No need for smart meter in my house | The Courier

I find Mark Travill’s letter (The Courier, November 9) a little bit, well, what is the word – wish I could think of one?

Independent testing, now, there are two words I can relate to. Take insulation batts, for example, another two words I can relate to. “Downright dangerous” are another two words for good measure.

As one knows, power usage is based on observation, all you have to do is read your current meter, read your account regarding cost times and costed rates at different times of the day, and then use your power wisely.

As for a website dedicated to mechanical devices, fact sheets and independent reports, well, where will it all end?

The Department of Primary Industry (DPI) will tell us all, blank, the lines they wish us to hear.

I’ve heard contrary statements to theirs, so the debate shall continue for some time.

So, one who has coped without “smart meters” for over 40 years, I do not wish to start now.

Finally, Mark, like many others in Ballarat and surrounding areas, I do not wish to have one thrust upon me.

This little abode does not need one.



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via No need for smart meter in my house | The Courier.


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5 Responses to No need for smart meter in my house | The Courier

  1. Ashley says:

    Check out the comment by Brad (via the original article link). I doubt it’s from a genuine citizen and clearly sounds like a typical propaganda ploy.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Frances…well done. According to a Powercor whistleblower. You will be labelied as – ‘non-compliant’ or ‘aborted’. He said they will be back for another attempt in 2013. I had mine locked up and the guy just said ‘ok…have a nice day’ and walked away. I have been unable to sleep at the front of the house because of the neighbours meters radiation. Taking emf drops has helped but it is a horrid energy if you are sensitive to the energy as I am. With an RF meter we wereable to see that the levels were about 140 -160 times more powerful than a mobile phone and transmits/receives signals btwn every 30secs up to several minutes, 24/7. Whereas we are told that it is only half as powerful as a mobile and transmits 4 times a day

  3. Frances says:

    I had a knock at my front door on Tuesday, from a man who said he was here to install my Smart Meter, I told him that I had already informed those responsible that I refuse to have one installed, and that I have a notice regarding No Trespassing on my Meter box to that effect. He left without an argument. I expect I will receive another visit. But they will be knocked back by me too. I had contacted them to let them know that I refuse to have a Smart Meter. I now am wondering what they will do next.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      I hope you have also locked your box Frances. Don’t become another smart meter victim!

    • Pam says:

      FRANCES – They have had two goes with me since May 2011. Just told them I didn’t want a SMART METER INSTALLED. I then received an SMS asking me to ring them, only to be told the same rubbish they are telling everyone. I got sick of it and engaged a Solicitor. At present time I am waiting for their reply to my Solicitor, as he has written to them and asked them to put me on a Refusal List (Health Issues etc etc etc.) So it is HURRAY UP AND WAIT. I will keep my Box Locked and my Signs Displayed forever if I have to. Good Luck….Pam 🙂

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