Buyer Beware, RF Appliance Warning

This is a personal story out of the USA, though this directive to appliance manufactures is being driven and forced worldwide.

We just purchased a new Bosch washer and dryer – for delivery next week.

“I’ve just tested a home with an oven and dishwasher that had continuously radiating RF from internal power transmitters”.  He could verify the RF signal was continuous, and only stopped when he threw the circuit breakers for those appliances (turned off the electricity to them).  He could say with certainty the RF signal came from the appliances, because the signal was strongest at the appliance and attenuated with distance.

We have been told that these power transmitters will – in the future – be placed on appliances to monitor and report their energy usage to a wireless smart meter. Further, they should only be giving off RF pulses (the signal) very infrequently.

Well, these appliance power transmitters are, in at least some cases, transmitting CONTINUOUSLY.  This puts them into a category more like wireless routers and WI-FI.  No one is going to tolerate 12-15 such power transmitters inside their homes that radiate
full time.  These are appliances you come into close contact with while you cook and move around your kitchen.  Multiple, continuously transmitting RF sources are absolutely unacceptable to people with EHS and some ADA people with medical implants.

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16 Responses to Buyer Beware, RF Appliance Warning

  1. Gabrielle Walker says:

    Recently in London (April 28). Noted the head lines of the ‘The Mail’ “Big Brother to Switch Off Your Fridge” Computer chips will take control of home appliances when energy is low. Power giants to make millions-but you must pay for ‘sinister technology’. The National Grid is demanding that all new appliances be fitted with sensors that could shut them down when the U K’s generators struggle to meet demand for electricity. Electric ovens, air-conditioning units and washing machines will also be affected by the proposals, which are already backed by one of the European Union’s most influential energy bodies. Hidden sensors shut down supply without warning-or your consent. The grid will talk to the smart meters, supposedly to be fitted to all Britain 30 million homes by 2019, at a cost of at least 12 billion pounds but probably much more. When there is not enough electricity to go around-which will be routine in only a few years’ time power cuts will be avoided by shutting down millions of individual smart appliances, using computer chips fitted by manufacturers. These appliances will also be programmed to switch themselves on and off according to the electricity price, leaving washing machines, for instance, only able to run at 2am or 3am when the prices are rock bottom-unless the owner pays a punitive price. If this sounds like science fiction it isn’t….Proposals were contained in a 63 page document drawn up by the European Network of Transmission Systems Operators of Electricity (ENTOS-E). It has been agreed by the EU-wide body of energy regulators and was sent to the European Commission on March 27. Verdict due with in 3 months. At the end of last years on the Danish island of Bornholm, a four year.17.5 million pound EU funded experiment, Eco-Grid was set in motion. More than 2000 homes were kitted out with smart meters, and washing machines, TV’s, and computers were networked ready to be controlled by the local company…

    When you consider that the Hazelwood power station in Latrobe Valley is owned by the global giant GDF SUEZ Energy International (formerly International Power) , we can expect all the above here and smart meters are just the beginning. If the smart meters are a danger to our heath then our in home appliances may well cause the same issues for our health. Fight on to protect our health.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Readers,
      Please read this all folks and view and send on this video below to everybody you know. If Southern California can opt ( Opt out Fees suspended on Smart Meters ) so can Victoria Australia. We in Victoria, that is those of us with fighting spirit and know our DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS will not tolerate these Tactics of these Criminal 5 Overseas Owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and this also now CRIMINAL Liberal Party Victorian Australian Government to PUSH us FORCE us to allow these now proving to be Microwave so-called Smart Meters on our properties to wreck our health as is now happening here in Victoria and World Wide. I say A POX on all who would STEAL OUR INALIENABLE AND DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS !
      When good men do nothing , EVIL PROSPERS, so everybody get off your ARSES and lock up your Electric Meter Boxes and get up your Legal by the Australian Constitution Act (1900-1901 and still Legal ) $167,000:00 Anti Trespass Signs refusing the Dopey and Deadly Microwave Smart Meters RIGHT NOW !


      Richard Leschen.

  2. Rob Guy says:

    My 3400/3450 Tesltra cordless phone can sense the presence of smart meter and WI-Fi signals. Comes through as the sound of frying chips. It also “sees” hand-held gas igniters.

  3. Gerald says:

    I am sure there will be ways of disabling the RF circuitry. I can see a whole sub-industry emerging here. I’d happily pay $20 or so bucks fora local “RF disabling” service to rewire my gear. Think digital media protection where the most advanced security was always able to be overcome.

    Can someone tell me who on earth we need our appliances talking to a smart meter talking to power companies overseas?

    Does the power supplier have the ability to turn off individual appliances?????

    • Peter says:

      Hi Gerald
      Check out AS4755, I believe air conditioners purchased from 2012 have this installed. This Australian Standard will give your distributor the ability to turn ANY AS4755 compliant appliance on and off remotely, this is called DRED, Direct Remote Enabling Device.
      I see on the DPI web site they are now referring to these appliances as ‘interactive appliances’, this will allow you, or the distributor, or anyone else who has access to your ‘smart meter’, including hackers, to turn your appliances on and off remotely.
      There is also quite a list of ‘other appliances of interest’.
      So be aware, BIG BROTHER is trying to buy your democratic right to privacy and the right to invade and control your house hold appliances!

    • Michael says:

      Good on you Gerald I was only thinking tonight that up will spring another business, disabling the RF circuits, just like all the things you can do on computers that your not supposed to be able to do Good one!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Here is the simple answer to yourr last question, how does the power supplier have the ability to turn off individual appliances ? They will be able to do this only when the new electrical appliances have been fitted with specific microchips as is happening in America already, after the Chinese manufacturers of these appliances have fitted the specific microchips to the televisions and or air conditioners or electric room heaters etc. Therefore don’t allow these Smart Meter Installer Men to steal your Analogue Electric Meter. Do as I have done and simply buy an Industrial Padlock, hasp and stapple and padlock your Electric Meter box. Mine is a steel meter box. If you have a Wooden Meter Box you can still lock it with the Industrial Padlock. Remember that you own the Meter Box not these LYING TOADS of C.E.O’s at the Victorian based foreign owned Electric Power Companies who want to control your lives if you let them.

  4. Rik says:

    NOBODY wants Smart Meters even the people without EHS want smart meters. So WHY would someone want a device that connected to the smart meter and radiates just like it?
    I’m having enough trouble with everything being wireless now as less and less are going cable for their network connections.

    We should all stand up and get smart meters banned then devices like this will stop also as there will be no need for them to do that.

  5. Cedar Wilde says:

    How do we find out which appliances do this?

    • Pam says:

      Cedar – I am going to our Local Paper shortly, can I use part of your Comment back on the 4/3 at 12.19am and my Reply 11/3 10.39PM – Post was about “What is it about Smart Meters that is making us sick”.. Look fwd to your reply.Cheers Pam 🙂

  6. Rob Guy says:

    Individual LED lamps featuring wireless control are now available. The radio signals are similar to those used by the Zigbee system. See At least they are not yet compulsory.

  7. TheBThing says:

    They could get someone with electronics knowledge to cut the voltage to the RF chip, that’s if it’s not integrated as a system on a chip, which is not common. The WIFI chips are usually separate.

    If you research the chip datasheets you could also cut other circuit tracks to stop data or lines going high to trigger communications, for example. If you remove any internal antenna then it could damage the chip, depending on the wattage used to transmit.

    Maybe this can become common to all that don’t want a Carbon-Communist-Regime nor health issues.

    • Mariel says:

      From my experience, the endeavour to inflict smart systems on an unwilling population (or at least those enlightened few) does not seem to be a political-party-specific campaign. IIRC in my State of Victoria, it was a Labor Party initiative (when in power) which opened the “case for” but presently, it is the current, incumbent Liberal State Govt which is insistently overseeing its implementation and subsequent “roll out”.

      By all means put pressure on your local members, both Federal and State. Let them know that their response to your protest is likely to influence your vote in any election (assuming of course that your votes are intended to support any helpful policy and are not “party-specific”).

      I first approached a State Labor member when in Govt (a neighbouring – but not my own – electorate), then the current sitting Liberal member for my electorate, both brought less than satisfactory answers. I followed this up by a call to a high ranking Greens Party Federal member, where I received a hearing and was emailed directions to read various Govt publications of speeches made by Greens members, addressing the issue. (Unfortunately I didn’t keep them – although I think I received warnings that these were not to be shared?)

      However in the end, you have to look at what’s happening around you, to see that “no effective” political will exists to challenge the undemocratic and unwanted installation of Smart Meters throughout Australia. Don’t be surprised then, if your local members (state and federal) across the political spectrum, evade the issue completely. They all attempt to “talk-the-talk” in an effort to placate a constituent who demands to know “how they voted” on this issue in either parliament.

      That’s my opinion and indeed my experience, for what it’s worth!


  8. This needs stopping now, MP’s need to stand up be counted and remember who the voters are! More so have some respect for those who have put the MP’s their. We should have choices and be free to make choices about our lives, not have something forced upon us based on corporate greed.

  9. Well Aware says:

    So, even those who do not consent to having smart meters can be bombarded with EMFs in their homes from these ‘new age’ appliances? It has got to stop.. we need transparency on all this technology and the long term effects. The word Choice comes to mind – and do we really have a choice when purchasing these items? Manufacturers should be held accountable because their products are toxic to humans.

  10. Pam says:

    Does this apply to anything we may buy new??? here in Australia. How in the hell would I know if my Dryer (the newest Appliance I have) has a Transmitter????? What about my Digital TV (that’s new as well)???? Everything else thank God is old!!!!!!!

    My Computer???? about 6 years old???
    I dont have a Smart Meter or a Smart Mobile – nothing ‘SMART” is any bloody good.


    It is getting past a joke, look after your “Old” appliances like you look after your safe annalugue Meter.
    Quiter frankly, I am at a loss for any more words to describe how despicable our Government is both Federal and State, by all these ‘SPYING TACTICS’ they seem to have in place. It is like a Third World Communist Country we are living in….Democracy has gone OUT THE BLOODY DOOR. Australia’s future look bleak indeed. What about our Kids, our Grandchildren????? – What does the Future hold for them???? …………………Pam

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