Public Meeting Highton Geelong Saturday 28th July 7.30pm

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21 Responses to Public Meeting Highton Geelong Saturday 28th July 7.30pm

  1. FreePower says:

    My neighbour here in south east inner Melbourne hasn’t paid an electricity bill for 15 years on both his house, yet he burns electricity like its… He doesn’t even have a smartmeter installed. How? He has made his house inaccessible by piling the front with junk.The power companies won’t cut off his power because they think he is poor and struggling which is far from the truth.

  2. Jenny says:

    We will be there too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We will be there too.

  4. Archie Burke says:

    In public Housing, these “ROB” meters are being installed against the wishes of many.We do not have a key to the meter box,the company does! What can we do?

    • Ryan says:

      Archie, I really feel for you people, as I am in the same position, home owners do have more rights than us, at the moment I am blufffing the installers and acting as though I own the place but it is only a matter of time before they check and come back and tell me I have no say at all, then it will all be over.. If I had the money I would sue the Government for stress and bullying. Good Luck to you all and I hope you get some advice that helps you, if you do please tell me too.

      • Pam Densley says:

        Archie and Ryan – Just keep your boxes locked and display your signs. It doesn ‘t matter where WE live WE have a right to protect the Health and Safety of our Families. There are Meetings all over the State – it is just a matter of time now – We will win – no doubt about it……Keep fighting …….Cheers Pam

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do not be fooled by these power Energy Companies, Jemeni etc, who will push you into installing these killer meters, they continually tell untruths and are no better than Hitler dictating what the public most do, decieving the people.They are actually aware that the public are telling the truth in reference to these profound health disorders, huge bills, and no privacy and the risk of security in your home. We pay for the services, however we do not ask for a life threatening health disorder caused by emitting radio active frequences causing radiation.Fight these
    ruthless greedy liars it is a true saying ” money is the root of all evil’, it certainly is with these Companies, They try to make us believe this will ease our Electric bills etc, and the meters are very healthy next to your brain this is what they are putting accross, who do they think they are fooling , its a sure way for them to increase revenue, to dictate, for power, for control and also a way of creeping into our homes, they will soon be able to tell us when we use the toaster and for how long, and know when you are in your home and out of your home. Please do not let these smart meters be installed at you property.

    • Sharron says:

      Well said, Anonymous! Jemena and the like will probably end up in court due to a huge Class Action approaching for customers they have managed to ‘swindle’ into believing their nonsense. I hope that day comes quickly!!!

  6. Pam Densley says:

    Hope your Meeting is a huge Success – IN THE MEANTIME LOCK YOUR BOXES AND DISPLAY YOUR SIGNS (all can be downloaded from this Website). Looking forward to positive Outcomes from your Meeting………..Pam

  7. Vera Mills says:

    I will be there. 🙂

    • Pam Densley says:

      Vera – Can you please ask a Question for me – I am the only person in my Street to not have a SMART METER AND I WILL NEVER HAVE ONE. I am interested to know What Health Problems could arise for me being surrounded by these darn things. I have already had it noted on my Medical File how this is stressing me to the max, always looking over my shoulder for the Installers trucks. My box is locked – all signs displayed etc etc. I would very much appreciate it if you could do this for me and look forward to a positive outcome from your Meeting…..Pam (Warrnambool. Vic):-)

      • Steve says:

        Pam, if your sensitive to RF then you’re likely to get headaches, strange skin sensations, chest pain etc. Note most people do not feel anything at the moment with only a small % of people claiming to be hypersensitive to RF but it is expected to increase as more and more wireless technologies invade the home. If you are not feeling anything now and your neighbors have smart meters already then nothing is likely to change. However the long term affects are possibly cancer (in 20 -30 years time, if not earlier). The Government, power companies, and some members of the scientist community state that there is no direct evidence that RF at the levels emitted by smart meters causes health issues. However there are researchers and doctors who feel otherwise. Please refer to this article published recently in Canada.

        • Pam Densley says:

          Steve, thanks for that information. I just am at a loss – with all this information and research that has been done both here and Overseas why our Government doesn’t seem to recognise the Dangers of SMART METERS. I see there is another Meeting in Bairnsdale coming up – there seems to be Meetings and Forums all over the State. I will never give up, that’s what they want us to do. At present I am OK – just stressed to the max – looking over my shoulder for Installers. They have been here twice and I have told them to leave. SIGNS UP – BOX LOCKED SUBMISSION IN TO ESV etc etc. Long term effects???? – we will just have to wait and see. I am not moving from my Home and I feel for those who have had to leave their homes due to ill effects of SMART METERS. It is about time Minister O’Brien attended our Meetings and Forums and listened to the concerns of his fellow Victorians and stopped the Roll-out of these DANGEROUS SMART METERS………..Pam

      • Vera says:

        Hi Pam, yes I will ask for you and get back to you. I am in a court and out of 6 houses there is only ours and a neighbour across the road that have locked our meter boxes. Be hopeful and don’t try to worry too much. I will talk to you soon 🙂

        • Pam Densley says:

          Thanks Vera look forward to hearing from you.Pam

          • Maz says:

            Pam i’ve padlocked & put signs on my meter box & wriitten to powercor refusing a smart meter. Every house around me has had a meter installed, if i stay inside my house i’m ok. When i go outside in my garden for a couple of hours, i start to get a headache & dizzy with eyes burning. It’s when i’m out every day driving around etc, by the time i get home i’ve a thumping headache 24/7 with eyes burning,dizziness,muddled thinking (my brain feels like its surrounded by fog), insomnia & nausea! I know a lot of people with the same side effects, our lives have been turned up side down. To make matters worse, when fluoride was dumped into Geelong’s water 3 years, i became very unwell & have been diagnosed with fluoride toxicity. The government has a lot to answer to in regards to our health & our environment, they dont care & have their own agenda!

            • Pam Densley says:

              Thanks Maz- I have done all that too I had the same effect with Fluoride too I came out in a rash and I have photos of it. There was supposed to be a class action on that as well but the Solicitor who was handling it decided not to act for us. Have you seen the latest Post where Power Cor can not Guarantee our Health and Safely???? I have had it noted on my Medical Records that I am stressed to the Max – I am always looking over my shouder for Installers. I have a Solicitor acting for me as well. The Government may find themselves in big trouble now. I for one will not be Voting for them in the next Election. This has been a nightmare for us all – Thanks to the continued information from ‘STOP SMART METERS’ we may SOON be able to rest easy when they get rid of the darn things once an d for all. Vera is going to ask a question for me re being surrounded by them at the GEELONG MEETING today. Cheers ……Pam 🙂

      • Vera says:

        Hi Pam,

        Returned from the meeting. Give me a call on 0411254263.

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