What is the Smart Grid


What is the smart grid? from Alex Donnelly on Vimeo.

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27 Responses to What is the Smart Grid

  1. Frank Carleton says:

    What is now crucial is to have the smart meter rollout and its gross health and safety issues front and centre well before the coming Victorian election.
    We must aim to have journalists routinely questioning candidates about the rollout, notably those of the Coalition and the ALP.
    BEGIN NOW to demand to know when the ABC’s Stateline Victoria will comprehensively address the health and safety issues and the anger and resistance provoked while the Coalition and the ALP wantonly ignore the public interest.

  2. Jerry says:

    I have been informed that SMART GAS METERS are about to be rolled out, can any one confirm this?

    • Anonymous says:

      I heard much the same Jerry. Best to build a cage around your existing meter and lock it with a sturdy padlock. Same treatment as for electricity SMs. I also heard that water SMs may be arriving soon, although these are undesirable, at least they should be reasonably far from bedrooms. In any case build a cage around these too.

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks Alex, succinctly put.
    Readers, if you have a WiFi modem, do as I did. I purchased 4 powerline adapters and now cable in our laptops at any available powerpoint. Don’t forget to turn off the WiFi function on your modem if you decide to use these adapters.

    • Steve says:

      Paul, you need to be careful using powerline adapters because they introduce high frequencies onto your house wiring. Do a search on “dirty electricity”. Many people complain about a variety of side effects to dirty power, these can include headaches, ringing in the ears, trouble focusing, and a variety of other symptoms

      • Paul says:

        Thanks Steve, I will look into that.

        • Paul says:

          Hi again Steve, I took your advice and looked into the powerline adapter. This is what I found:
          …dLAN network adapters also put RF signals on your mains wiring and it is good to switch them off at night. The levels are vanishingly tiny when compared with wLAN / WiFi signals, however they may affect electrosensitive people. dLANs use frequencies above 150 kHz that extend up to several MHz and are not detected by the Dirty Electricity meter.

          I believe that these are a much better alternative than the GHz range that WiFi emits.

    • Minnie says:

      Where do i get the powerline adapters from?

  4. Michael Meyer says:

    Exellent Alex,
    thanks for all the nice comments and encouragement .
    from STOP SMARTMETERS Tasmania

    • An excellent video Alex; I wish you and Stopsmartmeters Tassy, all the best, and I hope you can persuade your delusional Greens Party people down there, to rethink their support of AMI smart meters. They need to realize there is nothing “Green” about smartmeters!!

  5. Linda Reid says:

    Thankyou Alex your video put the evidence of smart meter tech in black and white, absolutely terrifying. At the moment here in Vic we are getting constantly harrassed by SP Ausnet, and I know they will step up the harrassment concerning our constant and unwavering refusal. Victoria, Australia a democracy? It’s more becoming everyman, women and child for themselves.

  6. Gwen says:

    An excellent summary Alex of what the smart grid is. Well done and all the best to Tasmania SSMA.

  7. Sick Of Their Outrageous Lies says:

    My wife and I love Tasmania. It’s an absolutely beautiful place, with it’s wonderful, unique, untouched wilderness areas and nature parks to visit and explore.
    Unfortunately though, I hold grave fears that in the not so distant future, these areas too will be infiltrated by the greedy, money and power crazed corporate parasites that want to destroy all the things left in the world, that are still magical, amazing and wonderful.

    Can’t these greedy, slimy, dirty scumbags leave anything alone?
    There is something seriously wrong in the heads of these low-life, evil, despicable sub-humans.

    Look what’s being planned for Canada’s wilderness zones:


    All the best with http://www.stopsmartmeterstasmania.com. Hope everyone down there in Tasmania, bands together to rid their beautiful state of these deadly dangerous devices.

    • Citizen for Democracy says:

      What’s really hard to swallow is that the Greens are the main party pushing the smart grid both here and in Tasmania. Smart meters are the opposite of green! Why even call their party ‘green’ then, when they simply are not?!

  8. Brigitte Kerrutt says:

    I do not want to become a member of Word.Press. How else can I register as a new member since your old contact does no longer work?

    • Bridgette,
      Where it says Fill in your details below or lick an icon to log in: Simply type in your email address in the top line and below that your name in the second line and in the third and last line type in http:// Stop Smart Meters Australia. that’s what I did as Word Press kept on chucking me out most days. Why that happened is a mystery to me.

  9. Christine Crawford says:

    People of Tasmania-get into action! Yes, your beautiful state does reek of electricity already! We visited Tassie a couple of years ago and I expected a beautiful pristine environment. To my amazement, there were areas that just sparked with electricity. I couldn’t wait to leave those areas and find somewhere safe. All I can say is that it was Hydro overload. You don’t need more of that!

  10. manalan77 says:

    Excellent video!!

  11. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Great video! And great to see the birth of Stop Smart Meters Tasmania – 1st born child of Stop Smart Meters Australia. Hope there’ll be more children born down the track!
    Hope Tasmanians will get to protect their beautiful isle.

  12. Geri Johnson says:

    Brilliant post Alex. Tasmania!!? Really? We are in Melbourne but have a “safe haven” in Tassie.
    This was to be our backup plan. We will now be installing locks on our property and spreading the word. Thanks for the warning.

    • Yes Geri,
      That’s what I did, was to install a whopping big powerful armour hardened Steel Padlock and a massive hardened steel hasp and staple which the padlock fits through to secure my electricity meter box lid.

      My cobber has another great safety set-up as well, two huge pit-bull dogs and an Irish Woolf Hound. If you made a saddle for the Irish Woolf Hound he’d carry a big man. When Mr Woolf Hound stand erect with paws outstretched his front paw nails are just on ten feet off the ground. What Smart Meter installer Man would want to venture onto that property. Only a dolt for sure.

      The Commonwealth of Australia Anti-Trespass Signage should be enough to keep these Smart Meter Installer blokes off peoples’ private properties with the Lawful Commonwealth of Australia Signage of a $167,000 Dollar fine. It’s sad that some people have to resort to Pit Bull Dogs and a Woolf Hound, but that’s better than being irradiated by Microwave Radiation and slowly poisoned to DEATH from what seems to be Illiterate, or is that hide-bound Smart Meter Installer Men desperate to fill out their Unlawful quota of ramming these accursed Type 2B Microwave Meters onto Victorian Private home and small business properties and expressly against Electricity customers wishes and lawful Will and Better Judgement.

      The forcing of Electrical Smart Meters on any Victorian Citizen/s where breaking of the law or even threatening to cut your padlock, is actually an IMPRISONABLE OFFENCE. If you catch a Smart Meter Installer on your property and he is stupid enough to argue with you when you have politely told him that you refuse to allow a Smart Meter on your property, simply state politely to him that you are now going to call the police and have him arrested. If he starts to argue, just duck into your home and phone the police on treble Zero….000, then see him take off, like a cat on hot tiles.

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