Stop Exposing Children to WiFi and 3G in our schools


Wireless RF emissions from smart meters are not the only concern parents have for their developing children. Schools, libraries and other public places are rolling out wireless networks without any consideration for the long term consequences that RF may have on health, behavioral issues, autism and other neurological effects. Evidence is continually building that clearly shows we should be concerned. We can send a powerful message to our Politicians that enough is enough by supporting  Parents from WiFi in Schools Australia who have established a petition on Avaaz.

Please sign and share the Avaaz community petition“Australian Schools: Stop Exposing Children to Radiation from WiFi and 3G until long-term exposure is proven harmless”.

Please help grow this petition to reflect public concern. 

If we get enough signers, WiFi in Schools Australia can then also seek the assistance of the Avaaz team to launch a new, global Avaaz campaign.  This global campaign could help urgently move world government bureaucrats and politicians to revise current RF safety standards to better protect public health.  

Please sign and share this petition with others working/wanting to help protect and preserve all biological life on the planet.

You can email friends, family, organisations, lists and even your whole address book.

With hope, best wishes and appreciation of your support,

Parents from WiFi in Schools Australia

More information at

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3 Responses to Stop Exposing Children to WiFi and 3G in our schools

  1. Sharron says:

    It is important to get the message through to all parents – these are YOUR children, therefore YOU decide what is best for them, not some government dictatorship. Was anyone asked if they wanted wi-fi connection in schools? I would have said NO!

  2. Steve g says:

    Stay focused the power levels from MESH 900 MHZ are the serious issue, get measuring and seek professional support. Too many strings in this bow..

    • Why should we discriminate between different sorts of toxic pulsed microwave EMR that we are being exposed to? I can see and agree that SSMA should have as it’s focus the battle against smart meters, but to ignore or dismiss as “not serious” the other travesties in environmental pollution from EMR, is not furthering the agenda of education towards consumers having informed consent, (or more appropriately, informed dissent).

      Back in the 1970s some limited but important research was showing that two major toxic frequencies were that of 950 MHz, and 2.4 GHz. Funny that those became such prevalently trafficked frequencies today. see

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