Residents express concern over smart meters – Swan Hill Local News – The Guardian

CONCERNED: Mother-of-three Sarah Elliot, pictured with children Arabella, Millie, and Henry, is concerned about the effect the new smart meters will have on her family’s long-term health.

LOCAL community members have voiced concern over health risks associated with new electronic metering equipment set to be rolled out across the state.

The new digital meters, called ‘Smart Meters’, are set to replace all analogue electricity meters across Australia as part of a Federal Government initiative.

Installations are set to kick off in the Swan Hill area around September, but some members of the community are worried about possible health risks associated with the new energy meter equipment.

Sustainable Living in the Mallee (SliM) president Peta Thornton said between 40 and 50 people attended the first of two information sessions held by Powercor on Monday, to voice concerns over health effects and the possibility of increasing tariffs, or to simply gain a better understanding of the new policy.

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7 Responses to Residents express concern over smart meters – Swan Hill Local News – The Guardian

  1. Pam Densley says:

    I agree – My advise Lock your boxes, display your signs (all available on Website) dont let anyone Install a dangerous Smart Meter to your property.Good Luck Everyone. We will all keep fighting – don’t ever get sick of fighting for your rights. As someone said to me today and I quote ” I believe they have under estimated just how Aussies can stand up for what they believe when they are pushed. We are not “she’ll be right mate” Aussies anymore – I know I never will be now”…….Power to the people….Pam

  2. John says:

    Probably a good idea if someone puts up links for people to go buy a secured lock box for their old meters to be padlocked up. I tryed Bunnings ,but best i could find I was going to use a safe but really couldn’t get the right size safe to cover my meter. So what i ended up doing was building my own thick wooden surounding box , with a solid steel hinged door & put 3 padlocks on it. For remember they are now ignoring any signs & just putting in these pathetic meters without anyones consent for acceptance.

  3. FightingBack says:

    Does anyone know or have something I can print out to do a letter box drop on smart meters?
    The area I moved into just now doesn’t have smart meters yet and I would like to try and stop them going in around my area. Something that would tell the people just have bad they are and to lock the meters, maybe also tell them not to be intimidated to thinking you have to have it.
    If someone can put a link here so I could print it out. Thanks.
    Keep fighting.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes ! you have every right to be concerned, I was away from home and they installed a SMART killer meter, in my home. I went to bed that evening and I never knew the meter was installed close to my head in the outside wall, I am healthy and this night I felt as if I was going to have a heart attack I had very sharp pains in my head and pains all through my bones [ I am hypersensitive to these radio active fields] I decided i would go to my familiy home and went to switch off the meter and there I discovered a smart meter. After that night I decided to go to our family home where I still am staying I never had any symptoms since, let me warm you these meters are dangerous how dare they ask us to live with these meters close to our brain, and especially little children where radiation is known to cause leukemia, please do not install these smart meters they certainly will not be in your best interest
    and you will never have to look back and say ” IF ONLY WE HAD NOT INSTALLED THIS SMART METER”
    Do not let these power companies tell you any more DELIBERATE UNTRUTHS.

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      Exactly! HOW DARE THEY… we know they are not stupid but they would like to think we are!!! Everyone needs to WATCH OUT for their families and protect the home as the sanctuary it is supposed to be… To Hell With Greed and Evil… one word…KARMA!!!

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