Glen Eira fights smart meter roll-out – Council – News – Caulfield Glen Eira Leader

Georgina raised concerns about Smart Meters with Glen Eira council

GLEN Eira Council will petition the State Government not to make Smart Meters compulsory.

Councillor have voted unanimously to follow officers’ advice and relay residents’ concerns to the State Government.

They further decided to call on the State Government to allow residents to “opt out” of the Smart Meter roll out and to allow people who already have Smart Meters to “have the right to have the meter removed and replaced with an analogue or non-wireless meter at no cost to them”.

The State Government plans to install digital Smart Meters in every Victorian home and small business by the end of 2013.

Councillors said residents complained of headaches, fatigues, disrupted sleep, aches and pains and more since having Smart Meters installed.

Cr Margaret Esakoff said they were a serious concern in Glen Eira.

Cr Oscar Lobo told the chamber last month that numerous councils had passed motions to petition the State Government to halt the roll-out.

via Glen Eira fights smart meter roll-out – Council – News – Caulfield Glen Eira Leader.


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13 Responses to Glen Eira fights smart meter roll-out – Council – News – Caulfield Glen Eira Leader

  1. smart denier says:

    Three cheers for Cr Oscar Lobo.
    On Sunday 27th Oct 2013, Cr Lobo attended the Oakleigh screening of Take Back Your Power. Prior to the film, Cr Lobo passionately explained his determination to fight smart meters. His speech was uplifting and very encouraging. An elected official acting in the best interest of his constituents is a rarity, even more so when the subject is smart meters. Cr Lobo’s courageous stance should inspire us to double our efforts in getting the message out about dumb meters and dumb grids.

  2. AnnODyne says:

    I read every word of the printed material supplied and saw what is obviously the REAL reason for the expense of giving us a replacement for the OFF PEAK meters we all used to have – the ‘smart’ meters can be READ REMOTELY. Meter readers can now look for another job. Good luck.

  3. Glenj says:

    Great news to hear the Glen Eira Council is on board with the Stop Smart Meters campaign. i applaud you. I’m a resident in this area and was lucky enough to arrive home when mine was just about to be pulled out. My two neighbours were not so lucky. i made a phone call to register my non consent and that’s the way it will stay. I’ve now padlocked my electricity box, put up a notice of non compliance to change my meter and am getting a window cut out for the meter reader . I must say on the day the meters were changed I received no objections to my request not to change my meter. Please keep up the good work Glen Eira Councillors – we need everyone on board . Stand strong.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i had no choice but to get a smart meter, i came home from work and the guy had already ripped the old one down and started putting the smart meter up, i told him to stop and put the old one up but he said i had no say in it and i had to ring the company so i did i told them how dare they come on to my property when i was not home and change the meter they told me that i hire the meter from them and that they have the right to come and upgrade or service when ever they need to

  5. Murray Pete says:

    I still have an old meter thankfully. My power bills are now that huge that I can no longer afford to run the air conditioning or go out much as I live on a disability pension, I like the heat. What about the poor elderly people who really are affected by it and can’t afford to cool down? Fair dinkum all this crap is way too much, I bet the greenies and the politicians can afford to run their air conditioners.

  6. Sue Campbell says:

    I am a Bendigo resident where compulsory roll out of smart metres occurred 6 – 8 months ago . After complaining to my power supply company that my quarterly electricity bill has escalated from around $430 to a Whopping $1,400 !!! They told me I would have to pay another $52 to have a Technician come around to read my usage !! I told them that surely “smart meters” are able to be read remotely , without a technician ( funded by me) coming out specially. The consultant then told me the ” technician had ‘special tools’ …. I assured the consultant that I was aware that the technician Was Probably ” a special tool” however I was capable enough to read her an eight digit number !!! She then informed me that I did not infact have a “smart meter” !! Then when I insisted that I was there when they installed it and am looking at it as we speak , she then informed me that “I had not connected it to the System” ….. Where upon I explained to her that I Did NOT in fact work for the Power Supply Company ” …. Face Palm . I am sure we are already paying for the “smart metre ” roll out and Why the Hell is my energy bill so high yet my usage has remained the same ??? Carbon Tax , Smart meters , energy saving light globes ?? Or wonton mismanagement by this government with a policy build on lies and Labour Funded Green Technology ?? lest we forget the Insulstion Nightmare , the useless Desalination Plant etc etc Face Palm !!!! Another EPIC FAIL !!!!

  7. Pam says:

    We are getting more support from our Local Councils than we are from the Government. Minister O’Brien and Premier Ted Bailleau don’t seem to care about the people who are affected by Smart Meters. Why haven’t they the Decency to face the people these darn things are making very ill??? We may have Voted them in but we can and WILL Vote them OUT come Next Election.

  8. Sharron says:

    It is pleasing to see that more councils are getting behind their residents. The serious concern is warranted as EVERYONE will be affected in the long run, whether they can feel it yet or not, and it is not enough to just refuse installation on your own house if you are surrounded by this microwave radiation from the whole neighbourhood.

  9. Bren says:

    inspired to read of decision in Melbourne area, here in ballarat just spoke with a man who was certain that smart meters are GREEN–they will stop people over using electricity or something. I am already a very low user of electricity and am not having one….

  10. Mr Medved says:

    Yesterday I had a bizarre rendezvous. My wife informed me that there were people from the electricity company out the front of our house. I went out the front door and was met by two women who said there were reports of overcharging and wanted to check the electricity meter. I said I had no complaints but one persisted and asked to see the meter. I told her she could not and that they were trespassing (and pointed out the ‘no trespass’ signs). They then left without viewing the meter. I’m not sure what company they were employed by, but it was in an area (allegedly) serviced by CitiPower. Initially I thought they from a retailer trying to sell me a contract but they didn’t try to sell anything, nor carried any extensive information with them. I am interested to know if others have been met by similarly shady behaviour.

  11. Freddie says:

    As a Glen Eira resident, this is truly good news for me. A heartfelt THANK-YOU to Cr ESAKOFF and Cr LOBO for listening to people’s concerns and taking a stand for us, for their community’s health and for democracy. Well done!

  12. Terry says:

    Good on the Glen Eira councillors. There are still a lot of councils out there asleep at the wheel. Wake up for gods sake…EMF radiation from smart meters is the next Asbestos epidemic. Action is needed now to stop the rot. I hope councillors from Wellington shire are watching this site?

  13. Frances says:

    I hope that Glen Eira is successful in stopping the smart meters. I had my first encounter with a man who came to install on at my house, I sent him away and said I refuse to allow it. He didn’t argue I am wondering if anyone else in this area has said the same thing to him.

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