Public Forum – Smart Meter Towers in Yarra Ranges



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5 Responses to Public Forum – Smart Meter Towers in Yarra Ranges

  1. Pam says:

    Scares me to death. Ended up getting an estimated account again!!!! Thankfully a friend had read my analogue meter the same day the meter reader read it. His reading was higher and instead of having to make an appointment to open my meter box to take a correct reading they accepted my lower reading. I have now received the correct account and am applying for the Utility Relief Grant, which Im mentioned in earlier comments…………….Never give up – have just had a friend re-do my signs as they were getting unruly with the shocking weather we have beern having. Cheers Pam 🙂

    • Michael Bland says:

      Hi Pam
      You can rest assured im not giving into the bully boys an there radiation, any way im going right of grid thanks to them for making me see I should have done it sooner but never mind we will get there an as you said never give into them!!!

  2. Stephen Gregory says:

    About Hazardous Thresholds. Absolute hazardous thresholds have not been etsablished. Studies suggest biological effects may begin to occur near 0.1 mW/CM3 Long term exposure should therefore be limited.

    • Eric says:

      I think you mean cm2.
      Also be clear in distinguishing milli (m) (as opposed to micro (µ) )

    • Rob Guy says:

      Good to see technical aspects of safety given more airing. The 0.1 mW/cm3 tbreshold begs the question “cubic centimetre of what?”. A bigger question lies at the centre of the only laboratory assessment overseen by DPI in 2009. The emissions from some 40 smart meters were measured by an accredited laboratory and found to be below this threshold, but the 40 were not a represeentative sample of the 500,000 meters to be installed. DPI, in one breathtaking leap from the particular to the general then pronounced all smart meters as safe.! The Vic government has deliberately or otherwise has consistently muddied the waters on Smart meter safety.

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