Vote Against Smart Meters

Armchair activists: here’s your chance  to make a difference, with just a few clicks of your fingers!

OurSay, in conjunction with Deakin University, is giving the public an opportunity to pose questions to Senate candidate and WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.

The following question regarding  smart meters is one of the contenders:

“Wireless smart meters breach people’s privacy, increase costs to the consumer, cause serious health problems, adversely affect pets, livestock, wildlife and bees, and damage homes and appliances. What do you believe is the real reason governments around the world are inflicting (wireless) smart meters on unwilling consumers and what will the Wikileaks Party do about smart meters, if elected?”

Each voter is given 7 votes to be used on any question(s) they choose.  Julian Assange will be asked the top five voted questions on August 16th.

Click on the link below to register YOUR votes for this question.  You can assign all 7 of your votes to the one question to improve its chances of winning.

Getting this question asked of Julian Assange will greatly increase awareness of the smart meter issue and stress to the Wikileaks Party the importance of fighting for our rights in Parliament. AskAssange closes at 10PM on Monday 12th August, so get your votes in NOW!

Click here to lend a hand.

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24 Responses to Vote Against Smart Meters

  1. John Macey says:

    Done. Dropped all 7 votes on the question

  2. Chris says:

    The question doesn’t mention the insidious fact that Smart Meters enable the rationing of electricity to our homes and appliances.

  3. Sue says:

    Without Julian Assange we would all still be ignorant of that story. Ignorance is not something to aspire to, emulate or patronise. Always support those that are willing to blow the whistle!
    The price of peace is eternal vigilance .

  4. Lynda oliver says:

    What I would like too know . Is how have these companies managed to gain control of all of our essential services . Gas water and electricity now they are riding shot gun over us . How has it got to this Stage ! This god dammed smart meter . I just don’t want one . Who is the master and who is the servent . It looks like role reversal ! Butt out . Make it voluntary !

  5. Maggie says:

    Just remember that online Petitions such as this one are really name gathering tools.

  6. Maggie says:

    Without brave whistleblowers such as Assange, and others, the world would be ignorant of the real issues confronting humanity. How many people would have the courage to upset the rotten applecart as they have done? The Countries they come from should be proud of such people.

  7. Brenn says:

    What exactly do I have to join or ‘sign in with’ to vote on this?. Don’t want to join something else just to vote –even though I would have supported it 100%.

  8. K8 says:

    I personally admire Julian Assange for his courage as a Whistleblower. He is one of many very brave and courageous people who are risking everything to reveal corrupt practices in our world as we know it. How can Positive Change happen if we don’t know the Truth?……

  9. Rik says:

    Smart Meters are the new cancer and need to be removed. We need someone in the government that cares for peoples health and safety that will DO SOMETHING and not just talk and take money.
    Its just like smoking. Not everyone will get cancer but most will and there are even more that get sick just because they are in the vicinity.
    Same for Smart Meters. They make a lot of people sick but not everyone. Just being in the area is enough for some people. They need to be removed and power companies need to be controlled more to stop ripping people off like they are doing now.

    I’m all behind Assange and what he can do to make this country as good as it was many years ago and to make it even better. I agree with him that the government needs to be totally removed and replaced.
    Keep up the fight mate, we’re all behind ya. 🙂

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      Personally I think it will be much worse than tobacco and asbestos because it is cumulative and will affect most people eventually. I think the government thinks that this technology will help them to catch terrorist and illicit drug manufacturers, but at what cost to us all. Isn’t the point that we want terrorists and drug pushers to be stopped for the good of our health? So killing us off with “smart” meters is definitely counter productive!

    • Ashley says:

      With Smart Meters apparently the EMF has a cumulative toxic effect, so, while now it may be just some who are getting sick, all of us are being polluted by them and once we’ve absorbed over our own bodies tolerance point then we can each expect the same sensitivity and sickness problems.

  10. I completely support the Stop Smart Meters campaign, but must draw the line at being associated with a person of the character of Assange. Sorry.

    • Gwen 's says:

      Same here….

    • Christine says:

      When will people open their eyes to how this world works? Why do you think we are in this situation with Smart Meters? Governments should be transparent and the character of people like Julian Assange should not be criticised for trying to uncover the underhanded activities of our so-called democratic governments. I only hope one day we will see people like this leading us with the truth!

      • pamela says:

        My thoughts exactly .. Julian Assange is a hero , but its a hard task opening some peoples minds ..that they are brain washed and manipulated by our governments!

    • Ashley says:

      It’s important to be aware that those who pose a threat to expose perpetrators destroying society are prone to having smear campaigns against them.

      Pauline Hansen is another example of this. If we take the time to read what she really does think it is nothing like the picture painted by a corrupted media. CLEARLY she was/is a serious threat to awaken the public to our treasonous governments. I suspect Julian Assange poses a similar level of threat.

      I would hate to think that those of us fighting Smart Meters vote for the wrong people because we fail to see through this.

    • John Macey says:

      To quote another person that once wanted to shake up Australian politics -“Please Explain”?

      • Ashley says:

        John, the ‘please explain?’ thing was a smear ploy in itself as part painting her as a dill. So instead of people learning and thinking for themselves, such as reading her ‘maiden speech to parliament’ (this is what to google), we had a duped public just walking around thinking they are witty by reciting “please explain?”. I wonder if the same people today really think our government is giving it their best shot on behalf of the voters.

  11. Laurie Cunningham says:

    I have this posted alongside the Stop Smart Meter issues:

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