535,970 Smart Meters have still not been installed in Victoria

SSMA has extrapolated the spin from the power companies in yesterday’s Herald Sun article that was also recently posted on the SSMA Website.

Congratulations to those who have taken measures to protect your families from the health, privacy and cost impacts directly related to Smart Meters.

The facts speak for themselves, keep up the fight Victoria…….

INSTALLED                                                                                  NOT INSTALLED

67%  JEMENA                                                        33% OF 319,000                    105,270

69%  UNITED ENERGY                                       31% OF 640,000                    198,400

79%  SP AUSNET                                                   21% OF 640,000                    134,400

90%  POWERCOR                                                 10% OF 700,000                    70,000

91%  CITIPOWER                                                  9% OF 310,000                      27,900

GRAND TOTAL                             2,609,000                   535,970  not installed as of 8/08/13

That equals 20.5% of 2,609,000 that do not have a smart meter installed

20.5% of Victorians is enough votes to destabilize any government.  When will the Victorian Government stop and listen to its people?

The fact that some of the utilities have a large % still outstanding and with less than 5 months to go to the end of the year this probably explains the apparent desperation and bullying tactics being employed.

In a democracy we have transparency, choice and continual dialogue – something the Victorian Government has failed on in all counts.

Thank you to all those who have supported SSMA as we continue to support all Victorians.

Original Herald Sun article linked here

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117 Responses to 535,970 Smart Meters have still not been installed in Victoria

  1. Janine says:

    I was told by the second installer I’ve seen that those “STOP” signs (which I downloaded from this site) wouldn’t stop an installer. He said if he saw a sign that said:
    “Currently in dispute with {insert provider name here}, do not install a Smart Meter on this property” with a date included on the page, that he wouldn’t install a meter.
    I’ve done that and also kept my padlock intact. I’m currently on the last day of their threatened installation time frame and seen no interference of my meter.

    • Eric says:

      Janine, the last day is when smart meters are no longer being forcefully installed upon anybody’s property and even then things can never be the same again. As far as I am concerned, my meter box stays locked FOREVER. Power Companies are never to be trusted again EVER.

    • Jason says:

      Given the ‘deadline’ is only six weeks away, it may be time that people (resisters) networked with others in their area for mutual support and FAST mass-response to threats from or sneaky attacks by their power company or its employees.
      (eg, warning of seeing installers’ vehicles anywhere in the area; being able to speed-dial other local activists for back-up, etc.,,,as well as perhaps reaching out to other networks.
      I live in Moe, Victoria, and can be reached:- dabbbles@gmail.com
      Happy to swap other contact details (phone numbers, etc) with anybody interested in such networking.
      ps. NOTE:- THREE b’s in my email address.

  2. icouldahad says:

    I will hold out forever! Had my first encounter with a SM installer. He was very polite, friendly, smiling, held up his I.D. and identified himself and said he was ‘here to install a smart meter.’ I waved him away and said, ‘No thanks!’ Then he said, ‘Everyone is entitled to their opinion.’ I just turned and walked away – no engagement. You do not engage with the enemy, especially when they are prevented from entering by your trusty Warning Do Not Tresspass sign on your locked gate. You can’t put a price on health and safety, and the price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance!

    • amanda says:

      I have just put a padlock on my meter box after receiving a letter saying they are coming round to install. The letter states I do not have to be present when they install !!! OMG surely they need your permission first?!! It disgusts me that they are trying to control us all.

  3. Spaull Errol says:

    Hi Maggi
    I have a solar meter which is as good if not better than a smart meter ,I told this guy from United Energy to go away and leave my meter alone..but he said to me every house hold in Victoria must have a smart meter installed is this true? He said that they will send along the police to break my lock on the meter board and there is nothing i can do is this true?

    • Eric says:

      The police don’t do that. He is just frightening you so that you will be the one who under duress will willingly open your lock for them. And even if break and enter was to become reality in future time, what would you gain by being the one opening the box for them ? You have nothing to lose and all to gain. Hold your ground. Even if we’re scared by threats, why on earth would we open our box ? Even if the threats were real and at this stage they are not, why on earth would we be the ones opening our box ? You cannot be prosecuted for keeping your box locked, so despite their threats you have nothing to lose.

  4. Leaty says:

    Not sure if I had a response to this before or not as I haven’t been able to access. Can someone please tell me if you have to have National Broadband for the companies to be able to read the smart meters?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Today I was clipping tree branches front of my house.
    Man in bright parka was going house to house with poles and notebook. He touched each connection point of wire on houses.
    He said he is from JEMENA checking wiring before installation Stupid M.

    I questioned him about how many times do I have to send them Legal Common Law Signs by registered letter + Statutory declaration about trespassing… before they will take notice of it?
    He did not know…
    He did not step on my property.
    He said he has S.M. himself and sees it as a GOOD idea…
    Some people in my street buckle in = they were told LAW changed, you have no option…They did not ask for clarification in writing.
    Where has freedom and democracy gone?

    • Freedom Rules says:

      It is a pity that most people just believe whatever they are told to be the truth and do not question it. There are always options in a free society… something these companies such as Jemena fail to understand.

    • Eloise says:

      Most people in our area caved in too, saying that they didn’t have a choice. It’s amazing how one unlawful threatening letter can instill fear in so many people.
      Interestingly the man that came to read our electricity said he refused to get one too.

  6. Glenj says:

    I’ve just today received my fourth letter from United Energy advising the dates they are coming to install a new meter. i live in a complex of 3 units and our electricity box is at the front entrance on the driveway fence on the side away from our units. the other two units have had ‘smart’ meters installed, I was lucky on the day they were there and arrived home just as they were installing new meters for my neighbours and was able to stop them from installing mine. I’ve told them i do not want one under any circumstances, they were quite polite – that was over six months ago. I’m a pensioner, live by myself and don’t like being harassed, bullied or intimidated and i’m really digging my heels in over this issue. i don’t like force under any circumstances. I’ve installed a burglar proof window in my box and put a padlock on it. i applaud every one of the 538,070 who have resisted. hang in their because if we let them get away with this, there is no stopping the rest that will come. have a look at what’s happening in america http://www.usatoday.com/story/cybertruth/2013/08/12/crowd-sourced-documentary-exposes-smart-grid-shortfalls/2637497 . Glenj

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      PLEASE BEWARE! Latest letter from United Energy states that they will be coming from ‘this date’ to ‘that date’ (a 3 weeks period!) from Monday to SATURDAY. This can easily be overlooked, please be vigilant on Saturdays too.

      • Eric says:

        And please be aware that thay will still be around when the 3 week period has concluded …..and also prior to it beginning. The 3 week period is not necessarily hard and fast. I have been told that UE are very behind in their installations.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know what happens to all the perfectly working quality (in most cases Australian made) analogue meters that these jackasses remove? Are they scrapped or recycled?
    Can we buy them back? What are they going to do with all those meters?
    Also, if you move house, can you buy a meter and swap it over and take the analogue meter with you (like they can do in the USA)?

    • ms smartie says:

      Top secret information? – I would love to know the answer to this. So much for sustainability. A complete waste of resources and money by these out of touch control freaks.

      • Peter says:

        Hi Annon and Ms Smartie

        I believe that the removed analogue meters are retained in storage as they all have to be photographed in case of future disputes’ about readings. How long they will be kept for and what will happen to them in the future, who knows? probably sold off for scrap value and that money will go into the distributors coffers.

  8. lorraine says:

    I have been told that the present system for our electricity supply will be obsolete. We wont have electricity connection if we don’t have a smart meter. I need power for my oxygen concentrator, to pump our water ,and to distill all the water I consume. Having to move out of a large town to escape next doors roundup, cigarette smoke and perfumed oil being burnt for aroma therapy etc.etc. I just hope the smart meter doesn’t worsen my health, as I don’t know of any where else I can go to live. This is disgraceful as power is an essential services.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      This has become the crisis of our time, a new plague. Will we all be smart meter refugees due to the negligent corporations controlling governments now? We must never give up our Freedom or right of refusal. Their lies will bring them undone…and their never-ending Greed!

    • Anonymous says:

      Obsolete? Who told you that? They still have to supply the power to you along a wire and they need a device to measure it, both of which are already in place.
      Sounds like scare tactics to force you to accept a smart meter against your will.
      Was it a brainwashed installer or some other brainwashed person that fed you that tripe ?

    • Rik says:

      Thats a lie. Dont get a smart meter if you dont want one.
      dont forget the prime minister said smart meters will never become compulsory so tell them they are going against federal laws.

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘Federal laws’ hold no sway over State laws/regulations. Don’t depend on that sort of furphy. (In fact NEVER believe ANYTHING any politician says, ever!)
        And keep in mind that even if some particular law applies it can be repealed/replaced at the flourish of a pen.
        People do these things to themselves.

        • Paul says:

          Actually, federal laws overwrite state laws whenever there is a conflict. That is, federal law will prevail. Of course this means a (high?) court case. I think what you are trying to say is that the state government will ignore it

          • Paul,
            You are correct and Mr or is that Mrs Anonymous is wrong, this I got from Canberra’s Lawyer at the A.C.C.C. He said that it is FACT that any made up rules which are not Law like this bogus rant of the Ministers for Energy and Resources are only a Mandate, which is simply an INSTRUCTION or a COMMAND, which is “Not The Law” so this trying to force Victorian Citizens to accept these Electric and dopey so-called smart meters is actually UNLAWFUL.

            The Golden Rule is this, simply use a stout Industrial padlock to lock up your Electric Meter Box and only then get up your Legal Commonwealth of Australia $167,000 Dollar Anti-Trespass Signs. Put one on the Electric Meter Box and the other on your front fence and or gate of pillar. Note you must always padlock the Electric Meters Box FIRST.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Just padlock your Electric Meter Box with an Industrial Padlock as I and growing thousands of us have done and more Victorians keep on doing every day.

      Put up your Legal Common Law Anti-Trespass Signs only after you have padlocked your Electric Meter Box. Just stick one on the Electric Meter Box Lid with Gaffer Tape and one on the Front Fence, simple as that. It’s a good idea first to laminate each notice against water damage. Whatever you do, don’t talk to these Power Company Humans Relations or Sales people on the telephone it’s a complete waste of time, as all they do is spin you LIES. I’ve been in this business learning the Ropes for nigh on two years now.

      Then send a Polite Letter to the C.E.O of the Power Company for your area stating that you refuse to accept a now proving to be Dangerous to all Life Dopey Microwave so-called Smart Meter for HEALTH reasons and that you know that peoples private electrical goods have been damaged after these so-called Smart Meters have been put into home owners and small businesses Electrical Meter Boxes….THIS IS A FACT not only here in Victoria but World Wide. That’s what I put in my letter.

      Send this letter off to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company for your area by Registered Post and ask the Post Office for a signed return slip from the Signee who collects your letter. Do the same and send it to the Victorian Minister for Power Mr Nicholas Kotsiras. Please keep copies of all the letters you send off and receive as well.
      When you have done this these people who are so desperate TO STEAL ONES’ Analog Electric Meter cannot Legally do so. It’s That SIMPLE REALLY !

  9. lorraine says:

    A friend contacted me yesterday about a lady living in their street in Dandenong vic., this lady endures severe pain every 27 seconds and has had to buy a lined sleeping bag to sleep in and will need to paint her house with a metallic paint to try to stop the pain,to
    be able to sleep. To my knowledge this lady had no previous illness, and my friend has known her for 20 years or so she taught their children. She has a pole outside her house that about 50 other signals go to. This is not fair.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where abouts in Dandenong is this pole? We’d like to confirm if a transmitter has been installed on it.
      Someone told me a large letter box drop was done in Dandenong of the flyers from this site. Did this lady receive one?

      • Jason says:

        There’s a unit which I assume is such a transponder mounted about 5 meters up a power-pole in Lincoln St Moe. (spausnet territory) It ticks away merrily (and quite loudly) 24/7 in bursts of ‘several’ ticks each ten seconds or so, but gets quite agitated at seemingly regular periods of about 8 or10 minutes.

        Quite new metal box ~cream-coloured coverplate, about 25cm x 20 cm x 4or5 cm.
        Confirmation would be a useful thing.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Installing any device of any kind including these Microwave so-called Smart Meters many of which are now proving to be Deadly and INCENDIARY DEVICES on any persons’ home without the express written permission of that or those home owners’ or small business homes’ owner or owners in Victoria or any State of Australia is actually ILLEGAL and A CRIME !

      • Informed Choice says:

        Why is this equipment not tested for environmental (including biological) damage in the first place? Around the streets I am constantly seeing large trees suffering what appears to be major dieback of foliage due to being near these power lines and/or poles. It is painfully obvious to me that these frequencies are destroying our natural environment and are detrimental to the health of all living things, including us humans. Wake up Power Industry to the destruction you are causing throughout this State!!!

        • Eric says:

          Not one single test has been done on smart meters that specifically looks at health effects. NOT ONE !!! The only flimsy testing they have done only involves numerical values and their questionable interpretation only. No testing to date has had any slant whatsoever to anything that is health centered or medical in nature.

          As far as seeing any health effects resulting from smart meter transmissions, that TESTING is being conducted LIVE right here and now and it is being conducted on us. We are the defacto guinea pigs that will give first indication of health effects resulting from wireless smart meter transmissions. Except official NO POST ROLLOUT health monitoring is being conducted to pick up these TEST RESULTS. They are doing all they can to deliberately steer way clear of any post rollout surveillance especially in respect to health. It is up to us to ensure that these test results showing all health effects are documented to the finest detail, highlighted and published for the world to see.

        • Eric says:

          They are not interested in any post rollout implications to us, they are only interested in raking in the money. Of course we can say that the power companies and the state government especially should be doing post rollout monitoring of health and that in not doing so they have failed in their duty of care to Victorian citizens. Reality is that if this state government and the power companies had acted to fulfill a duty of care to us the people of Victoria, not only would the issue of post rollout monitoring have not been omitted but it would not have been even necessary because this state government should NEVER have allowed THE POWER COMPANIES to CHOOSE this toxic wireless technology for their surveillance and marketing device in the first place. For their failure in their duty of care to us the citizens of this state, this state government deserves to be flushed down the sewer as quickly as possible NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

  10. Miriam. says:

    I have sent them a letter via my lawyer – that they will be trespassing if they attempt to install a meter & have (had) 21 days to respond in writing confirming they will not & will desist from further harassing letters to us on the matter.
    Our letter clearly outlines an exhaustive analysis of ALL the laws & documents covering the “mandate” & shows it is not compulsory.

    • Wendy Rice says:

      I just received a letter from United Energy informing me they will be sending me a letter advising of the date for installment. Can you send me a copy of your letter, Miriam, of which I will copy without your lawyer’s name. Thanks.

  11. Jay says:

    Powercor are stepping up their pressure. I am trying like hell to go solar asap.

    • joeM says:

      I have solar and have just received 2 letters confirming the installation will happen this week and that having a “no AMI meter” sign or sticker will prevent the installation!

      • Gwen says:

        Wondering who your supplier is? Please let us know what happens. All the best in your fight for freedom of choice joeM.

      • Jason says:

        Do you mean “will NOT prevent the installation” ?
        In any case tell ’em to get stuffed. Lock the front gate/porch security door/ meterbox, and threaten to file formal ‘malicious damage complaint with the local police if they’re tampered with.
        And/or get a large, unfriendly dog to live on your front porch when you’re at work.
        (But don’t treat him like a dog when you’re not at work ~ make him your best mate; a member of the family.

      • Joe M,
        Make sure you padlock your Electric Meter Box with a stout Industrial Padlock.

  12. Boopsy says:

    Unfortunately I am a renter, and I have to move house in the next 4-5 months. While I have been vigilant with the meter in this current property, there is no guarantee the next property will not already have one of these atrocities installed. Although, on the bright side, there will only be one to contend with in a house, rather than the current 14, which reside right outside my flat door.
    I am so tired of greedy people in big business and our greedy politicians. As well as a lot of apathy from voters – however many people seem to believe that there is no point in protesting, it is going to happen anyway, no matter what they say. There seems to be a lot of people feeling powerless and voiceless, which is a great, great shame.
    I will be using my vote to endeavour to get rid of our current Victorian political party.
    Thank-you for your emails, protests and rallying SSMA.
    Please keep it up!

    • ingrid says:

      Boopsy, My sentiments exactly. Greed and apathy! Good luck with your new place, hopefully it will be a lot better not having 14 next to you. 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    As Victorians the 500 odd thousand of us that have denied these SMART METERS, are a very determined lot.
    We are only a small part of AUSTRALIA.
    All people in Australia agains’t these SMART METERS voice your opinion in defiance at the up coming election.
    The she’ll be right attitude of the average Australian has to stop,otherwise our lifestyle will be totally controlled by others.

  14. Terry says:

    I think we can all thank a Mr. Kennett for the parlous state that electricity distribution is in here in Victoria. He was the instigator of selling off all of our ‘Public Owned Utilities’ to foreign companies. A traitorous act in my book. As both state Labor and Liberal parties have continued to run with this and protected and abetted these foreign owned companies (at our expense), we should all vote for candidates not affiliated with either of these two political parties at the next state election. This is the only thing politicians take notice of, they certainly don’t listen or care otherwise.
    The next big fight will be ‘Smart Meters’ on your gas and water. So continue the fight now while we still have the numbers.

  15. Maggie says:

    The Government is a Corporation, whether its policies are Labour, Liberal or Greenbehindtheears. We, the people have become the CUSTOMERS OF THE CORPORATION, no matter which Party is elected to run it. Its time Government was returned to the people, then we will get real representation, and not underhanded deals with overseas Corporations such as has been done for our Essential Services. This is a good Report from SSMA which exposes the extent to which Victorians have been conned by self serving Corporations.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Hi Maggie,
      Very true what you say. Don’t forget the now Self-Serving Politicians of both the Victorian Liberal Part and the past Victorian Labour Party.

      Note also the past Victorian Labour Party Minister for Power who did at least have the Decency to FALL ON HIS SWORD as he got out of being the Minister for Power.
      Methinks he was the only one who had some pangs of Conscience. But what of this latest and incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government under Mr Ted Baillieu and his Victorian Minister for Power, Mr Michael O’Brien, the Teddy Bear Hugger, who didn’t have the GUTS to speak to our party of around thirty very concerned Citizens, when at his express invitation we faithfully went down to meet him at his written request for us to air our grievances. The first one was to ask him to Immediately Stop the Roll Out of them even then.

      When our group arrived at Mr Michael O’Brien’s Electoral Offices he was not there. We found out from his office staff, that, “HE HAD FLOWN THE COOP ! ” What a GUTLESS Minister he has turned out to be ! Now that a Mr Nicholas Kotsiras is the new Victorian Minister for Power in Victoria, will he face his responsibilities to us the Victorian People who are his Employers and not his Servants, or will he act in the same way as Mr Michael O’Brien and turn out to be just as irresponsible ! ?

      • Jason says:

        O’Briens laying low because in Opposition he was a really determined opponent of SMs, and is on the parliamentary as being so. He actually sent me transcripts of his ‘fight’ to resist the roll-out. I’ll see if I can dig them up: they may be useful.
        But those advocating stand-up civil disobedience are right.

        Next election vote for ANY independent candidate. Party -Politics gives the bastards too much power to do as they please.

        • Eric says:

          I’d be very interested to see those documents.

        • Stephnie says:

          Mr O’BRIEN — I grieve for all Victorian families and small businesses (Portfolio Speeches)http://www.michaelobrien.com.au/MediaCentre/PortfolioSpeeches/tabid/75/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/37/Electricity-smart-meters.aspx#.TqDfS4IwczA.wordpress

  16. Citizen for democracy says:

    State elections in Victoria next year – Naphtine’s government MUST be punished! It is NOT acceptable to blame the previous government, they have had 3 years to make decisions, rectify mistakes, LISTEN to the people – and what have they done? They have allowed us to suffer, to have our rights trampled, our health taken from us. Some Victorians have needed to LEAVE THE STATE – WHO WILL GIVE THEM THEIR LIVES AND HOMES BACK!? Ted Baillieu and then Denis Naphtine, together with Michael O’Brien and Nicholas Kotsiras, have changed this state forever. No matter what happens next, the damage done will never be able to be undone. Victoria is NO LONGER A DEMOCRACY. The government that brought us all down WILL NEITHER BE FORGOTTEN, NOR FORGIVEN!

    • Informed Choice says:

      I feel very strongly like you, the blame game MUST STOP! This Vic Liberal Party are a bitter disappointment for betraying the people of this state. In fact, I think if more were to leave Victoria, they might find themselves far better off in the years to come…nothing will change, they are greed-driven egomaniacs (Napthine, O’Brien, Kotsiras) making everyone else suffer for their dreadful ‘leadership’ decisions. I hope Karma repays them what they deserve – and some!

      • Both the Victorian Labour and the Liberal Party Governments are only interested in ripping as much money out of your cash-strapped pockets as they can. They don’t give a Rat’s Arse how sick you get from this now mounting and now endemic Microwave Poisoning here in Victoria Australia and also now world-wide.

  17. Mr Colin says:

    I guess this also means that probably most of the 67% of Jemena customers, 69% of United Energy customers, 79% of SP Ausnet customers, 90% of Powercor customers, and 91% of Citipower customers, have all been unlawfully lied to, misinformed, bullied and harrassed by their distributor, into accepting something they never wanted in the first place, that doesn’t provide them any benefit whatsoever.
    What a dreadful, shameful con by our electricity distributors.
    On all levels, those involved in this massive scam should be truly ashamed of themselves.
    Those still without a “smart” meter, keep up the fight!
    There’s still over half a million of us out there.

    • mohsen says:

      But we don’t know how many of the remaining uninstalled meters are at houses where people are refusing the smart meter installation and locked their meter box like myself ?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      This present Victorian incumbent Liberal Party Government is acting in the same CRIMINAL WAY as did the past John Brumby Labour Government and these Five Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies Chief Executive Officers or C.E.O’s in continuing to use Wicked Harassing and Bullying Stand-over NAZI LIKE DICTATORIAL TACTICS towards us, their customers.

      Both the past Labour Government of Mr John Brumby and his then Minister for power were and still are Guilty of having Illegally forced the Microwave so-called Smart Meters on Victorian home and small business owners. Also guilty are this incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government and its past Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien as well as this present and incumbent Victorian Minister for Power Mr Nicholas Kotsiras.

      In spite of my polite letters to Mr Nicholas Kotsiras, the now incumbent Minister for Power here in Victoria, I still have not received a letter of reply from him. I don’t want some ‘dopey boiler plate letter’ response from him, but a polite response addressing these real and mounting problems to these M/Wave so-called Smart Meters where more and more people here in Victoria are suffering real Medical Problems like Tinnitus or ringing in the ears and or bleeding noses and or chronic insomnia and or muscle aches and spasms etc., from the Microwave Radiation from these now seeming to be Type 2B Microwave Carcinogen Causing Meters not only here in Victoria, but from the mounting number of similar complaints from overseas countries.

      We the customers of these five overseas electric Power Companies have the Legal and Democratic Right to decide for ourselves whether we as individuals want to accept or reject a Microwave so-called Smart Meter/s on our properties or not. It is not for this present Victorian Liberal Party Government to dictate to us.

      We the people of Victoria still live in a Democracy where we Refuse to be Pushed like a pack of NAZI VICTIMS to obey the now proving to be DICTATORIAL and Truly Wicked Demands of this complicit Victorian Liberal Party Government acting in concert with these now proving to be,’ Stand-Over Tactics’ of these Five foreign overseas owned Electric Power Companies Chief Executive Officers.

      The aim of this Victorian so-called Liberal Government is far from Liberal or Fair-Minded, but acts as a Lick-Spittle towards these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies to wickedly enforce us to become Slaves to this now proving to be CORRUPT Victorian Liberal Government and Their True Masters who are these Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s. who obviously have had the past Labour Victorian Government and this now incumbent but anything but really Liberal Minded Party Victorian Government fairly in their ” Back Pocket/s.”

      It is crystal clear to me and mounting thousands of us Victorian Citizens that not only was the past Victorian Labour Government guilty of collusion with these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies, but this present so-called Victorian Liberal Party Government is also colluding with these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies to WICKEDLY SUPRESS the will of Us the people of Victoria and who are the true Government of Victoria, whose reasonable and Democratic Demands refuse to be met by this now proving to be, both Wicked and Unlawfully Acting Victorian Liberal Party Government who are clearly in league with these C.E.O’s of these foreign owned Electric Power Companies who wish to continue to rip more and more cash out of our already Cash Strapped Victorians Pockets.

      Neither the Past Labour Victorian Government or this present incumbent Liberal Party Government had shown or presently does show any Duty Of Care towards our Medical Health or Welfare in any way whatsoever.
      This present Victorian Government continues to bandy about figures from A.R.P.N.S.A which are hopelessly out of date even by ARPANSA’s reckoning. I know this to be FACT as I have taken the trouble to contact ARPANSA only a few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to speak to the Second In Charge Of ARPANSA. He admitted to me that these figures which our Victorian Government are still using regarding Microwave Levels of Radiation allowable for Humans and animal and all Life are far from accurate by todays standards and they of ARPANSA need to look far more closely at the Mounting Numbers of Medical Complaint coming into them from the public.

      He admitted to me over the telephone these FACTS. I asked this gentleman for this in writing, but was not in the least surprised when he honestly said. ” I can’t do that as it is more than my Job is worth.”
      I felt sorry for this man as he is being effectively gagged, I can only assume by Big and Very Corrupt Business Interests, and this Government which seems to be under the thumb of these truly Corrupt and EVIL PRIVATE BUSINESS POWERS.

      We need to get the very people who are wickedly suppressing the will and free choice of Victorians in relation to the EVIL ENFORCEMENT of these Microwave Smart Meters into Court for a Fair Trial. Then when they have been tried and if found GUILTY as now so many Victorian feel they are. It is then up to the Judge to hand out not only Fines for damages which these people have so wickedly wrought upon their Electricity Customers, but to Imprison those Victorian Government Ministers and those C.E.O’s of the foreign owned Electric Power Companies who have been found guilty of these Most Heinous Crimes against their Electricity Customers with very long prison sentences to be served in full with no remission for good behaviour.

      • Rebecca says:

        Here here !!!

      • Ashley says:

        Excellent write up, 1vimana1.

        It would have saved Hitler the trouble of bombs, bullets and disarming the population prior to round-ups if he could just drop a Smart Meter into people’s homes. Part of his plans included water fluoridation too. I’m in no doubt Smart Meters are purely about evil intent, just that working us over with power bills goes hand in hand with that. History is repeating itself.

        Without elaborating, we should be aware though that for evil to occur it requires our consent on a spiritual level.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      All Victorian Electricity Customers have been Lied to by not only the past Victorian Labor Government under John Brumby and his Victorian Minister for Power, but the same Lies are still being perpetrated under this Victorian Liberal Party Government who refuse to listen to the continuing Anguished Cries of mounting numbers of Victorian People becoming more and more Irradiated and sicker from these now proving to be very dangerous Microwave Smart Meters which are not Smart in any way.

      I continue to receive anguished ‘phone calls from many people, some of whom are in tears when they ‘phone me with their anguished reports of Tinnitus or ringing in the ears and or bleeding noses and or sudden muscles spasms and or Insomnia and or arrhythmia of the heart and other medical problems, and only after their Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meter has been taken from their property and the Microwave so-called Smart Meter has been installed, often whilst they were away from home.

      These now proving to be dopey and dangerous Microwave Electric so-called Smart Meters have been classed by the World Health Organisation as a possible Type 2B Carcinogen Meter. From the latest reports coming into the World Health Organisation even more damning evidence is gathering at quite a pace which will very soon cause these Microwave so-called Smart Meters to be quite likely reclassified to Type 2A Carcinogen Meters as more and more serious medical complaints are reaching the World Health Organisation.

  18. John Macey says:

    If only that 20.5% were actually prepared to go all the way and have their power cut off rather than accept a smart meter we might actually see some back peddling and an opt out program. But, so many will just cave in at the last moment rather than let them pull the plug. AND THEY KNOW IT!!!

    • Smart Denier says:

      John, not taken into account in those figures are those cases where the meter is not accessible – for a variety of reasons – other than protest.
      Cases I know of are:
      a) meter located inside the house and the occupant is never home when the installers call.
      b) a house wasn’t installed not due to a protesting occupant, but because of “old wiring” so the installers left.
      c) another case is where a tree is blocking the installers.
      d) those with electric slab heating may not have had a smart meter installed yet.

      There’s a chance that only 10% of people will fight this to the end.

      So, keep this in mind if/when the media spins the story… “Smart Deniers Back Down”

      All those I have spoken to are generally concerned about the technology with many believing it’s a way to raise their bills. A couple of younger adults were not concerned about the technology but all adamantly agreed no-one should have any form of technology forced upon them.

      The fact that most people are blissfully ignorant regarding smart meters, is a positive. If/when push comes to shove, 10% of us are more than enough to change public opinion right across the board.

      All we 10% need do is lawfully protest on the steps of parliament.
      This could take the form of a continual protest ala “occupy” or a weekly protest, or monthly.

      Someone pick a date.

    • Lessons Learned says:

      How do you know that they are so scared of having their power cut? In my case, I feel MORE scared about losing good health since I know what effect smart meters have on my brain and body! Knowledge is Power. I wont be having one, EVER.

    • Beat says:

      Ho Ho Ho, just get the 20.5% to not pay bills….who’d cave n quicker???!!!

  19. David says:

    Business premises don’t have to be to my knowledge, as their metering still falls under ‘contestable metering’ (as did domestic, before the govco tampered with the policy)
    – contestable metering, means independent providers other than the distributors can supply, install and maintain the meter.

  20. Freedom Rules says:

    There is some comfort in that, but I despair at the almost 80% already installed. People have been totally ambushed by this roll-out and I do not trust any of our politicians to call a halt to it anytime soon… there should be a referendum NOW!!!

  21. icouldahad says:

    I’m happy to be one of the 538,070, also. I will never surrender!

  22. Andy Ward says:

    What happens at the end of year deadline if i am still free ???
    Do the by laws expire or something?

    • Jason says:

      There ARE no ‘laws’ ~ nor Penalties. Half-relevant ‘regulation’, a ‘Code’ written by some quango is about all there is. I’ve just checked with a Regional Police Superintendent’s office, and am assured police would only ever intervene to keep the peace, and that includes removing anyone from private property, if they don’t leave immediately upon being told to leave.

      It’s all bulls@%*, and being pushed by a reliability on people being too stupid or gutless to take a stand.

    • Andy,
      There are no LAWS making you or anybody take a dopey and deadly Type 2B Carcinogen so-called and far from smart Electric Microwave Meter. It is just a Gigantic Confidence Trick to screw ever more money out of your already cash strapped pockets.

  23. Dallas Monck says:

    Will not vote for the liberal party in Victoria……this party has allowed big business to control this State and against the will of the people install Smart meters …..

    • mohsen says:

      it does not matter who you vote for, governments do not have control, corporations and bankers do. I never vote for anyone.

    • keith says:

      Remember Dallas, you can’t vote for the Labor Party either as they were the ones who brought in the smart meters in the first place.

    • TPG says:

      Let’s not make this a political thing. The previous government initiated the roll out and the current government went along with it. They are the facts of the matter. Both sides of politics screw people.This issue has NOTHING to do with right versus left, but it has EVERYTHING to do with right versus wrong! Well done to everyone of the 1/2 million of us who have resisted the lying, bullying tyrants. Keep fighting, don’t give up.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      I will not vote for Liberal or Labor as these two parties have sold us all down the river without a PADDLE.
      The D.L.P have promised to get rid of all M/Wave Smart Meters, but would they have the numbers to boot these now proving to be Lying Liberal and Labour Parties out of office. I think that the D.L.P votes would only add to Labor preferences.

  24. Ted says:

    Im So Proud To Be One Of The 538070 People To Them To PISS OFF!

  25. Denise Pelikan says:

    That is such good news, perhaps now they will stop installing them. They came here, but, they didn’t bully my husband, he stated facts and they went away. If you stand up to them and don’t let them intimidate you, they seem to just walk away.

  26. Pam says:

    Thanks for that information. Well I am one of the 20.5% that do not have one. What will happen to us at the end of 2013???? Will they just leave us alone or continue to harrass us with estimated accounts and endless phone calls to energy providers trying to get our accounts sorted out?????……….. I am sick of it……….. Pam

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m also curious as to what will happen after 2013. I fed up too and have experienced incorrect accounts since my meter box has been locked.

      • mohsen says:

        you need to open a window in you box for the meter to be read.

      • Pam says:

        Annonymous – This is a question I can’t get answered either. Can SSMA give us some idea what happens at the end of 2013 and what we can expect from the Government. Will we be forced into having a darn Smart Meter. Please we need to know….Pam

        • Pam says:

          Moshen – I have a perspex cut-out and it didn’t make any bloody difference. Meter Reader said he couldn’t access my Box which is a load of bull. I want the above question answered end of story……..Pam

        • Eric says:

          Pam, whatever happens come 2013, what I can tell you for sure is that I won’t be forcefully taking a smart meter.

        • TPG says:

          You can’t get an answer to that, Pam, because nobody has the answer. I have put a sign on my meter box, it is securely locked with a solid padlock, and I have installed a glass window so the reader can read the meter. This is important! I have written to SP AusNet (several times), the Minster for Energy of the State Government, the DPI and EWOV. I have calmly, but assertively, articulated my reasons for not wanting a smart meter. I have told SP AusNet I am compliant with their need to accurately bill me for my electricity use, that is their right, but it is my right to refuse any measuring device which poses a risk to my family and me. SP AusNet is an ignorant bunch of stand-over merchants. They completely ignore everything I say in my letters and simply rabbit on and on, with their bully-boy jargon, about how it’s their meter and they can change it if they like, with whatever meter they like. Pretty much “comply with us or stock up on matches because we have the ability to switch off your lights.” I paraphrased that of course, but that’s the meaning behind the jargon. As for what happens next – who knows!? Think about it. What are their options?

          1. Switch off people’s power. Can you imagine the atrocious publicity that stunt would get? Households with frail and elderly occupants, little children. People with medical conditions. It would look like we had been taken over by the Nazi regime.

          2. The State Government could be pressured by the big corporations to make it LAW. How long and how difficult that would be, I am not in a position to say. But if that happened, armed police would be able to come to your home and force you to open your meter box or physically bust it open. Again, Nazi regime. Not a good look.

          3. They will financially penalize all those without smart meters. How much? No idea. But I would be willing to pay more if it meant I had resisted these evil scumbags. If you asked me to have a guess which of those three options is the most likely to occur, I would say option 3. Financial penalty. I don’t think they have the gonads to openly display their Nazi underbelly – not yet – so I think they’ll take the easiest option. Hit us through our pockets.

          • Pam says:

            TPG – can’t get blood out of a stone. I am on a pension, like a lot of other people, no savings. Just have to wait and see what happens. Nite Nite Pam

          • Freedom Rules says:

            TPG – You make some valid points, but second guessing is not the answer. They will possibly do what is happening in the U.S. which includes some of the above. Instead of allowing them to ration power to our appliances with a smart meter, we may end up not having any use of our air-conditioning, washing machines, fridges and so forth. Lights are only a small sacrifice. We should not underestimate their potential when it comes to getting what they want… Total Control of the masses, especially our hard-earned cash. It is the Victorian Government AND Power Distributors who have declared war on their own citizens. We must stand independent from them if we are going to have any good outcome – but we must also support one another in our endeavours to be free agents, something a great many Victorians fail to do and that is why we are in this hell right now. We (and they) must not forget that at the end of the day, they are just providing a service and there should be no strings attached to that. The Energy Minister and his government must be held accountable for everyones suffering and hardship since the maligned rollout….as benefits do not exist for the customer, and they know this!

          • 1vimana1 says:

            To TPG.
            My sentiments exactly. But don’t pay anymore for their Unlawful Demand/s that in the future you would have to pay more money for the Electric Meter Reader Man to read your Analog Meter, that would be a Criminal Demand. This type of Criminal Surcharge is already being fought in the Courts in Canada and in California. Already in Canada these unlawful and Stand Over Charges are being defeated in more and more cases. These Criminal Stand Over Merchants are now getting more and more egg on their faces. These same type of bullies here in Victoria cannot Legally Cut off your Electric Power simply because you choose to stand up for your Legal and Democratic Rights.

      • ingrid says:

        A window plus the meter number needs to be visible too. If not, you can write the meter number on the meter box door. Use silicone to glue on a piece of Perspex. You can buy small tubes of silicone adhesive.

      • Elizabeth,
        Big Corporations are still trying to run the world, but the Worm has turned and now these Corporations are getting very worried, as’ People Power ‘ grows daily, at an ever increasing rate, thank God !.

    • Jason says:

      Insist on a proper, accurate account or don’t pay ANYthing.
      Electricity is convenient, and we’ve become addicted to it, but umpteen generations (and probably a large percentage of the world’s population) managed to get by without it.
      Consider reorganising you life/lifestyle; there are umpteen ways of doing that, and either get some stand-alone solar panels (easy and fairly cheap these days), reorganise your schedules in any number of ways (get up at daybreak go to bed when it gets dark), use alternatives (I have a 6″ Tv that runs on EIGHT watts; a friend watches tv while pedaling an exercise-bike with a generator fixed to run off the wheel which charges a battery for the lights, etc.,) Another trick from the ‘old days’ is to set a cable/power-board and small inverter to connect from your car: your battery should be fully-charged by the trip home from work or where-ever.
      Another option is to get a small modern ~quietly-operating ~ generator and do all your major electrical work in a block of time (microwave/washing machine, etc.) Should cost less that a litre of fuel a day, or say $500 a year. More ‘trouble’, but cheaper.
      There are dozens of things you can do.
      Think about it.

  27. Gerald says:

    I’m one of the untarnished with UE. Locked up the box like fort knox (+ window), installed a IP security cam right on top of the meter box, and signs everywhere. About 25 registered letters sent etc etc. I *know* they’re gonna hit us hard before the end of the year.. 🙂

    • Hugh Man Right says:

      We are about to have same type cam installed as well. Have also taken steps which can be used as evidence in court. All we need now is a CLASS ACTION. We need to call for a class action, unite our collective efforts and use the justice system to fight them off. We will win.

    • Jason says:

      A Rottweiler works just as well ~ and would rather live at your house than down at the shelter. 😉

  28. Lets take the Power Back says:

    Keep up the fight everyone, we can all see we are not alone now, no matter what the installers and Power Companies tell us. Stand strong and defend our rights and take action.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      Imagine what impact it would have if all we dissenters had a mass rally against “Smart”! meters before the election. Seems to me that no matter which of the two main parties is successful they will still back the smart meter installation, unless we can bring it to the forefront of everyone’s attention now. A rally in Melbourne of a large number of people would surely make an impression. I live two hours away from the city but I’d be glad to travel to a demo there if it helped to help stop the atrocity of smart meters.
      recently saw a program about Taree (I think it was) where they had a clear win against the power company who were lying to them (surprise, surprise!) about the need for more power. When the residents did their research they found out that usage was dropping, not increasing and that the power company were not even a legal company and the Power Co. solicitors had to write back to the residents and apologise for the heavy-handed tactics they had used at the behest of the big power company. Taree won, so let us not give up.
      “Freedom Rules” – you are right about a referendum, how do we put the idea in motion?

  29. Linda says:

    How many have not received a letter about installation yet? Does it mean 20.5% have objected the installation?

  30. Miriam. says:

    It does not equate to votes as many of the premises not yet installed will be business premises.

    • icouldahad says:

      Business owners also vote. And it’s wonderful that they are not only keeping government sanctioned surveillance devices off their homes, but off their buildings.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      What you write above my response here Miriam is unclear.

      These Microwave so-called Smart Meters are being installed onto Private and Small Business Properties and not Big Business properties.

      If the owners of these private home and Small Business properties have not padlocked their Electric Meter Boxes but have erected their Clear Legal and Common Law $167,000,00 Dollar Commonwealth Anti Trespass Notices, then these signs alone, should be enough to stop the Safe and passive Analog Electric Meters from being stolen.

      Sadly, I am finding from many distraught people who both ‘phone me and email me, that these Legal Common Law and Commonwealth Signs of the Australian Constitution are being flagrantly disobeyed.
      It is clear to me and many Victorians that Analog Pirates are in many cases, stealing the Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meters, in these cases quite often when the home or small business owner is away from home for any reason. When they get home they are often confronted with the Smart Meter/s sitting in their Electric Meter Box and the Legal Anti Trespass Signs ripped off their Electric Meter Boxes and thrown on the ground. Just as bad, I am getting reports of many of these $167,000:00 Dollar fines having been ripped to pieces by many of these rude and bullying Microwave Smart Meter Installer Men in what can only be described as fits of childish PEEK ! This is not only disgraceful and downright WICKED behaviour but a serious CRIME.

      These Legal Common Law Signs have been posted on the Electric Meter Boxes to protect the Safe and Proven to be Safe Analogue Meters from THEFT and for the Smart Meter Installer Men to read these signs and obey them, and to leave these persons’ Electric Meter Boxes alone. It seems to me that these VANDALS are indeed the Analogue Electric Meter Thieves of Victoria who are committing crimes of the greatest magnitude in acting in this wicked manner. For these Heinous Crimes, those who are responsible should be Charged and Punished Severely.

      • Jason says:

        If you want anything done you’ll have to do it yourself.
        With a little help from your friends.
        Network ~ especially locally.
        I’m in Moe, LaTrobe Valley, and will be happy to keep in touch with people with, say, 50 km on a respond-to-emergency basis. Nobody needs to front up to these bastar@* on their own.

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