dumb meter stories to come out before the election. The distributor’s are not above the law, they only have a license to distribute or supply electricity.
      We can’t change distributors, they own the poles and wires in your neighborhood,but that does not give them the right to expose men, women and children to toxic radiation that can make you sick and cause death.
      They don’t have any rights at all, just a piece of paper with license written on it.I agree that these toxic devices should be removed at their expense. They will have to remove them eventually as more people become sick.

      • Geri Johnson says:

        Max, this whole cover up is criminal. Having spent $5,500 to have my chronically ill daughters cancer Meter relocated to her boundary, we have been told that United Energy is going to take 3 weeks to send a truck to complete the half an hours work. Her condition has deteriorated so significantly since the installation on 16th April that we thought we were going to lose her last weekend. Yesterday we ran a lead to a neighbours place so she could have her essential services (oxygen). I have removed the fuse of the cancer meter and her electricity. Today her nausea and dry mouth symptoms stopped, although her headaches and no sleep continues, however she was in chronic pain from her entire body’s burning sensation. I have no idea what this is, but am guessing it is the radiation hopefully leaving her body. United Energy have no empathy at all. They do not give a damn who dies, and they will continue to deny that the cancer Meter is a health risk. They continue to lie and are corrupt. I feel so very angry and frustrated that this is actually happening and that no one is brave enough to run with the true story.

  28. Lance Sheppard says:

    I also had a call from SP Harrassnet (again!) asking to arrange a time to install a smart meter. I replied that they already have a letter from me stating my refusal to have one and reasons why and refused again over the phone. The SP Ausnet representative then said she had to read me a statement to the effect that my refusal meant the company would charge me extra to arrange for a meter reader to come and physically read my meter. I hung up. As soon as I am able I will be going totally solar and energy self-sufficient and the utilities can kiss my @*^!

    • Allison Holmes says:

      Lance, if the SP Ausnet representatives are saying that they need to read a statement to customers over the phone regarding extra charges, then it confirms two things

      1. They are recording the call
      2. They require your consent to charge you additional money

      If you fail to inform them that you do not consent to the extra charges then
      that recorded call is deemed as a contract between you and SP Ausnet
      whereby you agree to pay them this extortion money.

      If anybody has been tricked in this way, write to SP Ausnet and make it clear that you do not consent to extra charges. Make it clear that there is no agreement between SP Ausnet and yourself for them to charge you any extra charge outside of the normal supply and usage.

      Most people don’t want a smart meter because they know that these microwave devices are extremely harmful to human health. Any demand for money from a distribution company to a customer who is only interested in preserving their health and that of their household is nothing short of the criminal act of extortion. The decision to roll out these killing machines was totally wrong from the outset. Each and every one of these harmful devices need to be removed from private property. By our acquiesce to their extortion demand, we would only be subsidizing the continuation of a wicked agenda, an agenda that should be totally dismantled.

    • Richard states…..on Henry’s page….
      They the foreign owned electric Power company of as you call them SP Harassment are already charging you for the Electric Meter Reader-man to read your meter. So tell them in another letter Lance, that this is double dipping and therefore THEFT on their part and you will not be held to their EXTORTION. Please get your bills Itemised to stop any “Hanky-Panky on their part.” That’s what I would do.

  29. Terry Fulton says:

    This sounds like a stall till after the state election in November. Napthine cannot afford bad press he’s battling now to keep power.

  30. Lu says:

    Yeah! Good to hear! Peace at last!

    • Chris says:

      I too had a similar call from SP. The person I spoke to told me that I would be noted as a refusal and that from March 2015 I would be charged $150.00 PER QUARTER to have my meter read.

      • Max says:

        Chris, you need to formally object to their offer of fees. In writing, and sent registered mail with return receipt and don’t talk to them on the phone. They have pulled this stunt with a lot of people and they need to be reprimanded.

      • Eric says:

        Nothing has been determined. It’s pure intimidation. The person who spake to you should be strung up.

    • Max says:

      There won’t be peace until their licenses are revoked and they are penalized..

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