“The facts expose the safety standards are inadequate” – Dr James McCaughan, University of Sydney

Dr James B. McCaughan, Honorary Senior Lecturer, School of Physics, University of Sydney, writes an account about electrosensitivity and the inadequacies of the current safety standards in Australia.

The account is made available via the WiFi in Schools Website http://www.wifi-in-schools-australia.org/p/resources.html and directly from https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1KQ639Tc1Z9WTl4RG5oSjRRS0k/edit?pli=1

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2 Responses to “The facts expose the safety standards are inadequate” – Dr James McCaughan, University of Sydney

  1. CMA says:

    I concur…WARNING – the 5G network is firing up shortly, and it causes a screaming symptom in one’s cerebellum – messing with ability to work, think, function, messes with life for 24 hours or more – especially musicians who are harmonically trained and attuned.
    We need to petition the PM and Opposition to turn back time.

  2. Dr Zeke Pervan, Perth, WA says:

    My partner has had an issue with RF and EMF ‘s for 3 years : owing to recent strenghthening of Cell Tower 400metres from her house , the RF levels have spiked on one side of her house and her main symptons of headaches and palpitations have increased to the point she may have to sell her house and move elsewhere
    Admittedly , using aluminium foil sheeting on windows and repetitve grounding on grass/earth as well as using grounding footwear and QuWave harmoniser has reduced symptons by about 30 %, life is becoming unbearable and she now reacts quickly to TV sceens and wired smoke alarms .
    She appears to have a very strong reaction to her conventional analog electric meter but I have yet to find an EMF/RF cognisant electrician in WA .Can anyone out there help ?

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