ARPANSA Electromagnetic Radiation Health Complaints Register Reporting Form

Stop Smart Meters Australia has come across an Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) Electromagnetic Radiation Health Complaints Register Reporting Form. Unfortunately this reporting form doesn’t seem to be well publicised, but we plan to change this!!

As the Complaints Register Reporting Form states, ARPANSA is responsible for protecting the health and safety of people and the environment from the “harmful effects of radiation”.

We encourage all who are suffering as a result of electromagnetic radiation (for example, smart meter radiation emissions) to download this form and complete it.

The more people complete this register, the more the authorities will understand the inadequacies of Australian radiation safety standards.

Download the form here repform.doc

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10 Responses to ARPANSA Electromagnetic Radiation Health Complaints Register Reporting Form

  1. Jodie Donnelly says:

    Can we still fill in this form repform.doc and have the glitches been sorted. How do you send it off once it is filled in. Kind regards Jo

  2. Cindy Kaiser says:

    Hi. Is it possible to have my smart meter removed? I’m sick from it and seriously can’t live with my headaches anymore. Please help! Thanks.

  3. NatMac says:

    There are conventional avenues in place to address public EMR health concerns. I would encourage anyone suffering health problems to utilize this resource.
    I also suggest that it may be even more effective to forward a copy of your form with a letter of explanation to Ballarat MP,
    Hon Catherine King.
    5 Lydiard Street North,
    Ballarat, VIC, 3350
    Or email
    Her role as Parliamentary Secretary for Health & Ageing is to liaise between the government and ARPANSA and it is her responsibility as a federal member to communicate to ARPANSA any constituent concerns.
    It’s worth a try. Any action requires action!
    Warm regards, NatMac

  4. myadvice says:

    Dear Sirs,
    The ARPANSA Form in Purple …..repform.doc……….. does not work properly, Have they at ARPANSA designed it so poorly that there is no way to send this form of theirs to them. Was it intentional I am wondering. Disgraceful is all I can say about it. It cannot even fit in the required dates without it stuffing up and making a lot of silly arrows…….not needed, as well as ///////////////// stupid border lines like a rectangle. For God’s sake ARPANSA do the job properly, or get someone to make out a proper set of Documents that can be filled in properly.

    Signed, Thouroughly DISGUSTED………! . Richard Leschen.
    Dated 10th July 2012

  5. Anonymous says:

    I recieved this letter from Energy Safe Victoria, Please read as we will and must fight these cruel, greedy power companies what excuses they made and are finding ways to try and bully ,force or even lie to the people telling us radioactive frequencies emitting from the SM have little radiation and could not become carcinogenic.


    Thank you for your email expressing your concerns regarding radiation emissions from smart meters. I am sorry to learn that you believe the meter has adversely impacted upon your health, causing the symptoms you describe.

    Energy Safe Victoria is responsible for the electrical safety of electrical installations. Your concerns about radiation should be addressed to the Health Department – Victoria, an organisation better able to respond to your concerns.

    While electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a condition acknowledged by the WHO, that organisation does not ascribe it to EMF, as indicated in the following extract from WHO Publications:

    The conclusion of WHO is that EHS is characterised by a variety of non-specific symptoms that differ from individual to individual. The symptoms are real and can vary widely in their severity. Whatever its cause, EHS can be a disabling problem for the affected individual. EHS has no clear diagnostic criteria and there is no scientific basis to link EHS symptoms to EMF exposure. EHS is not a medical diagnosis, nor is it clear that it represents a single medical problem (WHO, 2005).

    The Department of Health endorses the view of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) that:
    ‘The combination of the relatively low power of the transmitters, their location on the outside of buildings and the very short time spent transmitting means that the overall exposure from Smart Meters is very low and well below exposure limits, even when a number of devices are communicating simultaneously.’

    At its March 2012 meeting, the Victorian Ministerial Radiation Advisory Committee reiterated its position that:
    ‘there is no substantive evidence to suggest that exposure to radiofrequency radiation such as from Smart Meters can increase the risk of chronic health effects, such as cancer.’

    I hope the professional opinions expressed above by disinterested parties goes some way to allaying your concerns.
    The Victorian Government has now mandated that all residential and small business electricity customers must have a Smart Meter installed by the end of 2013.
    If you require further information about Smart meters it can be accessed from the Department of Primary Industry’s website and the Health Department’s website:

    Should you have any concerns about the electrical safety of a ‘Smart meter’ please, in the first instance, contact your electricity supplier.

    Energy Safe Victoria

  6. The Environmental Working Group in the U.S. has produced an excellent initiative that enables the public to simply and easily edit and send a message to the FCC. Perhaps a similar type of form could be used here to fascilitate and keep track of the number of complainants? The EWG initiative can be found here:

  7. Economist says:

    This form is of the utmost importance to fill in to report cases of RF affected persons. This reporting system has been in effect for some years now, however I think it would be wise to keep copies of ones owns complaints, and possibly even store it on the stopsmartmeters database for future reference, as I personally believe the cases on the ARPANSA website are somewhat under-reported, or another possibility could be that the particular section of the ARPANSA website is hard to find. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK – STOPSMARTMETERSAUSTRALIA 😉

  8. I wonder if it is possible to get aggregated information about this register – ARPANSA could be receiving thousands of complaints, yet none of the complainants know about the others complaining…

  9. EMR Stop says:

    What a fantastic find well done.

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