Emerald Smart Meter Awareness Meeting – 6th September

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7 Responses to Emerald Smart Meter Awareness Meeting – 6th September

  1. Didi L. says:

    Ask any energy reps at the Meeting, if these Smart Meters can be bulk, remotely disconnected from the supply lines, individually, and or district groups? Say during a over load status, say because of heavy energy demand, say via some individuals using too much at any instance! Noting they can do it now, but via circuit substations, more so manually, than, via remote software?! Ask them what guides of protocols, exists legally, to bulk or individually control the act of disconnection, is it fair in any way? Ask what if these disconnects affect the elderly/-infirm/disabled/disadvantaged. Yes some disconnections are carried out, if the consumers don’t pay there bills, but these disconnections are carried out concurrently, via the inline house fuse, on the outside of the house, what abuses could exists, if the meter is sent a disconnection command? The Didi.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am looking forward to the meeting, even though most of Emerald , Cockatoo and Gembrook have the “Slow Kill Meters” installed.

    • Pam says:

      Anon – Wish we had a Group here in Warrnambool. Go along and voice your Opinion. You may help someone who has a SMART METER INSTALLED. Seeing you have a Computer it would be good if you could print some Signs Off and take along to the Meeting to help those that do not have access to a Computer and tell everyone TO LOCK THEIR BOXES ………………….GOOD LUCK ……….Pam 🙂

  3. 1vimana1 says:

    Good on you Simon,
    Your are spot on with your statement. These Foreign owened Victorian Power Companies need to be taught a lesson, that’s for sure. I have had my Electric Meter box locked up now for over a year.
    Now most sensible people are locking up their Electric Meter Boxes,as these Power Companies and the Smart Meter Installer Men are taking no notice of our Legal Anti-Tresspass Signs.

  4. Sharron says:

    Good luck! Protect your lovely environment from the nasty threat approaching better known as ‘Smart Meter’ Invasion…. Very important to attend these meetings!

  5. simon says:

    We are in Mooroolbark and have sent a letter to AUSNET telling them that if they fit a smart meter to our residence it will be removed at proof of trespass. FEE SIMPLE TITLE is a massive tool to all Australians. IT IS VALID LAW AND CAN NOT BE OVERRIDDEN.

  6. Pam says:

    Hope your Meeting is successful on 6th September and I look forward to feedback from your Meeting……Good Luck..Pam 🙂

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