YOUR Chance for YOUR say on Energy Concerns….

In a recent interview with Neil Mitchell at 3AW, Minister Kotsiras, Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources, asked for feedback on energy related issues/concerns etc.  The interview can be found at:
What does he mean that he’ll ‘fix all the problems at once in 3 months time, with legislation’?

Minister Kotsiras asked for input and feedback via the following website:
Click on tab right hand, bottom of page that says ‘Energy Concerns’ (blue bordered box).

So let’s all GRAB this opportunity to give our feedback, and don’t sit back on our “she’ll be right mate” Aussie butts.

And, while we are at it let’s ALSO send our concerns via email directly to the Minister just to make sure he hears us:


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  1. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    Yes, your/our chance to say something.
    With the proviso that no response will be forthcoming, no acknowledgement of receipt, no assurance that what we say will be even considered.
    Even so, it would be good if everyone did respond with questions and comments and perhaps add a comment to this post that they have submitted something.

  2. Rob Guy says:

    A response to my 20SEP13 email is not yet to hand- not even the courtesy of a computer-generated receipt to indicate that the mail was at least opened. Typical government inertia! My concerns over ESV’s performance remain. Here are 2 more;

    (1)The final ESV report on smart meter safety dated April 2011 reports that “The review found that the public could have confidence that the meters were being installed safely and by qualified and trained people.” (notice the imprecision in “installed safely”). Issuing a final report at project half way point indicates a high level of confidence that the Suppliers will continue to maintain their commitment to electrical safety. Trouble is that ESV do not offer any evidence to substantiate that level of confidence.

    (2)Recent legislation transfers the responsibility for damage to house wiring by the installer to the house owner. I recently witnessed a qualified installer move the house wiring such that one cable rested on an internal metal edge of the meter box- Consequently, the house wiring no longer meets the national standard required by the fire insurance company but the owner can not claim compensation because the installer is bound to a less exacting standard.

    Nothing here should be taken to mean that ESV are incompetent. Rather that ESC were comprehensively out-gunned by the more nimble minds of the applicants’ bid team during licence negotiations.

  3. icouldahad says:

    Can this be related? I know that smart meters are not exactly ‘targeting’ individuals and the EMF they spew scatters everywhere, but the Associated Press is now reporting that the man who committed the Navy Yard shooting in America had left an electronic message saying, “Ultra-low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last 3 months, and to be perfectly honest that is what has driven me to this.” Alexis had complained to police in Rhode Island that people were talking to him through the walls and ceilings of his hotel room and sending microwave vibrations into his body to deprive him of sleep.
    On his shotgun, he had scrawled “My ELF Weapon!” – an apparent reference to extremely low-frequency waves – along with “End to the Torment!” “Not what yall say” and “Better off this way!” the FBI said.
    In a 1978 report, ELF Magnetic Fields and EEG Entrainment, Robert Beck wrote that “clinical research suggests that anywhere between 25% and 75% human and animal subjects may exhibit marked psychophysiological sensitivity to extreme low frequency magnetic and electric fields. Brainwave entrainment can be demonstrated electroencephalographically when subjects are in the vicinity of oscillations in the frequency range of approximately 3 to 20 Hz at intensities of below 100 nanoteslas. (1 tesla = 104 gauss)
    ELF fields of 6.67 Hz, 6.26 Hz and lower tend to produce symptoms of confusion, anxiety, depression, tension, fear, mild nausea and headaches, cholinergia, arthritic-like aches, insomnia, extended reaction times, hemispheric EEG desynchronization, and many other vegetative disturbances.”
    I had watched a you tube with an ex-Royal Navy guy who said he was around when the US Moscow Embassy was being bombarded with mocrowave radiation and the US found it curious that the pulse that was causing their workers to become sick was LESS by more than half than what they considered as safe. The US government requested their ‘partner’ governments (whatever that means) to not reveal this fact because it then started experimenting with microwave technology as weaponry.
    I do not trust this technology at all because they do know how deadly it is. I really don’t think governments care. I’m getting things from America saying we should invest in this technology and other weaponry because that is what the politicians are doing and they are making big money on it. If that is true, then it really does all come down to them wanting to fill their pockets while the people suffer and that they don’t even care about their own children and grandchildren and that is pathetic!
    Our fight against this harmful technology must never end.

  4. Eric says:

    The ARPANSA Standard is based on the ICNIRP Guidelines. On page 496 of the ICNIRP guidelines we have proof that ARPANSA Standard has not been set up to and hence provide any safety for lifelong exposures to radiation levels below the thermal threshold.

    “Induction of cancer from long-term EMF exposure was not considered to be established, and so these guidelines are based on short-term, immediate health effects such as stimulation of peripheral nerves and muscles, shocks and burns caused by touching conducting objects, and elevated tissue temperatures resulting from absorption of energy during exposure to EMF.” Page 496

  5. Eric says:

    We are being SOLD smartmeters together with mobile phone towers, mobile and cordless phones, baby monitors and a whole plethora of wireless communication technology and devices on the basis of a certain body of people known as ARPANSA making the claim that……

    Radiation has no effect on any man woman or child unless that radiation is physically heating you up………………..

    Even commonsense is screaming out…………. HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT !!!!!!!

  6. Rob Guy says:

    To: Minister’sOffice
    By: Rob G
    CFI: Stop Smart meters

    Some opinions on ESV activity;
    (1) Both the Order-in-Council and the ESV mission statement require ESV to be proactive in monitoring suppliers’ management systems for effective control. Proactive usually means that the supplier’s should be both corrective and preventative requiring;
    (a) Documents defining responsibility for both line and functional management to be clear and subject to control of changes,
    (b) All management functions be subject to internal audit, and,
    (c) Both quality of service and safety be designed in rather than just built in.
    At project mid-point ESV have not reported any proactive activity. Suppliers might have contended that their systems are accredited to ISO9000 standards for effective management but, as ISO9000 is not a licence requirement , their contention would be contractually nebulous.

    (2) ESV also have the authority to monitor suppliers’ safety incident reports. However, this authority is subject to written ministerial approval,(vide the Order-in-Council). ESV are not an independent authority.
    (3) DPI have promoted one suppliers’ product. Using public money to favour one supplier is bad enough, but I wonder how suppliers feel about their licence fees being used to assist a competitor.

    (4) Circa 2009, DPI authorised smart meter safety testing by an accredited laboratory. A sample of some 40 meters were within ARPANSA limits. The lab findings are not in dispute but the decision to allow meter serial numbers as evidence of a truly random sample, and therefore truly representative of the entire population, is flawed since standard tests for randomness require more than 40 numbers.

    (5)The alternating current waveforms throughout the Victorian supply network are being distorted by the widespread use of domestic switching devices in TV sets, fluorescent lamps and similar. To correct billing errors caused by distortion, the on-board computer in each smart meter removes this distortion by generating an analogue of the waveform to “improve” billing accuracy. Regrettably, the software is classified “commercial-in-confidence” and not available for independent verification. Victorian consumers might be billed for the supply of nonexistent electric power.

    • Sofia says:

      I completely agree with Rob. I’ve been overseas from 4 May to 13 May and now having a dispute with LUMO, they billed me 6 kW per day (only Fridge was on). I returned on 13 May and was at home with my daughter for another week – the difference in the billing was 1-2 KW per day. what does it tell you???? We are paying for the energy consumed by Smart Meter. and then we are paying for the doctors (not yet for the treatment) to identify huge health problems created by Smart Meters

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I have a son with High Levels of “Heavy Toxic Metals” in his system so I have sent the Minister a copy of George Carlo’s study on- Wireless Radiation in the Aetiology and Treatment of Autism: Clinical Observations and Mechanisms.

    I wonder if the Minister will read it!


  8. Danny says:

    You must know how to write to parliament to get noticed and you may wish to get a hold of a book called “Your Will Be Done” by research analyst in consitutional law and formerly Federal Member for Griffith (QLD) [1958-61] in the House of Representatives. To quote from the book a letter to a parliamentarian informing them of your will is as follows:

    Dear Sir

    I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before Parliament , or that should come before Parliament.

    IT IS MY WILL that you immediately halt the rollout of SMART meters throughout the state of VICTORIA and the rest of Australia for that matter based on health grounds primarily and foremost but also on their lack of security and being a serious intrusion into my privacy.


    (Insert your full name, address and date, as legal evidence that you are a constituent.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Danny for this info. I will send that letter in as well as another regarding the proposed increase to GST that will hike power bills further. Not listening to the people again. HOUSE FIRES on news this morning and it looked like one home’s power box was burnt out. People did not survive this fire. Nothing will be said or done about it.

  9. I had a guy turn up today to install a smart meter…..we have lived here 8 years and received two letters from SP Aus Net stated they were going to install a smart meter between certain dates but they never turned up.

    Today this guy turned up unannounced. I saw him drive into our property (we live on a farm) and when he didn’t knock on the door after 5 minutes (and I didn’t know who it was at that time) I went out and found him with his head in the meter box.

    I asked if I could help him and he said I’m just checking your meter. I asked if he was here to do a smart meter installation and he said yes. I replied that I had not receive notification that a meter would be installed today and that I refuse to have the meter installed. He response was to aggressively get in my face and tell well I have to. I advised him he was incorrect. That I am under no legal obligation to have a smart meter installed. I said so you won’t be installing the smart meter today and closed the box. I then requested he leave the property.

    He refused, on his shirt he had skill tech written on it and I asked him who he worked for and he wouldn’t tell me. I noticed he had Creative Solutions written on his van so I said is this who you work for and again he said “It doesn’t matter who I work for you have to have the smart meter installed” again I asked him to leave the property and he refused and started abusing me and I felt threatened as I am disabled and he was towering over me. He was not displaying any ID

    At that point I called the police whilst he continued to hurl abuse at me. The operator could herar him yelling in the background….I gave them his registration number and advised them thatI had requested he leave the property and that he would not comply. When he realised I was actually on the phone to the police he went to his car and gave me his ID card which stated he was a sub contractor for SP Aus Net and his name. I gave this information to the police.

    He then decided that h better leave as the police were on their way and the operator stayed on the line with me until he drove out of the gate. Later, the local police called me and I asked him if I was within my rights to ask him to leave and the officer stated yes.

    I have signs on my power box but it wasn’t locked (he also told me it was illegal for me to lock the powerbox)

    This whole experience has left me shaking. I can not believe how aggressive this young man was. Are they being paid by the meter? I have the right to decide who can come onto my property. He did not knock on my door, he was not wearing an ID tag and he refused to identify himself when I asked who he was and who he worked for.

    My advise though is still to stand your ground. I would rather have this experience than the ongoing health concerns the installation of a smart meter may cause. Remember when they thought Asbestos was safe?

    • Tanya says:

      You go get ’em. You’re my hero of the week.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good on you Jackie, you got a hard one and you did really well. Now please please lock that meter box of yours.

      FYI “Skilltech” is the name of one of the companies that does both analog meter reads and smart meter installs. They have a department for both. Jemena is the Distributor in my area and it’s a Skilltech meter reader that comes to read my analog meter.

      Moral of the story is to stand upon your basic rights, obtain name and employee id of installer(s), record vehicle registration numbers, record and film all interaction(s), ask installers to leave and make sure that if there is no compliance that you go ahead and actually ring the police immediately passing all relevant information on to them.

      It would be good if one of these b…’s (such as this person) could be dealth with very harshly to send a message out to all. A successful prosecution would be a great thing. I know the way that I would like to have dealt with this particular arrogant b… of an installer but best not mention it here on this public forum.

    • Anonymous says:

      The cheek of this b… that says “I’m here to check your meter”

    • peterrocker says:

      Well done!!!
      A new development happened to me on Saturday afternoon (20/09/2013)
      I get a phone call from United Energy asking me to fix a date as to when they can send someone out to install their Smart Meter. That was the last word he got in as I let go a rant about how my meter box was not to be touched & had been locked to prevent such an event and I was never going to have one installed. I also told him he should read previous correspondence sent to U.E. where I stated that any contact with me, should be in writing. I told him I am sorry if he thought I was being rude & then hung up.

    • Addendum:
      I had a lady call me today from SP Ausnet who wanted to discuss the installation of a smart meter.

      I advised I was not interested in have one installed and then she asked my concerns. I said.

      1. I am concern that inadequate testing of the devices has been done and there is documented evidence of people suffering ill effects after the installation of the device. I therefore was concerned for my health and that of my family

      2. I advised that I would not put another Australian out of work (the person who comes to read my meter) as I support Australia

      3. We have received no written documentation stating the dates the meter was to be installed (Previously we received two letters saying between blah and blah date but no one came) This guy just turned up out of the blue

      4. The last person who came was aggressive, did not come to my door, did not produce ID when requested, would not leave the premises until the police were called.

      She said “can I please address your concerns….Firstly our employees have guidelines they are supposed to follow at which point I added he was not an employee he was a contractor…she also confirmed she was a contractor working from a Call Centre in St. Kilda. Obviously he didn’t follow guidelines.

      She then tried to quote to me the Electricity Industry Act 2000 – SECT 93 where she said the meter was theirs and they had the right to maintain it.

      I agreed the meter was theirs and if they wanted to remove it without coming onto my property they were welcome to do so. I advised that the Act states they can come to the property to maintain, perform emergency repairs (we have 2 of their power poles on our property) and read the meter. There was no provision in the Act for installation of a smart meter monitoring device and indeed in 2000 so such device existed in Australia.

      By then I was winning LOL She is going to send me their information pack on Smart Meters and she made a note on my file that no one is to install a smart meter until I have had a chance to go over the information received and I have contacted them with my approval or disapproval (Mid October)

      She also added that there is a push to get Smart Meters installed by the end of the year as then the funding stops. (not sure if she said funding but she did say Vic Government said it must be done by the end of the year)

      I am also getting a medical exemption (which if you find a doctor who concurs with your worries I am sure anyone can get) I did say to her I did not believe adequate testing had been done and reminder her how we all thought asbestos was safe once.

      She agreed and we hung up cordially. Meanwhile the signs stay up and the meter remains locked.

      • Eric says:

        Is she trying to say that if you read the information pack and you disapprove you won’t be getting one full stop end of story come Mid Oct ? I doubt it because I’d definitely agree to that one IN WRITING.

        Also, I would not be admitting that the meter is theirs unless they can provide the documentary proof that it is theirs otherwise I claim the meter as my own. Many have asked for this documentation and not once have they been able to provide it.
        Janet Hogarty from Powercor has actually admitted this.

        As long as we pay they have to provide us with electricity as an essential service. They have no rights to know what we do in our houses and they certainly have no right to be transmitting ANY AMOUNT of Class 2B designated carcinogen through our residence.

  10. john foster says:

    Researching the Austrade website I stumbled across this …
    “The smart meter regulatory mandate in Victoria enabled us to pursue our technological development in Australia.”
    Investment Success Story
    Landis+Gyr finds smart solutions in Australia
    January 2013
    A leading provider of smart metering technology is helping utility companies and consumers around the world create new ways to measure and manage resources.
    In a world of finite resources, rising energy costs and environmental pressures, individuals, companies and governments are seeking more sustainable ways to generate and consume electricity, gas and water.
    The solutions to such critical issues often lie hidden in the data that flows between resource suppliers and users. Since you cannot manage what you cannot measure, turning information from the humble electricity meter into an asset that helps utilities run their networks is now top of their agenda.
    It is also the core business of Landis+Gyr, a company pioneering ways to manage energy better.
    Landis+Gyr is the world’s leading provider of metering products and services for electricity, gas, and water utilities. With annual sales of over US$1.5 billion, Landis+Gyr operates in 30 countries and employs 5,300 people.
    Around the world the company is preparing for the next generation of smart grid – technology that will change the way we use, supply and pay for electricity. This is a response to massive changes in the industry, where new tools and skills are needed to manage energy that now not only flows from utilities to consumers, but also from consumers into the grids of utilities.
    A smart grid combines digital communications, sensing and metering with the electricity network to create a two-way flow of information between supplier and user. Utilities get detailed, real-time data about the local power supply. Household and commercial users get up-to-the-minute information on electricity consumption to help detect faults, control costs, and reduce environmental impacts.
    New technologies
    Landis+Gyr was responsible for the first commercial rollout of WiMAX smart meters in Australia and is now a consortium partner in the AUD 100 million Smart Grid Smart City Trial program. The program – Australia’s first commercial-scale smart grid trial – is a testing ground for new energy supply technologies which measure how effectively consumer behaviour can be modified.
    “Australia has been a perfect testing ground for our smart meters,” says Landis+Gyr CEO Australasia, Steve Jeston.
    “The smart meter regulatory mandate in Victoria enabled us to pursue our technological development in Australia.”
    Landis+Gyr has a R&D centre and NATA accredited manufacturing facility in Sydney. From Australia, the R&D team provides leadership to the locally-based global development centres in India and China for the Asia Pacific market.
    These assets have helped the company build a dominant share of Australia’s smart grid market and of the roll-out of advanced metering infrastructure in Victoria, with revenue doubling in the past two years.
    Australia to be the “brains” in the value chain
    From Australia, Landis+Gyr is also able to offer products and services designed not only for each local region, but also for countries in Asia – tailored to the specific needs of local utilities and consumers.
    Export opportunities are emerging, and Landis+Gyr Australia has been given responsibility to drive smart metering into Asia.
    “Our Australian experts are now travelling to Asia to help our local teams sell solutions,” says Jeston.
    “The products are not transferrable yet, but the know-how is. We are exporting thought leadership, knowledge and project management, and as a result, maybe some products later on. The door is opening for us now. We will be the brains part of th value chain.”
    “As Australia is a global leader in the adoption of smart metering, our experience here is helping us to extend and develop further around the world. We are now being asked by other organisations to help their smart metering deployments in places such as Hong Kong, India and China, and we are building additional capacity in Australia as a result.”
    Landis+Gyr is establishing an entire solutions group at its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Sydney, which will include various R&D experts. Jeston says it helps that Australia is open to new solutions, has an innovative business culture, sound infrastructure, and a skilled workforce.
    “Our R&D group will have hardware developers, mechanical designers, mechanical, electrical and software engineers, and solution architects,” says Jeston.
    “We have to hire the right people and we can find them in Australia. Australians take a positive approach to getting the job done.”
    Developing Australia’s clean energy technology
    Landis+Gyr has brought productive investment to Australia, including assembly and development of locally-tailored products. The company is helping to build and grow the sector in Australia, as well as create employment and skilled jobs.
    Landis+Gyr is also supporting Australia’s clean energy capability by leveraging global technology and knowledge for local innovation. For example, the company has just registered a patent for a smart meter application called PredicTempTM – a new application for proactively managing installation faults.
    “This feature has been successfully deployed in Victoria with its smart meter program which enables alerts to be sent via a smart meter system to the utilities for immediate resolution,” says Jeston.
    “This is a global innovation for us. It allows utilities to investigate possible problems before they happen. We are very proud of this application.”
    The future
    Meters are becoming even more important. They give utilities a view deep into their networks, and allow them to use the information to help solve many supply and demand problems.
    For 70 years power providers solved such issues by building more and more capacity. With constraints on investment, imperatives to conserve energy, and calls for more sustainability, utilities need new ways to manage energy better.
    Until now, Landis+Gyr has dealt only with network operators in a B2B market, but the company is now looking to establish relationships with energy retailers about new products that can be sold on to consumers.
    Says Jeston: “We see ourselves working more closely with industry stakeholders around the world to provide smarter energy management directly to consumers. In this regard, Australia is part of our overarching policy to ‘be global and act local’.”

    • Tanya says:

      I don’t think they should be bragging so much about their R&D team. They obviously haven’t hired the right staff yet if they are approving smart meters that cause massive health problems, house fires, increased bills and data insecurity.

      And I’m not impressed with PredicTempTM that supposedly detects faults in newly installed smart meters but fails to detect impending house fires caused by newly installed smart meters. Or does it detect the fault but the power distributor ignores it and lets the house burn down?

  11. Eric says:

    The people of Victoria could fix “all the problems” in one month if tomorrow each and every account holder in the state request their retailer/distributor to cut service. Then watch them scramble to address “all the problems” most especially concerns about forced imposition of class 2B carcinogenic so called smart meters upon a public that WILL NOT ACCEPT THEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE WHATSOEVER.

    Listening to this it is clear that the whole situation is totally out of control just like in the wild west where the Energy Ministry is like the law and order that has failed the people of the town and the Distribution and Retail Companies are like desperados running wild and running the town and mowing down innocent people.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Since they installed our meter all my wife and I have to look forward to are sleepless nights and headaches

  13. GlennS says:

    Just got off my butt too! 🙂

  14. Rik says:

    I just had the 2nd installer in 2 weeks on my doorstep today. Lucky I padlocked the box last time so i didn’t come home to find a smart meter installed.
    The installer said by December if you haven’t got a smart meter installed the power companies will start disconnecting power. There is supposed to be letters telling everyone this now.
    He also said the government doesn’t care about us as they both want them installed that way the government can tell the world “oh we have smart meters installed, we are saving power and the environment” which is at the health of the citizens.
    He also said if you do have health problems to get one WITHOUT the wireless box, that way you wont get the radiation and someone will still have to come around and read the meter.
    So if you have one demand to get the wireless box removed, that might stop some health problems.

    The next problem is the smart meters have a life span of 5 years so you will keep getting new ones and you will keep paying for them forever. The old meters don’t have a lifespan as they don’t need one they work and they work great without any problems.

    I still recommend to padlock your box. I put the padlock on the bottom so its not intrusive but it still locks the box doing its job.

    I want to know and make sure its those wireless boxes thats causing all the problems so if I get one without the wireless box will the meter itself still cause the problems or will I be fine?

    • Eric says:

      Anything that comes out of the mouth of an installer should only be taken as verbal diarrhea and not as anything having valid basis.

      It’s the first I’ve heard of “an option” of “without the wireless box”.

      There is a communications card which they can remove. After all the device is just like a PC. It is a microprocessor actually.

      Bet your bottom dollar on this….if YOU allow a smart meter to be installed, regardless of what BS you are told, you are likely to be irradiated.

      I would love to see the power companies start to disconnect power of their own accord en masse because that will surely be their downfall.

  15. Citizen for democracy says:

    It is clear, when listening to the radio interview, that Mr Kotsiras has a plan. Notice how careful he is to never mention the word ‘smart meter’, which on his new ‘switchon’ website has been re-branded as ‘digital smart meter’, because, of course ‘digital’ has nice connotations, like digital TV and digital radio.
    He is using typical appeasement tactics, commonly used in the service industries: “I’m on your side, not the power companies’ side”, yet, if you go to , you’ll read that ‘The rollout of smart meters is a COLLABORATIVE project involving Government, electricity businesses…’
    The energy Minister is also using diversion tactics, by focusing more on people’s issues with billing. This is similar to the Bracks’ Governmnent dealing with public transport issues: we needed more trains, instead we were given a new (and infamous) ticketing system.
    Interesting that he mentions all the cases the Ombudsman had to deal with, but fails to mention that the sharp increase in calls to the Ombudsman was due to smart meter issues and concerns.
    This is all very sinister and I believe it is just a different (and cleverer in some ways) strategy to enforce smart meters for all by December, under the guise of ‘helping to resolve billing issues’.
    Have your say on the ‘switchon’ website!
    Don’t be party-political – JUST VOTE THEM OUT at the first opportunity!

    • Power to the People. says:

      I just gave them a mouthful….no swearing, but I didn’t hold back!!!

    • Sofia says:

      Please read from the This is OURAGEOUS!!!
      Thursday, 23 May 2013
      Energy and Resources Minister Nicholas Kotsiras today announced that two million smart meters have now been installed across Victoria with almost 80 per cent of households now able to experience the benefits of the new meters.

      Mr Kotsiras said in a speech to the Energy Users Association of Australia at their National Energy Market Update Seminar that this was a significant milestone for a project that had undergone a major transformation.

      “Labor made a mess of smart meters and the Coalition Government has turned around the smart meter program and made the delivery of benefits to Victorians its number one priority,” Mr Kotsiras said.

      “We have reined in the costs, strengthened Government oversight and are taking the time to explain to Victorians why the meters are being installed and how they can benefit from them.”

      Smart meters are already delivering benefits to Victorians including:

      · faster and cheaper reconnections;
      · a reduction in meter reading charges when moving house from about $20 previously to about $5 with a smart meter;
      · an end to inaccurate estimated bills and manual meter readings; and
      · identification and response to power outages more accurately that allow repairs to get underway sooner.

      Mr Kotsiras said one of the key benefits of smart meters was the extra information they give consumers about their power use.

      “Through tools like web portals and in-home displays, many Victorians are now be able to access the half hourly readings of their smart meter, giving them a detailed and up to date picture of their power use,” Mr Kotsiras said.

      “Many of the households that are already using these tools are finding they can make significant savings on their bills by using the detailed information from their smart meters to understand which of their appliances are sucking up the most power.”

      Smart meters will also enable new flexible pricing options, giving Victorians more choice when they are looking for power plans that can save them money.

      Flexible pricing, to be introduced as a voluntary option from later this year, will see those who choose it charged different rates for their power at peak, shoulder and off-peak times.

      In addition, the Coalition Government is also developing a price comparison website to provide customers with an independent source of information on which to compare and select different flexible pricing offers.

      “Flexible pricing will not be for everyone, but for those who use a lot of power outside of peak times or are able to use appliances at different times, there may be significant savings,” Mr Kotsiras said.

      For more information on the smart meter rollout visit

  16. Trevor Churchill says:

    the Law Order in Council 2007 and ammended in 2008 States!
    Law 14.1 (a) “each distributor” must Use its “BEST ENDEAVOURS” to INSTALL a remotelly Read Interval Meter—-by 31 December ,2013

    The >>>> “RESPONSIBILITY” <<>>> “ELECTRICAL -DISTRIBUTOR -BUSINESS” <<<< that Services the Local Area.

    The Burden to Instal these evil Devices, is not on the HOUSE HOLDER, but On the Distributors ALONE!!


    • Eric says:

      Trevor, how did you go with your sisilation paper a few months back ???

      • Trevor Churchill says:

        Eric it is workin very well.
        I got the Levels down from 20 + Microwatts/sq Metre down to 0.1 in my master Bedroom

        Eric i only covered the ceiling and 4 walls so far, i havent done the floor yet .

        I will cover the floor area soon, Just to see if i can achieve Greater attenuation.
        i will let you know what readings i get when it’s done.


        • Eric says:

          Very good to hear Trevor. Would be happy to know more at your convenience. I have helped my own distressing situation a little with aluminium flywire mesh (external).

  17. 1vimana1 says:

    Gentle Readers,
    I listened to an audio tape of Mr Nicholas Kotsiras today the Victorian Minister for Power on 3AW Radio with Mr Neil Mitchell. It was interesting in what he covered regarding people being charged, or more likely RIPPED-OFF with very high power bills not only for electricity usage, but in respect to very high bills for gas usage on their stoves and or heaters.

    Especially interesting was the facts discussed on people getting as many as two bills in one week or even a couple of days for either electricity use and or gas for different usage amounts on the same appliances for cooking and or heating gas and or Electricity usage. This shows total incompetence on the part of the various retailers billing departments, and smacks of GOUGING in my opinion.

    I was pleased to hear from Mr Nicholas Kotsiras here in Victoria, that he is keen to take calls on these most vexatious matters, but I was very disappointed that he did not cover the WICKED and ILLEGAL forced imposition on the continuing Roll-Out of these Microwave so-called, but now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Smart Meters. This ongoing Roll-Out of these Accursed Microwave Smart Meters are not SMART in any way. They are actually an Illegal Telephone Tapping Devices which need a Judge’s Court Order for every one of them which no sane Judge will ever give.

    A Mandate is only an instruction, but it is NOT THE LAW. Please see a good dictionary for the exact meaning.

    Such a Proposed Law must first go before the Governor General of Victoria for him to decide, if and only after he has thoroughly examined such a Proposed Law and only if he agrees with it, will he pass it and put his official signature and his Stamp of Office upon it, to make it Law. Then and only then, may he pass it back to the Victorian Parliament as a New or Amended Law which can then be acted upon by the Victorian Parliament. However if he does not approve of this Proposed Law he must reject it.

    In this case the past and careless Victorian Labour Government under Mr John Brumby, literally, “put the cart before the horse,” and went ahead with this ILLEGAL Roll-Out of these now proving to be Very Dangerous To Human Health and Dangerous To All Life dopey Microwave so-called smart meters. This was a Criminal Act on the Part of the John Brumby Labour Victorian Government which is still being perpetrated under this present incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government of the past Ted Baillieu Premier and his past Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien who had shown No Duty of Care for the Health and welfare of Victorian’s by his continued and strictly ILLEGAL continuing Roll-Out of these now PROVING to be dangerous to Human Life and all Life, and in many cases to be INCENDIARY Microwave Smart Meters.

    Fast mounting numbers of us Victorians and I are Demanding the Immediate Stopping of the Roll-Out of these now proving to be dangerous to All Life Microwave Smart Meters, but even Mr Nicholas Kotsiras the present Victorian Minister for Power still does not seem to be listening to our Urgent Pleas.

    ” Mr Nicholas Kotsiras we the people of Victoria Demand that you STOP this continued Roll-Out of these now proving to be poisonous and Life wrecking Microwave Smart Meters Immediately. Not only must these Microwave Smart Meter Roll-Out be stopped immediately here in Victoria, but we Demand that all of them be removed from existing Victorian customers Electricity Meter Boxes, and that the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters be reinstalled, with all costs to be born by the particular foreign owned Electric Power Companies of “PowerCor and City Power, Jemena, SP AusNet and United Energy Distribution who have been actually ILLEGALLY enforcing these Microwave and in many cases INCENDIARY Smart Meters on Victorian private home and small business owners properties.”

    In both Holland and England and the rest of the United Kingdom anyone who has a Microwave Smart Meter and wants to get rid of it, simply has to write to the Electric power company concerned, who must remove it straight away and replace it with the Safe and Proven to be Safe Passive Analog Electric Meter which was taken from those private and or small business homes. As soon as these electric power companies get their customer/s Letters OF DEMAND, in regard to getting rid of the Smart Meter/s, these said Electric Power Companies must by LAW have to pay all of the costs for the Legal reinstallation of the Safe and Proven to be safe Electrical Analog Meter/s.

    Harking back to the excellent Radio 3AW Broadcast with Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and Mr Neil Mitchell the host, it was made clear that many of these retailers have been reported to the Victorian Ombudsman. It was good to hear from Mr Nicholas Kotsiras that fines are mounting on these Electricity and Gas Retailers every time a written complaint is registered with the Victorian Ombudsman. Every complaint from customers entails increased fines on any particular Gas and or Electricity Retailer for what I consider can only be Price Gouging of their customers.

    In fact, rather than muck about with fines it would be good if the Ombudsman in charge of this department were to demand that when a wrong and shockingly over-priced bill is sent to a customer or customers, that he demand those customers get that gas and or electricity for free. That would shake up any careless people in the various billing departments who send out incorrect bills or through sheer incompetence can’t do simple arithmetic.

    On a lighter note, I loved the way Mr Nicholas Kotsiras acted as a private individual and rang up tree removalists about three particular tree branches hanging over power lines. He then obtained the cost of getting the tree cut down and or removing the three overhanging branches from above the electricity power lines. Please listen to the 3AW Radio interview.
    Here is the web-site………

  18. malcolm says:

    It is time the dully elected government listened to the people who put them there; listened to US; if these meters are so great why are we being forced into having one, why isn”t every user getting one; why is it only the domestic/small buisness being targeted?? are they afraid of large powerful companies(try putting one on Crown casino ) I dont think so. The more of us that fight this stupidity the better. Lets show these politicians who does actually hold the power. Say NO to SMART meters

  19. Paul says:

    Minister Kotsiras, do you really want another James Hardy situation on your hands? If not, then just make smart meters an option for the people of Victoria. How simple is that?

    • Eric says:

      Paul, wireless smart meters are toxic and they transmit through neighboring properties. The optional solution wouldn’t work for me if my neighbor does not have an informed opinion to opt out. The answer is simple Paul but the non discriminatory simple answer is to ban outright that which is toxic.

      Asbestos is not an optional building product for those who want it.

  20. Bren says:

    My post said it how it is. If only they can understand it.
    Had my little rant and feel better already.
    Did anyone notice the cute little message after you submitted?
    … ‘the Victorian Government values your feedback’…
    Really – I find that hard to believe considering how they have handled this situation so far.
    Also did not leave my correct name, address or e-mail.

  21. Deanna Cooper says:

    I have today emailed Nicholas Kotsirus saying I have refused a smart meter and gave 3 reasons, Democracy, Health of the public, my own health

  22. Steve Gee says:

    Sadly I think the meters are here to stay. Mine is contained in an RF proof box and i have not sighted a meter technician. Still waiting on emr survey. It seems the govt don’t care about any effects on health despite all the evidence. they debunk everything we say and do, like they did with the MACCAs site in the Dandenong Ranges. Do we have to go to Chicago to get a resolution.
    Good luck on complaining to a minister. And I think Neil Mitchell and AW are thick as thieves. The latests spin now is to get you all to sign up for the time rate plans so they can squeeze more money out of the public who believe that power is cheaper by the hour than by the month under the old Analog system..

  23. mohsen says:

    smart meters issue never been raised in this interview??

  24. Stephen says:

    I have written several times to Minister Kotsiras, and I got one response back saying that I either lied or misinterpreted what happened when the installer came and pulled the analog meter off my house and installed a smart meter, while I was in the house, with no warning! I explained our health issues, and I was basically told that it was all in my head and that I was making it all up, and that smart meters were safe! I wrote back and asked Mr Kotsiras who he was really representing, because he certainly wasn’t representing me or my family! His letter continued to say how great smart meters will be for residents! Seriously???

  25. jeanie kirk says:

    Well I got off my butt and had a say

  26. Gerald says:

    Rather terse response submitted. I encourage all concerned residents to let their feelings be known.

  27. Cedar Wilde says:

    What he probably means is – He will draft legislation which if (when!) passed will force us all to have “Smart” meters.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Cedar Wilde,
      We the Free People of Victoria are still a Democracy,

      Note that in Holland it was actually Made LAW that everybody in Holland was made to have a Microwave Smart Meter as far as I have been able to establish. Fortunately that back-fired something shocking and a New Law was enacted reversing such a dopey Law in the Dutch Parliament when the people of the Netherlands DEMANDED that this dopey Law be reversed.

      It has now been the New Law in Holland, for some time that if one has a Microwave Smart Meter……read here….(.not so-smart Microwave meter) and one wants to be rid of it ,one only has to write a polite letter to the Electric Power Company who installed it on that person/s property, and demand that it be removed immediately, and that the Safe and Passive Analog Meter be returned to the customer/s and reinstalled on that customer/s property. The cost of this change over has to be born by the Electric Power Company Concerned, for that Is The LAW now in Holland.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s the way I read it.

  28. Miriam. says:

    I would be worried he will ensure no loopholes to get out of having an AMI, especially a wireless one.

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