People Power Victoria – an overwhelming response!

Within one week of promoting the formation of our political party People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters, we are already nearly halfway to our minimum target of 500 members.

If everyone who has joined PPV enlisted one more person to apply for membership, we will reach our goal within two weeks – surely this would be unprecedented in the formation of a grass-roots Victorian political party!

But of course we would like even more than 500 members!

Thank you everyone for your support, and because of this overwhelming response, please be patient as our volunteers register your membership and acknowledge your kind donations.

Let’s continue to spread the word and keep the momentum going……

Membership forms can be downloaded at:

Or completed online at:

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12 Responses to People Power Victoria – an overwhelming response!

  1. Anonymous says:

    They want to put 6 smart meters under my bedroom in our apartment block. No guarentee of
    emfs or other electro radiation emmisions. So far have avoided sneeky attemps to lnstall and
    have had agressive installers trying to get the meters in.
    Hope this party can fly.

  2. Happy Dissenter says:

    Hi everyone, I also received another letter knocking on my property asking to come in ( fat chance of that with gates locked, signs in place etc). However, the letter had the usual spiel that since I haven’t allowed the mandated appliance from the Vic Govt ( shaking in my boots) that I would be incurring a fine/ $$$$ addition to my power bills in 2015… How can I be fined for NOT getting a device which is not written in any legislation? Is there anyone on the forum who speaks legalise about my right to refuse to pay this additional cost?? Thank you.

    • Eric says:

      You can’t refuse if you’re not being charged. You can only state that you don’t agree to be charged. Again, it’s not law therefore your letter can only be about gaining implied consent which usually works by you doing nothing. It’s no different to the smart meter. We had to lock our meter box and we had to say “NO”. Throw mud and it sticks. Enough letters without being rebutted will eventually become enforceable. Does your letter actually use the word “fine” ? There should be a way of hitting that one on the head I think.

    • Reece says:

      Powercor can be assured of the continued fulfilment of all legal payment obligations in respect to the service. I object and do not give my consent to the imposition of any charge, fee, penalty or forfeiture of any kind by YOUR COMPANY for the non installation of a smart meter against this address or its service account(s).

  3. Gwen says:

    CONGRATULATIONS PPV and everyone doing the hard yakka for SSMA.

  4. gary oraniuk says:

    You might have a few members, but you ain’t done much yet. Another movie night?


    • Adam says:

      In every positive group there will be knockers. They are the first ones asking for help when things get tough and wait for others to do the work.
      Congratulations to all the volunteers and specialists in their fields at Stopsmartmeters trying to fight unfair practices and governmental “pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes”.

    • Max says:

      I like movie nights Gary. We can have popcorn and ice cream. Hopefully their will be no possible cancer causing smart meter’s near us. THE PEOPLE SPEAK GARY. WE ARE NOT SLAVES.

    • Sharron says:

      @gary baaaaaaa – if you don’t get it, you’re dumber than I thought.

    • Gary, a simple answer, why don’t YOU join the party also, and help make things happen.

  5. Gwen 's says:

    GREAT NEWS…we did a letter box drop yesterday ..2-3 dozen. Emailed to a lot of our friends & relatives & mailed out to ones who don’t have a computer….Another phone call from SPAusnet today. (Made a note of it)..makes us MORE DETERMINED than ever to get rid of these “TERMITES”!!!! Hope Sophia soon has her power on ..We feel so sad for her & her daughter..NO ONE deserves this..

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