Desperate: Please remove or turn off the Smart Meters!

This is an email sent to us from a parent living in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne Victoria. His family is being affected by smart meters and is desperate to have them switched off.

This email outlines the effect the neighbour’s smart meter is having on my family and some of our neighbours.

On Monday 10th October, a smart meter was installed at our next door neighbour’s house and I presume the rest of the street. My wife happened to see a Jemena technician entering our front yard and said to him that she preferred to defer the installation of our smart meter.

Ever since the installation of smart meters in our street my family has been suffering from the effects of them. Our next door neighbor’s smart meter faces the side of our house where we have 5 bedrooms (3 on ground level and two up stairs). The neighbour’s smart meter directly faces my bedroom and my son’s bedroom, only meters away.

After a couple of nights sleeping in our bedroom following the installation of the neighbour’s smart meter, my wife found that she could not sleep deeply and felt as if she was half awake all night. My wife then moved out of our bedroom and now sleeps on the lounge room floor on a mattress. She now has no problems sleeping deeply. I must admit, I questioned the correlation between my wife’s inability to sleep deeply with that of the neighbour’s smart meter. However, after a few nights sleeping in my bedroom, I began waking up with head aches and I realized when I went into the study (which is located in the front of the house facing another smart meter across the road), I was also getting headaches, but not when I was at the back of the house. The headaches were similar to those I have when I use a mobile phone (more on that later). I then also decided to sleep in another room further away from the neighbour’s smart meter, as well as my 14 year old son who also started getting headaches, whose window faces the smart meter.

In the meantime, my wife decided to have our house independently tested to ascertain the amount of microwave frequency emitting from the neighbour’s smart meter through our house, room by room. My son’s room had the highest readings, followed by the master bedroom and the study, and progressively reduced as the technician moved further away from the smart meter. The company we hired is called Y Shield. The results from Y Shield confirmed my wife’s fear.

Two years ago I went to my doctor complaining of getting headaches when I use my mobile phone. If I recall correctly, my Dr commented that she hadn’t heard of anyone before who experienced this effect but would conduct some research. Following medical research, my Dr advised me that there was evidence that some people are affected by the electromagnetic frequencies emitted from mobile phone and counseled to limit my mobile phone use and when using one to connect an ear piece or use the loud speaker option to keep it away from my head. I follow her advice most of the time, but when I use a mobile phone in the ‘normal’ way of placing it close to my ear, I get headaches that last a few minutes after completing the call. The reason I mention this is that these headaches are the same I am now constantly suffering when I am in or at the front of my house.

Two representatives from Jemena came to my house on Friday to investigate my complaints and I requested that they replace the relevant smart meters with the old meters or stop their transmission. The Jemena representatives acknowledged that my complaints seemed legitimate, and as a consequence agreed to reduced the neighbours’ smart meter frequency output by 90%, and if that is not enough, they said they could look at reducing them by 99% and even other surrounding smart meters near our house. They explained that they had no authority to switch off the transmitters or replace the smart meters with the old meters. It was explained to my wife and I that government regulations prevented them from doing so. I have since found out that at this point of time, there is nothing preventing Jemena from switching off the transmission features of smart meters.

By the way, while I do not want to speak on behalf of my immediate neighbours, you should know that they are experiencing adverse health effects as well and would prefer to have the relevant smart meters removed or transmitter switched off. They are happy to be contacted if required.

The two-week saga since the installation of my neigbour’’s smart meters has put a great strain on my family. My son, who has never experienced headaches previously, is finding it very difficult to study and seems to have become a lot more sensitive to electromagnetic fields. As exam time is approaching, we have been looking at the possibility of him staying at his grandfather’s house so he can have a room to study in without experiencing headaches. He cannot use his room at all and when he comes home from school, he starts getting headaches just by being in the house (similar to the effects I have when I come home from work). My son went to his doctor (a different one to mine) and she has written in a certificate that the symptoms he is suffering were not preset prior to the installation of the neighbour’s smart meter and after measuring the impact of electro magnetic radiation on his body, she found he had a very high reading for “mobile phone radiation”.

Over the past few days, I have conducted considerable research and found that electromagnetic pollution has been associated with an increase in the number of individuals suffering from a condition know as electro hypersensitivity (EHS). EHS is defined by the World Health Organization as: “…a phenomenon where individuals experience adverse health effects while in the vicinity of devices emanating electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields.” In Sweden, it is classified as a disability and a Canadian Human Rights Commission report also acknowledges environmental sensitivity attributed to electromagnetic exposure. Researchers estimate that approximately 3% of the population has severe symptoms of EHS, and another 35% of the population has moderate symptoms such as an impaired immune system and chronic illness.

There is much overseas research correlating EHS to smart meters, with some authorities now reversing earlier decisions of not allowing residents to ‘opt out’ of installing smart meters. For example, California has recently reversed its long-standing policy of mandating smart meters for every household. Due to concerns over health effects, the California Public Utilities Commission ordered PG&E (the Electricity company that managers the Californian installation of smart meters) to provide ‘opt-out’ options for residents. This document by Dr. Karl Maret commenting on the California Council on Science and Technology Report “Health Impacts of Radio Frequency from Smart Meters”, assisted with reversing California’s policy:

My concern is primarily the health of my family, however I am also concerned with the effect a blanket cover of electromagnetic fields over Victorian homes and the prospect of increased health risks to the general population.

We are currently feeling desperate, not knowing where we can go to protect our family from the effects of the smart meters all around us. My 16 year old daughter, who previously never showed any signs of electromagnetic sensitivity got a sharp headache today as soon as she walked in the door of our house. She came home feeling generally unwell, but she did not have a headache before walking in the house. She is upset and doesn’t want to live here anymore as she knows she is becoming sensitive to EMFs and is fearful this is going to ruin her ability to live a normal life. My 14 year old son had a headache all weekend. He was unable to study. Previously he has had a good ability to study and is a very high achiever. They are worried that they will not be able to study for the exams they need to complete within the next month.

My 11 year old daughter is also home from school sick with a headache. We had a friend visit today for half an hour and he also got a headache and could feel it very strongly outside the front of our house.

I know it must seem unbelievable. We also cannot believe what has happened to our family over the past two weeks. As everyday goes by, my family’s sensitivity to electromagnetic fields is worsening. Please help us to turn off smart meters in Victoria and I urge you to share your stories especially with your local MPs and the Minister for Energy, Michael O’Brien.

The references below may interest you if you require more information on electro hypersensitivity.

Thank you.

(Name and contact details can be provided)

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67 Responses to Desperate: Please remove or turn off the Smart Meters!

  1. rozsa says:

    Absolute torture it’s a torture device cancer like pain

  2. Allan says:

    We have been so sick from these smart meters and wifi routers everywhere, I cant sleep at all. Lost my memory in March of 2016, I have symptoms of parkinson’s disease and lately I am beginning to shake everywhere I go and that’s why a lot of people in Melbourne are suicidal. I have tried sleeping at creeks, parks, the beach, and I have become so sensitive to EMR that I feel like my body is been cooked inside, and feel like I am being killed slowly…and those phone towers they have put everywhere make it worse as they are so toxic. I can hardly eat anymore, not to mention the amount of powerlines and transformers that are killing us slowly. This is a complete act of negligence on our health and realise people are dying from this as I have almost had 4 heart attacks myself. What have we become Australia? Never in my worst nightmares would I have thought this would happen here.

    • Paul R says:

      I have EHS and there was a time when death felt like the best option for me. I don’t know what it could be like there in Victoria but I imagine it can feel hellish. They only way I survived was by getting some scalar grounding devices (for personal and home) from Earthcalm. It seriously helped. I still suffer but the symptoms are not as bad and I don’t feel depressed or enraged (before the grounding I would get really angry about the smallest things) anymore.
      I don’t want to tell you that you SHOULD get any products from the company I suggested. I do suggest you find your own products that can give you scalar grounding. Be wary that some products are scams and others may actually take a little time for you to feel the effects.
      I just you to be aware that there are things out there that can help you.

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  4. Kathrin says:

    How to proceed to get an energex smart meter removed again?
    Our health is deteriorating drastically.
    With metallic heart valves I must stay clear of microwaves as scar tissue continues forming inside the heart (as confirmed by the doctor) and my son’s blood tests are showing abnormalities on top of sleeping problems and the whole list of symptoms.
    Has anyone managed to get the analog meter back?
    Please advise

  5. Jadey says:

    I’m concerned for my family. I would like to know how many of you have smart meters and how much effect it’s had on your family since. This is very important to me.

    • sdjm says:

      It should be very important to ALL people, if they value the well-being and health of their families that is. Unfortunately, they will be seeing the “fall out” before too long of this criminal undertaking by the Victorian and Federal gov. forcing them to live with microwave radiation pulsating throughout their homes. Ditto Wi Fi – get rid of it in our schools and stop LYING to the public!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Jadey, i would be concerned as well. No one can really and truly predict what is going to happen. We are all different, this is the problem. What we need is people to start complaining to the people that have implemented this disaster. Unfortunately people are reluctant to go down this path as it is time consuming.
      Read all the comments from 2012 onwards, then you will get an idea of what people are experiencing. I went to anti smart device meeting over a year ago, the elderly man behind me was telling his friends that his wife’s nose bleeds at night. I couldn’t help asking if they had a possible cancer causing device, they did, right on the bedroom wall where they slept.My neighbour has one on her daughters bedroom wall, she told me her daughter’s thyroid is not working properly. This is just a very small sample, we will never find out if anyone had died.
      Do some research yourself, this is the best thing to do, to protect your family. We all have families and we are all trying to protect them. Nothings going to change unless enough people complain.

      • Anonymous says:

        A friend of mine who slept in a separate bedroom to his wife (60 yo) just found her deceased one morning in her bed after she had even been to the gym the night before.
        Right behind her bed head (and hence her head) was the meter box with two smart meters in it, one for the house and one for the granny flat. Was it a mere coincidence ? Well, when I went to the house and took measurements of the electromagnetic radiation, I was astounded. Firstly forget bogus ARPANSA standards. Not only were the readings significantly high but with two smart meters together I was picking up radiation pulses on average every one to two seconds, something more frequent than I had been used to when measuring emissions from other smart meters. Conclusion was that I emphatically advised my friend not to allow his children and spouses to move in and sleep in that room as was being planned. FYI, the location was somewhere in Jemena land.

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  8. Fred Tropp-Asher says:

    A friend has been recognized as a refusenick and the company (Simple Energy) says they wont install a smart meter, so long as he pays the cost of reading his old meter. (He doesn’t know the cost yet). What was required was: decline access to every person who wanted to examine or work on the meter; ring the company every time they said they wanted to install and protest; have a note taped to meter saying no smart meter allowed.

  9. michelle says:

    If anyone think the WHO’s classification of Wi-fi as a type 2 carcinogen is significant, think again. Those guys at the WHO work directly for the UN, which itself has mandated the Agenda 21 totalitarian regime using green initiatives as it’s enabler, including Smart Meters, Carbon Taxes, One World Governments etc. The aim is to bring all nations under the jurisdiction of a single autonomous UN body and thereby control the world population. Smart Meters have 2 uses, the health effect which will eventually reduce populations and secondly the monitoring and control of citizens, for obvious compliance reasons. If the WHO say it’s a possible carcinogen type B, then it’s really a “definite carcinogen”, but the WHO are playing coy with their masters at the UN, so Smart Meters will NEVER get banned, because the WHO will never allow it that classification. It’s up to citizens to refuse installation and lock up their boxes with signs.

  10. Concerned says:

    We have locked our meter box and refused a smart meter. However our neighbours have not and their smart meter is closer to our living area than their own. I called Jemena today to ask them to turn it down by 90%. They wouldn’t do it and said that request needed to come from our neighbours.
    Does anyone know where and how the smart meters are turned down and how does this technology work to turn it down?
    Also does tinfoil really work to lessen the emissions?

    • It's MY Life says:

      Concerned, I was told the same thing by jemena and so I did ask my neighbours to contact them in regard to turning it down. I think it’s a load of rubbish for Jemena to tell us that and only shows how despicable these people are.

  11. Anonymous says:

    All this paranoia is being fed by companies who specialize in shielding, “magic” paints etc. If EM radiation was as harmful as you all claim, you wouldn’t be sitting in front of a computer screen and typing in comments. No doubt most of you are using a WLAN which has mnore powerful field strengths than any smart meters or cell phones.
    Don’t forget the placebo effect, which works both ways: if you seriously fear or believe that something harmless is harmful, then it may harm you.
    Australians are among the worst atmosphere polluters in the world. Using smart meters to reduce electric energy consumption or at least peak power generation is a good start in improving your ecological impact. Acidification of the oceans by CO2, coupled with warmer water, is already beginning to destroy one of your greatest natural monuments, the Great Barrier Reef.

    • Steve says:

      Anonymous , before you make such ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims you should do a search on this website for keywords like EHS, Headache, tingling to understand the anguish some people are facing. You also assume, incorrectly, that everyone who is surfing the internet is doing so using wireless. I for one am sensitive and I have no wireless devices enabled in my home. Yes computers do emit very low levels of RF (including those that don’t have wireless cards) due to the frequency of their clocks (Ghz) but these emissions are significantly lower than mobile phones and smart meter emissions. If I spend many hours on my computer I do feel the effects. It is a choice I make in order to keep myself informed. There are others who can only use a computer for a few minutes before they are suffering disabling effects. None of these suffers are peddling shielding materials and would probably benefit from them if they could afford it. Keep in mind that sensitivity to high frequencies does not necessarily mean sensitivity to lower frequencies which you maybe alluding to with your suggestion of computer EMR.

      I will be writing a detailed case study on EHS in the near future which I recommend you take a look at to educate yourself. I will demonstrate that Nocebo effects (which you were probably meaning when you mentioned Placebo effect) in many cases are a side effect of EHS and not the cause.

      I do agree that we need to take action to reduce our carbon footprint because as you rightly say acidification due to CO2 absorption in our oceans is occurring. Acidification is potentially catastrophic as it will impact all levels of the food chain. However smart meters are not yet proving to be the vehicle to achieve this (unless the power utilities decide to start turning off our power to appliances). If any anything, smart meters have added to power consumption due to the additional power required to support the transmission of data wirelessly. Although this additional consumption is negligible when looking at meters individually but when taking into account 100,000’s of meters are being installed in our state it all adds up. The other option is for higher prices to reduce power consumption but this impacts those who are economically vulnerable.

      Of course the billions of dollars spent on deploying smart meters could have been used to create new power generation sources without CO2 as a by product.

      You don’t by any chance work for an industry that is peddling these smart meter devices?

      • Freedom Rules says:

        Anon, the biggest threat to our Great Barrier Reef is the mining industry and GREED! You speak a lot of nonsense – you do need to thoroughly research EMR and all of it’s unwanted side-affects before you can throw around unintelligent opinions about paranoia. Smart meters and the people pushing them are very bad news for this country, there is too much vested interest in this technology for me to regard it highly. Shame you are not thinking too clearly 😦

    • michael mazur says:

      NASA reports that CO2 is a atmospheric coolant. Searchable.

    • Sofia says:

      we are using computers to be paid for our work, then we pay the TAXES to make sure asulim seekers live comfortable in our country, AND BILLS for ELECTRICITY and the doctors and medications to disquise the effects of the Smart Meters. And if YOU WOULD SUFFER like WE DO, YOUR COMMENTS WOULD BE DIFFERENT (TO SAY LEAST)

    • 1vimana1 says:

      You really are a little Lord Haw-Haw of Modern times, and very stupid too. I lived through the bombing of London so I know exactly who Lord Haw-Haw was. He was English born but also a perfectly fluent German Language speaker, but sadly a Nazi Sympathiser.

      Don’t you realise that you seemingly to us intelligent readers have done no Science or Mathematics to any degree, which is obvious by your truly Churlish and Doltish answers. Please note that the power of radiation from a radio source with a simple single pole antennae radiates in every direction that is 360 degrees around the vertical and downward plane and also around the horizontal plane and every other plane between the vertical and the horizontal, like a dandelion seed with the fine filaments thereon.

      The truth is that using Microwave Smart Meters will not reduce Electric Energy usage in any way. These so-called Smart Meters are actually Type 2B Carcinogen Meters as is now being found out by the World Health Organisation the W.H.O, and other august bodies of Medical Science and Radio Physics Specialists who are not taking money or filthy lucre in their back pockets from this world wide corrupt Microwave Manufacturing and Sales Industry.

      A computer screen with its copper cables to the computer and the screen radiates “Stuff- All ” harmful electromagnetic radiation, although I certainly don’t spend any more than an hour or two on my computer in any one day and take a break from it every half hour.
      Upon questioning the boys and girls of the Publicity Departments of these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies of the more accurate to put it Spin and Lies Department, I have consistently found that that they are so ignorant that they don’t even know what the product of Amps times Volts is or what Ohms are or Microfarads, or E.M.F is, so they are not mentally equipped to convince me that they even know what they are talking about’ when it comes to Electric Microwave so-called ‘Smart Meters’ which are not smart in any way at all.

      I on the other hand am very knowledgeable about Physics and Mathematics and have build electric motors and generators and radios as well. So don’t you lecture us of superior intelligence to you, or these silly minions of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies.
      I cannot use a Microwave mobile phone any more, as after some four (4) years of use as it has caused me to become very Electro-hypersensitive, and my doctor has confiscated it, and a good thing too. Now I get no more headaches and save a lot more money.

      Yesterday one very ignorant little boy at one of these foreign owned Electric power companies told me that an Analog Meter has more Microwave Energy radiating from it than an Electric Microwave Smart Meter or a mobile phone or baby monitor. This was too much for me and I broke up laughing at him. This got him really upset and he lost his cool and started shouting at me. I simply said to him, ” Listen Son, go and get an education. You are not properly equipped in the Brains Department. You’d be better off picking up leaves with a spike and bag for the council. My last stinging repost was ……Methinks thou workest for this Evil and corrupt Microwave Industry.
      Then I ended with ……” Have a good day! “

    • Minnie says:

      To Anonymous, I have an enlarged thyroid that swells near the computer and other devices. I do not have magical powers to make my thyroid swell. Secondly my doctor witnessed my thyroid swelling when I sat near her computer. Can you prove EM radiation is not harmful ?,Would you yourself be willing to take full responsibility and liability for smart meters? No one else will, but if you are so sure go ahead. Yes sometimes if you fear something it can make you sick, physically sick, but that is still an illness as well, It does not matter if it is a mental illness or physical, you would still be sick. I have had an enlarged thyroid long before computers came out. And the only reason i am on the computer now is because that is the only way to get updates on what is happening.
      The computer is optional, you don’t have to go on it, and if you do it is your choice. You don’t even have to stay on for long. You don’t have to sleep near it or with it on. You claim that smart meters may reduce energy consumption. How exactly would that happen? Isn’t up to the consumer how much power they use. I have not seen anyone in my street reduce or even attempt to reduce there consumption.
      Smart meters can’t physically stop you from using power can they?
      I am not paranoid, this is offensive to even suggest this. How would you know what most of us use? Do you have a crystal ball? can you see into our homes?
      Is putting radiation into the atmosphere healthy and safe?
      Don’t try and blame ordinary Australians for the Great Barrier Reef, write to the politicians and get them to do something about it.Victorians already use less power and this is a fact. So logically speaking if we already use less power, why then are smart meters being forced on people. That is your argument isn’t that smart meters will help people use less power, but they already do, so that cancels your argument.
      Shouldn’t you spend your time trying to find out who the real polluters are, instead of making assumptions about people you don’t even know.
      Cancer is real and destroys a lot of lives, like my aunties and my sisters. If we can avoid even one child suffering with cancer it is worth it.

    • Max says:

      To Anonymous, are you willing to give a 100% guarantee that smart meters will not cause any health problems now or in the future? ,Are you willing to be responsible and liable as well? How do you know I am paranoid? You don’t even know me, How would you like it if i made assumptions about you? No we can’t forget the placebo effect can we, that is why my ears ring every night and I don’t have a smart meter.
      If i want to sit in front on the computer that is my business, if i want to talk for 24 hours with a mobile phone on one ear and a cordless phone on the other ear that is my choice
      It is called free will, the choice to do what ever you want as long as you don’t harm others.
      I fail to see how a plastic device that transmits information can actually force you to use less power. Wouldn’t the consumer be the only one that can change there habits if they want to? Does the smart meter think for you? Does the smart meter tell you to turn off the light? You can turn off the light with an analogue meter as well. You can save power with an analogue meter as well, that is your choice. The facts are that Victorians use a lot less power now then ever before and it is not because of smart meters. Some people have solar panels, some people can’t afford to heat there homes so therefore are forced to use less power,

      • The castaway says:

        And some people are now leaning how to switch their power off all the time and only turn it on for when they really need it and are finding that they can live their lives just as adequately and are getting their lowest bills ever with their beautiful safe analog meters. And they are making great progress in working out how to take the next step and give the grid the flick altogether and it doesn’t stop there. There is one more step and that is that these people are going to do unrelentingly, whatever it takes however long it takes to make sure that those responsible for inflicting this great misery upon the people of Victoria will be punished to the very maximum Max.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      To, is it Mr or Mrs Anonymous writing to Stop Smart Meters Australia ?
      Please identify yourself properly, and stop sitting on the fence.
      The people getting so sick from the Poisonous Microwave Smart Meter Radiation are genuinely E.H.S. If you don’t know the meaning of that truncation in physics, please look it up and do some proper research.

      Next, are you are going to tell me that the fire at Northcote which burnt down a two storey home which only happened AFTER the dopy Electric Microwave Smart Meter was installed after the perfectly safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter was removed and the Electric Smart Meter then installed, (not so Smart Meter really) was caused by elves or fairies at the bottom of the garden. Sadly you Mr or Mrs Anonymous talk a load of ‘Cods Wallop’. I’ll bet you have no proper background in Electrical Physics and the supporting Mathematics needed to understand it properly as I have.
      I’ll bet you don’t know the difference between Volts or Amps or Ohms you seemingly ignorant person.

      As to people sitting in front of computer screens and typing out comments, if they be sensible and concerned comments fighting this MADNESS of forcing these accursed dopy Electric Microwave ‘Smart ARSED’ meters on people. Then my blessings on those people trying to bring about a cleaner world free of pollution. You who call yourself Anonymous keep drawing Red Herrings into your Moth Eaten arguments. My computer screen and its supporting computer is all copper wire connected and very safe, more so that if you are using a Wi-Fi connection with its resulting radio waves bombarding you.

      I suggest you get off your derriere and do some proper studies on the great and mounting hurt which is being caused by these now Poisonous Electric Microwave Smart Meters to not only humans, but to animals and all life here in Victoria Australia and in all countries on Earth where these accursed machines are being forced on people purely for the gaining of Filthy Lucre from not only Victorian Citizens but from Citizens world wide as these greedy and morally bankrupt C.E.O’s of these Electric Power Companies and the Evil and greedy Victorian Government as well as many World-Wide Governments, keep on dipping their skinny Rapinely Greedy fingers into already Cash Strapped Peoples pockets and have never shown any care or consideration for their Electricity Customers Health or Welfare.

      I hereby accuse the Victorian Government and the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies of gross and Wicked Carelessness in the EXTREME, in refusing to show any Due Care or Consideration for us the Victorian Peoples’ Health or Welfare from the very inception and resulting roll-out of these now proving to be Accursedly Deadly and far from Smart Microwave Electric Meters, which have now been cunningly and evilly renamed to read A.M.I. Meters which = Advanced Microwave Infrastructure remote reading meters which are the same poisonous meters as before. You HYPOCRITES !

      Don’t try to bamboozle me you stupid C.E.O’s of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and your lame brained ilk in your various departments of Spin and Lies who try to trick us. I have checked every so-called Public Relations Department tied to these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies here in Victoria and you simple minded people all talk rubbish. One of you silly girls and boys told me that the old Analog Electric Meters create more Microwave radiation than the new Smart Meters. That was a stinking lie and well you know it. Or, is it possible that you two people who spoke to me, really are that STUPID, that you don’t know that the older Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter/s have no harmful Microwave Radios fitted to them. If they did, there’d be no need to send around a Meter Reader man every three months to read the Analog Electric meters, would there ? Think on that you Muddle Headed Wombats, or is that Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie from May Gibbs’s book, the Gum Nut Babies ?

    • Well maybe if your father was suffering and health determination maybe you wouldn’t be so negative like the few out there that seem to always think they know it all.
      My dad had never been to hospital in his 56 years of life yet months after smart meter installation he’s been an ongoing patient.
      His health and this man made disease dementia has all to do with smart meters and all this effed up electromagnetic radiation that’s cooking us all.
      He went overseas for a few months and he was fine , 2 days after he returned his nervous state and uncontrolled fear in life and sleep disturbances and all the rest of it come back only worse .
      Just because you don’t feel the effects (yet,and touch wood u don’t )
      Take some time to research the facts . I got my dad a orgone effects harmoniser which I think is helping a lot , but still waiting on jemenas response to what next . 🙂

    • Anonymous says:


  12. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    So much for democracy and a “fair go” for Australians. Smart Meters are a global initiative, politically mandated and not a requirement of the power companies themselves. It is our government who is forcing the power companies to comply and it is the government that should be held responsible and be shafted by the voters. But not, it seems, until half the population get seriously ill from the radiation.

  13. Miles says:

    I know this website provides quality dependent posts and extra material, is there any other site which presents such data in quality?

  14. graeme says:

    Just a query.
    Is it the same radiation emited from flat screen televisions as from these damned SMART METERS .
    When i go into electrical retailers stores and look at the LCD LED tv;s, i get a slight headache and sore throat,no this realy happens time and time again.
    If so can the immediate neighbours SMART METERS EFFECT US IN MY FAMILY;S HOME.
    So far we have resisted the installation of the Bi…… SMART METER,I;m never having a SMART METER HOOKED UP.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Graeme, the headache from looking at lots of LCD LED tvs together is a well researched phenomenon, it’s a little different however. It has to do with the backlight flicker/refresh rates of the screens (this is different from the actual LCD refresh rate…I am talking about the backlight refresh rate). Low refresh rates on an LCD screen backlight often makes the eye pupil “pulse” due to the flicker which is not always visible but confuses your eyes and brain and causes headaches. It becomes worse very quickly when there is a wall full of different brand LCDs because they all are running at different refresh and clock rates and all bombarding your eyes at once and they simply cannot handle it as you swing around focusing around the wall. I get headaches from it almost instantly as well! so don’t feel like you’re the only one. It is common.

      For this reason many LCD companies make it a big selling point that their LCD has a high backlight refresh rate to reduce headaches/fatigue.

      Having said all this…I would shudder to think what my RF Field strength meter would read in the middle of the floor in front of Harvey Normans wall of TVs. I might try it one day. But the problem you are experiencing I believe is different.

      (finally my degree in electronics is starting to pay off!)


  15. DNicholls says:

    Does it matter if the smart meter is manually read as opposed to remotely read. Is the manually read smart meter still dangerous?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      To D Nicholls,
      Of course the microwave so-called smart meters are dangerous, a large number of them have seemingly started fires in Electric Meter Boxes after being installed. Don’t you know about the two fires in the Haddon Dentist’s Practices in Glenroy. Both were started after the dopey so-called Smart Meters had been installed. I phoned the Manageress of this Dentist’s practice, and after the second fire she demanded that the older and Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter be reinstalled. She got here way and now she is owed big money for the damages done to her dentistry practice from both of the dopey so-called Smart Meters.

      Whether she settles for the electrical fires’ damages by Suing, or Out Of Court is up to her, but as far as she’s concerned these so-called Smart Meters are the Tools of Satan, and I agree with her !

  16. John Wilson says:

    The Victorian government appears so keen to have smart meters installed regardless of public objections makes me wonder whether the government is getting a kick back, either directly or if politicians are also shareholders. If so then there is a conflict of interests. Has anyone any information as to whether the government receives revenue or whether there are MP’s have shares in the companies?

    • 1vimana1 says:


      Neither the past John Brumby Labour Government under the then Minister for Power Mr Peter Batchelor or under Mr Ted Baillieu and his also careless Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien cared one jot about the Medical Health and Welfare of us the Victorian Public. I and thousand and thousands of us Victorian hold all of these careless men fully accountable for these increasing Microwave Illnesses now being visited upon more and more Victorian since the very beginning of the Roll-Out of these Microwave so-called but now proving to be very dangerous to Victorian Peoples’ health and welfare and also in mounting numbers of cases damage to peoples’ private Electrical Goods.

  17. Kristy says:

    Have you tried painting the smart meter with the paint from y shield ?

    • Anonymous says:

      we just hired them and bought paint and did loads of coats behind meterbox as we are building a new house. we hope it works we will get a new assessment soon . did u buy the psint too ?

  18. Amie says:

    I had a discussion with my partner this morning re the smart meter that is going to be installed unless we stop them. We agreed we would follow what others are doing and lock the meter box and put a sign up to say no. Unfortunately when I went to the meter box I found they had already installed it! They hadn’t even left a card to say they had done so. However, how do I know if it is actually switched on. It looks like it is switched off… the switch is in the off position and one of the old meters is moving around slowly. Does this mean it is not active yet, or will they switch it on remotely at some point? We can’t even get mobile range at this property, so I don’t understand how they can get remote readings from this anyway. Or do they do a drive-by reading?
    If this meter is in fact switched off right now, can we put signs up for it not to be switched on and lock the box anyway?

    • myadvice says:

      Hi Ami,
      Firstly lock up your Meter Box, you own it not these Overseas Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies. Next see your lawyer, you should get up to 30 minutes free advice as I did. Luckily I have still got my Analog Meter as my Meter Box was locked months before the Meter Man called. You and your lawyer should be able to find a way to force the Electric Power Company to be made to remove this accursed and truly dangerous to one’s Health and a danger to your electrical goods so-called Smart Meter. You could ask your lawyer……………………………………………………………..

      It is a FACT that the Smart Meters have never been passed in LAW in Victoria enforcing them to be installed on peoples’ property and against The Peoples’ Will and Better Judgement. These wicked tactics of these Overseas Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies is all for money or Filthy Lucre and nothing else. They don’t give a HOOT about your or any of their customers Health. In America now the electricity customers who have had these accursed Smart Meters forced upon them are getting their friendly ‘A’ Grade Electricians to remove the offending Smart Meters and replace them with the same older fashioned Analog Meters stolen from these customers by the Thieving Electric Power Companies. Check with your lawyer if you can Legally do this here in Victoria. After all, a fully qualified Victorian ‘ A’ Grade Electrician is far better qualified to do this work than these so-called Smart Meter Installer Men with most of them only having a couple of weeks electrical training.
      No, don’t put up with this bullying. First see your Lawyer and use these notes of mine for help.

      My Phone Number is 03 5352 3639. or contact me on…………..

      Richard Leschen.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Amie,
      Please do the sensible thing and lock that Electric Metre Box on your property immediately. That’s what I did over a year ago. I also sent a polite but strong Registered Letter to the C.E.O of PowerCor……Mr Shane Breheny, stating that I refused to accept a now proving to be Deadly Dangerous Microwave so-called, but Health Wrecking and Private Electrical Goods WRECKING DOPEY Smart Meter on my property at any time.

      I also stated that I had erected my Legal Anti-Trespass Signs, one on my Electric Meter Box and one on the front fence, and for him to note that each Trespasser would be fined $167,000:00 if they came onto my property without my written permission. I also advised him that I would get my Lawyers to personally SUE him if I found a Dopey Deadly Microwave Smart Meter had been installed on my property. I warned him that my Electricity Meter Box which I had bought with my money was now locked with a very stout Industrial Padlock. I sent this Registered Letter to him and a similar one to the Victorian Minister For Power……Mr Michael O’ Brien who keeps telling stating that the Microwave Smart Meters are SAFE ! when he knows very well that these meters are now proving to be Incendiary Devices not only here in Victoria Australia but overseas as well. But Mr Michael O’ Brien does not care a Jot or a Tittle about Victorians’ Health or Well-being, for he seems to be in Collusion with these five C.E.O’s of these Victorian Based overseas owned Electric Power Companies who only care about FILTHY LUCRE…..or ripping even more money out of Victorians’ already Cash Strapped Pockets

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Your last sentence says it all.
      Please lock up your Electric Meter Box right now and keep it locked. Put a clear Perspex window in it by cutting out an inspection hole right near the display of the little clock faces and the clock hands. This is what other people do so the meter reader man can get his readings.

      As the disc in the older and perfectly good Analog Meter is moving around slowly it means that the Analog Meter is hooked up correctly and if the Microwave Smart Meter’s OFF/ ON switch is off then the M/Wave not so smart meter is inactive. Don’t open this meter box to anyone. These Smart Meter men will possibly tell you when they call next that they need to test the still perfectly sound Analog Electric Meter. What ever you do, don’t let them as it will be a LIE to steal the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter from you. Keep the Meter Box Padlocked at all times as I do.

  19. Fi740 says:

    Hi, my husband came home and saw the man next door installing smart metre and told him not to put one our house and he told my husband that it was already installed and refused to take it off when asked, we have a teenage daughter that has bi-polar and she overdosed on panadol within the first couple of weeks of it being installed, I now have no idea what to do and want it removed. Any ideas on how to disable it or turn it off. Thanks fi740

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      Please write to the Minister of Energy and Resources at 1 Spring St Melbourne Mr Michael O’Brien and let him know your circumstances because he would be receiving 100’s of letters per week on this issue and we need to keep the pressure on him and this Victorian Government for not listening to public concerns about smart meters. Just keep fighting..don’t give up!!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Hi Fi740,
      Yes, first see your lawyer, you should get as I did up to 30 minutes of free advice. You should be able to get your lawyer to Sue this Smart Meter Man providing you got his full Christian Name and the Contract Company Name and phone number from his work van.
      Even so, just the name of the Smart Meter Installer Man’s Company should be enough. This you should be able to get from the Foreign Owned Victorian Power Company who is responsible for your area. If I were you, I’d get your Lawyer to legally force this Contracted Smart Meter Installer to return to your property, then uninstall the Smart Meter and put your old Analogue Meter back in your Electric Meter Box. This would set a Legal Precedent that should get rid of these Deadly Dangerous Microwave Smart Meters for good. If you had your Legal Anti-Trespass and combined STOP DO NOT INSTALL A SMART METER SIGNS up on the Electric Meter Box and on your front fence or gate or brick pillar of wooden fence, then this Smart Meter Installer Man has BROKEN THE LAW and should be SUED.

      I had fortunately locked my Electricity Meter Box with a stout Industrial Padlock many months before the Installer bloke came to my property. I caught him in the act of wanting to enter my property, so I stopped him dead in his tracks and made him read my Legal by the Constitution of Australia Legal Anti-Trespass Signs so he could not enter my property. He read the signs and saw the $176,000.00 fine for entering my property without my written permission. His face paled somewhat and he said. ” S**T Mate, I’m not putting a Bloody Smart Meter on your property !” Then he went down the road.

      This Unlawful So-called Mandate in Victoria IS NOT THE LAW, IT IS A CONFIDENCE TRICK. Such a Mandate is in this case Illegal as it has never been passed in the Victorian Parliament in both the Upper and the Lower Houses, neither under Mr John Brumby when his then Uncaring and Criminal Victorian Labour Party was in power and nor under this also Corrupt and presently Criminal Ted Baillieu Government. Here in Victoria this forced and Illegal stealing of perfectly sound and Passive Safe Analogue Electric Meters needs to be stopped DEAD IN ITS TRACKS. This is what has been done in Holland through their Parliament, some three weeks before it was also changed in England’s Parliament for the whole of the United Kingdom to reverse this habit of forcing these Microwave Smart Meters onto peoples’ properties and against the peoples’ Will and Better Judgement. This Victoria Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien I believe has now proven himself to be the Truly DISHONOURABLE Minister for Power. He is not fit for this or any other office, or to be a politician, for he does not represent US THE People Of Victoria but simply these Foreign Owne Greedy Money Grubbing Electric Power Companies.

      It was that politician Mr Geoff Kennett back in the 1990 who sold our S.E.C from all of us Victorians for a song to these Overseas Power Companies. IT’S TIME TO TURN THE TABLES ON THESE CRIMINALS !

  20. Jennifer says:

    A smart meter was installed in our property, i am not staying at the property until the meter is removed, i am sensitive to electro magnetric fields, and the meter is 2 ft from my head.
    Can someone inform me if is it dangerous or acceptable to have a power plug in the same meter box, as they installed the meter next to our power point., in the same meter box..

    • Sharron says:

      Hi Jennifer, all i know is a couple of people said in their posts that the power co. wouldn’t install the smart meter if there was a power point in the meter box and therefore they had been exempted because of this… best of luck and don’t give up the fight!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      This you can check legally with the Victorian Electricity Union. Just get the phone number out of the White pages.Contact Mr Dean Mighell he is the boss there.

  21. ben says:

    they are definately on a time clock , and in off peak hours the Radiation increases, i have filters installed and throughout the day they are fine, but at night time they begin humming, and hum all night which suggests the radiation is increased when you are at home… this is absolutely sinister and the companies involved should be held accountable.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Ben,
      These now proving to be Deadly Dangerous Microwave ‘so-called – Smart Meters’ are actually proving to be in a mounting number of cases, INCENDIARY DEVICES both here in Victoria Australia and overseas as well. Here in Victoria many fires are breaking out in Peoples’ Private Electrical Meter Boxes after their ‘ Safe and Passive Analogue Meters’ have been coerced from these customers or more often taken whilst these customers out shopping, or away from their home/s for any reason and these dangerous Microwave Smart Meters…read here…not so smart meters have been installed.


  22. Annon says:

    Hi, I refer to Richards’s letter dated 19/3/2012….he mentions that it is “his Meter Box”…..I would like to know if there is anyone who can clarify this for me….is it “our” meter box….or is it owned by the electrical co.?? They say it is theirs!! And we can not lock them…although I have!

    • you own the meter box and the wires coming from it. The company does own the meter, but that is all.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Marni Macleay,
        These foreign owned Electric Power Companies say they own the Analog Electric Meters but they cannot prove it. They lie all the time and cannot even lie straight in bed.
        I own the Meter Box and the Analog Meter on my property, as I built the house I live in before Jeff Kennett sold our Victorian Power Company overseas.

        I was in the Electrical Trade and I have the paper-work to prove that I bought the Electric Meter Box and the Safe and Passive Analog Meter. These dopey so-called Smart Meters are not SMART in any way at all and the name Smart is simply to give the world’s public the false impression that M/Wave smart meters are the best thing since ” Sliced Bread.” They aren’t they are in many cases Incendiary Meters very cheaply made and I know of a number of fires all in the Melbourne area after these monstrosities of so-called Smart Meters have been put in peoples’ Electric Meter Boxes in Northcote and Glenroy and in four private home properties in Geelong and in three private properties in Ararat where I live.

    • Miriam. says:

      the electricity companies only own the hardware – the meters & the public wiring (in the streets) – where there is a box housing the meter, then the box is owned by the property owner. any resident is entitled to lock the box up (in a manner that enables the meter to be read) to prevent “tampering”.

  23. Cecile says:

    We came home today and noticed out electricity box seemed tampered with, upon inspection we found our very own smart meter we concluded that it must have been installed just before the Easter long weekend for which we were away for. The past two days I have been moody, depressed, feeling generally unwell and have even had suicidal thoughts I have constant headaches and feelings of nauseousness this all can only be put down to the smart meter my partner had no idea what was wrong with me until now perfect explanation it is right next to our bedroom and lounge room where we spend most of our time u have been unable to sleep well and have already missed a day of work, it needs to go I know already I am sensitive to radiation (electromagnetic) waves. What can be done?? Please help!!

    • Ryan says:

      Cecile, go to the doctors and explain all this, tell them all these health issues happened after the installation, make sure this is all noted dates ect, contact your energy supplier and installer, tell them this meter must be removed. Goodluck I hope you can get rid of the smart meter and feel healthy again

    • Vickie says:

      I came across this recent article, stating caution regarding smart meters from The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, it seems many organisations are trying to get the message through about the health warnings and Evidence but the warnings are all falling on the deaf ears of our Government.

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Dear Cecile,
      If you had the Refusal To Accept A Smart Meter Signs on your Meter Box and your Fence clearly posted, then the Smart Meter Installer Man and the Chief Executive Officer of the Power Company Has Broken The Law in forcing a Microwave Smart Meter on Your Property. You should have a good case to SUE. If you had locked your Electric Meter box, be it steel of wood and they broke the padlock and or hasp and staple or ripped the wood so badly the padlock was then bypassed, then you can LEGALLY SUE FOR BREAKING AND ENTERING. I found this out with our Local Police. Remember this…….The Meter Box and the Padlock Are Your Property and not theirs.

      Firstly, contact your lawyer before doing anything and speak to him, many lawyers will give you 30 minutes free of charge. Don’t telephone the Electric Power Company under any circumstances, they will only misinform you, trying all the while to change your mind. Everything must be in writing for your own protection.
      Please tell your friends to firstly padlock their Electric Meter Boxes, then put up the Legal No Trespass Signs which one can get off the Internet from the “ This has the Australian Constitution of 1900-1901 and still effectively in force Fine of $167,000:00 for anyone trespassing on your property without your written permission. Actually you should, after your lawyer’s guidance and advice write a polite letter to the C.E.O of your Electric Power Company demanding that they remove the Microwave Smart Meter immediately and return the Analog Meter they took from you or you will SUE THEM. Firstly be advised by your lawyer for the best wording regarding this.

      If you need any more help contact me on 03 5352 3639 up to 5.30 P.M, or Email me at

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Write to the Electric Power Company for your area and demand that they remove the dopey M/Wave Smart Meter and reinstall the Safe and Passive Analog Meter they stole from you. Tell them how sick the dopey M/Wave Smart Meter is making you feel. Send this letter Registered Post and get a receipt for the pick-up of your letter. Keep copies for Legal Purposes.

      If you had your Legal Common Law Stop Do Not Install a Smart Meter signs up, and the Anti-Trespass Signs with the $167,000:00 Dollars erected on the Meter Box or on your front Fence and or gate the Smart Meter Installer Man has committed a CRIMINAL ACT ! Go see a Lawyer and get his advice. First check his fees. I was lucky I got 28 minutes of free advice from my lawyer and had fortunately locked my box earlier and got up my Anti-Trespass Signs.

  24. Richard Leschen says:

    “Dear Desperate: and Lisa Gibbs. Please remove or turn off the Smart Meters!”

    The statements of the Electric Power Companies that they can’ t remove the Smart Meters after installing them is BALDERDASH ! They state that they are forbidden from doing so by their bosses. This is not only a downright LIE but the height of Wickedness and Intimidation. You must contact your Electric Power Company and DEMAND that they remove this truly dangerous Electric Smart Meter immediately that is making you and your family so sick. How dare these Electric Power Company People treat you in this WICKED Manner ? What you must do is contact a good Lawyer immediately and ask for his or her help. Next I would ask this Lawyer if you can SUE this Electric Power Company for causing you and your family this continued agravation and terrible stress of mind and terrible headaches etc.
    Any medical expenses you incur from your doctor should be claimed against this Electric Power Company. Please keep a record of all medical expenses incurred from the Electric Smart Meter sickness, and photo copy these bills and demand payment from the Electric power company, first get advice regarding this from your Lawyer.
    You and your family should be able to Sue this Electric Power Company for causing you these medical problems. Truly these Electric Power Companies are Criminals and seem to be the New MAFIA who are prepared to make you and your family keep suffering from the ill effects that the Electriic Smart Meter is still having on you all.

    I have written a Registered Letter to my Electric Power Company and told the C.E.O that should I find a Smart Meter installed on my property against my will and better judgement I will join the Common Class Action to SUE. This was after I first locked my Electric Meter Box and Posted my Legal Anti Trespass Sign by the Australian Constitution Act (1900 – 1901 and still Current Act which stated that……Anybody entering my property without my written consent will incur a $167,000.00 fine. When the Smart Meter Man called on me some months ago he went to step onto my property. I shouted loudly…..” Get off my property and read that legal sign I have posted on my Brick Fence !” He did as bidden and after reading it he said with shocked tones…….
    ” S***T Mate, Im never going to install a Smart Meter on your Property! ”
    ” Good, ” said I. ” And I’m not your mate.” He then tucked the box containing the Smart Meter under his arm and walked off down the road.


    Right now in California P.G. and E Electric Power Company and other Electric Power Companies are being dragged into Court by their customers and fined heavilly Through Class Actions by the Courts. These Power Companies, are now having to pay massive fines then remove these Damned Criminally Dangerous Electric Smart Meters and reinstall the old Trusty and Tried Analog Electric Meters they stole from their customers.
    In the first place everybody should securely padlock their Electricity Meter Boxes to prevent the sneaky Smart Meter Installers from stealing the Perfectly Good and Safe Operating Analog Meters.

    I have securely padlocked my Electricity Meter Box which I own and not the Electric Power Company. Every body should do this and put a Legal No Trespass Sign on your Electricity Meter Box, but first padlock this box to stop losing the Analog Meter to these sneaky Smart Meter Installer men.
    These Microwave Electric Smart ( not so smart meters ) are extremely dangerous pieces of untested electrical JUNK ! In Germany where I have lived and worked for a knumber of years, Microwave Radio Smart Meters are Forbiddenand all Smart Meters there must be HARD-WIRED like your Landline home Telephone.
    Don’ t let these Blighters Bully You, don’ t hit them, don’ t shout at them, just stick to your Guns and do as I have advised you please.

    • what Richard has said is right. We are in the right, they are in the wrong. Simply stand strong, LOCK your meter box and say NO. the sooner we all do this, the sooner it will be over. Richard gives wonderful advice, trust him.

  25. Leisa Gibbs says:

    Hello, I have just come accross your story while searching for info on this as i am despersate to protect my family. We are all having symptoms from our newly installed smart meter. I feel like moving us all out and living in a tent. I have contacted powercor and of course there is nothing they can do. Do you know if we have any rights on this matter.

    • Anonymous says:

      contact davod from y shield we biught special shielding paint and before the plaster went up on our new bedroom wall, we are building in a new estate and we couldnt get them to not install a smart meter but doing all we can to protect us. we painted 3 coats on back of meterbox and then 6 coats on a plywood board that went in behind that and plaster is up now. we are due to get another reading done but we are assured we should be well protected now !

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Dear Anonymous,
        I know where you could and I state, still possibly can buy the Analog Safe and Passive Electrical Meters.
        The Threats made by these foreign owned Victorian Electrical Power Companies are ILLEGAL. They are nothing more than BULLY BOYS who areforcing you or anyone to accept a now proving to be dangerous Smart Meter against your WILL and Better Judgement. Don’t lie doggo down under their Jack Boot Tactics. These Dictator Like Power Companies will not even give you the Legal and Necessary Victorian Certificate of Electrical Safety for the Smart Meter they have forced on now you and so many other people who believe their LIES.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Hi Leisa,
      Yes, just read my letter above yours, it gives you powerful ammunition against these pushy Foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies here in Victoria.

      Don’t forget that the Victorian Charter of Human Rights allows you to refuse any goods or services you deem, could even possibly damage your health in any way at all, including in this case not only your health, but damage to your electrical goods in the case here of these now proving to be dangerous so-called Smart Meters. Just look up the Victorian Charter of Human Rights on the Internet. These so-called Smart Meters are not smart in any way at all, but proving to be making so many people very sick who have now had their Older and Passive and safe Analog Electric Meters stolen from them to have these now STUPID Smart Meters replace the SAFE Analog Electric Meters.

      We the Victorian people have no Contract with the Electric Power Companies to be forced to accept these idiotic meters. Just look up the Victorian Charter of Human Rights as aforesaid. I refuse to allow anyone to place a Dopy Smart Meter on my property against my Will and Better Judgement to use me as a Human Guinea Pig for their INSANE Microwave Experiments.

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