Smart meter installer held ‘hostage’ – Herald Sun

This article appeared recently:

As a follow-up to this article, Neil Mitchell from 3AW interviewed David on Friday morning.  He is trying to get a smart meter installer charged  with trespass. The installer had gone ahead and installed the smart meter despite being told to leave the property, so the owner blocked his driveway with his ute & the installer was not able to leave. The owner then called the police. Police thought the owner had a good case…..the policeman said if we (the police) come to your property and we are told to leave, we have to and we can only come back if we have a search warrant. David had safety concerns about smart meters, but his main issue with them was about his rights and being ‘forced’ to have one”

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40 Responses to Smart meter installer held ‘hostage’ – Herald Sun

  1. toddy says:

    just rang united and they told me that smart meters are mandatory by law.
    is this true

    • Steve says:

      No there is no law that compels a person to accept a smart meter. There is an order in council (OIC) that instructs power companies to use their best endeavours to install meters on people properties. United, like all the other power companies are spreading misinformation.

  2. Davin Richardson says:

    for myself, I am adversely effected by EMR, as is my partner. I have removed wifi and I limit time on telephones etc. I have advised the power company that the installation “won’t be happening” and advised them to advise the installer of such. The last guy was very cranky.
    It is not a matter of whether a smart meter installer feels threatened as suggested by Stuart Allot, rather it is more a matter of another equal human being entering my property and imposing their will upon me regardless of my wishes. This will simply won’t be happening. There will be no signal getting pumped through our bedroom while we sleep. Plain and simple.
    There is more to the quality of human health than a measurement on whether your body temperature rises when exposed to a signal.
    The Australian and Victorian Governments are negligent to not consider the reality of adverse health effects of EMR.

  3. Rob Reiken says:

    Let it be known . if you have a no tresspass sign up next to your smart meter then also take pictures of it with a current newspaper in view for date verification as proof to when the sign was there beforehand so it can stand up in court if it comes to blows to prosecute these parasites. Take plenty of clear pictures just so it can’t be disputed to sue their pathetic asses.

  4. Tess says:

    I too have done what I can to stay firm in not having a smart meter put in place.

    I want to issue a “Clarion Call’. To call forth all techno savvy, retired engineers etc willing to think outside the box and create ‘scalar energy’ units for each house etc and so freeing us up from the tyranny of these ‘dinosaur’ thinking energy companies.
    Anything is possible and perhaps this needs to be done at a grassroots level. Now with the internet and so much social media, many thinking minds can connect together to create what was unthinkable before –tapping into new streams of energy .
    There is so much out now in the new physics and quantum physics that we ought to be able to run with this and so ultimately beat these companies at their own game, and ultimately have access to what Tesla envisaged for us all–free energy.
    So all you tinkerers out there, let’s create something fresh and new!

    • Eric says:

      I hear of those in the past who developed amazing ways of producing energy having met a premature ending. There’s nothing a government hates more than the notion of free energy.

  5. owen says:

    It simple there is no law permitting the installation of a “transmitter” on a persons home. if you do not wish one on you property. In fact there is no law requiring you to even house a power meter on your property.If they wish to install a smart meter then you request it to be placed on the boundary & they can house it them self.& look after it them self. Its not your lawful responsibility to house or protect metering equipment that they claim is theirs. land titles in Australia are fee simple title. If the state government wishers to give theses power company rights to your property, then you have a claim on the Victorian titles office. as the state government guarantees your title is held in fee simple. section 109 110 & 111 land title act 1958. I think they will decide to not install the smart meter as they have with me. A class action claim on the Victorian land titles office runs in to billions. Wink

    • Pioneer at the O.K Corral says:

      Owen, do you know anything legal about the claim in the attached article in the Herald Sun re: “SP AusNet’s Jonathon Geddes said the Electricity Industry Act “allows entry onto private land to do works and things necessary for the construction, maintenance or alteration of equipment used in the supply of electricity”. ??

      • John Wilson says:

        Any New Acts/legislation or amendment of old Acts/legislation using the 1875 Victorian Constitution as the power base is likely to be invalid unless consistent with the lawful 1855 Victorian Constitution (never repealed) and more importantly is consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth Constitution 1900-1901, The Commonwealth Weights and Measures Act, The Crimes Act 1914, The competition and consumer Act. Smart meter Act breaches all of those acts.

  6. Eric says:

    This is a prosecution that MUST go ahead

  7. Boopsy says:

    I could not help myself. I sent an email to the wuthor of the above mentioned article:
    “I just read your article,”Smart meter installer held hostage’.

    Wow. I found your article to be one sided and pro company, via showing the installers as victims.

    It would perhaps help the public and your own credibility, if you represented the matter honestly instead of feeding the corporate bs misinformation line. There are ‘victims’ regarding this issue, yet they are not the corporate bully boys.

    Why not do something different and participate in some intellectual journalism? It is sorely missing in this country.


    I am tired of worrying about what I say regarding these and other important matters, so am in the habit now of being blunt.
    I am so disgusted with a lot of humanity at this time.
    Thank-you for the article. I wish all people stood up and were counted.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have noticed that many of these one-sided corporate propaganda laden articles that are written online, never have a comments section.
      Yet all the useless articles have comments available (which usually ends up polluted with hundreds of people’s drivel postings).
      Most people will read that article and side in favour of the installers and look at us as doing the wrong things, when in fact we are simply protecting our families and our health.
      Why didn’t this journo Karen Collier that wrote this article (or more likely her editor) allow for comments to be posted?
      This is why we cannot rely on main stream media to get the message across.

      • Ashley says:

        At my local online news they allow comments but will always be littered with comments from very very obvious insider spin doctors posing as common citizens serving to make Smart Meter opponents opinions appear unintelligent.

        Of note too is that the article leaves out a mention that the police feel David had a good case regards prosecuting for trespass – the subtle ways in which a biased media will usually operate!

      • Eric says:

        Anonymous, please don’t judge Karen Collier until you know where she is coming from. My understanding is that athough she may not be as knowledgeable as you or I at this point in time, that she may be quite genuine in wanting to come to terms about this whole smart meters conundrum. Fair enough you say there is no comments section but Karen Collier has left her email address. You may choose to do as I have done to write a note that politely explains our dilemna and how we are the real victims. I believe she has genuine interest and needs to be put in the picture as well. Please be polite with any correspondence. It wouldn’t be right to not be polite and it would not gain us anything. Remember she is showing a genuine interest in the smart meter issue and maybe feels the same way about it as we do. Remember she is giving the matter some coverage, more than we can say about other media outlets.

      • Boopsy says:

        I hear you.
        I received a reply from Karen the writer, today. She wrote,
        “Hi Penelope,

        Thanks for your interest.

        The article was written to present both arguments and that’s certainly how the householder, who approached me about his case, views it.

        Kind regards,

        Karen Collier | Consumer Reporter
        News Limited ”

        I’m disappointed in her response.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      You are right! Karen Collier (author) does nothing for democracy in her article and even labels the whole scenario “Bizarre”. Well, it sure made me angry to read that farmer Davids rights as a home owner were totally disregarded by this rude installer!!!

    • Paul says:

      I too sent a sent a response to Karen Collier, together with a copy of the Electricity Industry Act – Section 93. Nowhere does it mention what Jonathon Geddes was inferring (that installers have a right to enter private property…). I won’t quote it here but I urge all readers to look at Section 93 (1) (a) and (b) – it’ll take about 2 minutes to read. Just Google it.
      Paul, Rosanna

    • ingrid says:

      I am tired of worrying about what I say regarding these and other important matters, so am in the habit now of being blunt. I am so disgusted with a lot of humanity at this time.
      I wish all people stood up and were counted.

      My sentiments too.

  8. Shar-la Leo says:

    as a renter of my home, what rights do i have to put up a no tresspass sign and padlock my meter box? ?

    • Eric says:

      You have every right to do it. The only restriction is how comfortable you are doing it. Nothing else comes into play here.

  9. Andrew says:

    Come and try to Install……

  10. Anonymous says:

    The “Act” that that these power company parasites keep referring to, means we must give them unrestricted access to read the meters. The “mandate” has nothing to do with us.
    But be advised, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that gives them the right to replace the meter with a WIRELESS transmitting meter.
    Nothing at all.
    You have the right to refuse a wireless transmitting meter, NO LAW gives them permission to install a wireless transmitting meter.

    • Sonia says:

      I got a letter from SP Ausnet saying that thet are not accepting refusals to installing a smart meter and they will disconnect me if I don’t give them access to the meterbox. What can I do?

    • John Wilson says:

      Think about this. I suspect you do not have a contract with the power distributor but with the retailer.
      The distributor can face charges for interference with a contract between two other parties.
      I suspect if the distributor e.g. were to disconnect the power causing a breach of contract, then the retailer could sue for compensation for causing a breach of contract between the consumer and the retailer.
      Remember all of these power providers are corporations, not public utilities as a result of Kennett’s invalid privatisation.

  11. Michael Bland says:

    Good one David
    I to would do the same. They got to respect other peoples property and if they want to sell us something they better start acting like respectable business people an listen to their customers ,other businesses do !!!!

  12. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Readers,
    Just as Mc Donald’s at Tecoma up in the Dandenong’s have been told to BURGER OFF. We the Customers of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies here in Victoria have been telling these Microwave No-So Smart Installer Men to Burger = BUZZ OFF as well !
    If you have not yet used a stout Industrial Padlock to lock your Electrical Meter Boxes, then please do so with all haste. Tomorrow could be too late for you !

    Please note that that these Microwave so-called Smart Meter Men seem to have great difficulty in reading the perfectly Legible and LEGAL Anti-Trespass Signs for a $167,000:00 Fine which come from The Australian Constitution Act of 1900-1901 and are still valid, and overrule the constant LIES and SPIN put out by the Five Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies Chief Executive Officers and their LYING Publicity Officers in their Departments of SPIN, who continue to lie to us the Victorian Public. If you are not home at the time, say out shopping for up to 30 minutes or more these sneaky blighters will pounce and steal the perfectly Safe and Passive Analog Meter from your privately owned or small business property, then replace it with the Microwave no-so-smart Meter that is making more and more people very sick both here in Victoria and overseas from the Constant Microwave Radiation slamming into peoples” bodies and brains

    Sadly this VICTORIAN LIBERAL PARTY GOVERNMENT is also spreading the same pack of Lies as was spread by the past Victorian Labor Government that the Microwave Smart Meters are Compulsory. There is NO LAW making these now proving to be Deadly to All Life monsters of machines compulsory. These PEOPLE use another bit of dopey SPIN by saying that the Microwave Smart Meters have been MANDATED, Well in LAW a MANDATE is only an INSTRUCTION and it is NOT THE LAW. For anything to become the LAW it first has to be agreed to in the Victorian Parliament and passed by both the Upper House and the Lower Houses of Parliament, then it has to go before the Governor General for his approval.

    • Sofia says:

      Please help! They removed “No Trespassing” sign from my property. They removed a new meter I’ve installed in 2009 ad PAID FOR, and installed smart meter inside my bedroom (in the cavity of the bedroom wall). there is only plaster between my bed and the smart meter. Ombudsman does not give a … they said : plaster considers to be a wall. I have too many issues with my health since the sm been installed. .I’ve been even hospitalised. Please help!!!

      • Freedom Rules says:

        Sofia – Please don’t sleep anywhere near that meter and get letters signed by a doctor that you did not give permission to install and would like it removed for health reasons. This will be useful for Class Action and you should seriously consider joining SSMA and documenting symptoms on this website – Best of Luck.

    • Glenj says:

      Thank you for expressing the information regarding the Law on Mandates. Just this morning three men arrived at my front gate to install a S Meter. My box is locked and has a tamper proof window so the analogue meter can be read. They were trying to open the box with some instruments they had. I told them I don’t want a ‘Smart’ meter under any circumstances and they said that it has now been mandated by the State Government and i had to have one. i asked for the information in writing and was referred to a ‘government website’ so you have answered my question. This is the second time I have been able to stop them, but it they have equipment and master keys to open boxes, what hope have i got to stop them if i’m not home next time. So effectively they (wittingly or unwittingly) were lying to me saying it is now mandatory!.

  13. When people get angry enough, incidents like this are only a matter of when, rather than if. This is exactly what I will do, if I catch these stooges at my place.

  14. Gerald says:

    Bravo! We have today entered the 2nd “window” for our installation. We feel it is likely that the pressure will be on in earnest this time, after registered letters etc seemed to keep them at bay after the initial notice.

    I find it quite unbelievable that an installer would proceed after express instruction to leave the property. We are prepared.

    • Stephanie says:

      I sent a registered letter to both Jemena and Nick Kotsiris last week and had an amazingly quick response from Jemena. Letter arrived from Jemena yesterday and I’ve just sent an email back this morning re-iterating that I am not prepared to accept a smart meter being installed at my address. I think you’re right though – the pressure will be on in earnest now for completion by end 2013. Stand strong people and stand up for what you want and believe. There is no law, no legislation forcing us to have them. Just the tactics of the Power companies whether bullying or persuasive.

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