Beware South Australia, Smart Meters are coming…..

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20 Responses to Beware South Australia, Smart Meters are coming…..

  1. Citizen for Democracy says:

    South Australians, write to Jay Weatherill at:
    Tell him he’ll be voted out if he goes ahead with smart meter deployment.
    And copy your e-mail to the SA energy minister Tom Koutsantonis at:
    Victorians, write to Jay Weatherill and let him know how smart meters have affected you. Not only will you be helping fellow Australians, but South Australia may one day be a safe haven to relocate to, if things don’t change in Victoria.

  2. Eric says:

    Joe Hockey is saying that in future Australians will be living to age 100.
    I don’t think so Joe, not in Victoria mate.

  3. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Today Tonight Adelaide should be congratulated for presenting the truth – a truth that is most definitely in the public’s interest.
    Jay Weatherill has been warned now – future liability for loss of health, privacy and safety of South Australians is all his now.

  4. Bob Dunn says:

    DID you KNOW?
    They are still fitting SmartyMetres in areas where there is NO mobile ph reception.
    The POWER COs are sending in meter reader’s to read the Smartymeatres until there is mob. reception.For example Woods Point.

  5. Truth Seeker says:

    Even if you keep your analogue it will not be enough, everyone in you street and your neighborhood would need to do the same. Yes there is a STRONG correlation between CANCER rates and all these electromagnetic waves interfering with our bodily functions. Wifi and CANCER,
    Mobile phones and CANCER, Seductive and Sly Smart Meters and CANCER. We used to be the LUCKY country and sport and GOOD HEALTH was our pride and joy. Australia RETHINK YOUR FORCED ROLE OUT IS LEADING TO GENOCIDE.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Thank you for ruining my life and my health, my ears hurt sometimes and my heart has been hurt and my brain and my organs.  “Thank you for damaging my privacy and damaging more importantly my ability to earn an income. In 2012 I can count the number of nights i had a good nights sleep, yest it was under 10. Thanks Australia, Stop Stupid “”””Smart Meters”””” right now. Come on Australia, Australians are not suckers for this type of punishment, but my oath United Energy and Jemena and the Australian Goverment Officials will pay the price when we go after them. Ayelet

  7. Paul says:

    Come on Jay, wake up these things are killing people. Retain the existing analogue meters, Smart Meters do not benefit anyone except the power companies and funeral parlours.

    • Paul,
      You’re spot on there, the evidence of this ongoing crime is not only here in Victoria but now world-wide and growing every day as more and more of these monstrosities of machines are rolled out. Don’t say you people in South Australia haven’t been warned. You’ve been warned since 2009 when these were first rolled out in Victoria from newspaper reports and T.V and Radio.

  8. Chris says:

    two of the best stories i have ever seen on Smart Meters! why did we not see this on TV in Victoria! how can all this be clearly said about Smart Meters and yet they still be compulsory in Victoria, or even considered in SA! SHAME NAPTHINE GOVERNMENT! They must be made voluntary and those who never wanted one and had one forced and bullied into having one be given the chance to have theirs back!

    • Eric says:

      And those who are being affected by smart meters in neighboring properties or in restaurants or in any other premises should have the right to request and have those devices removed too regardless of whose property they abide on.

      No one should be made to suffer because of someone else’s smart meter.

      These abominable devices should be banned outright.

      Any forced exposure to electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices should not be allowed

    • Peter says:

      They Are NOT compulsory. It was made to sound compulsory by misleading the public with carefully worded bullshit.
      Peter D Rocker

    • Paul says:

      Chris, they are not compulsory. It’s just that the power companies and the government would have you believe that they are. There is no law, therefore there is no compulsion. The government is not likely to make it law because they realise the dangers associated with smart meters and are not likely to open themselves up to a James Hardy situation (asbestos). Next time someone comes around to attempt a smart meter installation, ask them for a copy of the statute that says you must accept one.

    • Chris,
      Let’s get two things STRAIGHT ! The electric smart meters are not smart in any way at all, and secondly these so-called Smart Meters ARE NOT COMPULSORY. The two lying Victorian Governments of the past Labor Government and this also scheming and lying Victorian Liberal Party know that there is ‘NO LAW’ forcing Victorian citizens to take these Type 2B Carcinogen causing and far from Smart Meter machines. It’s only a Mandate by the Victorian Government which is an Instruction by the Victorian Government upon the five foreign owned Electric power companies to “Use their best endeavours” to get the citizens of Victoria to allow these five Electric power companies to put these meters on Victorians properties. They tried to put one on my property and onto over 250,000 of our Victorian private and small business properties without success, because we have padlocked our Electric meter boxes and have kept our Legal Commonwealth of Australia $167,000 Dollar Anti Trespass Signs erected.

      No LAW has ever been passed under the past Labor or Liberal Party Government in Victoria or ever approved by the Victorian Governor General to make these very dangerous so-called Smart Meter Microwave poisonous machines “The LAW or LAWFUL” Therefore for the Victorian Government or these five Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and their ilk and the Smart Meter Installers and the C.E.O of the Department of Primary Industry to insist that people allow them to replace the Safe and Passive Electric Analog Machines is actually a CRIMINAL ACT and a CRIMINAL OFFENCE ! Simple as that Chris, so padlock your Electric Meter Box immediately or suffer the consequences.

  9. Do you have a petition to sign., maybe could set one up with Avaaz or care2, or get up. With one of the action groups.

    • Australian-Corporatism=Fascism says:

      Unfortunately petitions online do not work. Somehow direct action is required. I think this can only be achieved with and by an informed public who is not complacent or apathetic.
      It is difficult to fight corrupt multinationals because they have an endless money supply and most of the politicians appear oblivious to the fact that the whole smart meter plan is an absolute disaster. When the system is fully implemented I believe that there will be even bigger catastrophic failures, however the politicians are either unaware or just do not care. We are living in very strange times indeed, where abnormal is the new normal.

      • Cedar Wilde says:

        Politicians are advised about everything they do, they themselves don’t know much after all. They just push through things that they’re advised will be a good idea (usually politically, to try and keep themselves in power) They’ve probably signed some contracts with these overseas power companies and are now terrified of breaking them and being sued to hell and back, so they’d rather sacrifice our health and the well being of our children and animals (and not forgetting plants, which have been affected by the radiation of these devices) If they don’t do the right thing they will regret their decisions when they are taken to a world court or United Nations or some such and made to face up to the enormity of what they have done. I suppose the old cry of “We didn’t know. We did it all in good faith” will be heard but they did know and were told often enough. Stop crucifying us for the look of your bottom line, pollies!

        • Paul says:

          They ought to be more worried at the backlash that smart meters will bring

        • Richard states on Henry’s page….
          “Yes Cedar,
          Today I received yet another useless boiler-plate letter from the new Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources banging on about ACMA as well as the Victorian Government Policy for Smart Meters and other Victorian rulings regarding these meters. The content in his letter to me, was just the same and woefully old and out-dated load of excuses put forth by earlier Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources who have failed miserably to obey the will of the Victorian People which is “Not To Force These Accursedly Dangerous Type 2 B Carcinogen proving to be Microwave Electric Meters on the Victorian Public.”

          “As we still live in what is supposed to be a Democracy here in Victoria, this UNLAWFUL forcing of so many people to accept an Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meter now renamed A.M.I Remote Reading Microwave Meter is a CRIME, for which this incumbent government must pay dearly for in the very near future as well as the past Victorian Labor Ministers also guilty of these crimes. Through the World Court force massive fines upon this Victorian Liberal Party and these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and those associated in this ongoing Crime, must be brought to bear, to compensate every person injured in Victoria by these now ACCURSED so-called but far from Smart Microwave Meters and also to pay for the injured peoples’ hospital and medicine bills caused by these Inhumane and Animal and All Life Sickness Making Machines.”

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      I do believe that Avaaz have had quite a lot of success with some governments and other organisation. I would certainly sign such a petition.

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