Smart meter returned to Powercor

This You Tube clip has been brought to our attention and we post it simply to inform you of what some people in Victoria are commencing to do as a result of not receiving any satisfactory response from power distributors about the way smart meters are affecting their health or that of their children.

Out of desperation and love for his daughter, this father, Jason, arranged to have his smart meter removed, replacing it with an analogue meter.  He then returned the smart meter to Powercor.

The act of changing a meter can be dangerous, and if this needs to occur, it should only be performed by a certified electrician.  Stop Smart Meters Australia does not encourage anyone to tamper with their meter.

We have also been able to obtain an extract of the letter Jason presented to Powercor.  See Letter to Powercor

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57 Responses to Smart meter returned to Powercor

  1. Nicola Boyle says:

    Hi all, just wondering whether anyone had any updates or more info on how to remove an already installed SMART meter?
    I live in Victoria; I’ve written to Timothy Rourke (Powercor CEO) twice – the first time I didn’t send the letter by registered post (my bad), the second time I did but had no response to either. My partner then called and was advised that someone (in PR or complaints, I can’t remember) would call back…when he did he basically said “we all have to do things we don’t want to”.
    I know it’s been a fair few years since this thread was active but hoping someone has some valuable nuggets of wisdom/advice.
    Cheers in advance

  2. Allan says:

    Remove all smart meters. What the hell are they gonna do against 6 million people, take us all the court, cut off our power? Hahaha lets get candles, wooden heaters, barbecues, etc, and let’s start home schooling our kids before they kill us all with 5G even more people as we are already sick from smart meters and wifi everywhere. They have taken it too far.

  3. I love looking through an article that can make people think.
    Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!

  4. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the structure of your site?

    It’s very well written; I love what you’ve got to say.
    But maybe you could do a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    You’ve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 images.

    Maybe you could space it out better?

  5. Danger Darren says:

    I see in the Herald Sun today that Jason has had his power disconnected for illegal tamper of the meter.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you see that online or in the printed newspaper? Because I can’t find it anywhere online.
      It makes you wonder if HS were “told” not to publish it online.
      The way mainstream media does not expose this whole smart meter issue is disgusting.

  6. Hi all,
    Great work Jason and Damo for the information posted.
    In relation to TheDamo63’s post on youtube titled Powercore Smart Meter Spikes off Scale!
    at a summary has been made in relation to the video.
    Powercor has provided false information to consumers with regards to the safety and operation of ‘their’ Landis+Gyr E350 Type U1200 ‘smart meter’.

    Powercor states that:

    1). The radiation is a very small amount, the same as a short mobile phone conversation or SMS (Short Message Service),

    2) The smart meter operates between 900 MHz to 2.4 GHz,

    3). The meter relays information back to base 4 times per day,

    4). A reassessment that the radiation level now (within approx 1min of previous statement) of the smart meter is now ½ the strength of an SMS,

    5). Well within the Australian Standards,

    6). Meter next to head not a concern,

    7). Powercor is acting on behalf of DPI to install meters,

    8). No real evidence that mobile phones are linked to brain cancer, and people are still using mobile phones and not being concerned.

    A test has been conducted and the results posted on youtube by TheDamo63

    The video is titled: Powercor Smart Meter Spikes off Scale!

    The test equipment used in the experiment is the Cornet Electrosmog ED75 meter, and a test SMS has been sent via an older type Nokia 6xxx GSM non smartphone type mobile.

    In the test environment shown in the video,

    * the smart meter peaks at 1827 mW/m2 (milliwatt per square meter)

    * the Nokia SMS message peaks at 39 mW/m2

    The smart meter emits approximately 46.8 times more radiation at a greater distance than the mobile phone in the test.

    This shows clearly that Powercor has provided false information in relation to EMF emissions.

    Powercor states that the meter transmits 4 times per day, whereas it actually transmits once per minute which equals 1440 times per day. Another false statement made by Powercor.

    Item 4). above states that Powercor reassessed SMS emissions of mobile phones and now their meter emits ½ that of an SMS. Actual results show that if an SMS as shown in the video has a peak of 39mW/m2, then the smart meter would have an emission of approx. 20mW/m2.

    The test shows that the claim by Powercor to item 4). is not only false but inaccurate by a factor of 91.3 times.

    Item 5). Above states that Powercor’s meter is within the Australian Standard, can such a test result be produced?

    Can Powercor provide a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for the device?

    In relation to Item 6). Can information be provided to the consumer with test results of brain tissue degradation close to smart meter?

    Item 7). States that a binding contract is in place with the DPI (Department of Primary Industries) to carry out installations of smart meters. There is NO stated or implied agreement for Powercor to carry out any claims of consumer health effects.

    Does Powercor hold scientific papers that undeniably conclude that there is no evidence that mobile phones are linked to brain cancer?

    Powercor also states that given that the alleged public opinion is of ‘no concern’ given the fact that they are using mobile phones on a daily basis is enough to conclude that mobile phone use does not cause brain cancer.

    • Eric says:

      In terms of the i-Credit 500 smart meter device being forced upon people by both United Energy and Jemena, I have spent considerable time measuring the occurence and the power of the transmissions and have seen at times these units transmitting not just once a minute but multiple transmissions over the course of a minute. A regularly occuring transmission pattern is both a double spike and a triple spike. A double spike is two consecutive transmissions only a few seconds apart. A triple spike is when you have two transmissions very close together (ie. “double spike”) followed up by a powerful third transmission spike some 10 seconds later. I have a genuine anecdotal basis to my belief that these double and triple spikes cause substantial damage to human wellbeing.

  7. Chris says:

    It’s funny how they could not get a single television crew out there to film. ABC, Ch7, ch9, ch10 etc all said no due to lack of budget to send a crew. And yet they managed to get a film crew out to film fans of Beyoncé in the carpark of Rod Laver. Just goes to show the kind of bias and corruption and self-serving best interests we are dealing with.

    Makes me sick.

  8. Confirmation Please says:

    Good video, although, some things I would have changed or left out.

    Today, I unlocked my meter for the reader to take down the numbers. He said there might be one more reading for my meter, after that, it will be a Guestimation and most likely they’ll add $200 for each bill from then on.

    He said that the readers would all lose their jobs by Christmas in our region. Possibly one will be left to run the local office and won’t be going out to read meters!! I was one of the few left that hadn’t changed over yet. Most everyone in my region has changed over to Smart Meters. But I said, if I don’t change over, then the lone employee still has a job!!

    Maybe I have missed this in prior readings at this site –


    Homeowners who sell their home and move to another state where Smart Meters are not installed are complaining that they PAID for their Smart Meters and it’s their meter and they should be re-imbursed or be allowed to take the meter with them! He said that there had been a few people that are asking for refunds on their meter when they move. I doubt they’ll get a refund.

    • Eric says:

      I am sure you can make an arrangement to do your own readings and report them CP. Perhaps a date timestamp photo of the analogue reading. Some are doing that. Don’t accept this + $200 per bill business. You are as good a meter reader as anyone. For heaven’s sake it’s just a set of numbers man.

  9. Mannfred says:

    Folks, at this stage of the game, a handy cam is handy indeed. I had an incident occur today which I was able to film. This footage now forms a great basis of legal evidence against the power company for any future activity of theirs where they may step out of line. As you have your unpleasant encounters with these dogs, continue to accumulate your dossier of powerful future evidence against them.
    Any camera that shoots video footage is now a great asset to have at your fingertips.

  10. Don Fitzpatrick. says:

    Speaking as a Victorian Electrical Contractor and “A” Grade Electrician I fail to see why any Law would have to be changed to allow us to remove a Smart Meter with a replacement Analogue type for as you will read in the following letter I received from ESV who make the Rules,(and changes them to suit themselves it seems) it clearly states that you only have to be a Licensed “A” Grade to carry out the installation but also indicates that not all the Installers have even that qualification, therefore I say again if that is the case then there should be no problem if some person engages a Qualified Electrician to do the job of removal. Anyway read it for yourself and make your own judgement.

    The following is the relevant portion of the response Email I received from ESV in which they are admitting that not all of the Installers are A grade Licence holders but that those other Installers have the minimum qualification requirements, whatever that maybe? Therefore I must assume that this statement is in answer to my query as to why the Installer that came to my house would not or could not produce the necessary I.D. when requested to do so.

    In addition they have omitted to answer the question of WHY Certificates of Electrical Safety are not being issued to the householder at the Meter Installation, except to virtually state that their usual hard and fast Regulations have been adjusted to make this unnecessary.
    Maybe someone else would like to follow this up too by using the Contact numbers etc in this letter.

    Dear Mr Fitzpatrick.
    17 July 2013
    Thank you for taking the time to contact Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and raise your concerns.
    BLAH, blah, blah!
    A review of the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) rollout, more commonly known as the installation of Smart Meters, was completed by ESV in April 2011. A copy of this report is available on our website along with additional information via the following link : .

    In brief, due to an August 2009 Order-In-Council published in the Victorian Government Gazette, Certificates of Electrical Safety (CES) are not required for meter installations carried out under the AMI scheme. Additionally, while most installers are A-grade licence holders, that exceeds the minimum qualification requirements. Should you have further queries regarding the AMI rollout, the government department responsible for overseeing the roll out, The Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (DSDB), has an information line that can be called during business hours, 136 186.
    Should you have any queries regarding this response, please call me on (03 9203 9700).
    Yours sincerely
    Kevin O’Connor

  11. Peter says:

    Hi 1vimana1

    Maybe that should read Jackboot!

  12. Damaged says:

    If we had been able to remove our smart meter, we wouldn’t have lost our home of 22 years. It is criminal that people are put in this position. Good on you Jason! Sorry it had to come to this.

  13. Anonymous says:

    A great effort, Jason! Know that you have the support of many!

  14. Dee says:

    Congrats – brilliant Jason. I hope they don’t try get you another way. I was interested to hear it was spiking every 10 seconds…. EXTRAORDINARY. That should be enough defense against any law about removal. Maybe everyone should check their smartmeters and if this 4 x a day transmit is broken then class action law suit

    • Guest says:

      Good comment Dee. What did Glen @ Powercorp say about this fact?? Jason, if you get feedback from Glen about the amount of spiking coming out of your meter, please let the forum know. Well done.

  15. Anonymous says:

    “They” say they own our meters, we own the meter boxes , so should we be charging them them rent for our meter boxes ?

    • Peter says:

      Hi Anonymous

      ‘They’ will simply add this to their cost as ‘cost recovery’ and charge the customer for charging rent!!!!!

      maintain the rage, only 21/2 months to complete the roll out!

    • Jason says:

      I’ve read the legislation carefully and have found no indication the power companies do, in fact, ‘own’ the meters. Challenge them to prove ownership, if the need arises.

      ps. It doesn’t really take much skill to remove a ‘smart meter’: any axeman can do it in a jiffy. 😉

      • Cedar Wilde says:

        Well done in having your event with Powercor filmed Jason, and ‘good on yer’ for having the guts to do it, they rely so much on intimidation it might make them think a bit. No doubt they are working overtime on some campaign to sway public opinion in their favour, I’ve seen a few suss things in TV ads already. Telling people they can save money on their lecky bills if they switch to …….(whoever). (Presumably the contract includes the! specification that they must have a smartmeter, beware of vested interests bearing gifts!

  16. Deborah says:

    Are there any electricity suppliers in Victoria who do NOT use Smartless Meters as yet?

    • Peter says:

      Sadly, no Deborah, each distributor is allocated an area, and they have the monopoly for their areas! REALLY democratic eh?

    • Jason says:

      Yep. Me! 🙂
      I feed about (average pa) 7 KWH per day into the system and have a ‘Time of Use’ metre, installed when the solar-system went in.

      (and have enforceable contracts to generate power until 2024, which means I can sue for breach of contract if they disconnect me)
      Had a run-in with a goon just a couple of hours ago (after several where the dogs have tipped me off about someone pulling up in front of the house). This thug actually drove all the way up the driveway into the backyard (on the blind-side of the house) and was caught sneaking back DOWN the driveway to get to the metre-box.
      (couldn’t have got to it anyway: locked gates).
      Of course the dogs picked him up and I warned him that next time I’d let the dogs out…one of which has a taste for testicles.
      I doubt he’ll be back.

      Keep your guard up.

  17. Coldkettle says:

    Privacy and legitimate health concerns are being ignored by the greedy foreign owned power companies rolling out (wireless) smart meters in Victoria.
    The idea of further saturating the community with higher levels of electromagnetic radiation from these dangerous devices, and the ever increasing trivial use of wireless technology, terrifies those who have detailed knowledge of the adverse health effects and biological harm that microwaves are doing to the population, and to all animal and plant life on Earth.
    The South Australian Government must have sense enough to at least provide sufficient, and honest, information about smart meters and, unlike the Victorian Government, allow people to make an informed choice as to whether or not to have the device fitted to their homes. Privacy and legitimate health concerns by many thousands of Victorians have been ignored by the Government. – this must not be allowed to happen in South Australia.
    Smart meter madness could well prove to be the major health curse of the 21st century.

    • Paul says:

      I have read and cut out an article by 1vimana1 written on September 29:

      “Right now in Britain,
 and the rest of the United Kingdom, and after long and detailed discussions with Britain’s Parliamentary leaders M.P’s and Doctors of Medicine and Radio Medical Scientists etc., the continuing roll-out of the Microwave so-called Smart Meters, HAS NOW BEEN BANNED, under Strict Orders from Parliament, for a minimum of eighteen months to two years. This is in order for far deeper examinations of the fast growing health problems and concerns of all United Kingdom Electricity Customers to be properly and thoroughly examined. This is in light of these now seemingly cancer causing Type 2B Microwave so-called, but far from ‘Smart Meters.”

      People, can’t this government at least give us a choice (analogue or smart meter)? Well here is some good news: 2014 is an election year, so let your local MP know how you feel. Better still, let’s start a NO SMART METER PARTY.

      • Coldkettle says:

        Thank you for that information Paul. Governments and the power companies know what is going on in other countries with regard to the health uncertainties, and the controversies that smart meters are producing. I’m sure that money is the major motivating factor in the worldwide push for (wireless) smart meters, despite all the mantra about better power management and a “greener” environment.
        It would seem that the Victorian Government has been hoodwinked into the hasty and ill-advised roll-out program, and is now committed to allow its completion because of the cost implications if it allowed a change of direction. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t!.

        • Chris says:

          Well the SA govt allows a choice, so that is not a “change of direction”. It is just something called Freedom in a Democracy. So there is no real reason why the Victorian govt can’t offer choice, even at this late a stage, other than the fact that they want a Police state, and they probably want access to the information that Smart Meters collect. It’s in their best interest as well. Complete corruption. I am so sad for the world my 2 year old daughter is growing up in. And the radiation/DNA damage she is going to face 😦

          • Well aware says:

            Me too, Chris – It affects every one of us and of course our precious children. You are so right about the government. It seems they wont be completely satisfied until they can control every facet of our lives… Victorians need to RISE UP & NOT RELINQUISH OUR RIGHTS TO FREEDOM!!!

    • Jason says:

      It’s not “madness”; it’s a furtherance of the drive to install the Police State in Victoria.
      Why people vote for politicians, or pay taxes to support them, is beyond me.

  18. Steve says:

    Alan has provided some feedback on this issue to Don Maisch’s website

    “…considering the deplorable actions on part of both the utilities and the Victorian government, especially their continuing denial of any possible health hazards, such drastic community action is perhaps an inevitable consequence. If the Victorian government wants to end such drastic direct public action they need to urgently commission a truly independent research effort, especially sleep research, to address these concerns. If they are so convinced that there can be no possible health effects then why not commission the research to find out, one way or the other?

    Until this is done, expect more smart meters to end up on utility counter tops………”

    Alan also went on to provide his view on the legal position on taking such actions.

    Full story can be found here:

    • Eric says:

      They well and truly know that there are massive health problems happening out there. To know that, to hear the voices, to hear the pleas to stop but yet, to just keep pushing this toxicity out full bore is a criminality that warrants jail full stop. At the Nuremberg trials those scientists who performed human experiments were sentenced to HANG.

  19. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    When the distributors aren’t listening to us, sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands, and do whatever it takes to protect the health, safety, and security of your family, friends and neighbours.
    All things considered, thankyou Jason for making a stand against these cold, heartless, uncaring distributors that couldn’t care less about protecting us, the public, (THEIR CUSTOMERS).
    How dare they think they have the right to invade our lives with their untested, questionable, technology and use us as guinea pigs in their outrageous, sick, science experiment.
    If you don’t have a lock on your meter-box, they will most likely ignore your signs and change your meter.
    If you haven’t got a “Smart” meter yet, you are blessed and one of the lucky ones. If you want things to remain that way, and you haven’t locked up yet, go out now and buy whatever you need to secure your meter-box. Don’t delay. Take action immediately!

    • JBJ forever says:

      Yes, I am glad I locked my meter box but I still don’t feel “safe” in my home due to the neighbours meters radiating throughout and cannot sleep in my own bedroom. We have a long way to go and need to get rid of ALL smart meters. If they are in your neighbourhood then I’m afraid the damage has already begun (it’s accumulative over time). Only those like me who are EMF/EMR sensitive will fully understand this. These distributors have changed my life forever and possibly my kids as well. It totally sucks that they are STILL IN DENIAL. I hope they pay a very high price for what they have done to the Victorian population.

      • Anxious Victorian says:

        I hear you. They have destroyed my life too. I get so affected when I am around them I am like a sniffer dog now for smart meters. My body knows when I am around one. This now affects where I live, where I holiday and where I work. I don’t let my children sleep in their bedroom because they are closest to the neighbor’s meter which I can feel. I haven’t slept with my husband for 6 months now as my kids now sleep in my bed with me and he down stairs in theirs, as he does not feel a thing. All this in my new home…This is not how my life was meant to be lived…

  20. Brook says:

    “Jason” is a totally irresponsible person. His video states that he removed the SM himself (Jason removed the Smart Meter…”), an act which is both illegal and potentially fatal.

    Jason has adopted a most cavalier attitude to the law. Firstly he illegally tampers with a mains-connected device, putting himself in peril.

    Jason can guarantee he now has no household insurance, so if his house burns down for virtually any reason the insurance company will find a way to get out of his claim.

    If a person in his house (his daughter, a visitor, a tradesman) were injured or killed by any means which could be directly or indirectly associated with electricity, Jason could be in huge trouble (his accident indemnity is now almost certainly null and void).

    I think StopSmartMeters’ comment, “Stop Smart Meters Australia does not encourage anyone to tamper with their meter” is completely inadequate; a much stronger warning against breaking the law and endangering lives is warranted.

    I think Smart Meters are useless, evil and potentially dangerous in many ways, however breaking the law and demonstrating a disregard for safety is not the way to go.

    • Ned says:

      Alright … what do you suggest he should do? The electricity company is killing his children. He has gone through the right processes and was ignored like everyone else.

      There is no doubt about it, the meters are dangerous and they cause harm to people. So, you slander a Father looking after the health and well being of his family, so what is the answer then?
      For a father to take such steps, it must have been desperate, and it probably is like in all of the other cases.

      So, my question to you is, WHAT DO YOU THINK HE SHOULD HAVE DONE ?
      If you don’t have any positive comments, suggestions of how to help this father look after his children, take your comments elsewhere!

      • Sharron says:

        I agree with Ned. Sometimes extreme measures are unavoidable. It’s called taking a stand, you have no right to judge this man’s actions. He is both brave and noble to want to protect his family – they are lucky to have him!

    • jennivee2013 says:

      Brook, what would you do if your Child was in danger, wait and make sure you do not break the law? Glad your are not my father, and what you say about insurance is not altogether correct.

    • Eric says:

      Brook, it is criminal that Jason and many of us have had to be put in this situation in the first place. The people pushing out these smart meters are totally evil. Look at the way that they have used lying to forcefully get people to accept these insidious devices against their will. “It’s been mandated !” they boldly declare in a way to totally mislead people. WHAT SORT OF GOVERNMENT IS IT THAT FORCES IT CITIZENS TO DO THINGS AGAINST THEIR WILL ??? No way they would try to explain “best endeavors” to any consumer. How many people have fallen for this BS and are living in their own homes with great uncertainty and with resulting health problems which in some cases may not even have realised is a result of the smart meter(s). What do you expect when these people force your back against the wall in this way so that you are expected to live with toxicity in your house. If any critcism is warranted in this matter it can only be for these dogs from the Spring St sewerage farm and their Asian thugs. I would have thought there would be all the more reason now for an insurance claim to be accepted now that there is no longer a potential incendiary device attached to the house. Jason is a hero and may he be supported in every way and may there be many more Jasons. It was only a matter of time before this occured. As far as I’m concerned this is a statement that needs to have been made.

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      It is the Victorian Government and the Power Distributors that have broken the law – NOT Jason! There is no law that says you have to accept a smart meter. Jason has every right to protect himself and his family – it is an act of self-defence. If a smart meter were installed at my house against my will, I would do the same. It is more dangerous to live with a smart meter (including it being a fire hazard), then to try and remove it. Our Government COMPLETELY disregards our safety, our we too blind to see it? Go Jason!

      • Cedar Wilde says:

        I wrote to SPAusnet asking them to tell me in writing that my health would not be adversely affected by the smartmeter they propose to install. I told them I would not accept one (because I knew they couldn’t give me that assurance!) They sent me a lot of websites I could visit to reassure myself that Smart meters were safe, haha, many of them were government sites (passing the buck!) They said the most extraordinary things like, although Smart meters were deemed to be a 2B carcinogen so were Asian pickled vegetables and talcum powder, that the activity of the meter amounted to only a few seconds every day (where have I heard that before?) and that analogue meters gave off more radiation than Smart meters; pull the other one it’s got bells on! I also told them that if they broke into MY meter box and installed a Smart meter, they would be the one’s breaking the law not me! I could send them a list of websites to read to convince them that these awful devices are far from safe but I’m damn sure they know that already. The countries these companies are from don’t have very good reputations for human rights and I think they are bringing their home-grown attitudes to Australia with them.

    • Solargen says:

      Dear Brrok. Am I reading it correctly? You are condemning Powercor for demonstrating a disregard for safety by installing Smart Meters that are useless, evil and potentially dangerous in many ways? Than I agree with you

    • Jason says:

      Rubbish! We all have a moral obligation to ‘break the law’ when the law is iniquitous.
      The Nuremberg War Crimes trials established once and for all that ‘following orders” (blind obedience) is NEVER a justification.

      • AK47 says:

        Jason, you are a hero! I’ve been wondering how long it would be before an Australian had the guts to remove their dangerous “smart” meter because dozens if not hundreds of people have done so in USA and returned them to the power companies. They even have you-tube videos of how to take one off and replace it with a safe meter.
        By the way does anyone know who is paying for the electricity used to produce those massive spikes that Jason demonstrated? Not hard to guess. If the householder pays, it may explain the huge increases in electricity bills as soon as the smart meter is installed.
        Finally Jason, where can we buy or rent the type of rf meter you used? What brand/model is it and how much does it cost?

  21. ingrid says:

    Brilliant. Jason, his daughter and these men are Aussie Heroes. they should be so proud.

  22. Anonymous says:

    well done! I am waiting to have mine removed as I was requested to have a letter from the landlord stating the property is uninhabited to have this procedure done, as I complained to them every week about it and contacted the ombudsman about it..

  23. Anonymous says:

    So the biggest question here is : Where can we purchase an analogue meter ?

    • jennivee2013 says:

      We should all back Jason and agree to pull out the smart meters, however we must make sure we use a qualified electrician.

  24. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Readers,
    It’s about time the “Victorian Electricity Act” was changed by Parliament through you the people seeing and demanding of your Members of Parliament that this be done IMMEDIATELY, so that those people who want to be rid of these Dopey and Deadly to All Life Microwave so-called Smart Meters can have these deadly so-called Smart Meters safely removed by any properly certified Victorian “A ” Grade Electrician who could easily and legally put back a Proper Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter, that are available, with the right contacts.
    It’s a BLOODY DISGRACE the way this now proving to be Money Hungry and now seeming to be Corrupt Victorian Government is forcing people to give up their Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters for these now proving to be, in mounting number of cases Incendiary Microwave so-called but Dopey and Deadly to All Life Health Wrecking Microwave anything but Smart Meters !

    I say to all people living in Victoria Australia,”For God’s Sake and the Health of yourselves, get the Victorian Electricity Code Law/s changed to allow these Monstrosities and in many cases accursedly dangerous dopey and anything but smart Microwave Electric far from Smart Meters ripped out and reinstall the Safe and Passive Electric Meters you once had.” Failure to do this will leave you as you still are, Slaves and Vassals to these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and Sitting Ducks to be further taxed to an already seeming to be proving to be Corrupt Victorian Liberal Party and an also past Victorian Labour Party Government that likewise had proven themselves to ‘Not Give a Damn about your Health and Welfare.’

    It is a fact that neither of these so-called Victorian Governments are doing,”The Will of you the people of Victoria who are their Masters.”
    You the people of Victoria are now seemingly the ‘Mere Slaves and Vassals to these five and many more Corrupt and Corporate Powers springing up all over Planet Earth to further Enslave you the Citizens of Victoria Australia and all of the World’s People in every City and Town on Planet Earth.
    It’s time you kicked both the Liberal Party and the Labor Party down the stairs and elected a Proper Government of the Victorian People, by the Victorian People and For the Victorian People. You have the power to do this, so don’t blubber in the corner like frightened sheep. Get off your Derrières and use your God-Given Powers of DEMOCRACY !

    It is a ‘PATENT LIE’ that you have to have a Microwave Smart Meter if you have Solar Panels. Over 20 years ago there were ways of shunting excess generated electric Solar Power back to the Grid using a slightly older and excellent technology still available today. It’s simply that this greedy Victorian Government in collusion with the five foreign owned electric power companies wants to rip even more cash out of you already Cash Strapped Pockets.

    Wake UP Victorians one and all, and Lock your Electric Meter boxes and then put up your Common Law $167,000;00 Dollar Anti-Trespass Signs. You can’t rely on these signs alone if you have not FIRST PADLOCKED YOUR ELECTRIC METER BOXES…….YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !

  25. 1vimana1 says:

    First of all the Law has to be changed to allow Victorian ” A” Grade Electricians to do this. At present these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies have the Victorian Government under their Thumb or is that under their boot ? Seems to me these five foreign overseas Electric Power Companies have the Victorian Government in their BACK POCKET !

    • jennivee2013 says:

      Sometimes,in desperate cases, we have to take the Law into our hands, and if we do not have the guts to do as Jason did, we only have ourselves to blame if we loose the battle.
      Jason is a hero in my eyes and only wish there were many more like him. Good Man Jason.

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