Watch out Western Australia – Western Power Proposes Smart Meters!!

Excerpt from their Smart Grid Proposal for Western Australia “ELECTRICITY NETWORKS CORPORATION” (“WESTERN POWER”) online document:

“We have a unique opportunity to minimise the costs and maximise the benefits of rolling out smart meter technology because of the need to replace the “non-compliant  meters”. This program will result in around one third of our meter population being ‘smart’ by the end of the AA3 period.”

Is this another ploy calling our old analogue meters “non compliant”? Compliant to what standards?

Here we go again….

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35 Responses to Watch out Western Australia – Western Power Proposes Smart Meters!!

  1. IceManX says:

    First of all if smart meters are transmitting a frequency then looks like I will get a jammer placed right near the meter and stop it transmitting.
    wont be touching it hust close to it so it cant work

    2nd is if I want one I will get one but for now no thanks

  2. Sue says:

    I have been notified by horizon power that if i do not except a smart meter by april 207 my power will be disconnected . My power usage is now being estimated way above my normal charges .Where do i stand what suggestions does anyone have ?.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sue, ask them to provide the legal paperwork that states you have to have a smart meter and also ask them to provide the legal paperwork showing that if you don’t you will have your power disconnected? The paperwork has to explicitly state that they can disconnect your power if you don’t accept a smart meter, this does not include what they write and send to you. Why is your power being estimated?
      They are probably trying to use the estimate problem as a reason to disconnect, but why are they estimating? You still don’t have to have a smart meter and they need to fix the problem which is why you are getting estimates. It stills comes down to consent and you need to reply in the form of a legal notice, you can find templates on the internet. Ask them to reply in an affidavit and provide factual evidence to support any claims they make. Get the name of the man or woman that has threatened disconnection for starters and deal with them directly. This means that Jane Doe would be legally responsible for anything she says. If they can really do what they say then they should have no problem putting this threat in an affidavit under penalty of perjury.
      I assume the reason you are getting estimates is because they have caused this and not you and so they are at fault not you. Here are some things you might want to put in your notice, when you reply to them.

      Take notice if any mention of the installation of smart meters is mentioned in your reply then it may be considered a form of Psychological Bullying. Brodie’s Law considers bullying a criminal offence by extending the application of the stalking provisions in the Crimes Act 1958 to include behavior that involves serious bullying. Brodie’s Law applies to all forms of serious bullying, including physical bullying, psychological bullying, verbal bullying and cyber bullying. The offence of stalking, and therefore conduct that amounts to serious bullying, carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.
      You have trespassing and coercing and bullying and threats. look up the crimes act as well and see what you can use.
      You could also ask them to provide evidence showing smart meter radiation is completely safe, this i believe does not exist. It will take a bit of work with letters going back and forth but you can read other people’s suggestions and work out what you feel comfortable with. That to me is a threat and a serious one at that, so i would get the full name of the person that made the threat for starters.

    • Bill says:

      Well Sue, many of us here in Victoria were also threatened in the same way by the following lovely five Distribution Companies being Jemena, United Energy, SP Ausnet, Powercor and Citipower. We were bullied and intimidated above and beyond, the threat being directed at us was that if we didn’t accept a smart meter we would have our power cut off. Oh yes, then there were the other threats too such as the “possibility” of massive fines. And then we had another Gentleman named Scott, working for Jemena who in one of the local newspapers openly indicated that Jemena could resort to breaking into people’s meter boxes to install the devices (referred to as a broken entry method). Anyway Sue, their choice of wording was interesting with words such as “may” and “could” being predominant in their rhetoric with their little boys and girls manning the phone lines (like little Daniella from Service Stream), people who were absolute nobodies were being bestowed a false sense of importance about themselves and behaving as little Nazis when speaking to customers.

      So what did we do here in Victoria Sue ? What we did essentially was that we locked our meter boxes. Some of us also wrote letters to our Distribution Companies explicitly expressing our non consent to the installation of their harmful device. And the threats from them kept on coming and the campaign against us intensified and the lies pouring out of the Distribution Companies mouths being enough to fill “Porky’s Book Of One Hundred Most Incredible Lies” 10 times over. Someone on this website described the intensifying of their campaign against us as being when P1$$ and Wind becomes BullS+1T and Bluster. It harmless really, just a smell that becomes a bit hard on the nose. Nothing that a spray of Glen 20 wont fix.

      Sue those of us who didn’t believe their lies and didn’t cave in to their threats which they expressed through their totally FICTITIOUS authority have ALL retained our safe and passive analog meters to this very day. So do not cave in Sue as some did and now have this harmful device and it is causing them problems and they now realise that they have been had.

      Sue if you have received any written correspondence from them I would love to see it. Perhaps you could post it on this website if you are savvy enough with your computer. You can even omit your personal details. I would be interested to see what these B@$+ard$ in Western Australia are up to, but the answer I give you Sue in it’s simplest form is lock your meter box as securely as you can and perhaps cut out a little slot in the door so that your meter can still be read. It works Sue. It’s worked for us here. Your locks will speak above them all.

      I would also suggest a big No Trespass sign on your property will also help you. I have been openly told by Distributor and Retailer alike over here in Victoria that unless I remove my No Trespass sign, My No Smart Meter sign and my locks from my meter box that my meter can not be changed. Well guess what, I won’t be doing that. And I have also had it acknowledged by persons of same ilk that they know that they will have criminal charges laid against them should they attempt to break and enter. And remember Sue, Victoria’s roll out of smart meters was a mandated directive to the Distribution Companies to attempt (by “Best Endeavors”) to get these devices installed. I’m not sure if that is the case in WA. I would doubt that it is after Victoria’s “mandated” disaster.

      So lock up my dear, lock up. You do have a choice because Australia is still a Democracy despite the presence of these criminals embedded within so called “State Governments” and these thugs who work for Utility Companies.

    • Davina says:

      Sue why is your usage being estimated ? The existing meter should still be read shouldn’t it ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    A pretended law made in excess of power is not and never has been a law at all. Anybody in the country is entitled to disregard it.
    Chief Justice Latham 1942 High Court of Australia.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Residents in the US Territory of Guam have filed a legal injunction against the forced deployment of smart meters there.”
    Here is the short version:
    Here is the full court case:

    Click to access meterinjunc.pdf

  5. Terry says:

    You cannot stop an Energy provider entering your property if you are connected. Read the Energy Operators Act(power) 1979. You will find that they can basically do what they like on your property. I have a power line through my 137 acre property not subject to an easement or am I connected yet they cut the chain on my front gate and entered when it was no an emergency or the matter was of any urgency just a pole replacement plan. They can do things to you in the Supreme Court or get a warrant if you obstruct them so do not. Remember Western Power are the Electrical Network trading as Western Power with one shareholder the W.A. Government. You wasting your time appealing to the Minister trust me I am in the throws of it right now. Now you know how helpless I feel. Can some tell me if Australia is a democratic country? Because you could of fooled me! I have ordered Westernpower off my property and 21 months later they haven’t gone! So your wasting your time locking up your meter box!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have a solar install on my Perth property dating from 2011 in a house that is presently 8 years old. I opted for not to have the smart meter installed, so i have the traditional meter, that runs backwards when generating from the solar install.
    I have Western Power hassling me to change over to a smart meter, and i will lose the 1-1 of my existing install.
    Can anyone tell me if i have a legal leg to stand on to tell them i dont want my relatively new meter replaced with one of their “smart meters”
    Many thanks.

    • David F says:

      What we here in Victoria have learned is that no one can force you to take a smart meter even though we have been intimidated , harassed, threatened with fines and disconnections all being without basis in contract or law. I spoke to a friend recently and asked her whether she had a smart meter. She said that she held out right to the end and then they told her………this, this and that…………. Then I told her, you didn’t hold out till the end at all and that there was no end and that it was only her that had caved in because she made the one mistake that none of us must ever do and that is to believe “this, this and that” or anything whatsoever that proceeds out of the mouth of these liars and just vile persons. Anonymous, lock you meter so they can’t change it but only read it and put up your no trespass signs. They can’t force you to take their vile device. We here in Victoria have proven these persons to be vile liars and they need to be brought to account for their lies and for their unconscionable behaviour. I am determined for this to happen.

    • MR says:

      Understand the meters are optional. Perhaps the person who advised you wasn’t aware.

    • Anonymous says:

      Western Power is no longer installing smart meters as the trial they were conducting is finished. They will be installing an electronic meter without any communication capabilities. The meter is their asset, you do not own it. It is in your best interest to have the meter changed over as they will be substituting your bills due to your meter going backwards. You will end up paying more in the long run than you need to!

    • Ty says:

      Bi-directional meters (that measure your import and what you export to the grid) are NOT the same as smart meters and have no radio transmission components in them. They simply measure the flow of electricity in each direction. I understand that it is the law in WA that any domestic system that exports to the grid MUST have a bi-directional meter installed, rather than remaining with the old analogue meters.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ty why don’t you produce the law you speak of? It’s not good enough to claim that you understand it’s law. Prove it’s law. Put a copy of the law you speak of on this website for us to read otherwise keep your opinions to yourself..

  7. example says:

    Sorry, but all custody transfer measurement instruments must comply with standards.
    And Smart Meters use the same frequency band as your baby monitor or wireless phone…but produce less exposure.

    • Let's Get Real about RF says:

      Hi example

      I don’t know how you have managed to come up with your assertion that smart meters produce less exposure than a baby monitor or wireless phone. Obviously, it’s a pretty wild statement if you can’t provide the assumptions which you have based your claim on.

      For instance, Daniel Hirsch, a lecturer and expert in nuclear policy at UCSC, came up with a report which demonstrated that, in a worst case scenario, a smart meter would produce 160 times more cumulative whole body exposure than a mobile phone:

      By the way, smart meters in Australia use the frequency band between 915 MHz and 928 MHz. Go here if you want to see the frequency bands used by some of the other devices covered by a class licence:

    • Anonymous says:

      Does every single home in your street and suburb have a baby monitor? Does every home in your street have a cordless phone? Possible cancer causing devices are not meters and they are everywhere. It does not matter where you go, they are always on and not that far from where I walk down the street. If I walk down my street I am not going to be exposed to hundreds of baby monitors or cordless phones.
      When I knock on my neighbors door I am not suddenly exposed to a baby monitor or cordless phone either. What standards do you speak of? Do we have standards for possible cancer causing devices?
      Lets get real has provided the links to look up yourself, I am just wondering, are you stupid or do you think we are all stupid?,

  8. Julie says:

    My husband and I had solar panels installed about 12 months ago. The panel installers failed to tell us that we needed to complete an application form to Synergy to install a digital meter. He also advised us we were better off keeping the analogue meter, as we would only be getting 7c back.

    So we took their advice and it took about 5 months before we saw our bill decrease from $380 to about $215 then lower and lower. Lowest was $60 about 4 months ago. Now however, we have received our last 2 bills ‘ESTIMATED”. I contacted Synergy and they pretty much threatened me that if we don’t install the new meter they will and can disconnect us.

    I am confused with all the information I have been given from so many different people. I have some say that they receive bills in credit now and I have some say that digital meters are a health concern, also told that the meters can be tapped into and you can be monitored when you are home the most. My husband recently met somebody who has just gone into business here in Perth to set up some kind of firewall protection to consumers with these digital meters and also they secure your meter box with a pvc clear window and padlock it so that the readers can’t tamper with your meter and to protect the meter from being tapped into.

    Is any of this true or know of anybody experiencing these issues I would really appreciate some assistance. After so much research on this I can’t even see if this is mandatory in WA or even Legal for Synergy to do this. They have told us they will continue to estimate our bills at their discretion so we could be looking at higher bills.

    I have not completed the application as yet and am hoping somebody with some knowledge on this can help us before we fall to Synergy’s bullying.

    thank you

    • Daniel Knights says:

      Julie, wireless smart meters transmit electromagnetic microwave radiation. This had effected the health of some people very badly not just here in Victoria but all over the world. No one can tell you with any certainty that you that you won’t develop long term chronic health problems such as cancer from these devices. You do not want to cave into something with such serious repercussions as this.
      I’m not sure what the WA equivalent is of the Electricity Distribution Code and other codes that we have here but you may want to investigate and see what your obligations are. I do not believe smart meters to be law in WA. They certainly are not law here in Victoria and look at what we have been made to endure.
      If the meter is able to be read then it is the job of the meter reader to read the meter. I think it’s not on that they refuse to read the meter. That is their job. There must be a way of speaking to the right person(s) and force the issue. It may mean you will have to ruffle a few feathers. So be it. Good luck.

      • Julie,
        Please do as I did nearly two years ago. I sent the C.E.O of Powercor here in Victoria the A.C.C.C Notice of Harassment and Bullying for $1.1 Million Dollars which had to be answered by him or his lawyer/s within fourteen 14 days of him receiving it, as I had posted it by Registered Mail along with my polite but very strongly worded letter, clearly stating…..That I would personally and with the Legal help of my Canberra A.C.C.C Lawyers supporting me, drag him Mr Shane Breheny of Powercor here in Victoria before the Courts using my Lawful (and from Canberra) A.C.C.C Anti Harassment Notice to desist from bullying me to accept an Electric Microwave Smart Meter.

        The good news is that I have never had a reply from Mr Shane Breheny for just on two years when I first sent this Legal A.C.C.C Notice to him.

        So long as you pay your electric bills on time Julie, you cannot be Legally forced to accept a Microwave Smart Meter or any Goods or Services these people bullying you want to force you to accept. We live in what is supposed to be a Democracy for God’s Sake, not a totalitarian State as was Russia some years ago.

    • John M says:

      The tone of their statements/threats would get my back up to fight back. Stand up for yourself and call their bluffs. Stand you ground. You could also suggest you will pay their service charge at ‘your’ discretion if they don’t send a meter reader after you have asked. That is after all what the service charge is partially for, ie a ‘METER READ’. This whole estimate thing is yet another con that has gone unchallenged by people over time and has now become an accepted practice. How dare anyone use normal people / customers as a bank and send them invoices potentially for costs above those actually incurred.
      The sooner people take back their power from corporate bullies the better.

    • Ty says:

      Bi-directional meters (that measure your import and what you export to the grid) are NOT the same as smart meters and have no radio transmission components in them. They simply measure the flow of electricity in each direction. I understand that it is the law in WA that any domestic system that exports to the grid MUST have a bi-directional meter installed, rather than remaining with the old analogue meters. Also the meter is the legal property of Western Power, so any tampering with their property could be seen as vandalism. Synergy is the only retailer currently allowed to supply electricity to households (or anyone consuming less than 50,000kWh per year, ~135kWh/day). To have an account (i.e. to be able to consume electricity from the grid) you must agree to their contract terms (some of which are set by the network provider which is Western Power).

      They are probably well within their rights (and responsibilities to all other users of the network) to do estimated readings and limit their service until you comply with the rules that govern the electricity system. Sorry.

      Talk to Western Power about your concerns. They can answer your questions about their equipment (meters).

      • Anonymous says:

        Ty can you prove that Western Power owns the meters? Can you produce the documents to prove this? Even for arguments sake if they did own your meter, it’s in my possession and on my property and can then reasonably be argued that because it’s in my possession I also own the meter as well.
        Where does it sat that ” the meter is the legal property of Western Power”?
        Can you produce the legal paperwork to prove your claim?
        You have to prove the claims you have made. Just because you say something does not make it the truth or fact.
        Tampering with any electrical equipment is dangerous and should never be attempted. I have a contract with my retailer not my distributor, if they can produce one that they should. I buy my power from my retailer not the distributor.
        TY you need to prove all your claims, because you have made a few clams. Perhaps you can get all this legal paperwork and let us read for ourselves. Post it on this website or provide a link.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ty if the State Government owns Western Power, does that not mean that the people of Western Australia own it?
        Rules are not laws Ty and as we have found out here in Victoria rules mean nothing and the laws mean nothing to some. Ty would you be willing to repeat what you have claimed in court and under your own liability? Would you put your claims in an affidavit under penalty of perjury? If your answer is no then keep your beliefs and opinions to yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ty, your post starts out okay you explain that a bi-directional meter is not a smart meter, not that i would believe you anyway, but then you started to make claims, you haven’t provided any links for me to look up anything, you haven’t provided any proof whatsoever, what you have provided is your opinion. Was your post supposed to antagonize people reading it? Are you a keyboard warrior? Would you be willing to testify in court under penalty of perjury that Western Power owns the meters?
        You need consent to force a surveillance device on private property Ty
        You need consent to enter private property Ty
        You need consent to experiment on people Ty and if the experiment can result in injury or death it ceases.
        You need consent Ty to do anything on a persons private property.
        You need consent to expose people to potentially toxic radiation Ty.
        The meter is the legal property of Western Power, prove this claim Ty?
        What have other users got to do with estimated readings?
        Limiting the service until you comply, is this a threat Ty?
        Its quite possible Ty that you are the one that should be investigated for your claims and if you have made any false claims should be held accountable.

  9. Chris says:

    I was at a party tonight and the discussion of Smart Meters came up around the BBQ.
    I was surprised that a few of the guys were aware that they were not “LAW” and that it was wrong for them to be forced onto us.
    I think the word is starting to get out with the population which is good!

    One guy explained how he came up with a genius solution as to how he stopped a smart meter being installed at his place. It is BRILLIANT. I wanted to share it with you fine people here on this site.

    He has an old wooden meter box with no door that has the analog meter essentially exposed to the elements, but still protected because it is under his verandah eaves. So it was going to be hard to keep the installers out with locks. What he did was simply take a 44 gallon steel drum and put it in front of the open meter box, and filled it WITH WATER. That’s all! The End! His meter reader can lean over the barrel and read the meter, but the installer can’t get directly in front of the meter. He is not going to lean over water, touching steel and fiddle with electrical wires. And if he does try he’s likely to drop a tool (or a smart meter!) into the barrel and have to go diving for it. And the 44 gallon drum was far too heavy to move or roll out of the way when full of water. And the installers cant figure out a way to empty it quickly other than attempt to tip the whole thing over and make a massive crash (and potential big damage) with water flooding everywhere. Basically it’s all too hard. They move on!

    I hope this helps!

    • Gwen 's says:

      What a good idea.. will be passing this around.. especially to the ones who can’t lock their meter boxes or they are at work & have to leave their box unlocked for the meter reader…I think it will help a lot of folk..They will be able to relax & not worry so much about the SMART METER people putting on a SMART METER when they are not home..Love that idea….10/10

    • John M says:

      Something smelly and perhaps floating on the surface may aid the effect. Think CaddyShack pool scene. 😀

  10. Western Australian Citizens,
    Watch out because you are about to be conned by the insatiable greed of Corporations who are hell bent upon insisting you must all take an Electrical smart meter. Don’t be deceived, they are causing injury to between 3 to 8 percent of Victorias Citizens and other citizens world wide, who now suffer a range of health effects. See Stop Smart Meters Australia and also Stop Smart Meters America and Canada.

    They purport to save you money ?? They are a radio activated device which can deliver thousands of radio pulses per second 24 hours 7 days per wee. and are a Non Ionising Radio Device which is known to cause insomnia if allowed to be placed on the outside of your bedroom wall. It is also regarded as a likely type 2 A Carcinogen Device according to the World Health Organisation’s latest research.

    Here in Victoria our Government has Mandated the five foreign owned Power Companies, now controlled and owned by China and Singapore; to use their best efforts to persuade all Victorian Private Home owners and Small business owners to accept a Smart Meter.
    Please be aware that our Victorian Government has failed dismally to distinguish between a Mandate and a Law for our Vic Government is both frustrated and thwarted to find so many of us, up to 150,000 of us, and growing in number every day, who refuse to accept a Smart Meter.

    The five foreign owned power companies bully us by letter and phone saying we have to take a Smart meter but we know our Rights in Law and we don’t have to take a Smart Meter. So Do AS WE who know our legal rights and — Lock up your Electric Meter Boxes with a Heavy Duty Padlock and post notices of : Do not Trespass – See Commonwealth of Australia fine of @167,000. dolllars for trespassing on any person’s Private Property – applies to all states of Australia and it’s Territories.
    See the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities – The Act 2006 which ensures no Victorian citizen is to be forced to accept any goods or services against their will and better judgement by any corporation, company or government corporation or agency or its servants– Read here the contractors who install Smart meters on behalf of the power companies.

    Stay strong and legally and peacefully assert your rights in Law.

    Henry Leschen ( Victoria )

  11. Paul says:

    Shouldn’t that read ….’to maximise the costs and minimise the benefits….
    And just what are ‘non-compliant meters?’ Are these meters that don’t cause cancer, don’t allow spying, don’t increase electricity bills to high heaven and don’t enable remote switching off of your appliances at the whim of the electricity company?

  12. John Wilson says:

    As smart meters have not been tested by NATA standards then it is impossible to make any judgement as to whether they comply with a “standard” when it appears there is no Australia standard regarding calibration, accuracy or “compliance” with health and safety (public).
    While we sit back and do nothing they will run all over us. Demand that Roll out cease until there is more accurate research done. More importantly, that the corporations can guarantee the public that no one will be inured in any way by the installation of the smart meters.

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