Occupy Your Home: Confronting Smart Meter Toxification

Smart Meters are being rolled out in many countries around the world. A common factor in many of these roll outs are the number of people who are unaware of the potential dangers posed by these devices. James F. Tracy PhD, media critic and educator wrote a blog on this issue. Excerpts of some of the key points covered in Professor Tracey’s blog are detailed below.

“An overwhelming majority of US and Canadian citizens are entirely unaware that an especially dangerous device has been attached to their homes. While installation of “smart meters” across North America has continued apace since 2009 the health effects such devices pose have yet to be fully realized. Left unaddressed the broad use and continued deployment of such equipment will almost certainly influence human health for many generations to come…..

…The foremost danger of smart meters is that they are designed to communicate with each other by emitting substantial and frequent bursts of radio frequency (RF) microwave pollution several thousand times per day–a cumulative burden on one’s genetic and biological makeup that children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to given their respective developing and degenerative conditions…..Such information is intentionally overlooked by power utilities and little-if-any acknowledgement of negative health effects appear in any of the vacuous paraphernalia they provide their customers–and state regulators–promoting the meters……

…..A half century ago tobacco and asbestos were known menaces to health and over the long-term exposure to these substances culminated in a variety of cancers and other terminal diseases compelling the government to intervene on the public’s behalf. The credible scientific evidence suggests the same holds true for exposure to RF microwave radiation. In fact, government and academic research dating to the 1960s points to the potential health dangers of sustained RF and EMF exposure. While the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Communications Commission, and the American Cancer Society claim that RF and EMF pose no health risks, their conclusions are based on dubious and outdated studies often funded by the telecommunications industry itself….

…Aside from long-term adverse health effects, smart meters also pose more immediate safety and privacy concerns. The equipment has not been inspected by and thus does not meet  the protocols of the internationally recognized authority on consumer appliance safety standards, Underwriters Laboratory, a potential violation of numerous state and local municipal codes. Careless installation or the limited integrity of smart meter engineering and design have been pointed to as the possible cause of house fires.

The full blog can be found here.
Thank you Abi for bringing this blog to SSMA’s attention.

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24 Responses to Occupy Your Home: Confronting Smart Meter Toxification

  1. ian says:

    Have you got a mobile phone, a portable in-house phone, do you ever fly in plane, or watch tv, or use a radio?
    If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you should probably get rid of all of those appliances and activities, which would be doing probably more harm than a smart meter, which is just there to provide you with an opportunity to utilise cheaper tariffs when possible.

    • Steve says:

      Ian, yes flying in a plane will subject you to higher levels of radiation (Cosmic radiation) than at ground level and so your chances of getting cancer increases with the number and duration of trips. Mobile Phone usage increases the risk of cancer as shown in the Interphone study where a weak causal link was identified (refer to IARC Monograph). Watching TV or listening to Radio having a health effect is debatable unless your head is close to the device. Living close to a TV or AM/FM Radio transmitter on the other hand can increase your chances of getting cancer. Many of the above (except AM/FM transmission) exposures are based on an element of choice which is denied when it comes to installing smart meters on bedroom or main living area walls.
      However the rest of your comments are uninformed rubbish, disingenuous to those who are impacted and what I would expect from someone who either works for the industry or believes everything one is told by the Government and or power companies.
      Try explaining cheaper tariffs to those who have smart meters and have seen their bills skyrocket. You also seem to confuse smart meter emissions being less harmful than other transmitting appliances because they emit radiation that has a lower power density than many of them. Yes this would be true if you only consider the thermal effects. When it comes to non thermal effects this is no longer true as it has been shown than non thermal effects do not follow a linear dose response relationship. Dr Leif Salford showed that mobile phones operating at 1000th of their normal operating emission levels caused greater damage to the blood brain barrier than a mobile phone operating at normal emission levels (which are supposedly safe based on SAR compliance testing). Having holes in the blood brain barrier is not a good thing. As a person who is sensitive to EMF I can say without a doubt that my health was far more severely impacted by my neighbours 2 smart meters (being exposed continuously 24×7 – I am a home based worker) than my periodic usage of my mobile phone. Of course there are those who make ridiculous statements that this is all in my head because they don’t feel a thing. People who suffer peanut allergies suffered the same ridicule until was proven and it took time for this to be recognised.
      If you have no issues using wireless and think smart meters are a good thing then by all means use them and appreciate them but do some research before you come here and spout smart meters are less harmful than other appliances unless you can provide scientific evidence (i.e. studies conducted on smart meter safety that looks at health implications – not studies that simple compare emissions against an irrelevant and out of date RF standards such as that conducted by EMC technologies.)

  2. Cedar Wilde says:

    In my opinion these electricity companies are worse than drug peddlers because of the huge number of people whose lives are at risk and the huge amounts of money the companies are making from the government and the aforesaid people. Our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren are more important than their profits.

  3. Informed Choice says:

    This study contained in the blog caught my attention: “Findings assert one receives almost the equivalent amount of RF radiation standing one metre away from a smart meter as they would within the immediate vicinity of a cell phone tower.” Draw your own conclusions as to how ‘safe’ constant exposure to your new smart meter (or any ‘smart’ technology, actually) is… A very impressive article, complete with many great comments from readers.

  4. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Readers,
    The only people allowed on my or any other Victorian Person’s property is the Meter Reader Man.
    As a Private person under Common Law, I have the Legal and Inalienable Right to refuse anybody else on my Land.

    I am protected by Common Law to this effect. See the Australian Constitutional Act 1900-1901 which is still in effect for a $167,000:00 Fine for anybody trespassing on my property without my written permission.

    I have notified PowerCor’s C.E.O a Mr Shane Brehney and the Minister for Power in Victoria Mr Michael O’Brien some months ago of this fact as well as the C.E.O of the Department of Primary Industry for The Microwave Smart Meter Department and Mr Peter Wallace of A.M.I who is also connected to PowerCor of this Common Law, as well as Mrs Janet Hogarty of PowerCor all by Registered Postal Letters and my Lawyers as well.

    It is now on Public Record as stated by Mrs Janet Hogarty in an official letter she wrote to one of her customers, that she cannot vouch for the Safety of these Microwave so-called Smart Meters for human beings. This means simply that and she cannot guarantee that they will not make her Electricity Customers sick after these so-called Smart Meters have been installed in customers Electric Meter boxes, and that she cannot guarantee these Microwave Smart Meters will not start fires in customers Electric Meter Boxes. We of Stop Smart Meters Of Australia have seen this letter which is now on Public Record. So why she keeps on telling people in Victoria by letter that all Victorian Electricity Customers must allow a Microwave Smart Meter on their properties flies in the FACE OF REASON and Commons Sense. Does Mrs Janet Hogarty of PowerCor want her customers to keep on getting Sick from this constant Microwave Poison from these now proving to be very dangerous Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Meters and does she want here customers to have fire damage to their Electric Meter Boxes and to have more Victorian Homes burn down from the ongoing installation of these now proving to be Deadly Dangerous Microwave so-called Smart Meters ? That is the QUESTION !


    Richard Leschen.

    • Eric says:

      I would have to ask the question that in acting in such a manner (that flies in the face of reason) does this woman Mrs Janet Hogarty have any degree of conscience ?

      • 1vimana1 says:

        I would have to say NO ! to that question of yours about Mrs Janet Hogarty and of course he minions who are trained to LIE regarding the Microwave Smart Meters being safe for their Victorian Customers. Of course these very weak people of PowerCor want to keep their jobs and have been telling Lies to their customers about Smart Meters being safe for their Customers’ health for such a long time now.

        I was amazed to learn that Mrs Janet Hogarty spilled the beans or actually told the Truth that she could not GUARANTEE that these Microwave so-called Smart Meters were safe for PowerCor Customers Health when she admitted in a letter to one of her Electricity Customers. This letter to one of her customers was given to us of SSMA with the name of the customer deleted for his own protection and privacy of course, but is now on record and in the Public Domain. It is more than high time for the other four foreign owned Electric Power Companies here in Victoria, to tell the truth that they also cannot guarantee that the Microwave so-called Smart Meters cannot be guaranteed to do no harm to their Electricity Customers or to do any damage to their private Electrical goods as well.

  5. Eric says:

    Just saying “it is safe” does not make anything safe
    Saying “it is safe” one hundred times still does not make anything safe

    It is most certain that…….
    Wireless “smart meters” HAVE NOT BEEN PROVED TO BE SAFE !!!!!!!!!

    We have every right to believe that in actual fact they are very very unsafe.
    We also have every right to believe that they dangerous devices.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      The proof that these so-called Smart Meters are not only unsafe but actually very dangerous is mounting every day with not only mounting numbers of Victorian Citizens getting sick from the Microwave Radiation from these Microwave so-called Smart Meters, but from mounting numbers of Citizens now World-Wide also getting sick from the Microwave Radiation constantly being emitted from these now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Machines. As well as this here in Victoria and the rest of the world many fires are still breaking out in Peoples’ Electrical Meter Boxes after these so-called Smart Meters have been installed against the Will and Better Judgement of the Electricity Customers.

      Would you or I or anyone get into a brand new car that had never been properly road tested for safety of its steering and or braking ability etc. The answer to this is a resounding NO !
      So why do these Criminal C.E.O’s of the five overseas owned Victorian Electric Power Companies keep on telling lies to us the Public of Victoria, that these so-called Smart Meters are safe. The answer to this is simple…..They don’t care a jot about their Victorian Customers Health of Welfare. In so disregarding our Health and Welfare these C.E.O’ as well as the Smart Meter Installer Men and this complicit Victorian Liberal Party Government just like the past Labour Victorian Labour Government have become the willing DUPES of these now proving to be Criminal Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and this also complicit Department of Primary Industry Boss who is in charge of this great and still ongoing Microwave Crime against its’ own Victorian Electricity Customers who are the home-owners and small businesses owners in Victoria.
      These people have proven to be outright CRIMINALS and must be punished by us the people of Victoria in huge Common Class Legal Actions.
      Already in America in many states this is now happening and must come to pass here in Victoria Australia as well.

  6. Gwen says:

    On the ABC news tonight, they were talking about a soldier who, very sadly passed away from bowel cancer. I’m sorry but I didn’t get all of the story. It wasn’t until they mentioned EMR,(this was before they said the young man had passed away) that I took notice. A device that is used for landmine detection, (I think), is carried in the soldiers pocket.
    Some are saying that this is what caused the bowel cancer in this young man who was doing his duty for his country. The army and government representatives are denying that this is possible.
    If anyone hears the full story can you please let us know. Thanks.

  7. Tracey Karaitiana says:

    Australia is a Common Law Country, and property-owners have rights at law, particularly through the High Court ruling by Mr Justice Kirby in September 1998. Property owners whose land is held under Deeds in Fee Simple have the right to refuse to agree to the takeover of their land for this or any other purpose.

    Private Property Owners and their Rights
    Property Owners’ Rights in Australia are guaranteed in three ways by three different legal instruments, as under…

    (1) Deed in Fee Simple
    (2) Magna Carta 1215, and
    (3) The Bill of Rights 1668/9

    Fee Simple rights, particularly the High Court ruling given by Mr Justice Kirby, in September , 1998, when he made his decision by using an earlier High Court Case (1923) when Mr Justice Isaacs settled a dispute by confirming to the property owners in the case the rights conferred on all property-owners under their Freehold Deed in Fee Simple.

    Under the current laws in Australia, both State and Federal, it is absolutely illegal for the Government “to take what it wants”, or indeed to dictate in any way what property-owners must do or not do in regard to their lands held under Deeds in Fee Simple so long as we retain our Common Law status under our legally unchangeable Christian Monarchical Constitutions, which apply both State and Federally.

    Certain politicians are trying illegally to change our unchangeable (except via referendum of the Australian People) Federal Constitution, because they want to deny people the right to hold private property under our Monarchical laws.

    Evidence of present protection of our rights through “Fee Simple”
    In the High Court of Australia, in a decision in the case The Commonwealth v New South Wales, Justice Isaacs spoke of “fee simple” as follows…
    “In the language of the English law, the word fee signifies an estate of inheritance as distinguished from a less estate… A fee simple is the most extensive in quantum, and the most absolute in respect of rights, which if confers, of all estates known to the law. It confers, and since the beginning of legal history it always has conferred, the lawful right to exercise over, upon, and in respect to, the land, every act of ownership which can enter into the imagination, including the right to commit unlimited waste. Besides these rights of ownership, a fee simple at the present day confers as absolute right, both of alienation inter vivos and of devise by will”

    PLENTY V. DILLON (1991) 171 CLR 635 F.C. 91/004 – (HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA) states in part…
    a) Consent to an entry is implied if the person enters for a lawful purpose. In Robson v. Hallet (1967) 2 QB 939, Lord Parker C.J said (at p 951): “… the occupier of any dwelling-house give implied license to any member of the public coming on his lawful business to come through the gate, up the steps, and knock on the door of the house”. This implied licence extends to the driveway of a dwelling-house: However, the licence may be withdrawn by giving notice of its withdrawal. A person who enters or remains on property after the withdrawal of licence is a trespasser. Australian Constitution Act (1900-01) and the privacy act for trespassing and are liable for a $167.000 fine. In Davis v. Lisle (1936) 2 KB 434, police officers who had lawfully entered a garage for the purpose of making enquiries were held to have become trespassers by remaining in the garage after they were told by the proprietor to “get outside”.
    b) The general policy of the law is against government officials having the rights of entry on private property with the permission of the occupier, and nothing concerned with the service of a summons gives any ground for creating a new exception to the general rule that entry on property without the express or implied consent of the occupier is a trespass.
    c) If the courts of common law do not uphold the rights of the individuals by granting effective remedies, they invite anarchy, for nothing breeds social disorder as quickly as the sense of injustice which is apt to be generated by the unlawful invasion of a person’s rights, particularly when the invader is a government official.

    The Australian Constitution incorporates the view that individual freedom should prevail alongside a limited role for government. Section 51(xxxi) requires that if the government acquires property from any State or person, it does so on just terms. Just terms have been defined by the High Court as ‘full and adequate compensation’ where the acquisition is a compulsory taking.

    Section 51: (xxxi) The acquisition of property on just terms from any State or person for any purpose in respect of which the Parliament has power to make laws:

    However, it must be noted that section 51 (xxxi) only applies to the Commonwealth. It does not bind the States nor do the States have ‘just compensation’ clauses in their own constitutions.
    For this reason, Section 109 of the Australian Constitution takes precedent over any State Constitution.

    Section 109. When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.
    Property rights are essential to freedom, justice, peace and prosperity. They are basic rights. Despite common law and constitutional protections, property rights are increasingly being eroded by the modern regulatory state. The time has come to restore respect for property rights for all landowners.

    A TRESSPASS NOTICE is in fact a withdrawal notice to the common law’ … implied licence to any member of the public coming on his lawful business to come through the gate, up the steps, and knock on the door of the house’, and must be clearly displayed at each access to a FEE SIMPLY owned property.

    “Commonwealth of Australian Constitution 1901” Protect your rights and freedom in Australia by getting to know your Constitution. The government, corporations and mainstream media are at work to SUPPRESS THOSE RIGHTS from you the public and Sovereign People of Australia.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Tracey Karaitiana,
      Excellent letter of yours, you cover the legal points very aptly. I have also covered the LAW in my letter of June 9th 2013.

    • anonymous says:

      Tracey, your explanation is much appreciated

    • 1vimana1 says:

      You mention in (1.) Deed in Fee Simple.
      Don’t you really mean…Deed in Fee Simple Title. For that is what all my legal notices have on them.

  8. Rathpfer says:

    Here are some interesting comments from a post in a sister website

    From a utility insider:

    Cell relay meters looked different than regular smart meters.
    However, all smart “meters” are also cell relay hubs.
    Every single one of even Generation I “meters” is fully capable of doubling as a fully functioning cell relay collector hub device while locked on your home.
    Smart “meters” are already used as collector hubs, remotely achieved by rotation.
    A smart “meter” is a multiple use device.
    We already know that arbitrary and fully inadequate thermal based safety limits mean absolutely nothing. Worse still, , it is almost impossible to find which “meter” has been activated to enable illegal exposure levels akin to cell tower intensity since those in charge of this are able to hide what they are doing and are also self policing.
    Anyone’s “meter” at any given moment can be remotely activated as a hub.
    Utilities seem to think they can ‘fly below the radar’, legally.
    All the while there is what appears to be a global pathologically indifference to the fact that this is a daily exercise in premeditated murder.
    Utilities everywhere are prepared to knowingly expose people to what even by current standards are fully illegal radiation levels, harming infants, children, the sick and the elderly, and indeed all people left with no protection at all, all of which violates all customer contracts, implied or otherwise
    Your private home has been co-opted for corporate data mining and surveillance and for use by an illegal radiation data mining device.
    Your unshielded wiring was never intended to carry microwaves sharing data with up to 5000 other homes and smart “meters”, each one doubling as a fully functioning cell relay collector hub.
    At any moment, any poor unwitting family can be and is being exposed to cell tower strength frequencies.
    The true purpose of the grid system is to rotate monthly by stealth whichever smart meter becomes the next collector hub for any given area.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Totally true that they were tested on one house as to how they work.. and tested for what they emit which shows nothing much.. but to sleep near one means the brain could pick up on it somehow which then means not a total rest for your brain..?? which then means you could find yourself standing in the middle of the room with strange sensations and no sleep for a long time..and much more.. especially if you are night shift worker..and you need a balance of night and day and no radiation what so ever near your head when you sleep to get proper rest.. anyway… ever since the smart piece of crap was stuck to my house.. I have been so sick (with no physical illness to be found) and it did not make sense… but I moved away from it as I knew something about it triggering electro sensitivity.. and I still want it removed.. I deserve this for peace of mind.. my house is a mess from moving to a small room like a teenager and losing the ability to even fall asleep on my couch if I wanted to..but I can’t because the smart piece of crap is there. I have spoken to people around the world who I did not know from a bar of soap, they have exactly the same story and women are the worst affected as especially when their period stops no doctor is going to have any idea if it was the frequency or not.. but some get their hormones balanced..some are just working it now and struggling.. and I do not watch TV anymore.. I studied this.. I have studied this well as people with no iphones, no microwave ovens, no computers also suddenly got sick.. like it gets the nervous system… and some are needing help and have hardly anywhere to go.. and others are thinking of dying in their own homes.. I am not happy even though I am better due to other people helping me.. I tried to get help from the people in charge.. I cried, I asked questions.. I threw around ideas to ARPANSA asking if I should get a hollow steel pole and ram it into the ground to earth of the electricity as someone who installed meters told me to do.. the ARPANSA scientist told me it will not work.. I told him I am in pain and asked him whether he could tell me what will work? He had nothing to tell me.. I asked if he would take my phone number to call me to help me out if he finds out… he told me to go on the webpage. I could not as I was electro sensitive it hurt me to be inside my house and near the modem.. I called the government law department..they sent me an email (not a letter in my letter box) I did not know it was their communication because I could not open my computer at the time..so I plugged in an old phone with wires (where I could not press buttons) and called Slater and Gordon.. there at least I received a real letter in my letter box.. weeks down the track I found the email from the government law department.. and bought a new wire phone to try to back track all my phone calls where I begged for help.. still have the smart meter.. still want it off unless it is run by optical fibre. I want my house back the way it was as I have struggled over this crap now since August last year.

    • Gwen says:

      This is horrifying that you are suffering and no one is listening. I purchased an EMF rodent repellent plug- in device when the mice plague was on. It is designed to affect the central nervous system.
      I had it on for two days until I realized that this was the cause of my suddenly feeling so ill. I felt nauseous, off balance and suffered extremely rapid heart palpitations.l also had a never ending headache Unlike you, I was in control and able to turn the nightmare off.
      I sincerely hope they will listen and turn it off soon.
      The device complied with Australian standards and stated that it was safe for humans and pets.

    • Anxious Victorian says:


      I hear you I have been suffering with these evil devices for 2 yrs now on and off. I am in the same boat again. I live in a newly renovated house and I have been forced to move my kids out of their bedrooms and they now sleep on a blow up mattress due to a newly installed smart meter on my neighbors property which is attached to one of my bedroom walls and is next to my kids bedroom. Since it was installed i haven’t been able to spend time in the front part of my house as being around these devices makes me sick. My kids no longer have a bedroom and now sleep in a small retreat area upstairs. I now live in half a house. Its a single fronted terrace so it wasn’t a big house to start with. I have cried and tried to get City Power to help but of course we are ignored. They are in-humane monsters who simply don’t care. My rights have been taken away from me. My right to live in my house happily now no longer exists. I no longer enjoy my home. I hate what they have done to me and my family. My kids deserve a bedroom. I deserve to enjoy my home without being sick. I pray that this comes back to bite them one day in a big way so then i can have the last laugh. Every dog has its day and there’s is coming.

      What to do now ??? I have no idea…..

    • Well aware says:

      There is so much denial going on still with this crappy technology. It definitely wreaks havoc with the nervous system – some are aware of its effects, most are not and that is the most frustrating thing. Like you, I can no longer sleep in my main bedroom (since late last year). The next door neighbours meter faces our master bedroom. I thought I’d be fine not having one on my home but am affected anyway with headaches, agitation, memory lapses and now sensitive to wi-fi also. I am really angry this has happened and want revenge on these idiots for ruining my life – I hope we can get them for this . I understand your pain – it must be a living nightmare. We want to move but can’t find a house for sale that doesn’t have a smart meter on it! Victoria is No longer the place I want to be…

      • Nepean Constituent says:

        This is an absolutely disgusting vile situation the the Victoria State Government have forced upon it’s citizens. What have we come to here in that we no longer have the choice of being able to move home and that the prime consideration for moving home now has to be whether a smart meter is present or not.

        I rang the Nepean State Liberal MP and Education Minister Martin Dixon’s office as we have a property on the Peninsula. He wasn’t present at the time so I spoke to his assistant or secretary and expressed my complaint to her about the smart meter agenda. She virtually admitted that with Martin Dixon being a Liberal Party member, what I would get from any dialogue with him would be smart meter education speech….which is what I got from her. I told her that it is disgusting that having been born and raised in Victoria, having worked and paid my taxes that now I was being put in a situation where I have to contemplate being without power.

        Guess what her reaction was ????

        Her reaction was “You don’t have to go without power”
        Then she qualified it…..
        “…..if you get a smart meter.”

        She couldn’t care less about how distressed people are feeling about this matter. She couldn’t care less about her constituents suffering from extreme headaches. She is just addicted to the power of working next to an incumbent and significant political figure. These people are not living in the real world. They are in Politics Fantasy Land.

        She did tell me that she would get Martin Dixon to call me . I haven’t heard boo in eight months. Still waiting Martin………….

        • Morn Pen girl says:

          Been there, done that also with this particular MP’s office. My thoughts exactly – What an absolute disgrace this woman is, treating people with contempt when they call for ‘support’ and lying about the whole smart meter scam. We don’t need to be educated re these dumb meters, what we need is answers and a bit of common decency but what we get is the usual claptrap…Grrrr!

  10. 1vimana1 says:

    No thought whatsoever has ever been shown towards the proper testing of these so-called Smart Meters over a long enough time to make sure they are safe for humans or any life at all. In effect it has all been a super RUSH JOB for making money.

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