Power distributor turns smart meter power down 90% for health reasons!

After a fair bit of exchange between myself and my energy provider, I was able to get  my smart meter powered down by 90% at its installation, due to my chronic medical condition. I supplied a medical report from my doctor and after a few lengthy conversations with the relevant customer service officer, I was able to get this result.

I am still strongly affected by the meter, due to my sensitivity towards EMFs and RFs, and it does aggravate my existing medical symptoms. But I thought that this was a small step forward as I thought these meters were mandatory.

I urge anyone with a medical condition that is sensitive to EMFs and RFs, to take this course of action as it should be recognised by their provider and acted upon. But I am hopefully waiting for the realisation of the government, as to the meters seriously negative impact on our health, to be recognised and to allow the public to make their own choice about the smart meters.

I will definitely get mine changed back to the old meter as soon as I can.


Yet Minister O’Brien and the Victorian Government still claim smart meters are safe for EVERYONE!

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  1. Gabrielle Walker says:

    Can anyone tell me if a EM5100 is or has the capacity to be a smart meter. Was put on 2 years ago as an import/ export meter for the sloar system. My reading tells me that it has capacity for external equipment management. So I take from that perhaps the addition of an antenna will make it a smart meter. Any comments

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Please get in touch with the Chief Electrician in charge of the Solar Power Company who installed your Solar Panel System. If he does not know, contact his boss, is what I would do.

      • Trevor bridges says:

        em 2100 and 5100 are digital meters and can be reprogrammed for solar installations therefore there is no need to have a landis&Gyr e-350 smart meter the 2100 and 5100 will do the Job perfectly
        cheerrs Trevor Bridges Churchill Group

  2. Anonymous says:

    to Freddie, a few people I have spoken to who have had solar panels installed were told they had to have the smart meter or they couldn’t have the panels installed.

    • Freddie says:

      You only need to keep the smart meter if you want to feed your excess electricity back into the grid and get some money for it. If you build a ‘stand alone’ system, you’re no longer a customer of the Power Company, so their device has to be removed from your property. You can find names of companies in yellow pages that deal with generators, as they usually advise you on the whole ‘package’. I’ve spken to Paul from Macfarlane Generators Ph: 1300 622436 – they do ‘stand alone’ systems, you can check their website. Going off the grid may be the most powerful action anyone can take in the end!

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Not correct there Freddie,
        I have spoken to a gentleman from Holland now living in Victoria who makes and sells Solar Panels and installs them on roofs. He is an electrical engineer and he has the equipment to let you keep your Older and Safe Passive Analogue Meter. He said that long before the Dopey Smart Meters came out there was the ability to send excess electricithy back to the grid with his invention and that all of these Microwave dopey so-called Smart Meters are a Gigantic Con Job. I agree with him.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Anonymous,
      This is again a case of outright lies. Long before Dopey Scary so-called Smart Meters were dreamt up. Analogue Meters were in force. My Dutch Installer told me that as an Electrical Design Engineer he had systems he’d invented which worked well with the Analogue Electric Meter which pumped excess electric power back into the Grid and the little hands on the Analogue Meter turned backwards. One just took the difference in the readings and Presto the difference gave one the Monetary Credit. Simple as pie. Not like the modern so-called Smart Meter/s that can be seemingly fiddled with from the Power Office of any of these Five Overseas owned Electric Power Companies seemingly in many cases didling customers out or their Legal Credits according to many of my friends tales of woe !

  3. Maureen says:

    My son, age 22 started work recently at a new job. After a few weeks he started feeling most unwell: dizziness, palpitations, unable to think clearly & pain in his kidneys. This seemed to ease off when he was at home. Several times he left work early as he could not concentrate & was in too much pain . He since discovered where he was sitting in the office there is a smart meter about 1.5 m away, inside , above his head, in a wooden box.
    medical tests have shown that he did not have a virus,or any other medical problem. The doctor had not heard of EMS and smart meters, but did not discredit it.
    He has since been to another property with a smart meter & again started to feel dizzy.
    He can no longer go back to this workplace. So what future does he have???
    How can these politicians sleep at night when it is so blatantly obvious that lives are being destroyed? How many more have to suffer?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      I think he can only do the sensible thing and get some Legal Advice as I did. Power distributors should all be dragged kicking and screaming into Court and tried. Then, if found guilty by a fair trial with jurors, made to pay huge amounts of money for ruining peoples’ lives and in addition be thrown into Gaol. Were I their Judge, I’d give none of them any remission for good behaviour, as they have knowingly and willingly ruined so many peoples lives.

  4. Freddie says:

    Vicki, have you considered disconnecting from the electricity grid and making your own power with a ‘hybrid system’, ie. solar panels, a battery and possibly a small back-up generator? Then you will be FREE of the smart meter and FREE from the bills that demand you pay for that unwanted (indeed harmful) smart grid infrastructure.
    I wish you well.

    • name Justice says:

      This is what I am going to do Freddie, but it costs a lot of money, however, I have told the Power Company, they will have to remove the smart meter as we be going solar they said they will not take the smart meter out. I contacted a Barrister and he said they have to remove it, as it is our property and meter box. Also it was suggested that it would be a good idea to take the Power Company to court, as the solar off grid costs were forced on us and we do not have another alternative, as they refused to install a meter which was not wireless. Justice.

      • Freddie says:

        if you no longer purchase electricity from the power company, they have to remove the smart meter. You are no longer their customer, they can’t impose THEIR device on YOUR property. They are probably just trying to scare you, as if people start going off the grid, the Power Companies will start to go down the gurgler! They won’t be able to recoup infrastucture costs and will loose all income from your property now and for years to come. Imagine how happy their share holders will be!!! The only reason to keep a smart meter is if you want to stay connected to the grid and sell your excess electricity back to them, which is NOT the point of this whole exercise. Costs can be brought down if you can lower your overall electricity consumption. There could be government rebates too.
        Here’s a few tips: lights – who needs them! Only when it’s pitch dark, fridge is the main consumer and should be replaced with a smaller, less consuming one (like they have in Europe) and just shop more often, have gas cooker, gas or solar hot water, gas heating. You’ll be amazed how ‘possible’ it is, once you put your mind to it! It may not be cheap, but it’s cheaper than relocating interstate and at what price yours and your family’s health?!

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Good on you Justice,
        I say. ” Sue these Evil People for all you can. That’s the only language they understand…Money. Truly these people have no hearts and certainly no SHAME. From the way they have treated you, you most certainly deserve to win !
        I have had my run in with this same crowd over time and been bullied, but not beaten.
        Just who the HELL do these people think they are, some type of Super Beings ? No they are just a pack of bullies.
        Get yourself a good Lawyer as I did, and good luck.

    • Miriam. says:

      There is a lot of EMR issues with a solar powered system due to the inverter required – be careful before taking this step – especially if you are sensitive to EMR.

  5. James G Smith says:

    I am not sure what the meters are like in Australia, but here in Canada, where I have had the good luck to take one apart and examine the interior, there is no obvious way to adjust the transmission intensity of the meter.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      They LIE – I would not believe anything they tell you about ‘powering down’ their meters because they are TOTAL SCUMBAGS!!!

  6. Gerhard says:

    julia gillard also said we will have no carbon tax!!!! how can one proof that the so called smartmeter has turned down ????? and what exactly does it mean ????


  7. Eric says:

    Let’s not forget that they still have the control at their fingertips to turn the meter power back up (900%) again ie. they have a lever at their fingertips which gives them the power to make someone sick should they decide to flick it up again. They would be able to do that at a time that best suits them and how would any of us ever know that they have flicked up the power ? No way they would notify us beforehand. I’m sure it’s in their interests to do that because I’m sure that the stronger their signal is, the better their wireless network hangs together. Nobody should be allowed to remain in possession of such power that puts them in possession of an ability to control the well being of the populace. And you know what Vicki…..in turning down their meters 90%, isn’t that an ADMISSION from the distributor that smart meters do indeed have a detrimental effect on people’s health ?

    • Gwen says:

      Yes Eric, a very valid point indeed. All the best Vcki.

    • Sharron says:

      I would agree with your arguments, Eric. It is an unacceptable form of ‘management’ on their part, of course they know it is harming people – they just don’t give a damn!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      You are absolutely correct. I am following closely what is going on in America and Canada as I believe we can learn a good deal from them.
      In an interesting bit of news from Naperville some days ago through the Internet, although the residents were forced to take the Idiot and health wrecking so-called Smart Meters by Stand-over- police sent there by the Naperville Council offices, who are obviously in cahoots with these Electric Power Companies and the Microwave Meter Installers.

      There is a Case going on in the Courts very Close to Naperville and for the Naperville Area and other ares where the Naperville Peoples’ Lawyers are fighting to get all of these Deadly Smart Meters removed, then legally force the Power Companies and the Smart Meter Installer Men to remove the Smart Meters and reinstall the Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meters stolen from these Naperville Customers.

      Right now in some 50 to 56 towns in America the people who suffered the same miserable fate some time ago of having their Perfectly Safe and Passive Analogue Meters Stolen, have won Court case after Court Case and got their Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meters reinstalled at the Electric Power Companies expense. Those found guilty of these Illegal and Criminal Thefts, that is firstly the C.E.O’s of the Guilty Electrical Power Companies and the Smart Meter Installers are now facing long Gaol Sentences according to this Email news.

      • Eric says:

        1vimana1 that is great news. That is the sort of information that needs to get out there. These CEO’s here need to be absolutely caned through the courts and the sooner the better.

        You know what a proper government (with integrity and fortitude – ha !) should do ? They should force the foreign entities to relinquish ALL ownership of the infrastructure assets. And if Lee Hsien Loong was to open his mouth about that, he along with his father should be told where to go. Next the local power companies should be dismantled and should be made to cease as ongoing entities. They are not fit to exist as service providers. Then you would bring in those that are capable and actually care to manage the assets in a way where there was no compromise to people’s safety. Then people might be prepared to make any genuine sacrifices that needed to be made (even rationing) if things were being done by people who actual cared for the benefit of all.

  8. Hi Vicky, is your sensitivity to EMFs and RFs a documentable condition? That is to say do you have a pacemaker or some other totally quantifiable reason for your sensitivity to EMFs and RFs? Perhaps I am also sensitive to them. I get a headache and dizziness if I talk on a mobile phone… can it be that I am also sensitive to EMFs and RFs. How can I document this. Thanks for the post and good luck with it. Jaq.

  9. Wendy says:

    Great Vicki – see the comment on this site about the PM confirming that we all have a choice in keeping our Analogue Meters. She was on “The Project” 7th December, 2012.

  10. Damaged. says:

    Ours was supposedly turned down by 90% but we still could not live in our house. We had to sell the house in the end. It was a nightmare. Our ears are still ringing a year after the smart meter was installed. We are now sensitised to wiFi and don’t know if we can recover fully. We moved interstate to get away from smart meters.

    • name Justice says:

      This is terrible, to disturb people like this, and had to move from their home , what kind of heart have these power companies, it tells us, we live in a country Melbourne where the people and do not have any say how can we ever trust any Politition again, they literally ignore the Melbourne people and bite the hand that feeds them.

  11. name Justice says:

    Do not believe a word these Power Companies tell you, these meters are not manatory and saying they will turn it down 90%, how on earth can you prove it, tell them to take the meter out, you have a choice, this Government is like most polititians who are profound liars.

  12. dI says:

    Well I had this done also to 10% reading.. but I am electro sensative and still find it hard and want it removed as have not slept in my bed for 2 months. I am having old fillings taken out first thing..then looking at screaming more to anyone to have it removed as i bought a tester and i have picked up the microwaves and i do not want any~! none~! the very very last restore is to have the meter put outside near the driveway as the further the better but still will not be happy as my entire life is ruined.. I do not know what doctor you saw..but i got no help from mine unless i educate them myself… it was my friends who worked out what i could do.. not the doctors… i did say to my doctor I will be needing a letter..menopause symptoms are very similar to electro sense…so bad timing for women who could be in this stage..or maybe the micro waves actually cause the hormones to run a muck??? not happy one bit.. life is totally ruined.. i do not feel the same about my own home..country i live in and the dumb world. $$$

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Di,
      You must SUE through Common Class Action you need to take out, on those people responsible for wrecking your life with this Accursed Microwave Meter/s placed on your property. I politely suggest you and other Health-Damaged people after the Microwave Smart Meters were foisted upon you all, try to contact one another via Email or even old fashioned post for those of you who do not have a computers or computers. I have pointed out just who these people are above, in my letter to the Gentleman or Lady using the Nom-deplume “Damaged.”

      If you want to, please contact me by email on….. rvimana@vic.chariot.net.au
      or ‘phone me on (03) 5352 3639 between 9.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M.
      Richard Leschen.

    • Sharron says:

      Accept nothing less than completely removed smart meters. We want them GONE, ASAP!

    • Miriam. says:

      Di = please do this – Just lodge a claim with the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission – against DPI Vic, your electricity wholesaler & any party that wholesaler used to act in their stead (Jemena acted for some companies).
      I have complaints against them all & it has put my installation on hold thank goodness. I am severely EMR sensitive & REFUSE to allow access.
      I believe you can use this complaint avenue to get a meter removed – not saying it will be easy but I believe it is doable.
      You can refuse access via the High Court Ruling on Trespass – http://www.lockthegate.org.au (actually not sure if the url has .au on it – sorry).

  13. Bren says:

    Good on you for this important step Vicki–who would have known they could be turned down anyway.. Would like to understand more about this and wonder if you are talking to Powercor or some other provider? Cheers Bren

  14. Lets take the Power Back says:

    My question is, how does anyone know their smart meter is powered down by 90%? And what’s to stop them powering it up again to whatever they like, whenever they like? “powering down” is only a very temporary messure. The only way to stay healthy is to get rid of smart meters all together. Everything about smart meters and the potential risks to our health, safety and privacy is fundamentally wrong and against everything we stand for in Australia. Keep up the fight everyone.

  15. Pam says:

    Vicki – send a registered letter and pay extra to know your Power Distributer has received it and tell them to remove the Darn SMART METER FROM YOUR PREMISES ASAP. IF THEY ARE SO SAFE WHY TURN THEM DOWN??? (ANY ONE ELSE WHO CAN HELP VICKI). This is getting to a point where we need a CLASS ACTION or a SENATE ENQUIRY INTO SMART METERS – they are affecting too many people and children, who are our next generation. Vicki get your name on SSMA Health Register. It is Private and Confidential. If you Scroll down you will find it on this Website on the right hand side. I feel so sorry for you. I have good friends who I met through this Webiste who are suffering like yourself. This nonsense has to stop and all SMART METERS replaced with the old safe annalogue meters. Good Luck Vicki and I will check to see how you are going. Please let us all know………………….Cheers Pam 🙂

    • name Justice says:

      Please Vicki, lets have a class action ASAP,

    • Miriam. says:

      You can do something quite powerfull – Just lodge a claim with the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission – against DPI Vic, your electricity wholesaler & any party that wholesaler used to act in their stead (Jemena acted for some companies).
      I have complaints against them all & it has put my installation on hold thank goodness. I am severely EMR sensitive & REFUSE to allow access.
      I believe you can use this complaint avenue to get a meter removed – not saying it will be easy but I believe it is doable.
      You can refuse access via the High Court Ruling on Trespass – http://www.lockthegate.org.au (actually not sure if the url has .au on it – sorry).

  16. marena bennewitz says:

    Dear Vicki, I am not sure what you mean by your Smart Meter being ‘powered down’??…is this for real?…I wouldn’t accept anything less tham Smart Meter removal anyway, I think…Marena.

  17. ingrid says:

    Congratulations and well done. I can imagine this took a lot of time and effort. And thanks to your doctor for the effort too.

  18. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Vicki,
    I am glad to read that your Energy Provider turned down the power on the Smart Meter on your property by 90% Per cent. However they should not have put a Microwave Smart Meter on your property without your written permission as they do not have a CONTRACT WITH YOU. The only contract that the Energy Provider has is with the Victorian Government and the Smart Meter Installer Agent which states the following.
    ” The Smart Meter Installer must use his Best Endeavours to try to convince Victorian Private and Small business owners to accept a Microwave Smart Meter.” This simply boils down to SALESMANSHIP on their part. It certainly does not allow these Smart Meter Installers to coerce, bully or intimidate your or anyone else at any time, or they are breaking The LAW ! Note also that the Chief Executive Officers of these Five Foreign Owned Power Companies are instructing their Human Services or more correctly Inhumane Service Officers to tell people that the Victorian Government has Mandated that Victorians must take a Microwave Smart Meter.

    The Victorian Electrical Act 2000 Section 46 D and the Victorian Gazette No. S200 dated 28th August 2007

    Click to access AMIOIC.pdf

    which states the following …………..
    Page 16. Clause 14 Remotely read interval meter rollout.
    14.1 Rollout period
    (a) Subject to clause 14.3, each distributor must use its best endeavours to install a
    remotely read interval meter (which is operational as a remotely read interval meter
    in accordance with the functionality, distributor performance levels and distributor
    service levels set out in a further Order in Council to be made under section 46D
    of the Act) for all of the metering installations for customers with annual electricity
    consumption of 160MWh or less for which it is the responsible person on the End
    Date by that date.
    (b) If a distributor has not installed a remotely read interval meter for all of the metering
    installations for customers with annual electricity consumption of 160MWh or less for
    which it is the responsible person by the End Date, then, for the purpose of considering
    whether the distributor has used its best endeavours to do so, the Commission must
    take into account:
    (i) the distributor’s actions in relation to the risk of failing to install the relevant
    meters, including whether the distributor has failed to take any action that could
    reasonably have been taken to mitigate that risk and whether the distributor has
    taken or omitted to take any action which has increased that risk;
    (ii) the distributor’s decisions and actions relevant to meeting the requirements of
    clause 14.1(a) in light of the information that was available to the distributor at
    the time those decisions and actions were taken; and
    (iii) any other factors the Commission considers relevant.
    14.2 Rollout schedule.

    I fortunately had locked my Electric Meter Box before the Smart Meter Installer Man got to my home, which is what everybody needs to do. I also wrote a polite and Registered Letter to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company which services the Western Districts including Ararat where I live. I told him that I refused to allow them to take my Analogue Electric Meter and stated in my letter that I had seem my Lawyer on two occasions for a thirty minute of FREE CONSULTATION, he agreed with me that I should padlock my Electric Meter Box. I had armed myself with two documents which I showed to my lawyer, these being……The World Charter of Human Rights which was drawn up in England in 1948 and passed by the British Parliament and to which both Britain and Scotland and Ireland and America and all states of Australia is also a co-signator, as well as other FREE and Democratic countries of the World. Don’t forget the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006 which affords you the same protection to stop any Goods or Services of any kind being forced on you or anyone, should that person or group of people even suspect that such goods or services might harm their health or damage them in any way whatsoever.
    This applies equally to these deadly Microwave Smart Meters now proving to be so harmful to so many peoples’ health in Victoria and also to the fact that many of these so-called Smart Meters are causing fires in many peoples’ Electricity Boxes and causing ‘fusion’ or the burning out of many fridges electric motors and or damage to T.V Sets, and or peoples’ Computers and or Printers, and or radios, etc.

    In fact as far as I am concerned all of these dopey and now proving to be dangerous Microwave so-called Smart Meters should be taken out of every Victorian Home and Small Business and replaced at the Electric Power Companies’ expense, and the Safe and Passive Electric Analogue Meters reinstalled which have been stolen by these Victorian five Nefarious and Money Grubbing Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies.
    Where people have had their health and well-being damaged by the Microwave Smart Meters they should join a COMMON CLASS ACTION to sue not only these guilty Electric Power Companies, but also the Smart Meter Installer Contracting Companies as well, as this very careless Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien for his constant telling of LIES where he states that the Microwave Smart Meters are perfectly SAFE ! This man should be sacked immediately as he is not only UNFIT FOR OFFICE, BUT IS A DISGRACE AS A POLITICIAN.

    These Smart Meters are not safe in any way, in fact, they have never been tested to see if they constitute a Health Hazard of any kind towards HUMANS here in Victoria or in any overseas country. They certainly do pose a real Health Hazard as has been proven up to now here in Victoria and overseas, and will continue to prove a health hazard until they are all removed, scrapped and melted down. These Microwave Smart Meters according to the World Health Organisation are also a very likely cause of the steadily increasing Type 2B Carcinogens from the fast mounting evidence coming in daily from now so many countries world wide.

    Don’t fall for the constant lies from these five Foreign Electric Power Companies when they state that they own the Electric Meter Boxes, they don’t YOU DO, you had to pay for these boxes when your bought your homes. Another LIE they constantly state is that they own the Analogue Electric Meters on your property. I challenged them on this and they could not give me documentary proof that they own the Analogue Electric Meter on my property…..So I own my Analogue Electric Meter I told them over the ‘phone and this got them very angry. Politely stand up to these BULLYING FIENDS AS I DO. Many of these so-called Human Relations officers at these Electric Power Companies state that if you do not allow them to install a Microwave Smart Meter they will CUT OFF YOUR POWER ! This would be a criminal act on their part and I told them that over the phone and demanded they put their threats to me in writing. At this this, the very rude officer got most upset and stated in a very shaky voice, “That she wasn’t be prepared to do that ! ”
    “No,” said I, ” please go ahead and put that threat of yours in writing and my Lawyers and I will drag you Kicking and Screaming Into Court and Sue you for your house, your car and all your money and anything else you hold dear to your heart.” At this she broke into great sobs and I never heard from her again.

    Lastly don’t forget that we have all been billed some $500 to $600 Dollars for these Deadly Dopey Smart Meters which we the public don’t want and nor did the Electricity Retailers. Again these LYING Electricity Publicity Officers tell one that they own the Smart Meters. What a load of CRAP THAT IS………..We the Victorian Public have already paid for these Smart Meters. These Nefarious and Stupid Publicity Officers are telling us all more Lies day after day. Please don’t phone them, or if they ‘phone you, tell them politely that all communication must be done by letter which you will be forwarding to your Solicitor as many of us are doing.

    Were I in your shoes, I’d get my LAWYER to try and force these FIENDS to remove the deadly Microwave Smart Meter on your property and reinstall the older Analogue Meter they stole form you in the first place. This they should do at their expense as they are now being forced to do in both Holland and the United Kingdom when both Parliaments were forced to change The Law when people were so outraged and took the Deadly Dangerous Smart Meter cases to their Parliamentary Representatives and people demand the removal of the Microwave Smart Meters for reasons of health concern or any other valid reason at all, and the immediate reinstallation of the Safe and Passive Analogue Meter either coerced, taken or stolen in many cases from these Dutch or United Kingdom customers.

    Any more problems please telephone me on …….(03) 5352 3639, or email me on rvimana@vic.chariot.net.au


    Richard Leschen


    • ingrid says:

      Hi. Thanks for including the relevant act – Is there also a spot on this site where the act and the web link for it should go? Like in the same area as the sample letters. I think there is a ‘what can you do” section , something like that.

    • Miriam. says:

      Richard – you do not even need to use lawyer – you can just Just lodge a claim with the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission – against DPI Vic, your electricity wholesaler & any party that wholesaler used to act in their stead (Jemena acted for some companies).
      I have complaints against them all & it has put my installation on hold thank goodness. I am severely EMR sensitive & REFUSE to allow access.
      I believe you can use this complaint avenue to get a meter removed – not saying it will be easy but I believe it is doable.
      You can refuse access via the High Court Ruling on Trespass – http://www.lockthegate.org.au (actually not sure if the url has .au on it – sorry).

  19. Confirmation Please says:

    Who is Vicki’s provider?
    What state is she in?
    How did she get evaluated or have problems with EMF/RF’s as GPs have a great difficulty in providing that level of investigation.
    Is this an American anecdote?
    The 90% turn rate is mentioned in this article:

  20. Steve says:

    Vicki, are you able to confirm that this was actually done? Did they tell you whether they turned down the the power of the RF radio or did they simply reconfigure the meter to reduce the number of network transmissions? Was the changes made to your meter only or all meters in close vicinity (i.e. neighbours meters as well)? Typically smart meters have some shielding on the wall side to reduce the RF going inside the house that it is attached to. In my case, I don’t actually have a smart meter installed on my property. It is my Neighbours (2 smart meters) that are located within 3 meters of my bedroom that are affecting me. As we have narrow streets and small blocks in our estate it also likely that I am being effected to a lesser degree to smart meters installed on houses directly across the street too.

    As far as i can tell the State government had no responsibility in choosing the technology to be used to implement the AMI (advanced metering infrastructure).
    Schedule 1 Section 3. “Introductory notes on the impact and choice of technology” http://www.aemc.gov.au/Media/docs/Victorian%20Government%20Proposal-80f738b8-7cce-4c1d-9690-f55e4b59e52f-0.pdf
    “The Victorian Government is technology neutral in its approach to AMI and has limited its role to defining a minimum functionality and service levels. The distributors are evaluating multiple technologies (eleven technologies are under evaluation) and will make the final decision as to what package of meter and communications technology meets the performance requirements given the physical environments across the State, customer density and topology.”

    As such the burden of proof to ensure safety of these devices lay clearly with the Power utilities.
    The Power Companies have a duty of care under their responsibilities detailed in section 98 (a) of the Electricity Safety Act 1998 which requires power Utilities ”to design, construct , operate and maintain their networks to minimize as far as practicable hazards and risks to the safety of any person arising from the supply network.” In this regard, Power utilities have most definitely failed with Powercor explicitly writing to me that they cannot provide any assurances. They try to afford blame to the Government by suggesting that they are being compelled to install these meters without actually mentioning they chose the technology in question.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Hi Steve,
      This incumbent Victorian Liberal Party and the past Brumby Labour Government only care and cared about one thing and that was not the Health or Safety of their Victorian Citizens. These two Victorian Governments only cared and still only care about how much money they and their equally COMPLICIT Overseas owned and Singaporean and Chinese owners of these five Victorian Physically Based Electric Power Companies can rapinely extract ever more cash, or Filthy Lucre from Victorian Peoples’ already Cash-Strapped Pockets.

      PowerCor Australia Ltd cannot even guarantee the safety to their electricity customers of these now seeming to be, Deadly Dangerous to both Human and all Life where these Dopey so-called Smart Meters

    • Miriam. says:

      To Steve & Vicki,
      Just lodge a claim with the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission – against DPI Vic, your electricity wholesaler & any party that wholesaler used to act in their stead (Jemena acted for some companies).
      I have complaints against them all & it has put my installation on hold thank goodness. I am severely EMR sensitive & REFUSE to allow access.
      I believe you can use this complaint avenue to get a meter removed – not saying it will be easy but I believe it is doable.
      You can refuse access via the High Court Ruling on Trespass – http://www.lockthegate.org.au (actually not sure if the url has .au on it – sorry).

  21. Terry says:

    $$$$$Dollars talk…so don’t hang waiting for the state Co-Alition government to step in and save us. Just remember their betrayal at the next state election.

    • Lets take the Power Back says:

      So who will we vote for? Labour brought AMI, (smart meter)s in, and the Coalition kept it. They are as bad as one another. So that doesn’t leave us with much to vote for as none of the major parties are interested in protecting us or listening to us, the people.

  22. Bill Dobell says:

    They claimed agent orange was harmless as well and now the Department of Veterans Affairs quietly pays compensation for those diggers exposed, as does the USA, raises more questions than answers.

  23. Amie says:

    Julia Gillard has made it clear that Smart Meters are NOT mandatory.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      To Amie,
      Correct, this means that any Australian Commonwealth Law automatically overrules any Australian State Laws. Therefore if any of these Sneaky five Overseas Owned Victorian Based Electric Power Companies’ Human Relation officers ‘phones you to take a Dopey Deadly so-called Smart Meter……
      Just say the following from our Prime Minister. “Julia Gillard says that the Microwave Smart Meters are NOT MANDATORY ! If the person on the other end of the phone says that they are, then politely demand that you want to speak to their group team leader immediately, then and tell that man or woman that. “Julia Gillard the Prime Minister says that the Microwave Smart Meters are Not Mandatory, and see what this team leader says. If they want to argue with you just politely hang up the ‘ phone.

  24. Kelvin Ring says:

    The elitist who have devised the global implementation of this deliberate financial and physical assault on humankind know full well of the harmful effects. If we The People don’t stand together and excises our supposedly free will, or our dwindling constitutional rights, which have been violated beyond the layman’s comprehension, then we will ignorantly forfeit what little is left of them and enslave ourselves further. People who know their rights don’t have any!

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