I burst into tears because I can’t sleep….

Hi,  I had a smart meter placed on the wall of my bedroom approx 12 months ago. When it was installed I complained that I could hear “an electrical buzzing “. I called SP Ausnet and they told me it was fine. Upon my insistence they sent an electricin out to check if it was “faulty” – he reported that it wasn’t, however i wasn’t convinced and asked them to replace it with a new one. he did this but stated it wouldn’t make a difference. He was right – now 12 months later i have put up with this terrible electrical noise and it drives me crazy at night to the point that I burst into tears because I can’t sleep…. not to mention the migraines i have at least every 3 weeks which i have never had in the past. they are absolutely crippling and make me feel extremely nauseous. I don’t know what to do anymore. I recently went away for a week and I couldn’t believe the difference, i was beginning to think it was my imagination . Approx 6 months ago we had solar added to our roof and I wanted the smart meter removed but i was told that it had to stay because of the solar. I think the government is slowly trying to kill us… are they going to accept responsibility for all the problems this smart meter is causing – or is it going to take someone to die from all the radiation before they realize what a colossal mistake they have made. I don’t know what else to do now except continue buying migraine tablets to help my headaches – as for “current ” buzzing through my head at night – perhaps i need to take a strong sleeping tablet just so I know i’m not going crazy and get some peace!!!


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  1. Kathy says:

    I have been having problems with Smart Meters for 2 yrs on and off now. Me and my small child are sensitive to them, in fact before we knew what was causing our headaches the doctors at the Royal Children’s hospital thought my daughter had a brain tumor and conducted a CT scan on her. We have been to hell and back and now i am in hell again. 12 Months ago we renovated and moved into a new home. I of course took all the precautionary measures before moving in knowing these smart meters made us sick, there for I shielded our home with shielding paint thinking It will fix my problem as it did in my previous home. As i discovered when we moved into our new home i started to get sick again and couldn’t believe i was re living my hell once again. I begged the provider to turn down my meter and the neighbors and they kindly did. I think with the combination of shielding and turning down of the meter’s worked for me. It took a good 4 weeks for my body to recover after they turned the ones i requested down and for 11 months we lived blissfully with no ill effects from these evil devices. But on Saturday my neighbor got a new smart meter installed and their meter’s bum end is attached to our wall. Instantly i felt the ill affects once again I am mad as hell and the anxiety of having to live with this again is eating at me. I have contacted the guy I dealt with last time at the power company to help turn down the meter at the neighbors home and he has put in the request and I am hoping this gets done soon. If not I will annoy the frikin crap out of them until its done. I have the right to live in my home and not feel sick. Our home is our safe haven and they have no right to take that away from us. What worries me is what will happen to those sensitive people when they introduce smart meter’s for our water and gas as I believe this is in the pipe line. My life as I know it will be doomed….I live inner city and to escape all these meter’s will be next too impossible. You can refuse to have these things installed but you cant escape them. If you are sensitive to these things your neighbors and surrounding meter’s will get you. They penetrate walls, solid brick walls. I in fact have 4 solid brick walls between me and my neighbors and still i feel the effects of the smart meter.

    I have been a mobile phone user for over 20 yrs and talk on it all the time. I work in a WI-FI surrounded environment and yet these things do not bother me. These smart meter’s which apparently transmit at low levels (so they say) affect me so much. I don’t get it and no one can explain why……….

    If you are getting sick from these things you can try a few other options if the power companies wont help. You can try shielding paint. My first house, problem was fixed by shielding paint and special curtains for windows. What i did find though that two coates which the seller advised is all i needed, was not the case. To block out a bedroom meter and a neighbor’s meter which was 8 meter’s away on a brick veneer home required several coates… These meters which were supplied by SP Ausnet transmitted every 30 min for a split sec and at 20 micro watts. Which is so tiny when you compare it to a working mobile phone which transmits at 200,000 micro watts. Even at such small transmission levels these things made me and my child so sick, go figure. Anyhow I had to paint these affected areas several times over but it worked for me. It did take a good 4 to 6 weeks for my body to rid it’s self of all the radiation though but we did eventually get on to living normal lives with no ill affects.

    2nd house…Smart meter’s pulsed every minute and high amounts and at different levels 150mw, 350mw and even 800mw. These meter’s did not work as they were supposed too and in fact not many do. So if you think your only being zapped every 30 min at small amounts think again. I Shielded before moving in, 3 coate’s on walls next too smart meter’s. Again 4 solid brick walls in between and still i felt sick once moving in. Got power company to turn down tmy meter and my neighbours and again 4 weeks later things were fine once again. Shielding and turning down the power of the smart meter worked in the 2nd house.

    If you do decide to try shielding be aware that you may need more than two coates on some affected areas.


  2. Gary says:

    I don’t understand why we haven’t arranged for all the savvy people who want to nip this whole thing in the bud to engage a reputable lawyer to represent us all in a class action case against the electricity companies and local government.
    There are now so many of us the cost per person would be next to nothing, but with the masses suing the electric companies and government for millions in damages, they would have to think again. We can do this!

  3. Ian Hill says:

    Today I rejected a Smart Meter,- (but I know the wheels of this roll-out will not stop grinding towards me eventually- and others in the community.)
    The installer,who s van carried the logo “Laser,’ ended up being reluctant to put in the smart meter at our address ,not because I convinced him with reasons as to the radio signal dangers or the repugnance of remote surveillance that attends this technology, It was more to do with the simple understanding and respect between two people when they are face to face discussing their differences on an issue. And he, (after spending time trying to reassure me about the safety of Smart Meters (‘ I sleep with one every night behind my head and i dont get headaches”) and telling me that the radio frequency pulse is only every half hour and that the strength of this frequency is the lowest operable one available,( HE GENUINELY BELIEVED THE TECHNOLOGY WAS SAFE), respected my stance enough to say “;well I m not gonna install one here’ and went off to install meters in the next houses. (which Im not happy about) This made me think he must know he has no absolute right to install, but warned me the Power Co. could cut off my power if I continue to refuse. He listened to me when I said I want less radio frequency waves floating around,not more and he seemed to respect that. ( but maybe it was because I was older and taller than he…) .
    But he nearly won me over, do you see? – He had the “speak”, a speak that would assure anyone who wasnt up with the debate, that smart meters are O.K – Just a slight upgrading of facilities, that you can see people accepting (almost) across the board. ITS A PERSUASIVE JARGON THAT WOULD WORK ON A LOT OF PEOPLE.
    The point is, if a movement of people are to be effective in stopping Smart Meters ,there has to be cohesion in their number. We have to establish a similar face to face relationship with each other that I faced with my would- be installer (cos everything comes down to people communicating) On the internet things are devoid of a certain ‘realness and we have to factor that in. Anyone in Ballarat want to post on this site? – Id like to hear your stories of how you are dealing with the Smart Meter Lie. Lets keep up the conversation and tell others in the community, at the very least, that the Jury should be still out on Smart Meters and,that we shouldnt be bunging them in without proper thought and Prudence.

  4. Eric says:

    I have refused installation at my place but I have still been suffering constant headaches (with some degree of nausea) for 4 months since the time of the meter installations throughout my street. I rang Jemena today to ask them if they could turn down the signal strength of the meters in the area . Jemena customer service handballed me to the installers (Servicestream). I then spake to Stephen from Servicestream. He told me he couldn’t pass on my query unless I first got some kind of letter from my GP saying in effect that the meters were the cause which was making me sick. He than made a note against my file that I had called in with this type of enquiry. He then gave me the contact details for the doctors letter and said that then he could then pass on my enquiry and then someone else could contact me to……….resolve the query ??? I suggested to him that he had probably received a lot of calls along the same line as this. His response was that I was the first one who had called with this type of request. He said that he had worked there for 18 months and I was the first and that he didn’t know whether his colleagues may have received such calls. Well, afterwards I was just wondering….if I was the first asking about the meter’s signal strength and whether it was able to be turned down, how was it that he had such ready advice on hand telling me to go and get a letter from my GP. Has anyone else on this forum that is having health issues attempted to call their distributor or installer to try and have the signal strength of surrounding meters turned down ? I’m actually starting to seethe about this type of response. The fact of the matter is that just after the meters were installed the headaches began and still remain that is FACT. And I have to go and get a letter from my Doctor who hasn’t had any experience or dealings with smart meters or EMR when I would ask who the hell are these people who have first and foremost perpetrated this insanity and this criminality upon the common citizen.

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      Eric – if I was to ring Jemena and ask them to turn the meters down (which I already have some months ago) tomorrow, then they would say I was the first one asking for this. They are lying! I was told to contact my neighbours and ask them to ring the company on behalf of me to get their meters turned down but I don’t feel any better, so I presume they were lying then also. What comes around, goes around. I’ve now been living with these meter emissions since June, 2012. This is too long but hubby doesn’t feel anything so it is not such an issue for him, he just has to put up with me whinging about it. It has made me more determined to fight the battle and not give in, no matter what! People simply have no idea about this stuff if they don’t do the research, and if they cannot feel the effects as we do. They’re in denial like the stupid power distributors/ governments. By the way, it isn’t just us humans being affected, if you notice trees turning autumn colours already and/or burn marks on foliage of shrubs nearest to smart meters then that is all the proof you need re the strength of radiation.

  5. FightingBack says:

    This is the response after I told them that our whole court is complaining about headaches and fatigue, that we used a RF meter and found the signal at a high level, we also said they were transmitting more then 4 times a day. I said we are all considering legal action.
    Every night since these meters were placed in our court I have not slept well. It is hard to sleep when you feel a vice grip pressure in both sides of the temples. When you do get any sleep it feels like you have been hit in the head, waking up to headaches is not a good feeling.
    I am not under a great deal of stress but having these smart meters now near me, its is causing problems.

    The response as follows –

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    SP AusNet’s smart meters are programmed to only transmit 4 times a day for around 10 seconds at a time. The rest of the time the meter signal is not operational. Unlike the mesh network implemented across other parts of Victoria or the world our meters send a point-to-point signal directly to our WiMAX telecommunications towers. The radio frequency emissions from our meters are a fraction of other devices in your homes (mobile phones, baby monitors, garage remotes), and nearly half of those meters on a mesh network. Each of the four daily transmissions from a meter are similar to a mobile phone SMS in both data size and signal strength.

    The signal strength of our meters is well within Australian standards as measured by ARPANSA (approximately 0.0001% of the ARPANSA Daily Allowable Limit). When active it is around 1000 times less than the signal strength of a mobile telephone in use (which can be around 50% of the ARPANSA limit) and has been independently tested by both EMC Technologies and RADHAZ (leading consultancies specialising in EME management and compliance to relevant exposure standards in Australia). All of these reports are publically available on our website (www.sp-ausnet.com.au/smartmeters).

    In addition many of the devices that are able to be purchased online claiming to be radio frequency measuring devices are not, and measure incorrectly or provide false readings. Accurate radio frequency measuring devices are able to be hired through ARPANSA but should only be operated by qualified technicians as calibration of the device is very important.

    SP AusNet meter signals are not able to be turned down, they adhere to strict communication guidelines and regulations, and will always operate at their weakest possible signal strength. If an SP AusNet customer believes their meter may be malfunctioning, or has a problem with service delivery they are able to contact us directly at any stage.

    Kind regards

    Claire Lewis
    Customer Relations – AMI

    SP AusNet
    Customer Service Centre
    Ph: 1300 360 795
    Fax: 03 9238 6447

  6. Damaged. says:

    We lost our home due to smart meter making us sick. We refuse to live with it. This radiation is cumulative. What a disgusting nightmare. Do not give up the fight.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      I agree! but making a stand for your health is important when dealing with insensitive, uncaring companies who only care about profit. It could take years for them to “reap what they sow” but I am sure it will happen… KARMA!

  7. dI says:

    The only help I first got was friends.. turning wi fi off..next I had to recover.. next I went to doctors who knew nothing..next i faced my computer to get help and joined a group for help where others who are electro senstative helping me when no one replied or government gave a fuck and even sent me an email when i said i was electro sensative and could not pay my bills or see if my pay was in.. (except physically of course..but was wirling around and barely driving the car to a fro and it was like a fire that i could not see until i bought the electro smog meter) so now i have recovered mostly and can function more.. but the psychological emotional is truely hard..as paying off a home and was happy.. nothing means much to me now in Australian life style i was so happily living… still being positive daily as the meter helps me to know how I am going to feel in the spots i know now are wireless.. like traffic lights…. i look on ceilings for the wi fi boxes and have to keep moving to get away… I had to join this club.. and still going to fight to get the smart meter removed.. i can feel it and hear it even if it is tiny.. sorry no one can put up with a mozzie when they are sleeping~! http://www.facebook.com/groups/electromagneticsensitivity/10151170870715248/?notif_t=group_comment_reply

  8. Miriam. says:

    Hi Desiree,
    There are many good helpful comments here.

    Going off-grid is a big & expensive option & it also has EMR issues (especially from the inverter) so use it as a last resort if you can afford it.

    Firstly – you must go to doctors & have tests & show that you have no medical condition that might be causing your problems. Get a doctor’s letter stating all this.
    Step 2 –
    (a) write to all the parties involved – ie. DPI Vic, Minister O’Brien, your electricity wholesaler & any other company that was involved in having the AMI installed at your premises. Include a certified copy of your doctor’s letter (keep the original for your records so that you can use it again whenever necessary) (you may need to do a stat dec but a notary can advise you better). Demand they remove the meter & replace it with an analogue meter – they owe you “A duty of care” under your common law rights & you are producing medical evidence to show that this is a required change. Also say that you hold them jointly & severally liable & will claim damages if they do not do what you ask;
    (b) lodge complaints with the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights commission against all these parties in (a) for having damaged your health by not taking any duty of care or employing the precautionary principle.
    Step 3 – contact the media outlets & write letters (media releases) & send them to local & state & national newspapers.

    Good luck.

  9. Kim Wulz says:

    Even if you dont have a smart meter you will be on the grid it is so strong, there are ways of getting off the grid depending on where you choose to live, and what height you live at, you have to think with your own mind what blocks the grid. The meters are run at such a level even if you dont have one you will be affected. The grid will expand into country areas soon. i think the best bet for people in the long turn is not to panic , find a way of deflecting the problem, you dont win a race by running away, and you can still win the race with an injury.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      Hmm, Kim you say “find a way to deflect the problem” but much of what you said isn’t very helpful. I am interested in hearing how you would go about deflecting the problem. Lets face it, moving to a less suburban area could possibly be the answer in the long run, that is not running away, just being smart and decreasing exposure.

  10. melb resident says:

    i cant sleep either. its really bad, i never had problems sleeping before, ever!

    smart meters are crap!

  11. Lindsay smith says:

    Thank you ever so much posting your letter Desiree.
    I think every cloud has some degree of silver lining and therefore I try to be thankful that my body is alerting me of the damage that the radiation is doing. There must be hundreds of thousands of people out there who are unaware of this and are popping painkillers as I did for years before I found out. As I have known about my radiation sensitivity for years now I have researched the topic for some time and have found some interesting facts as follows.

    Leading cellular biologists confirm that many essential functions of our bodies such as DNA replication and intercellular communication rely on very subtle frequencies throughout the whole body. In the meantime we “modern humans” now exist in our ever so convenient 24/7 electro-smog filled world of Smartmeters, WI-FI, Cordless keyboards and mice, DECT telephones, Mobile Phones, Compact Fluorescent Lighting ……and you know what? …. THE MAJORITY LOVE IT!! But the fact remains that all this convenience is actually BOMBARDING our bodies with comparitivly brutal doses of radiation and no-one really knows the overall or combined effects that all these frequencies have on the human body, long or short term. Testing continues but we are far from a conclusion and glancing through the summaries it does not look good.

    A comparison can be drawn, albeit on a much more severe scale in all ways, with nuclear radiation. Nukes in large doses kill people by creating cellular dysfunction. In smaller doses it causes births abnormalities and various other defects such as cancer, IF the recipient lives long enough. All of this is caused by cellular dysfunction because the radiation travels through and upsets the natural subtle frequencies of the body. Yes, the effects of Nukes are recognised unanimously worldwide, but what the world has yet to recognise is that industry and our need for convenience is making our homes and workplaces into crockpots where we are slowly cooking ourselves into our own demise.

    I particularly liked your “I think the government is slowly trying to kill us…” because once a person becomes fully aware of what radiation does and how the government has promoted this, what other conclusion can one draw?
    At the very least the deceptive actions of the Victorian Government are treasonous because they have knowingly allowed the power companies to continue with their deceptive enforcement policies which are only of benefit to the power companies.
    The relationship between the Victorian people and the Government of Victoria is one of a fiduciary trust nature; (from fides, meaning “faith”, and fiducia, meaning “trust”) and it is a legal or ethical relationship of trust between two or more parties.
    Therefore it very is obvious that the Victorian Government has NOT acted on behalf its constituents and has favoured the corporations instead.
    They need to be reminded that they are public servants NOT OUR RULERS!!

    Anyways, I really hope you can find a way to rid your home of this scourge and become fit and healthy again.
    In lakesh.
    Lindsay Smith

  12. Anonymous says:

    Desiree, last night I was watching the tennis from Melbourne Park on my television. I believe that in the VIP box I saw the unmistakeable face of Energy Minister Michael O’Brien. I felt so upset and angry as I have been having all sorts of problems such as constant headache and also nausea from the time when smart meters were installed in all the neighboring properties to mine. As the tennis match was only at it’s beginning, I really felt that I wanted to get in my car and drive to Melbourne Park so I could corner this senseless individual and inform him in a very direct fashion of those things that he needs to know and understand. My head pain that day was really distressing and to see his face show up on my television screen in that fashion absolutely revolted me.

    • Pam says:

      ANONYMOUS – Not a face to see at any time. Wonder if he paid for his tickets to the Tennis like all other ordinary folk. His face enough to give anyone a headache. He is an uncaring individual who doesn’t give a rats arse about any of us. It’s sickening. Have you got your name of the SSMA Health Register??????????? Cheers Pam 🙂
      PS As you know I don’t have one but I too am surrounded by them. I can feeel them as I walk past them. Nearly everyone in my street is sick, but they think I am nuts because of my box being Locked and signs everywhere. NEVER GIVE UP WE HAVE ALL WORKED TOO HARD TO STOP THE CONTINUED ROLL-OUT. I FEEL WE WILL WIN IN THE LONG RUN. THAT IS THE ONLY THING THATM KEEPS ME GOING.

  13. Pam says:

    Oh Desiree – I feel for you – As mentioned by Carmela – go to your Local Paper – put your story to them. I am sure other folk in your area are feeling just like you if they have a Smart meter installed. They are a silent killer and Yes The Government has a lot to answer for. But Governments come and go – usually with a bit fat Golden Handshake. They are a pack of mongrels for what they are doing to us. How they sleep at night is beyond me. Get your name on SSMA Health Register. It is Private and Confidential. Take some recent “Posts” to your Doctor and tell him it is exactly how you are feeling and get a Certifiate from him/her and seek Legal advice. (I have) which has helped me no end. This Website keeps us all up-to-date with the current information on the Dangers of these darn things. They can shove the rotten things up you know where because I will NEVER NEVER BE BULLIED OR FORCED INTO HAVING A KILLER SMART METER INSTALLED IN MY HOME, YES MY HOME AND NOT THE DARN POWER COMPANIES – THEY CAN ALL GO TO HELL. Please let us all know how you get on….GOOD LUCK……………PAM:-)

  14. Anonymous says:

    I question, what kind of human being will be those who spent their first nine months in the womb around those damned smart meters? The United Nation’s World Health Organisation never conducted any test of the smart meter’s effect on the fitus. The present goverment is only a servant to the corporations, regardless anythig else. And perhaps we deserve them if we let this and other detramental things to happen. May God open our mind wider.

  15. John M says:

    Going off-grid is the only way to take back control of expenditure on electricity and the health of yourself and family. Only when enough people take this action or are prepared to live without electricity and hurt profit margins will things change. The ‘power’ is within the people to change this if enough stand together and say NO loudly enough on the various possible ways.

  16. I have completely gone off grid and has cost me $9,000 in equipment to do so.Being in the trade I did this myself but I believe some companies may install equipment for you at a price (shop around). If you generate your own power with storage battery bank for night use then you can tell the power suppliers to go to hell. Make sure you have your kilowatt hour meter and power lines removed otherwise you will be charged daily for just having them in place. With current prices this can be up to $1.20 a day once GST is added.

    • Bren says:

      Good luck to Robert Scott for his off grid costs at $9,000 as i cant do it myself and was quoted over $40,000. Do you do this work for others–would love to get your quote….cheers Bren

    • Brenda says:

      Hi Scott,
      Can you please tell me how you did this. We are/were looking at spending $11,000 on a solar system but now I know we have to have a smart meter with it I’m not feeling so environmental anymore. Hubby is a tradie and thinks I’m just being paranoid but he doesn’t understand that I already hear buzzing and wonder if I’m a bit EMF sensisitve. Would love to hear about your setup, or jsut links to appropriate info.
      Cheers – Brenda

  17. Brigitte says:

    Isn`t it possible to ask a solicitor to draft a letter for you addressed to Minister O`Brien and the Premier that you hold them personally responsible for your health damage plus… experienced since you had the smart meter. You need to keep some sort of diary about your doctor`s visits and complaints, expenses etc., I believe. The politicians do not have a mandate to make the people sick. They have been elected to serve the people. They might have to be reminded of it.
    I have been thinking of this for myself if I cannot avoid getting this s… meter.

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      Brigitte, there is no mandate from the government to us – the public, but there is one for the electricity distributor to use their ‘best endeavours’ whatever that means! Everyone is being hoodwinked into these ridiculous beliefs that they do not have a say in the matter. I’m over it, where is the voice of the people, I wonder??? Except for all these very intelligent ones on this website, of course!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Yes, you can avoid getting the Microwave Electric Smart Meter. Just measure your Steel or Wooden Electric Meters box’s dimension. See your lock-smith and get the most suitable hasp and staple and an Industrial Padlock as I did. Get your husband or someone handy with tools to fit the hasp and staple and Industrial Padlock as soon as possible and well before the Smart Meter Installer man calls to steal your trusty Analogue meter. Then when the box is padlocked they cannot steal the Analogue Meter of yours.

      Next get up your Legal Anti-Trespass signs see the as . Then when the meter reader man calls and rings your front door bell and you are home just unpadlock the Industrial Padlock and he can take his readings from your Analogue Meter, then lock up your Meter Box. If the meter reader man calls, say in around the next 85 to 90 days, you can did take your own readings early in the mornings for the last of these 5 days and note on a piece of paper these figures; write them down in black biro pen and sign your name or better still, your signature against each of the 5 day’s readings. If the meter reader man calls when you are out shopping or on another errand/s he can record the figure from the paper you have taped to your Electric Meter Box. Remember you own the Electric Meter Box and not these LYING Electric Power Companies. When you bought your home the Electric Meter Box was a part of your home, don’t let these bullies bluff you.

      Whatever you do, please don’t speak to these C.E.O’s or their minions. Communicate in writing only and post each letter by registered post and keep a copy of same for Legal Purposes. Do as I did in getting up to 30 minutes of free advice from your most trusted Solicitor ASAP well before the Smart Meter Installation day. Note if no date is typed into the letter/s this Electric Power Company sends you their letter will not stand up in a Court of Law. Write a letter to the C.E.O of the Power Company for your area and state boldly that you refuse to accept a Microwave Smart Meter on your property for Health Reasons as well as the real risk of damage to your private electrical goods from the Microwave Smart Meter as has already happened many times in Victoria and overseas. If you are Electro hypersensitive to Microwave Radiation get a letter from your doctor stating this and send a copy of same with your registered letter to the C.E.O of the Power Company. Take advice from your lawyer if another letter is sent to you from this power company demanding you accept the Dopey Deadly Microwave Smart Meter. There has never been a Law passed in both Houses of the Victorian Parliament under the past Brumby Labour Government or this also proving to be Criminally careless Baillieu Led Liberal Party Government to force anyone to accept a dopey dangerous Smart Meter.

      The Charter of Human Rights passed in England and the Hague in Holland in 1948 and to which all free countries of the world as well as Australia protects you from these and similar Bully Boys and Girls. See also the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006 in the Victorian Government Gazette, which offers you the same protection. Send a similarly worded and Registered Letter to the Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’ Brien as well. Stress at the bottom of these letters that you will SUE them if they keep on harassing you, by your taking them to Court using your lawyer and A Common Class Action. This usually SHUTS up I have found.

      Phone me on 03 5352 3639 if you like or Email me on……. rvimana@vic.chariot.net.au. between 8.00 A.M and 5.00 P. M weekdays.


      Richard Leschen.

      Whatever you do, please don’t speak on the telephone to these C.E.O’s or their minions. Communicate in writing only and post each letter by registered post and keep a copy of same for Legal Purposes. Do as I did in getting up to 30 minutes of free advice from your most trusted Solicitor ASAP well before the Smart Meter Installation day. Note if no date is typed into the letter this Elecric Power Company sends you their letter will not stand up in a Court of Law. Write a letter to the C.E.O of the Power Company for your area and state boldly that you refuse to accept a Microwave Smart Meter on your property for Health Reasons. If you are Electro hypersensitive to Microwave Radiation get a letter from your doctor stating this and send a copy of same with your registered letter to the C.E.O of the Power Company. Take advice from your lawyer if another letter is sent to you from this power company demanding you accept the Dopey Deadly Microwave Smart Meter. There is no Law been passed under the past Labour Governmen or this also proving to be Criminal Liberal Party Government to force anyone to accept a dopey dangerous Smart Meter. The Charter of Human Rights passed in Engand and the Hague in Holland in 1948 protects you from these and similar Bulley Boys and Girls. Send a similar registered Letter to the Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’ Brien as well. Stress at the bottom of these letters that You will SUE them if they keep on harrassing you by your taking them to Court using your lawyer and A Common Class Action.

  18. Beatrix Vant says:

    I had the same response, got the meter to put on the tin roof, tested bedroom: no mobile reception so I think we are fine…. Cost is 600 dollars. planning to send the bill to the Minister of Energy

  19. david griffith says:

    Best wishes Desiree.

    Getting off the grid may not help much if all your neighbours have smart meters installed.
    Here in the Blue Mountains, I ended up with a ‘trial version’ smart meter that I had no memory of asking for.
    I was able to get the guts of it removed after telling my energy provider that I wasn’t interested in their assurances that ‘all is well’ as, in fact, I’m having health issues.
    Much to my surprise, this was accepted as reason enough to remove the ‘smart’ part of the meter.

    My health has improved and, believe me, I had many medical tests to show nothing wrong with my body
    Tinnitus – which is a disorder of the inner ear and which, in turn, affects balance, has almost faded away completely. My brief periods of dizzyness and weakness have also diminished.
    There have been no long term studies done in respect to our increasing immersion in electromagnetic smog…… or soup. How could there be when it’s all so recent?
    While I was able to have my smart meter removed, the technician involved made the point that – sooner or later – I may not be able to avoid it.

    Smart meters which are able to remotely turn off the air condioning are of no benefit if, in fact, you wanted it turned on.

    This doesn’t help you immediately Desiree and I’m not expecting any political party to actually take notice of these protests however there must be some enterprising tradesman who is able to put a perspex window into the front of the meter box – for those who still have annologue meters to be read – and to put a padlock on the box.

    If this were done with whole streets involved …. someone would take notice.

  20. dI says:

    I have bought kero lamps already..attempting to get off the grid.. finding the time to change everything and not sleeping in my room or watch tv and trying to heal from the wi fi used to be ok wtih..now am not.. learning about electricity.. it is all too much.. am a mess but trying real hard and to keep records of everything.. in fact I am printing up this site on paper in case it gets deleted or something.

  21. The new technology is killing us. Antennas, smartmeters, smartphones, ipads, DECT, WIFI… All of them are proviking many deseases. But now there are many affected people that can feel the radiations with pain. This new disease is called electrosensitive. My mother was electrosensitive. She couldn´t live that nightmare. This is the new epidemy. All of you can be informed with this report http://www.bioinitiative.org/ These group of scientists are warning us, are warning the wolrd health organitation, but there are many interestets around this issue…

  22. dI says:

    I have not slept in my bedroom since November last year. I look after dad and am traumatized and learning to cope like i have cancer or something. Because i know myself very very well.. and I have tenittis i am hearing the smart meter too. I bought an electrpsmog meter and finally caught the tiny line that pulsates at my home. i can not even stand that.. so I have cooked myself sleeping the caravan or on some floor far away where i have no room..but still feel magnetizm… it is radio waves and i think the wires in our homes radiated.. i can not begin to tell the hell i am in.. fighting and trying to function. I am electro sensative and paying off a house that I am afraid to sleep in.. trying to get paperwork together to fight for my rights of health plus look after dad and go to his appointments and rememeber to put oil in the car. i have known for a while now that panadol does not work.. there is too much to say right now.. I turn all wi if off.. have to sell my i phone..but every traffic light is now wi fi… so this helps to avoid to heal.. but wow.. i live in Melbourne where the scientists have up graded their care.. $$$$$$$$ for years.

  23. Paul says:

    I have solar power with no Smart meter installed – Most people with Solar Power do….the SM has absolutely nothing to do with it. They are trying to make you feel like you have no choice.
    Remember the PM has already stated clearly that Smart Meters are NOT compulsory as you can find on this website.
    My mates in the USA are still operating on the old sensible system where the solar meter simply runs the meter backwards to create credits. – the thing is that you can demand them to remove it and put back the original meter. Hold them liable for your health issues – get a solicitor to draw up a letter of demand (many don’t charge for this). At least get them on the back foot so to speak.
    I wish you good health of course but knowing that it will happen only when you get rid of their disgusting smart meters – if you look closer it’s a world wide attack on civil rights. best wishes.

  24. Glenj says:

    Desiree, Solar panels are dirty electricity also. http://www.aimtolive.com/radiation_solar_panels.htm of course, they don’t tell us that do they.
    also, i would refer you to read an excellent book written by an Australian author from Queensland. Donna Fisher has written two books – Silent Fields and More Silent Fields. well worth the read.
    best of luck, Glenj

  25. Matt says:

    Hi Desiree, What you can do is shield the meter box & around it. This site has some pointers and products to use.


    Sorry to hear about the suffering you have endured. Hope that this info helps to improve your quality of life!!!

  26. Carmela says:

    Oh Desiree,
    You are not crazy, you are a healthy person reacting to an unhealthy situation. I have a meter but it is not yet turned on, and I am terrified that I will be like you when it is. I have written letters to Minister O’Brien as I am sure have others, warning him of the negative effects of the meters and asking for my meter to be removed. He is being negligent. Our government is not looking after us and we need to make our voices heard by way of protest, through the media, through legal avenues.
    Can you get a letter from your doctor, see your local member, visit Minister O’Brien, make your situation known publicly so that the government cannot feign ignorance? With all the available evidence to support the case against smart meters, there is no excuse for the government to continue with the roll out – unless it clearly has an agenda to make us all ill from radiation.
    Perhaps you are right, perhaps our government is trying to kill us. It seems a logical conclusion when they refuse to act to protect our health.
    I wish you all the best and hope our situation changes very soon.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Desiree,
      Firstly go and see your doctor regarding your getting sick from the Microwave Radiation from the Microwave Smart Meter installed on your property. There are are many doctors of medicine in Europe, such as in Norway and Scandinavia etc who now realise and classify Microwave Disease as a real disease to Humans. If your doctor is not aware of the real danger of this Microwave Poisoning to Humans from these now proving to be Deadly Dangerous Microwave Meters, then find one who is, and get a Medical Certificate to prove that you are getting sick from the Microwave Radiation.

      Next make a daily or weekly list of all the health problems you are having since the Microwave Smart Meter was installed on your property.
      Then try to get a good Lawyer as I did and get up to 30 minutes of free advice from him or her, as I did.
      Get him or her to read your Signed Medical Report listing the problems you are now having since the Dangerous to your health Microwave Smart Meter ( not so smart meter) was installed on your property. Ask him or her if they he can demand, that this Electric Power Company remove the Microwave Smart Meter at their expense and reinstall the Safe and Passive Analogue Meter also at their expense. If they baulk at this, ask your lawyer to SUE them for all the hurt and damage this Microwave Smart Meter is doing to you and make this Electric Power Company pay all of your medical bills, and or hospital bills and chemist bills related to the Smart Meter health problems you are experiencing. Make a list of all your expenses up to the time of your seeing your Lawyer and after that too. Keep a copy of these bills for Legal purposes. The Lawyer you see will need to see all of these expenses.

      It is an absolute DISGRACE the way these foreign owned Victorian Based
      Electric Power Companies Chief Executive Officers and their Human Relations Officers are constantly trying to HOODWINK the Victorian public into accepting these now proving to be Deadly to ones health and the safety of ones private electrical goods. These C.E.Os and the Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’ Brien are committing Acts of Violence in trying to force Victorians to accept these Deadly Dangerous Microwave Electric Meters against the Victorian Public’s Will and Better Judgement. In fact, what they are doing is totally against the Charter of Human Rights signed into Law in Britain in 1948 and as well into law in the the Hague in Holland also in 1948 and to which all Free Countries such as the United Kingdom and all States of Australia and America and the rest of the Free World are also Signatories. It is also against the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006 which you will find in the Victorian Government Gazette. All of these Electric Power Companies world-wide so desperately trying to force people to now accept these Deadly Microwave Smart, read not so smart meters, are guilty of the Most Heinous of Crimes and those responsible should be dragged Kicking and Screaming before the World Court of Human Rights and Justly Punished for these Ongoing Crimes against not only people who are so affected in Victoria Australia but the rest of the World’s Countries where these infernally dangerous so-called but very dangerous Microwave Meters are wrecking humans’ health and liberty.

      Please phone me on (030 5352 3639 or Email me on. rvimana@vic.chariot.net.au

    • Mia Nony says:

      Time stamp and film the use of a Cornet 65 or 75 radiation monitor which records just how much microwave radiation you are being exposed to. Your health is declining from classic microwave sickness. Suffocate the meter frequencies completely & cover the entire interior wall with carbon sheeting closest to you behind which you staple directly on the wall foil insulation running from floor to ceiling & wall to wall. Do so before your health becomes permanently damaged and/or your DNA strands split in to three, which is irreversible.
      You MUST stop the frequencies at source.
      Moving the meter will only help minimally since the object of the grid is to achieve blanket coverage of every inch of the globe, gaining signal while creating biological dead zones is simply a side effect which they don’t care about.
      Each s/meter – (it’s not a meter at all, it’s a computer, the software for which is designed to make “estimates” in its own favour) – not only couples to you but to all metal, all water & your entire electrical circuit, turning you into an involuntary conductor coupled into the smart grid.
      Each smart meter is able to create a blanket of microwave coverage of 21 square miles.
      Each cell relay (Medusa) meter is even more powerful & is able to blanket 125 square miles in illegal frequencies.
      Each router/collector hub on a utility pole is able to blanket up to 300 square miles, & link to satellites 22,000 to 30,000 miles away while it continuously communicates with all grid components & links all home circuits to one another, sharing your personal data while using your residence as a place of business to data mine.
      Each coverage drastically overlaps every other coverage, using endless overlapping concentric circles. Every time any frequency intersects with any other it creates a new frequency, with no relationship to any safety code even if safety codes meant anything, which they do not. Overlapping coverage & endlessly multiplying frequencies all serve to compound the microwave effect of these frequencies exponentially.

  27. Ashley says:

    I feel for you Desiree, this attack on the people is disgraceful. Problem in itself is the long term affects of taking pills. I also think the government is at least knowingly making us sick. I’ve hinted already that, when people want to just think that it is only about money for the power companies and also blind sided thinking such as ‘we need to see if the other political parties policies will work’, I suggest the money trail expands much muck further, pharmaceutical sales, cancer treatments, etc.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      We need to kick this also proving to be useless Liberal Victorian Government out of office, just as the Brumby Victorian Labour Government let us down as well. When voting time comes around. The D.L.P have said they will get rid of these Smart Meters, Dopey and Deadly Microwave Electric Meters actually, so all vote for the D.LP. It’s worth a try !

  28. Anonymous says:

    Move the meter.

    • Pam says:

      I got a quote to have my meter box relocated should I be forced into having a bloody Smart Meter – nearly $4,000.00. It is completely out of the question I am on a Pension and my annalogue meter is not broken and works very well. I WILL NEVER GIVE IN. MY BOX IS LOCKED And staying LOCKED – SIGNS DISPLYED and I have a Solicitor acting for me END OF STORY………………GOOD LUCK EVERYONE….CHEERS PAM 🙂

  29. TheBThing says:

    Since you already have a smart meter…

    You don’t need a Smart Meter for Solar Panels, it’s just they DON’T want you to have AN analogue one so they don’t pay you 100% feed back rates, making you a lessor in the sales game.

    Consider going off grid. It will mean probably upgrading your panel array and installing deep charging batteries (shed space) and a charge controller. Then you will not need SP-AusNet or energy retailers.

    The solar panels systems Gillard is installing are Con Jobs. They turn off if there is a black out so it’s all geared to keeping you on their grid. The Carbon-Tax will also keep you enslaved and paying to keep the top dogs in their places.. unless we all fight back.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      To The BThing,
      Correct. A top Electrical Engineer and Solar Panel Salesman only a week ago, who owns his own Solar Panel Business said. ” It’s simple Richard, keep your Safe and Trusty Analogue Electric Meter, it simply runs backwards when the power you draw is less than the Solar going into it. Before dopey Smart Meters came about I used to rig up the Solar Panels on the customers’ roofs. The Analogue Meteres plus a bypass system I invented worked fine. These Microwave Smart Meters are a total RIP-OFF for Victorian Electricity Customers.” so there you are folks !

    • Fiona says:

      Where would you recommend finding good lay people language and info for going off grid.

      • Juliette says:

        The comments here are so important for the greater community to read . Write to your local paper and have these comments printed. Everyone needs to know that Smart Meters are of great health concern.

      • TheBThing says:

        It’s pretty simply terms we are using already. There are various books and magazines, includign the internet. May items can be purchased on eBay or AliExpress for lower prices then the government subsidised deals on TV, etc.

        To go off grid you need about $10000 and that investment should last 20-30 years if all goes well. Batteries are the questionable field since there are various quality and technological options. As time progresses other options and prices should come available.

        * A ‘power inverter’ is needed to convert and regulate(maintain possible levels) of incoming power to 240v, if needed
        * A ‘charge controller’ is needed to maintain that batteries are charged, if you have batteries
        * Solar Panels are used to generate power ( also consider Wind Turbine and other power making devices)
        * Racking, cabling and installation boxes, to support and fix equipment
        * Electrician to wire the system

        Shop around and aim for real prices, design and quality. Example racking is only aluminium so it shouldn’t cost hundreds of dollars to thousands as many are trying to do, for the panel racks.

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