The government has its head in the sand….

Now have we all forgotten how governments work?

A long time ago Governments said smoking is not harmful and took the advice of tobacco companies and promoted smoking as good for you and reaped in mega billions of dollars and still are today.

At the same time the government also promoted asbestos as a safe building material at the advice of corporations, e.g, the James Hardy Corporation.
So we all smoked like troopers and put asbestos in homes and buildings
that we all work and live in.

Now it is proven that smoking causes lung cancer and other diseases it is also proven that asbestos causes asbestos and other related diseases but while you and I are or could be dying from these diseases the government has its head in the sand about smart meters and is listening to these power companies and the lies that these companies are telling to protect their bottom line and at the same time the government will be reaping in billions of dollars so they all have a vested interest in these smart meters and it doesn’t mater one bit to the government that we will all suffer in the long run from these smart meters and the disease that they will cause and as you all know we will have to prove that these thing made us sick and then treat us like tobacco and asbestos victims they the government will label us all liars and only after thirty years or more when most of the population fall to these smart meter then they the government will legislate in parliament the they the government are not liable for this out come.

It is in our interest to protest these meters out of existence and you do this by word of mouth and on the steps of parliament in your capital city.

I do know that a Wi-Fi affects children I have autistic child at home and since I have turned off the Wi-Fi router in our home my son is like a different child no more aggravation four to five years I ran this stupid thing and I never once got it what it was doing.
I don’t want such a meter on my home they can stick it on the power pole if they like or where the sun doesn’t shine.


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7 Responses to The government has its head in the sand….

  1. Rob Guy says:

    Hi Anthony. Rather than putting its head in the sand, the government has intentionally passed entire control of the smart meter rollout to the peak industry body thereby apparently abdicating its responsibility for public safety. I covered this matter in my August comment in this forum. The current strategy by DSE is to influence public thinking by distorting the english language- a time proven method used by the managerial classes to control the people they govern. Take the term “smart meters”. The term implies that smart people will welcome their introduction into service whereas opponents are somehow of inferior intelligence. However, we are not Luddites. We just resent the managerial classes hijacking improved technology to their exclusive benefit. In truth, these devices are not smart at all, being simply power meters which can converse by telephone. The real “smart” lies in the central computer system controlled by the electricity distributors. More on this later.
    Cheers, Rob G

    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

  2. justice says:

    I sent a signed Statuary Declaration along with a Prohibition Notice not to install a smart meter in our property or in the meter box to Michael O`Brien and the power company, this should stop these greedy lying people and from what we are told they cannot install a meter, once they recieve this or we will legally go for them. We will win this battle, fight on and never give up because we will not. This is the worst Government that we ever had, they are treating the public without any respect
    and pushing us around, dictating and refusing to listen, this proves the people no longer have a say in anything and these radio active frequences will cause carcinoginic tumours. The Government and Power Companies are still continuing to lie and force the people to live with these smart meters they will have a lot to answer for, they have taken on a massive responsibility for the health disorders of the people in the future which could lead to death just like the cigarettes and they will be without excuse, as they have been warned.
    Never ever, let them put a smart meter in your property.Justice

    • John Macey says:

      It is not the Government that has “it’s head in the sand” but the overwhelming people that make up the populace. The Government knows exactly what it’s doing, and that is bowing to the whims of corporations and what the United Nations wants. This is happening worldwide and it’s happening at the direction of unelected globalists using greens and faulty science to force their will on sovereign nations. Government ministers know that they will never be held accountable by the people. This is all made possible by the peoples complacency and not speaking out or standing up in sufficient numbers. The Government can only serve one master and for the last few years it’s shifted from the populace to special interest groups and minorities. Wake up and take a look at the bigger picture, please!!!

      • justice says:

        Well said John and thank you, now we see a bigger picture, please let us all do something about it soon, because we have been told we are all going to be made accept the smart meter, they said it will only be a matter of time.Justice

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Justice,
      Just make sure you buy an Industrial strength padlock and lock that Electric Meter Box of yours PRONTO, tomorrow could be too late, as these cunning Meter Men…………most of them anyway take no notice of your Legal Anti Trespass Signs. Now Thousands of us have already locked our Electric Meter Boxes with a good stout or Industrial Padlock, you need to do the same too, if you have not already done so.

  3. Pam says:

    Anthony – I agree with everything you have said. WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT. There are too many of us now who have been kept up-to-date by this Website on the DANGERS OF SMART METERS.
    The Government has another big problem on their hands now WIND FARMS !! and the Government say they don’t make people sick either!!!! AGENT ORANGE didn’t make people sick either!!! I am the Widow of a Vietnam Vet and that is another BIG LIE TOO. These men/women suffered from the age of 19 and still suffer to this day (if they are still alive). I am so pleased your Son has improved since you turned off Wi-Fi router. I just wish my Daughter-in-law would do likewise with some of the stuff my grandies play with day in and day out. Could go on and on forever, but basically our Government HAS LOST THE PLOT. I don’t know how they sleep at night with all this blood on their hands…..Chees Pam 🙂

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