Get Wired – A Historic Event To Open Minds And Inspire Action

Don't Smart Meter Me!“Governments and power companies tell us that ‘smart’ meters are going to save us money, make our lives easier, help the environment – that they’re an all-round wonderful thing. But the truth is almost exactly the opposite.  Put one of these in your home and you can kiss goodbye to any semblance of privacy, and possibly your health and that of your children.  Plus your bills are likely to go up by at least 30%!  If people knew the facts, it would kill the proposed rollout stone dead – overnight.”

– Mike Mitcham Co-Founder of SSM! UK

‘Smart’ meters are a health disaster waiting to happen

Get_Wired 2013 kicked off with a presentation by Dr Elizabeth Evans, a former general practitioner (GP) and the co-founder of SSM! UK.  She pointed out that the level of radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by wireless technologies in our cities is up to 1 billion billion times greater than the background level.  Because these pulsed microwave EMRs are an entirely new form of EMR exposure, we humans haven’t had the time to become evolutionarily adapted to these frequencies – if, indeed, such adaptation is even possible.  As a result, the health risks posed by RF-EMRs are both numerous and significant – but governments and power companies worldwide insist that ‘smart’ meters are safe.

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4 Responses to Get Wired – A Historic Event To Open Minds And Inspire Action

  1. Alex says:

    The only way to move forward is for all of us, those who don’t have a Smart Meter installed and those whom unfortunately do, to work together. Every Tyrant Empire in history eventually falls when those oppressed stand as one and fight for what they believe in.
    If you don’t know your rights, then you have none.

  2. Cedar Wilde says:

    I am sick of hearing “ONLY 3% of people are affected by the “Smart” meters”. At the same time we hear that EMR is cumulative – that, to me, means that everyone will be affected to some degree eventually if not immediately. It is incredible that we have to fight for our health in this day and age when we are being exhorted by government agencies to stop smoking and keep away from health damaging effects of various other substances. How can our government be so weak as to put us in harm’s way just because they have agreed to allow some greedy organisations into this country for profits and the dubious idea that they will prevent terrorism by accessing our private information.. I certainly don’t want this in Australia and I think the government is going to be very sorry that they have allowed it to happen, if they stop it now the damage will be so much less for them (and us!)

  3. Dee waterhouse says:

    What about those poor people who originally had Smart Meter installation when the “roll-out” first took place? Ignorant then, but informed of the dangers now. What can they do?

  4. Wired,not wireless says:

    It’s a Catch 22 now the world we are forced to live in. No-one asked to become a lab rat for these greedy corporations who continue on the path to wealth. The plug should have been pulled on this ‘experiment’ decades ago, to not reach the ridiculous levels of EMR exposure known today. Here we are in the 21st Century, being endlessly marketed to & blindly following manufacturers claims of safety, thinking we need to keep up with any new technology that is possibly making us unwell in the long run. Some Asian cities are nearly unlivable, the smog is so bad. I don’t want this to happen to Australia, do you?

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