Taking A Stand – Part 2

This is part 2 of my blog Taking A Stand

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I had sent a letter (letter of the week on this site) to Powercor, DPI and the then energy minister Michael O’Brien. Mr O’Brien, after receiving advice from his advisers, responded to my health concerns with “Smart Meters are safe and fall well within the requirements for electromagnetic and radio frequency emissions” and that “the radio emissions are weaker than other household devices such as mobile phones and baby monitors”. I realised I was not going to get anywhere unless I could find flaws with Australia’s RF standards on which he has based his safety comment or find evidence that contradicted what Mr O’Brien was saying with regards to smart meter emission being safe. So I spent the next 6 months of my personal time investigating this issue by reading our RF Standards (all 136 pages), scientific journals (that were peer reviewed) found on reputable medical and university portals, the Bioinitiative report, the Interphone study as well as looking at health issues that were being claimed by people in Australia and other countries. What I found was quite alarming and so I decided to write a letter to ARPANSA challenging them on the current state of our RF standards which can be found here Letter to ARPANSA – for public, a critical review document that analysed specific points raised by the standards ARPANSA RF Standards Critical Review and a separate question sheet which I will provide in part 3 of this series.

A summary of the key findings are as follows:

ARPANSA RF Standards Related Findings

  • ARPANSA’s RF standards do not provide any “proof of safety” and are very clear to state this without any ambiguity “It is impossible to prove, with absolute certainty, the absence of an effect. To prove with certainty that radio frequency energy, or any other aspect of the human environment, is completely safe is impossible”, which of course is at odds with what the Minister and the DPI are claiming.
  • ARPANSA RF Standards are over 11 years old now and are based on out-dated and presently inadequate ICNIRP guidelines created in 1998. Some of the reasons why they are inadequate are outlined further below.
  • They are riddled with uncertainties that have remained unanswered 11 years since the time they were last published. The typical response documented in the RF standards is “more research is needed
  • They provide protection against thermal damage for acute exposures only
  • They do not take into consideration the latest scientific research nor do they consider non-thermal effects that have been found by many independent scientists
  • They provide no response that adequately addresses WHO/IARC’s categorisation of microwaves as a “group 2b carcinogen”. It should be noted that the IARC rarely down grades a classification. In fact it is more likely that as evidence accumulates that this rating will be upgraded!
  • ARPANSA’s RF standards indicate that the use of SAR (measurement of thermal absorption) is only useful for research purposes and device compliance.

Other related findings

  • International EMF standards and guidelines are based on the assumption that only ionizing radiation causes chemical change. This is not correct.
  • EMF standards are based on the assumption that non-ionizing EMF only causes damage by heating (i.e., damage by thermal effects only). This is not correct.
  • There has been no research to date performed on smart meter RF emission safety and potential impacts to health, so any claim that is being made stating that they are safe is unsubstantiated
  • Mobile phones and smart meter RF emissions share a lot of similarities including frequency of operation (smart meters that are set up in a meshed network operate between 915 and 928 Mhz while mobile phones operate at a range of frequencies including 900Mhz) and both use pulsed signals. The Interphone study investigated the risk of cancer when using mobile phones and despite its flawed protocols did actually find increased risk of brain cancers amongst heavy users. Heaviest users at the time of the study are normal users by today’s standards (i.e. 30 minutes a day).
  • What is truly alarming is that cancers normally taking 20 – 30 years to materialise yet an increased incidence was observed in the Interphone study which only looked at people who used mobile phones over a 10 year period!
  • The effects of both ionising (x-rays, gamma rays etc.) and non-ionising (microwaves, RF etc.) are accumulative.
  • Although the exposure levels may be lower for smart meters, the accumulated exposure over time has the potential to be greater and to cause greater harm. We usually operate one mobile phone. However several smart meters are typically located very close to bedrooms and living areas especially when living in a high density arrangement.
  • Microwave radiation from a cell phone damages theblood-brain barrier, but it does so even when the exposure level is reduced a thousandfold. Even more disturbingly, and contrary to what was expected, the damage to the blood-brain barrier worsened when the experimenters reduced the exposure level. One can assume the same will hold true for exposure to smart meter RF.
  • There are literally 1000’s of peer review research articles that show RF EMR below the thermal threshold has biological effects. Some include genotoxic events (DNA breakage) which can lead to the potential formation of cancer.
  • Children are more vulnerable to the effects of microwaves than adults.
  • There are no long-term studies (>15 years) of the effects of radio frequency radiation on humans
  • We live in bizarre and irrational regulatory world where controlled medical tests of EMR on humans are unacceptable but uncontrolled exposure is accepted and unregulated.

Both documents linked above are quite large and I hope you all can find the time to read them. The documents also include references should people wish to do their own research.

My next blog will look at the response I received from ARPANSA, my response to their letter along with a list of questions I believe the public deserves to have answers to (had been sent with the above letter but were not answered by ARPANSA).

Happy Reading


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39 Responses to Taking A Stand – Part 2

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  2. Jodie says:

    Thank you Steve well done time to go to the T.V. and newspapers

    • Well Aware says:

      Jodie, excellent idea! If only these media people didn’t portray the smart meter protesters as ‘conspiracy theorists and troublemakers’ then we would actually be getting more coverage over a broad range of media. Unfortunately, as has been stated before, the profiteering is rife from smart meters and involvement does not stop short of the media bosses of this country. Yes, they will put $$$ before public health every time. It is people like Steve that we all must get behind for an end to this MADNESS, just like Josh Hart in the U.S. – he is The Real Deal. Don’t trust the idiots running our country one little bit!

    • Tamara hicks says:

      Dear Steve,
      Thankyou for your informative articles. Do you have any info on / understanding of the changes to the RF spectrum( acma.gov.au) and implications for smart meters, the amount of aerials on sm and the amount of RF they are giving out ?? Im sure all the phone towers in my area have had an increase in emf/rf as Im getting more pains in the head when near them. Also dect phones proven to effect the heart in naturalhealth strategies.com/cordless-phone-radi.If every Sm has an internal aerial , I wonder how many are in the external black circular disk. How much more RF etc is being emmitted from these ones? thanks Tamara

      • Eric says:

        Hi Tamara
        not your main question but FYI there was an Ad in my local paper recently announcing proposal for upgrade (“low impact”) to mobile base station in my area. Did not realise there was one till I saw that Ad asking for any submissions. The upgrade was for an upgrade of antennas and some new transmitters. When I rang up Service Stream (the same mob who install smart meters) the gentleman confirmed that there would be a “little bit extra power” as a result of the upgrade. That base station is right next to both a primary school and a high school and when I stood in the primary school yard and measured the emissions, well…….. I felt so sad in my heart that with such high levels of emr that they were going to boost it up.
        The environment reports (RFNSA website) are so deceitful because they list the emission as a percentile of the ridiculous and meaningless ARPANSA exposure standards, which means when someone reads the report the percentile figure of around 1% makes it look not only like it is safe but handsomely so. How deceptive and devious is that ?????

        PS: I made my submission listing concerns in detail and have never heard anything back.
        PS2: I contacted the primary school principal and passed on every little piece of information that I had and guess what, also heard nothing back from him.

      • Eric says:

        Tamara, have just received a reply with a written letter and umpteen ARPANSA Fact sheets. Will post something back when I have digested the content. It’s the same old propaganda though.

        Eg. “no evidence of health effects”………when used in accordance with “applicable” standards

        “The standard is used to protect all sectors of the public (including children), wherever they are inrelation toi the proposed facility, 24 hours a day”

        I was told the emissions would only be to a maximum of “1.66% of the Australian…….mandated exposure limits……….considered extremely low”

        And yes, it says it’s about improving Network Coverage

      • Eric says:

        I will add that the children in the school are constantly exposed to 13 mW/m2 of emr according to my measuring instrument but in reality probably more

  3. Tony Lambert says:

    Hi guys,

    Many thanks for the terrific work you are doing on this important issue. I thought you might be interested to read the following response from Western Power WA that took them several months to provide. If you can direct me to any PDF documentation or recommend any further evidence of harm I’ll be most grateful to include or reference whatever you suggest in my response.

    Thanks again,

    Tony Lambert

    Cervantes Lodge

    Dear Mr Lambert

    I am writing to you in response to an email you recently sent to Synergy, regarding your request not to have a smart meter installed at your property in Cervantes.

    Synergy has forwarded your email to Western Power to respond to. I understand you had raised the query earlier in the year but had received no response. I apologise for the delay.

    Firstly, I would like to confirm that there are no current plans for Western Power to install a smart meter at your property.

    There are currently around 11,500 smart meters installed on Western Power’s network. These meters were installed as part of two ring-fenced trials nearly three years ago. Western Power is trialling these meters to assess their suitability as a replacement for old meter types that are reaching the end of their useful lives.

    As the trial remains ongoing, no decisions have been made as to whether smart meters would be more widely deployed.

    Western Power is, however, interested in understanding public opinions regarding smart meters. Your email has been logged in our system, but we would also be interested in hearing more from you about why you do not want a smart meter. Please feel free to respond to this email in your time, or give me a call on 9326 4142 if you care to provide any further details.

    Yours sincerely Josie Best


    Smart Grid Development Branch Western Power – 363 Wellington Street Perth WA 6000

    Email: SmartGrid.AMI.Enquiries@westernpower.com.au Web: http://www.westernpower.com.au


    Electricity Networks Corporation, trading as Western Power ABN: 18 540 492 861

    • Pam says:

      Tony – don’t trust them – I prefer a safe annalogue meter to any darn Smart Meter. Lock your Box andf make sure your Signs are in place, especially the “No Trespass Sign”. I know which Meter I prefer – one that doesn’t gather all my PRIVATE INFORMATION, one that is SAFE and one that doesn’t MAKE ME ILL and lastly an annalogue meter that allows me to receive an account when it is due and also allows me to read it for myself. Not a meter that is read God knows where and by God knows who. Never give up …………Pam 🙂

  4. jinglepots says:

    Thank-you, from Canada, for your research!

  5. Rik says:

    How about we set up a no payment smart meter protest.
    Everyone with a smart meter NOT pay your bill. They wont cut everyone off.
    Only pay again when you have the smart meter removed and the good old meter reinstalled.

    There has to be ways to get the message out that we dont want these devices. It looks like the government and power companies dont listen so we should hurt them where it hurts most and thats our wallets.

    Im having problems with my neighbours smart meters so i cant even not pay protest myself.

  6. smileanyway says:

    Great reference material Steve. Thanks for taking the time to put it together and best of luck with your battles ahead.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant work Steve, we need to not be bluffed by their lies and deceitfullness, unfortunately the masses are not informed of their moral right to defend their health and refuse these dumbmeters.
    The only way to stop them is for the standards to be reviewed or ruled as being outdated and irrelevant. We need scientists to stand up and make public statements condeming the standard and smartmeters. Unfortunately big buisiness in in the pockets of government and this makes it hard to change

  8. Anf says:

    People should we not for get that the use of WiFi wireless routers operate at the same radio frequency as a smart meter 2.4ghz so if you are fighting smart meter you should also switch off your WiFi devices and plug in the cables and if you find this hard to do there devices that you can get that allows you to plug in via your power points D-Link sells such an product called Power-line AV check it out

    • Steve says:

      Anf, I assume when you mention that wifi routers operate on the same frequency you are talking about the 2.4 Ghz frequency used by a separate antenna used to set up a Home Area Network (HAN) so that you can use a handheld device to look at your power usage? Depending on your provider the smart meter talks back to base with either 915-928Mhz Radio (Powercor etc.) or a 2.3Ghz Radio WiMAX (SP Ausnet). Your advice about switching off Wifi wireless routers is a very good suggestion particularly at night time when your sleeping or when you do not need to use it.

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      I use the copper older fashioned plug in cable to the wall socket. It’s great and no dopey radion or wireless pollution. Often older tried and proven technology is best.

  9. Sandra says:

    Thank you for doing all this research and relating it in a condensed easy to read format. Very interesting and very much appreciated.

  10. Pam says:

    Steve – Once again Thank You for sharing Your Story and your Knowledge. The response you received from O’Brien was expected (it must be his reply to everyone who even mentions Smart Meters to him – well, as you know, he is no longer Energy Minister. Have you tried the New Energy Minister for his thoughts??? I haven’t read your Links yet but I will do later this evening. I am going to my Doctor tomorrow and ask him to check Your Story from this Website. Looking forward to the next Chapter…………………………..Cheers and Thanks Pam – You make it so much easier for me to understand the Dangers of Smart Meters etc. 🙂

    • Jason says:

      All good stuff. Show enough fight and things’ll change.
      I’ve got some correspondence abound here somewhere proudly reiterating O’Brien’s
      consistent opposition to Smart-meters ~ and threats to wind back the ALP program ~ whilst the Coalition was still in opposition. I’ll dig them up and make them available.

      When in power they held a quick, secret, ‘enquiry’ and decided that they couldn’t break the ALP’s contracts. Nonsense of course; governments can legislate to do anything they WANT to do. It’s what they get paid for.
      My immediate response was:- Shades of Joh Bjelke-Petersen, the past-master at making anonymous ‘brown-paper-bags’ from Asia disappear into hidden bank-accounts..

      This whole issue calls for a Royal Commission.
      Or else the Australian Crime Commission investigation.

    • Steve says:

      Yes I have Pam and again there has been only silence. I suspect it is all too hard for them to address this issue especially as they have essentially flushed a couple of billion tax payer’s dollars down the toilet ….of course this story is for another future blog!

      • Pam says:

        Steve – Bugger the Ministers (all of therm) – they are a pack of mongrels. This Website is available to everyone and Yes we do have the numbers – we are a Powerful Group and they are scared stiff of us and the knowledge people like you and many many others have worked so hard to gather, under difficult cirumstances. You are suffering along with hundreds or maybe thousands of others who have been affected by these bloody Smart Meters. Why they insist on wasting “Our” money – hurrying to install these dangerous Meters is beyond me. Time will tell and the Government will have a lot to answer for. Look forward to your next Blog. Took some recent Posts to my Doctor yesterday – hope he can find the time to look at them. He is aware how strongly I feel about Smart Meters and gave me a Certificate ages ago to have me placed on the Refusal List. .. Cheers Pam 🙂

    • Eric says:

      To the Victorian government,

      Please just do the right thing NOW, take the loss and admit that you made the wrong decision

    • Eric says:

      Deafening silence only serves to bring further shame

      • Cedar Wilde says:

        Absolutely right Eric. I think it is a difficult problem for the government – the fact that there are so many people using increasing amounts of power, but they (the gov) have chosen the easy (for them!) option of “Smart” meters. They should see that a difficult problem may need a more complex solution and they shouldn’t cast aside our health for easy dollars. Bite the bullet pollies , and get working on a non-deadly solution. Keep the meter men, I would pay a little more for keeping them and my health (Rather than a lot more and losing it!) Their claim that power bills would go down is sheer nonsense, I don’t know anybody whose bills have decreased.

  11. jan purcell says:

    keep up the good work,my box is still padlocked,with signs on it,so far so good.I had a brain tumour op in nov 2011 op was a success,and this type I had read was caused br radition,so I don’t want a smart meter in.also in the Toorak area they have the dearer type which is a hard wire and is safe,but in the working class arrears such as seaford,frankston etc have the cheaper one,thats made in china or india,its a soft wire which is dangerous,I would like to know why the richer area has the better one,if we are all to have one then it should be the safer one.also we should beable to have a choice.Where is the democracy,big brother is watching.THUMBS UP TO PEOPLE PEOPLE POWER. jan purcel seaford vic

    • Steve says:

      Jan, do you have any evidence that Toorak area has a different meter? I understand that this had been previously posted by someone else in a separate thread. I for one would be very interested in knowing whether this can be substantiated. Toorak roll out is being performed by Citipower. Their website mentions CitiPower and Powercor use two types of smart meters; Black coloured Landis+Gyr meters and Grey coloured PRI meters. As far as I can tell both use wireless RF to communicate.

      • Jason says:

        Interesting that.
        Last week I inspected a house for sale in Moe ~ an area which has mostly had Smart-meters installed. The house had very recently had three-phase power installed and most of the wiring renewed, including an obviously brand new meter.

        The meter was smallish, and at first glance looked like a SM, but on closer inspection turns out to be an analog meter ~ and without any sign of a radio transceiver incorporated.

        Curiouser and curiouser, as they say.
        (The Distributor is SP Ausnet).

        • Richard Leschen. says:

          Hi Jason,
          Please can you dig up more on this and send it to me at…. rvimana@vic.chariot.net.au
          I will promulgate it through this Stop Smart Meters website. Very interesting that this smallish meter looked like a Smart Meter, but on closer inspection turns out to be an Analogue Meter without any sign of a radio transeiver incorporated, the distributor being SP Ausnet. A bit like Alice in Wonderland and through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carrol’s famous book.

        • Mia Nony says:

          Well be very cautious, since apparently the utilities have taken to using trojan smart meters extremely well disguised as analog replica meters. Read this:

          • Pam says:

            Mia Nony – We need to be cautious alright. What in the hell is going on with this Country???? Making SMART METERS TO LOOK LIKE ANNALOGUE METERS!!!! What a bloody JOKE!!!!!!!. I feel for this man in your Link – he is going through HELL with his Cancer. We all know what our annalogue meters look like. They will never trick me. If you haven’t already done so – LOCK YOUR BOXES AND GET YOUR SIGNS DISPLAYED. DON’T LET INSTALLERS ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR METER BOX AND DON’T BE HARRASSED BY THEM EITHER. Tell them to leave your Property as they are TRESSPASSING…………………………PAM

          • Sharron says:

            Thanks for posting, Mia. What an absolutely disgusting scenario this poor man finds himself in with what I could only describe as a Bastard Act by his Utility company. How on earth has this been allowed to happen? Greed and Evil personified Edison!!!

      • keith says:

        It was my understanding, that all the smart meters worked by RF and arn’t hard wired. Brighton and Caulfield, seem to have the cheaper quality grey meters, so I very much doubt that the Toorak meters are hard wired, as Jan suggests. Should they be, it would be a disgraceful situation, if some of Victoria’s residents were treated more favourably than others. Maybe Jan can advise us if she does have evidence.

      • Freddie says:

        Jan and Steve, I have driven through Toorak with my ‘RF Meter’ on and picked up the typical wireless smart meter spikes there, so I don’t think they have installed wired meters in Toorak. In any case, wired smart meters are CHEAPER than wireless meters, as they last a lot longer (wireless meters irradiate themselves and therefore last max. 5 years) and do NOT require the set up and maintenance of very EXPENSIVE wireless infrastructure.
        STILL, I believe that even if Toorak residents have wireless meters, we are still facing huge social inequalities, as wealthy people there can afford comprehensive shielding of their homes and, given the size of their mansions, can loose the use of the front part of their house without much disruption to their lifestyle. Moreover, I doubt that Toorak residents are concerned by the billing errors inherent in a wireless mesh system, as they have no problems paying very high electricity bills. Overall, NOT really a JUST SYSTEM!

        • Cedar Wilde says:

          Are wired “Smart” meters safe then?

          • Opt Out says:

            Hi Cedar, I’d imagine a wired meter would create “dirty electricity” in the home, in the same way a wireless meter does, as both are a digital interfaces. A wired meter would address a few but not all of the privacy concerns, not by a long shot. For those reasons, I would refuse one of those meters.

            I’m quietly confident the powers that be will bow to the legitimate demands of the people wishing to “Opt Out”. Any other action will prove to all and sundry that the emperor has no clothes and that the people are in fact nothing more than slaves.

            Opt Out.

  12. Miriam. says:

    thanks Steve.

    Due to the Vic policy and the legal implications, we are now making contingency plans that will cause us great hardship (I am severely EMR sensitive, I am a disability pensioner with young children that I homeschool; my meter box is locked & UE has not been co-operative at all).

    This issue shows what a farce our australian “democracy” really is & probably always has been.

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      I am now AS MAD AS HELL and will not bow down to either of these now proven to be CORRUPT Victorian Governments or Lackeys to Corporatocracy dictate.

      I refuse like a vast and growing ARMADA of sensible people to accept these Deadly Dangerous Dopey Microwave so-called Smart Meters. These so-called Smart Meters are not smart in any way at all, as Victorians and the rest of the world is now realising. These Deadly Meters are wrecking all of LIFE, Human Animal Insect and Plant Life as well. The constant Microwave Radiation is poisoning the very D.N.A of all Living Things. These IDIOTS in Power in The Government world wide it seems, are in COLLUSION with these overseas bosses of the foreign owned Electric Power Companies and don’t give a brass razoo if we all die of Microwave Radiation as long as it makes Loads of Money or Filthy Lucre for them. I say …” A POX on the lot of these Evil Toadies to Big Business.
      Lock up your Electric Meter Boxes Pronto and put up your Legal Anti-Trespass Signs as well with the $167,000: 00 Fine for any trespassers on your property and state in Registered Letters to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company for your area that you refuse to accept a Deadly Dangerous to All LIFE Dopey Microwave Smart ARSED Microwave Meter. We live in a DEMOCRACY where nobody ……that is Government or Semi-Government or Private Business or Corporation can force you to take or accept anything at all against YOUR WILL and BETTER JUDGEMENT !

    • Elizabeth says:

      I am also home schooling, my severely Autistic, non-verbal (11-yr-old) and he is very sensitive to the 21st Century. He has high levels of Mercury and Aluminum in his system that have penetrated the blood brain barrier, he has Encephalopathy (hence his loss of language).
      I live in Ballarat and have turned Powercor away once, so far they haven’t returned but everything is locked-up.
      If you look at Steve’s findings about mobile phones radiation penetrating the blood brain barrier, if the Smart Meter is installed my son would be receiving a “Double Whammy!”
      Could this be considered as a blatant, callous disregard to our rights!

      • Pam says:

        Miriam – Sure looks that way. Just persist and never let Power Cor Install a Smart Meter on your Property. Hope your Son Improves over time. All this new Technology is killing us and Governments couldn’t give a darn. The “ALMIGHTY DOLLAR” is first and formost in their eyes. Unfortunately they refuse to cut their losses and abandon the installation of Smart Meters. Just keep everything locked, Signs displayed etc etc …. Good Luck Pam

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