It has already been posted previously on this website, February 2012, that in response to concerns about health and privacy by British backbenchers, the UK Government decided that the smart meter rollout in the UK would NOT be mandatory.

More recently, Great Britain has gone a step further when last month two representatives of StopSmartMeters UK were given the opportunity to explain their concerns in the House of Commons. They were listened to with respect and given a fair hearing. Dr Liz Evans from SSM UK outlined the acute harm from wireless smart meters and also the chronic effects, which include “cancer, infertility, dementia, genetic damage, immune system dysfunction and damage to foetuses”.

The videos of House of Commons proceedings are a MUST SEE:

Interestingly, on 10th May 2013, it was announced that the UK Government had decided to postpone commencement of their (non-mandatory) smart meter roll-out by more than a year to 2015.

What is happening in the UK is contrasting widely with what is happening here in Victoria, where hundreds of requests by concerned and health affected residents to meet with the energy minister have fallen on deaf ears. Pleads for help via letters and emails are simply being disregarded as the Energy Minister’s Department, with support from the DPI, are sending ‘propaganda’ material which claims wireless smart meters are safe – despite the fact that there has NOT BEEN A SINGLE STUDY commissioned to look at possible health effects of smart meter’s radiofrequency fields. To make matters worse, a post-rollout surveillance study has also not been initiated, which is ethically questionable and demonstrates a lack of consideration by the Government for the welfare of its constituents.

In the meantime, ICNIRP guidelines have been used as a ‘defensive wall for industry’, which is exactly what Dr Paolo Vecchia (just retired ICNIRP chairman) has warned against. ICNIRP is now restructuring and has called for new scientific experts who will work on a new plan, which includes a review of ICNIRP’S approach to the safety guidelines and how it protects the public from the non-ionizing radiation produced by wireless technology.

Hundreds of Victorians have developed symptoms from wireless smart meters, with a handful becoming so sick that they have had no option but to relocate interstate. The rest of the population face an uncertain future with regards to health and the possibility (already outlined in a previous post on this website) that IARC’s classification for RF could be upgraded from Group 2B to a Group 2A carcinogen.

The truth appears to be suppressed by vested interests particularly with some sections of the media not following up on emails sent by affected individuals.


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  1. naturalpfg says:

    LONDON, ENGLAND (23 May, 2013) Early last week, Edward Davey’s Parliamentary Undersecretary, Baroness Verma, made an announcement in the House of Lords that the UK’s Smart Meter programme would be delayed by at least “one year”. The announcement gained much attention and media exposure across the UK, but a crucial component of her announcement was seemingly omitted from all popular reports and commentary.
    According to the recordings of the Baroness’s statement in Hansard (the official report of the proceedings in parliament), she revealed a second major shift in Government policy regarding Smart Meters which went unnoticed as admissions regarding delays overtook the media glare.
    In a stunning and outrageous Government u-turn, Ministers have decided that from the end of this year, UK energy suppliers will be BLOCKED from fulfilling customer wishes to replace a pre-existing Smart Meter with a more safe and secure analogue alternative. This change will be enforced through modifications to supplier licensing conditions on 14 July 2013, meaning that from the end of the year, if an energy customer moves house and finds one or more Smart Meters in situ, their supplier will not be allowed to offer analogue replacements.
    From Hansard, 13 May 2013, Baroness Verma:
    “We have decided that from the end of this year, when a customer switches from a supplier who has provided them with a compliant smart meter, the new supplier cannot replace that smart meter with a dumb meter and must either rent the previous supplier’s meter or install their own new smart meter… We are also proposing for consultation that, when a customer with a compliant smart meter switches supplier,the new supplier must continue to provide remote meter readings.”
    If you are left wondering why this generous concession has been made for Big Energy’s Smart Metering programme at your expense, the Baroness – drawing on a newly published Consultation Response document – added the following:
    “This will give greater confidence to early movers over their investments… this package of proposals will give consumers and industry the confidence they need for a successful rollout. Subject to the successful completion of the parliamentary process, the licence conditions will come into force on 14 July 2013.”
    This breach of public trust not only reflects a cowardly u-turn on commitments that the Government has made repeatedly that Smart Meters will be ‘voluntary’, but sends a clear message to consumers that free-choice is not compatible with the UK’s Orwellian energy policy. It also serves to reveal the long-term, ‘war of attrition’-style intentions for Smart Metering and exposes the lie that Smart Metering is primarily aimed at serving consumers.

    What’s more is that these new rules for suppliers lay the foundation for ‘ripping-and-replacing’ Smart Meters when changing suppliers – as there will be an obligation on suppliers to either “pay rent” to a competitor or take the decision to rip-and-replace the meter with their own. In this light, it becomes impossible to resolve the contention that this programme will serve as a means of reducing energy and makes a mockery of Smart Meters making it “easier” to switch suppliers.
    What may be of some interest, however, is how two pre-existing pieces of UK legislation might impact on DECC’s attempt to curtail freedom of metering choice.
    In 1986 and then in 1989, the UK’s Gas and Electricity Acts were respectively brought into being. Amongst other provisions, these Acts enshrined into law the right for individuals to have their own gas and electricity meters installed on their property.
    To explain specifically in relation to electricity, for example, Schedule 7 of the Electricity Act 1989,ss.1(2) &(2A) outlines the following:
    [(2) If the [authorised supplier] agrees, the meter may be provided by the customer [(who may provide a meter which belongs to him or is made available otherwise than in pursuance of arrangements made by the supplier)]; but otherwise it shall be provided by the [authorised supplier] [(who may provide a meter which belongs to him or to any person other than the customer)].
    (2A) [An authorised supplier] may refuse to allow one of his customers to provide a meter only if there are reasonable grounds for his refusal.] [You can check the UK Association of Meter Operator’s website for more information.]
    Our interpretation of this provision is that, so long as one’s own choice of non-smart/analogue meter complies with regulations and the supplier has no reasonable grounds for saying otherwise, any in situ Smart Meters can be sent back to the supplier. The only reasonable grounds for the supplier refusing this request that we can envisage would be if the meter is not compliant with safety or accuracy regulation. The issue of whether your own meter is “smart” or not seems irrelevant, and would certainly appear to have nothing to do with the Government’s “No Backward Step” policy nor its supplier-oriented licensing changes.

  2. Peter says:

    This article shows, yet again the growing opposition to Smart Meter technology (link below):
    The mayor of Brady, Texas, was recalled and two city-council members were voted out of office after activists, angered by the council’s vote to adopt smart meters, campaigned against them. [Voters also passed a referendum affirming the rights of residents to refuse smart meters on their property. Residents in 23 other counties are showing interest in replicating the success in Brady.]

  3. Kathy says:

    The Commons Select Committee Meeting in the UK Parliament, while commendable in a democratic society, appeared to be a type of delaying tactic, as Elizabeth has said. In the official video record of the Meeting, the Government Ministers appeared indifferent and totally ignorant of the importance of the issues they were discussing. They also displayed disrespect to one of the UK Stop Smart Meters Representatives by questioning his credibility, with respect to his career. Just listening by Government Ministers is not enough. It will be interesting to see what they do next.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    If the UK Government… “announced that it had decided to postpone commencement of their (non-mandatory) smart meter roll-out by more than a year to 2015…” they must have some concerns about the safety issues.

    Either that! Or it will give the Government ample time to viciously orchestrate a campaign in support of smart meters. Fund studies in favour of smart meters then try to convince the public that they really are safe!

  5. Pam says:

    I received this SMS from Telstra today “Hi from Telstra. For information about mobile safety, Electromagnetic Energy (EME) and health, or safety when driving visit” 23 May 2013 01.10PM From Telstra. I haven’t had time to read latest post or check this SMS out. I sent my Submission as requested. My Energy Contract came yesterday and I was again told I will have no choice that I will eventually have to have a bloody Smart Meter. Well I am not having one End of Story…………………..Pam

    • Brenn says:

      Have you seen the legal letter that is available for sending to PCor that says a MAJOR fine applies if they come onto the property or harass on this. I have only just got it ready to send.

      • Pam says:

        Brenn – I have had a solicitor handling this. I have a letter from Power Cor ( 2012 ) telling me I can’t opt-out and in the same letter saying they can’t guarantee my Health and Safety. My Solicitor wrote to them before Xmas to put me on the Refusal List and he has not had a reply from them. Absolute waste of his time and my money corresponding with the pigs anymore. I have a Certificate from my Doctor. All my Signs are displayed, my box locked and look out if they attempt to cut my lock and install a bloody meter. One of my Signs – the No Tresspass Sign mentions the huge Fine if they attempt to come on to my properety and install a Smart Meter.. Cheers Pam

        • Mia Nony says:

          The above link illustrates the only documents that are actually working for effective refusal of smart meters. Any common law country should be using these, just as corporations use common law to go after one another.
          Common law costs nothing but the fee to register a letter. Statute law ends up in Supreme court for half a million dollars and still loses.
          The utilities and governments reserve statute law to come after us since statute law is all arranged to be settled in their favour, with the full collusion of government.
          Your lawyer is trained in statute law, not common law, although first year law in Canada covers common law, the reality is that statute law lawyers work for the Crown, then for themselves, and not really so much for you. He/she may or may not know how to change these documents to apply to you there. Ask the website owner to look into it.
          Just do it and you get to sleep at night, – and get those around you to do it too. Safety in numbers when it comes to a microwave blanket.

          40,000 in BC have used this here and that figure is growing fast – regardless of election outcomes, common law works.
          Don’t ask to opt out.
          To use these docs is to refuse to opt in using personal privately protected rights under common law, not under public corporate rigged statute law, which they have used to exempt them from any and all harm, even death. Common law is entirely different.
          Do it right and they are unable to come back at you.

          • Pam says:

            Mia – that link doesn’t work on my computer. Thanks for ther information Pam

            • Faye says:

              Pam – try this link

              It’s well worth the read! 🙂

              • Pam says:

                Faye, Mia – Thanks for the link – yes very scary – but we as a Group already know the dangers of Smart Meters on our Health, Safety, Privacy etc etc. I am in constant contact with my Solicitor and if I am approached in any form from my Distributor I am to get in touch with my Solicitor. I am not writing anymore letters – all my Signs including the No Trespass Sign are in place and my box is locked and will remained locked forever if need be…Have a good week Pam 🙂

    • Steve says:

      Pam, I had a look at the Telstra link you provided. It basically has the same information as suggested by the recent ARPANSA mobile fact sheet 14. It is interesting why they would send this message now. I wonder if they sent anything after the IARC announcement in 2011? I suspect that my letters to ARPANSA and posting them here for all to see are having an effect. Perhaps they realise that people are educating themselves on the issues of microwaves and are not going to be hoodwinked by industry/government sponsored lies. Maybe it is a case of Telstra taking steps to cover them selves against future class actions – which I believe will happen and will be much bigger than Tobacco and Asbestos legal challenges. I am not sure however whether such advice they are suggesting will cover them especially if the IARC, acting on further compelling evidence from Hardell, decide to raise the classification to a “Group 2A probable carcinogen”. The more I dig into this the more concerned I am especially as I am consistently seeing irresponsible behaviour with the dissemination of misinformation to the public, claims of safety being made without any substantial evidence, avoidance to deal with the issue with rampant buck parsing and nobody prepared to take responsibility for this mess which is shameful. This is normal behaviour I guess in today’s grubby world of politics where ethical and moral standards have gone out the window.

      • Faye says:

        Steve – my husband received this message from Telstra as well. I found it very, very interesting that they should send such a message now. His work mobile has been with Telstra for the last 5 years and no such message has ever been sent like this before. I am quite sure that all your hard work is beginning to have an effect! 🙂

        • Eric says:

          I think they only include this information in the confidence of knowing that nobody will take heed. For those of us trying to avoid direct exposure, passive exposure is rampant wherever we go.

          The third point………
          3. Use the phone in areas of good reception, which reduces exposure as the phone will transmit at reduced power.
          ………….confirms that smart meters can automatically up the transmission power to ensure desired connectivity ie. try to shield a smart meter and it will start blasting out emr at full throttle

          • 1vimana1 says:

            I have an even better idea than keeping a mobile phone is to get rid of the BLOODY DANGEROUS THING……..SIMPLY CHUCK IT AWAY after you have taken out the battery and Sim-card. Then smash it, so nobody else can use it and chuck it in the rubbish bin.

            My doctor has confiscated my mobile phone after examining me and finding that from blind tests he did on me, I was Electro hypersensitive = E.H.S something shocking.
            I had only been using my Mobile Phone up to two to 3 times a day and certainly not every day, over the last four and a half years. At most my phone calls were very short, around one to two minutes and less. As the years passed I found that my headaches after using this mobile phone intensified and lasted longer.

            My doctor’s words were……….”Richard, I seriously think you should get rid of your mobile phone.” I did just that, I smashed it under my heel several times. Then I took out the Sim Card and the battery and took it home. Then I threw it in the rubbish bin where all bloody Dangerous and Sickness making Microwave Mobile Phones belong and YES, ALL Microwave so-called SMART METERS CERTAINLY BELONG. These so-called Smart Meters are not smart in any way.

      • Pam says:

        Steve – I have had my mobile since 2004 (Not a Smart Phone) and have never had a SMS like that one before. Looks like your hard work is paying off. In the Instruction Manual for my mobile there are 2 pages of Safety Precautions. I guess all Mobile Handbooks cover the same Precautions.

        As a matter of Interest a friend of mine was paid $60 cash to attend a Windfarm Meeting in Penshurst earlier this week. The “Fors” handed out the cash the “no’s” stood outside the Meeting in the freezing Cold with a Placard “No Windfarms etc”.

        This whole issue of Smart Meters, Wind Farms etc etc is nothing but a bloody nightmare.
        I have a hip replacement coming up early July and will be off air for about a week. I hope by the time I am “on the ball” again the darn Govt. will have come to their senses and made Victoria part of Australia, where we have choices. Lets face it RADIATION IS RADIATION and it is affecting many many people. I still have a rash which will not go away. Our Water Board say it is not the water – well what is causing it??????????????? I haven’t been doing anything different. Can’t garden because of my hip. I have had nearly every Cortisone Cream that is available. Doctor’s say it is a form of Dermatitis. I have never had anything like this in my life – makes one wonder. Keep up the good work Steve and SSMA ( I have kept the SMS from Telstra )…………………………Pam . 🙂

  6. Laurie says:

    Smart Meters, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Smart Dust….do the research….see the source. How can anyone on this earth stop this? Start praying NOW.

    • Paul & Di McMahon says:

      Yes Laurie that’s about all we can do at the moment…….When people do start researching they may TRULY understand what the source is……..pure EVIL and utter control of the masses. I could go on but most people don’t want to hear the TRUTH….you would think that it didn’t exist.

      • John M says:

        Most people can’t handle truth even if they do eventually start listening to it in small little tid bits of information so as to not overwhelm.Too hard to deal with and they switch off again. It is the apathetic and distracted masses inability to research and face what is happening to them and address it in sufficient numbers that will continue to lead us ‘ALL’ to a very bleak and nasty future where democracy and freedom are last considerations for the masses over class elitism, total control, and corporate greed aligned with corporatist government = …… Fascism. It will take more than prayer to get us out of the coming mess we allowed ourselves so easily to be herded towards. “AGENDA 21” is being implemented and humanity and everything we hold precious and valuable is NOT “sustainable”.

        • Brenn says:

          Very well put…..the younger generation will not be able to hear–they are in love with their wi fi devices—don’t you love the Telstra slogan “create your own hotspot”—cant wait for that to backfire on them…..

    • Jason says:

      ….and let’s not forget the universal ‘security-surveillance’ systems feeding the ever-growing data-banks being compiled by Big Brother cross-referencing EVERYTHING and selling information to the highest bidder.
      This country needs a revolution; it’s the only country in the world that’s never staged one.

  7. Informed Choice says:

    Revolution! It is the only way I see will get the government to take notice – they no longer serve our best interests (did they ever, i wonder?) and find endless ways to rob us of our modest earnings, whilst giving themselves FAT pay rises… think about it. The UK are at least ‘listening’ to their peoples concerns – I applaud them for that. But, our politicians are a law unto themselves and as Ken says, we are at their mercy whilst waiting for them to do what is just common sense here in Victoria. Huge Wake-Up call is urgently required by the so called leaders of this country, ALL OF THEM ARE TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR TOTAL IGNORANCE ON THIS ISSUE. I am ashamed to be a Victorian… Napthine is weak also.

  8. Victoria is almost the only area in the world that is blindly mandating smart meters. Doesn’t show much evidence of intelligence but it does indicate too much external pressure on our beautiful but not free country.

    • Peter says:

      Ken – The Victorian Govt. has NEVER mandated the use of Smart Meters, stating only that those companies providing the meters/infrastructure use their “best endeavours” to have them installed.
      These companies (and others) are lying to you when they tell you that they are mandated – they are not.
      They are lying to you when they tell you that non-compliance (i.e. non-acceptance of the installation of a smart meter on your property) may result in your power being cut off – they cannot do this under law.
      For now, all we can do is refuse their meters and keep on refusing – there is nothing they can do to force you to have them. Nothing.

      • Paul & Di McMahon says:

        @ Peter…..well said. This is the TRUTH. There is nothing that they can do to force us to accept these rubbish devices…..absolutely nothing. Ask them for any evidence of this so-called mandate and there is complete silence from all camps, because there is NO mandate.
        As Peter said they can only use their “best endeavours” to have them installed and that obviously includes downright deceit. Get wise Victorians…. accept their obvious lies, buckle under, and this will most likely set a precedent for the rest of the country.

  9. Anf says:

    Isn’t this what they always do in our country put money before people profits first people second well when all the people are sick and on sickness benefits maybe only then will they listen. But then it will be to late maybe it’s time to become a refugee in another country somewhere where the people come first and greedy corporatism comes last. well who knows what I do know is that if we don’t fight to the bone we will always loose to government greed we must show them that they are our servants and they serve us not we serve them.

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