‘Take Back Your Power’ screenings in Tasmania


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2 Responses to ‘Take Back Your Power’ screenings in Tasmania

  1. Paul says:

    I sent Neil Mitchell an email regarding the fact that we do have a choice about smart meters. He remains unconvinced and possibly believes that they are law. As such, I do not believe he would be of much help. Smart Meters are not law and will never be, simply because the government of this or any other state does not want a ‘James Hardy asbestos’ situation on its hands. For goodness sake, the ideal scenario is NO SMART METERS, however we may have to accept a compromise, being GIVE THE PEOPLE OF VICTORIA A CHOICE, AS TO WHETHER THEY WANT A SMART METER OR NOT.

    Minister Kotsiras, if you are reading this please do something and enable this for the sake of the people you have sworn to represent.

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      The issue of ‘mandate’ was recently discussed on channel 24 (in relation to the carbon tax) and it is clear cut: ‘MANDATE IS NOT AN ENFORCEABLE LEGAL CONCEPT’.

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