Victoria’s electricity prices rise more than NSW and South Australia – Herald Sun

VICTORIA faces higher electricity price rises than New South Wales and South Australia, despite the state being touted as the world’s most competitive retail market.

And the average householder is being slugged almost $250 a year to cover the cost of environmental policies.

Federal and state “green schemes” such as the carbon tax, renewable energy and energy efficiency targets and solar subsidies now account for about one-fifth of Victorians’ electricity bills.

An Australian Energy Market Commission report reveals residential “market offer” power prices are expected to climb an average 4.3 per cent a year between now and 2014-15 before dropping an average 4.9 per cent in 2015-16.

The AEMC mainly blames previously approved electricity distribution charges for the delay in cost relief in Victoria.

The state’s overall price trend, averaged across the three years, is for prices to rise less than inflation at 1.3 per cent annually.

In NSW and SA, prices are expected to decline an average 0.7 and 0.9 per cent.

Energy Minister Nicholas Kotsiras said the typical $1285 annual bill for Victorian families was still less than the $1810 in NSW and South Australia’s $1564.

Consumers who shopped around could save significantly.

The report says retailers have different wholesale energy purchase costs depending on contracts with suppliers.

It also notes Victoria’s retailers have additional costs due to the smart meter rollout and higher customer switching rates.

The AEMC report is based on current policies, which means it doesn’t include the effect of removing the carbon tax.

It does, however, factor in moving to a floating carbon price.



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25 Responses to Victoria’s electricity prices rise more than NSW and South Australia – Herald Sun

  1. Andy Ward says:

    Sounds like a crock to me … My understanding is that price gouging by electricity retailers , as a function of malinvestment ( gold plating ) of their coal fired infrastructure , which they are frantically trying to recoup before these become stranded assets , consigned to the dustbin of heavy pollution history . Nothing like a bit of corporate propaganda , so obvious , so predictable , so boring …..

  2. Concerned says:

    Where are we at with the Class Action?

  3. Paul says:

    A company known as BlueGen ( has come up with a natural gas electricity generator, which utilises a ceramic fuel cell to produce electricity and hot water (as a side effect). The water is a by-product of a chemical reaction and so does not contribute to your water bill. However, there are setbacks: it has to be connected to the grid, as it continuously generates electricity and, at present, the unit is expensive.

    If this generator could be connected to a series of (solar) batteries and made to turn on when the batteries reached a certain low level, then potentially there is the means to ‘get off the grid.’ The future will surely see the price drop, as demand increases.

    I don’t think the electricity companies will like this very much.

  4. Andrew says:

    Momentum is worth considering for lower prices. They off-set power used with Tasmanian hydro.

    • Boopsy says:

      Agreed Andrew. I just switched to them a few months back. Their costs seem competitive and they told me (have yet to receive my first bill) that they do not charge for the carbon tax as they have the hydro to offset the usage..
      Mind you I did have issues with energy Australia letting go of the house. For some reason they wouldn’t agree to let the property be connected with Momentum (or Origin who I initially tried). I had never lived at this address or had an account with them so I was very surprised to find out they had not let the property go to Momentum. It is all fixed now.
      Contacted the Ombudsman who took my complaint and then after 10+ days escalated it and gained a response from energy Australia.
      I was told by the Ombudsman, that since I had not connected with energy Australia, that I did not need to pay any outstanding costs for the time it took them to finally connect the property to Momentum Energy. I thought this was interesting and not much publicized.
      Thank-you for the article.

  5. John M says:

    “Energy Minister Nicholas Kotsiras said the typical $1285 annual bill for Victorian families”

    What orifice do they pluck these numbers out of? Two people live in this house and I’m about as frugal as anyone can be with electricity and I still see bills around $370 per quarter and about to go up more in January.

    My grown up children who now have children of their own and still use all the modern gadgets like big screen TV, BluRay, game consoles etc etc, ie, probably more “typical” of today’s families usage have bills between $500-$600 per quarter.

    Nicholas Kotsiras is dreaming or at the very least omitting the supply charge /network cost of around $400 annually to come anywhere near that figure.

  6. MovingEntity says:

    A questions to Nicholas Kotsiras… why are we paying more than Chinese who pay about $15 for 3 months for electricity for a typical Australia sized house in China? We have so many resources that we should even be getting cheaper energy costs than the Chinese.

    • AK47 says:

      Yes, I also heard that a lady coming back from visiting relatives in Singapore said that her relatives only pay around $12 per quarter for electricity. Our power utility owners are from Singapore and China, so it looks like we are subsidising their electricity customers. How stupid it was to sell off an essential service to foreigners!!!

  7. MovingEntity says:

    I hope people lock themselves to not voting in the main political parties in any election. Example no Libs, no Labor, no Greens, etc. vote independents that have a history of being sovereign and protective of people’s fulfilment.

  8. Rik says:

    How can they say Smart Meters will save us money when the bills keep on going up?
    I’ve seen nothing but higher bills and I’ve turned things off, have a power monitor installed and I can see I’ve been using less, I have LED bulbs so there is no reason why my power bills keep going up. Could it be the fact I don’t have a smart meter and have a padlock on my meterbox?
    Doesn’t matter what BS they spin, the proof is in the bill and its going up no matter what you do.
    I think we all need to get solar and enough panels so we don’t need the electricity grid and all turn off. Thats probably why the bills are going up. So many people getting solar so the ones without solar are paying more to cover the costs of the new solar customers.

  9. Paul says:

    ….”It also notes Victoria’s retailers have additional costs due to the smart meter rollout and higher customer switching rates.”

    These can be immediately lowered – just get rid of smart meters!

    • John M says:

      “These can be immediately lowered – just get rid of smart meters!”

      And the several layers of middlemen (parasites) that have inserted themselves between the producer and end consumer/customer.

    • Rik says:

      The problem we have is they charge you if you have a smart meter or not. If you dont have one they add more fees for not having one.

      • Julie says:

        It seems theft, fraud and making consumers sick has become legal and the quick get rich scheme. So what really is the difference between the real crims and the government authorities and our major utilities? It seems one pays for their crime when caught, the other gains income and gets rich from their crimes. Absolutely disgusting. And the fact that they charge us extra fees for not having a smart meter (even though we are already paying for the unit we don’t have) is like being robbed by a burglar then being sent the bill for the burglar’s petrol that he/she used to drive to your house to steal your goods. Just unbelievable.

  10. other concerns says:

    I am entirely comfortable paying the relatively small cost of green schemes, as ultimately they will assist us in the transition towards a lower carbon economy.
    I also gladly pay the extra 4.3 cents/ kWh for 100% green energy.
    While I dont mind paying extra for low carbon energy, I also am keen to reduce costs where possible.
    So I rang my existing electricity retailer and negotiated a 15% discount, and they happily made that happen.
    So the discount they offered was more than the cost of the carbon price and the green schemes.

    Perhaps SMMA could rally against excessive marketing charges instead of schemes which assist positive change in our highly polluting economy.
    I wonder will SMMA do that?

    • Eric says:

      Smart meters have to go full stop. Money doesn’t matter.
      The financials are a complete red herring when you look at the way that many people’s
      lives have been ruined by these diabolical and harmful devices and how many many more people are going to be made to suffer in the future.

    • Gwen says:

      Dear other concerns. I’m glad that you had a CHOICE and decided to act on it. Don’t understand what ‘positive change’ you think SMMA is rallying against. Thousands of people in Australia want to keep their families safe as other countries also are rallying to do. We want freedom to CHOOSE and that right is being taken away. There are none more blind than those that won’t see.

    • Jasmine says:

      To other concerns,
      Smart meters pollute the environment with radiation and that is fact. Smart meters don’t save you money. You have to change your electricity use to achieve this and you can do this with your old safe meter. I hope you don’t have an air conditioner, dryer, two fridges or anything else that uses too much electricity. Do you walk everywhere? Electricity use is down and this is fact also. Would it not be better for people to save for solar panels and therefore reduce electricity? Is this not a better option?. Why don’t you rally against excessive marketing charges yourself? Don’t wait for others. Do it yourself. Any retailer will give you a discount if you ask. Of all the people that I know that have possible cancer causing radiation smart meters, not one has changed their electricity use. Of course what will eventually happen when people not able to afford electricity, have there power cut off. This is why St Vincent De Paul lodged a submission on the effects of smart meters. I work for a charity and the amount of people that are asking for assistance is growing. Many people can’t afford to feed their families anymore. Smart meters are not a green scheme. Thank God for SSMA, true heroes and friends of all creatures great and small.

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      Smart meters have NOTHING to do with ‘schemes which assist positive change in our highly polluting economy’. Environmental issues are just used as a means of ‘green washing’ the introduction of something, that would have otherwise been unacceptable. Except smart meters are not green at all. For starters they actually consume electricity (unlike analogues), plus they need to be replaced approx. every 5 years, plus the irradiation of all flora and fauna (let alone humans) in a smart grid causes direct damage to it, plus what to do with millions of perfectly functioning analogue meters that are being removed from houses – need I keep going? The ‘greenwashing’ is all fairly obvious and easy to understand.

      • Paul says:

        Yes, smart meters DO consume electricity – Guess who pays?

        • Boopsy says:

          It’s disgusting what this state government has done to the people of Victoria. I feel it is an act of violence against the inhabitants of this state.
          It is unacceptable and needs to be reversed. I would like my old analogue meter back please.
          Please Victorian government, remove the cancer causing device from my home.
          Thank-you SSMA for being here and providing a place for support, contribution, gathering and communication about this issue for an otherwise, disrespected community.

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