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GREATER Dandenong council will formerly oppose the installation of smart meters in the municipality but doesn’t have the power to block the introduction.

Councillor Peter Brown moved a motion at Monday night’s council meeting to formerly oppose the installation of the meters, support individuals’ rights to opt out and support any future legal action undertaken by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV).

However, the decision has no weight as the State Council voted against any MAV action.

Mount Alexander Shire Council submitted a motion to the MAV’s State Council on 20 September proposing the MAV investigate any health problems associated with smart meters and to take any appropriate action but the motion was not passed meaning no action will be taken by the MAV.

Cr Paul Donovan opposed the motion on Monday because he felt it held no weight.

“I raise an objection over the wording,” he said.

“It is only tokenistic.”

Cr Brown said the council needed to have its opposition recognised in policy should any legal action take place in the future.

“It is underlying and supporting our opposition to smart meters in so far as MAV actively pursuing this matter on behalf of councils,” he said.

“We do support other councils who have opposed (the installations).”

Cr Brown said residents should not be forced to have the meter boxes installed.

He used examples of councils in the United States and United Kingdom which have successfully lobbied for residents to choose whether to have the meters installed.

Cr Brown said he was concerned about health problems, particularly for the many apartment buildings being constructed in the local area.

“All the little meter boxes are lined up waiting for someone to come in and read them, just imagine the sheer volume of electromagnetic field that surrounds that particular unit,” he said.

“I certainly wouldn’t want my bedroom right beneath the meter box.

“If people want to opt out of being radiated, the can and they should.”

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6 Responses to Council oppose meters | Star Dandenong | Star News

  1. stevo says:

    Congratualtions to Mr Brown,,
    Let’s take action in DAndenong,,,the next election,,and no vote for the promoters of Smart Meters,,if Mr Doovan thinks that this boxes a health bonuses,,he can order more of them and put under pillows of members of his family and himself,,,I have only one sentence PISS OFF my property any time when you are coming uninviting and with dangerous pieces of equipment!!
    Personally, I will call every candidate for Dandenong Councill to hear if they have any opinion about thes secretive weapon like monitoring devices.

    • Gerhard says:

      I have send an e-mail to every person who wants to be elected at the next dandenong election. I got very interesting responses from some candidates. Everyon should ask their present and future councelor about smartmeters and vote acordingly.

  2. Albin Gaspar Mullner says:

    Councillor MR. Peter Brown deseves a word of commendation for his initative for moving a protest motion againts the installation of the smart meters. This kind of actions will not only help the elimination of the smart meters but will; serve as another example of People’s Power in a participatory democracy to all the unconditional conformists.

  3. Pam says:

    It is a long struggle but we will WIN – NO SMART METER FOR ME EVER. Our Numbers are growing day by day and we are kept up-to-date everyday thanks to this Website. …Cheers Pam

  4. Simon Fraser says:

    People do not understand the invasion of privicy these meters pose.*it tell them what room you are in what applience you are using ,when you go out, when you come home,what time you cook ,clean,wash,when you are in the shed. It uses wifi connection which can be easily be hacked ,this apart from the serious health risks which could surpass the aspestous problems over the past.

  5. Terry says:

    Another council with the brains their mother gave them and not frightened to speak up. Come on you other councils, sitting on the fence, show a bit of gumption!

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