Powercor has lost the plot!

Locks on Meter boxes are now claimed to be a “defect in your electrical installation” by Powercor. The defects require your attention to ensure the safety of your installation and the exchange of your current meter for a smart meter. The defect identified is Lock on your meterbox. They then go on to say “this may require you to engage a Registered Electrical Contractor”. “When the works are completed, please fill out and return the enclosed Compliance Declaration Form”.

They are also asking tenants to “provide Property Owner details”. (we ask wouldn’t this be a problem under the Privacy Act that we regular citizens have to abide by? Or is this Powercor’s way of getting around it?)

They say if you have any questions to phone them – WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU DON’T PHONE THEM, KEEP EVERYTHING IN WRITING.

They have also attached an information flyer and the first paragraph states: “What are your responsibilities in regard to customer installation defect rectification?” The flyer then states, “Under the Electricity Distribution Code, customers are responsible to ensure that the wiring and electrical installation at your premises are maintained in safe conditions. Unsafe conditions could lead to a risk of electrical shocks, overheating of wiring, fire starts or other safety issues”.


Perhaps we could send a letter back stating that our lock has been checked and it is working fine, and definitely not posing any “risk of electrical shocks, overheating of wiring, fire starts or other safety issues” and that we are not aware of any “wiring and electrical installation” at our premises that hasn’t been maintained in safe conditions.

All those getting these ridiculous letters, get your pens out again, write your response, (remember to keep a copy and if possible send it registered post keeping the receipt of the reg post with your copy) decide whether you want to keep your meterbox locked, and keep your “no consent” sign (downloadable here) and make sure you have the very important no trespass sign (download here) at the entry to your property.

We cannot emphasise the importance of the “no trespass” sign enough. Put the signs up everyone, they are making a difference and it shows others who are making a stand what to do as well. We have just created a new sign on the http://www.vistaprint.com.au site – its called a “lawn sign”, measures 455 mm x 305mm, is weatherproof and is clearly seen from the road. We have attached a picture and asked stopsmartmeters to put it on the site for others to download here. If you wish to use it you could print on an A4 and laminate if you like, but this looks big, bold and clear.

Good luck everyone and stay with the fight to take the Power back over forced installations many of us believe are against our democratic and human rights.

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16 Responses to Powercor has lost the plot!

  1. Sandra says:

    I have a meter that you have to push the button to read the meter. Has anyone else got one like this? How do you get around being able to allow them access, and locking it, as a cut out, unless open, will not allow meter to be read. Please help, as I am in urgent need of advice, and also, if anyone in the Sydenham Melbourne area can recommend someone to alter it for me.

    • Eric says:

      You can ring the meter reader to find out the day of the reading. If you in Sydenham sneak into Jemena territory, you probably need to call Skilltech. If someone is home on the day, you just leave a message (even on the box) for the reader to knock. The box can then be opened for the reading and then closed again. If no one is home, you can always ask (Skilltech) if there is a way to read the meter without having to push the buttons ie. automated changing of reading displays. If not, you can always just go with estimates and arrange for a special read to be done once a year. You’ll just have to be home one day of the year and pay for the special read but Hey Big Deal….as long as it allows you to keep your box locked it’s a very viable solution when you have nothing else.

  2. Mia Nony says:

    Since the devices AND THE FREQUENCIES are illegal, how can it be legal to insist electricians comply with illegal smart meters? Powercor has lost the plot!

  3. Lets take the power back says:

    Sorry John, forgot to ask. How come Origin Energy hosted the meeting at Swan Hill as they are not a Power Distributor are they? I thought Powercor was the Distributor for Swan Hill according to the map for Power Distributor areas? Is this also a new tactic?

    • John Cornish says:

      My apologies for this error – too late at night after a hard day. . It was indeed a Powercor represtentative who presented the talk, not Origins.

  4. To the Melbourne resident that was wondering why….Australia was one of the foundation members of the Smart Grid Federation. This is an almost world-wide move to install spy systems in every home and business (what is the bet gov buildings never get them) No not conspiracy theory, wireless smart systems are designed to log activity, user habits and much more information.

    So, because they (not us, we never got consulted) are a founding member they have an awful lot to lose. There are going to be many more tactics pulled out and thrown at us before this is over.

    Do not make the mistake of thinking this is a victorian issue, this is Australia wide, the other states are being conned with promises of trials and green towns etc. but it is the same thing, just approached differently.

    I believe personally that a decision was made to use our state as a test of strength. If they can beat us, they can beat the country and you can be sure if they win here, the grid will be australia wide very quickly. Our fight is much bigger than just us, that is why it is vital that no matter what they throw at us, we MUST stay strong. We WILL win by not complying and supporting each other.

  5. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Could you please lift the ” NO Trespass to install any SMART METER.” first two lines higher up the page on the Landscape set-up page as the Analogue Meter Reader still welcome bit is bleeding of the page. Or the bottoms of that printed line are unreadable.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Richard Leschen.

  6. John Loughton says:

    This is halerious, Maybe Powercore could get a performance in the circus those pathetic dumb bunnys.

  7. Melbourne Resident says:

    Why are they trying soooo hard to put smart meters on every house? On every house in the world?
    Is it for… Money? Power? Control? How do any of these benefit the consumer? Why are they taking over? Since when does a business make laws about how a consumer has to act? Can someone answer these questions? I feel like people are losing their rights and i dont understand why the government is supporting all this!>???

  8. Chris P. says:

    This might be old news to everyone here but my cleaning lady was recently told by the Smart Meter installer that in the future it will be illegal for electricians to do any work on homes that do not have a Smart Meter installed. This sounds outrageous. Is this just a scare tactic?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Hi Chris P,
      Don’t worry about what your cleaning woman told you, I’ve heard all sorts of flannel or stories like this………one was if you don’t get the Smart Meter….( read dumb and very dangerous Microwave Meter), for that is what it really is, you will be fined $2000.00 dollars. All these tales are just ‘Scare Tactics.’ The TRUTH is simple. This is actually just Big Brother or in this case Nazi or Mafia Tactics to force us their customers to do what they these Overseas Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies want.

      Who the HELL do these Idiots think they are? It is not their job to bully us. We are after all their Customers and it is WE who should be telling them what we want, not the other way around. I for one and none of you must allow these these rude and wicked Stand-Over tactics upon our person. Simply use an Industrial Padlock and padlock your Electric Meter Boxes immediately, it is us the customers who own the Electricity Meter Boxes, not the Electric Power Companies. When you bought your homes or built them you paid for the Electric Meter Box, not the Electric Power Companies. Many of these Smart Meter Installer Men are now taking no notice of most peoples’ Legal Australian Constitutional Anti-Trespass Signs and the $167,000.00 warning of the fine to be imposed on trespassers unless your Electric Meter Box is padlocked.

      I know of many cases of people just trusting to the Anti-Trespass Signs alone, without Padlocking their Meter Boxes, although I had warned them they must first padlock their Electric Meter Boxes. Then when I checked up on a number of these people I had forewarned, they said that they had had their Analog Meters taken and the Microwave Smart Meters fitted whilst they were out shopping or on some other errand. They were really upset. Especially when they found that the Legal Anti-Trespass signs had been ripped up and chucked on the ground. This is vandalism PURE AND SIMPLE.
      My response was; ” Well, I did warn you, now look what’s happened ! ” They looked so glum after my reply, but if people won’t listen to my and other people’s good advice to LOCK THEIR ELECTRIC METER BOXES WHAT CAN THEY EXPECT ! “

  9. John Cornish says:

    I went to a public meeting tonight re smart meter roll-out for Swan Hill. There were only 14 people there to hear the spiel from an Origin Energy rep. There are 20,000 people in the Swan Hill region – about half that number in Swan Hill itself. The government and power company want to get these wretched things installed in our homes and not have too much opposition. The laws say the power company must have sufficient “consultation” with the public and present to the community all relevant information to properly inform them about the project before the roll out begins in their area. The only advertising for the meeting (at the town hall coffee shop) tonight was a few scattered posters placed on some shop windows around town. I saw a couple of them this morning, one was near the entrance to a sandwich shop but placed up high so it would probably not noticed. Another was camouflaged amongst poster ads for electrical products on the local RetroVision store. I looked for and saw another one on window of the ANZ bank, right on the corner as you walk by and turn into the main street. There was nothing in the local paper, nothing on any of the radio stations. It was obvious that they wanted to keep flying “under the radar” with these things – potentially 20,000 people have never heard of a smart meter. It is immoral, and frightening. I asked awkward questions and so did 3 or 4 more vocal people at the meeting and gave the Origin guy a fairly hard time. I did feel somewhat sorry for him; he was the stooge put forward to sell the official spiel. He was only doing his job but I could sense that he knew that much of the glossy brochure stuff was bull.
    amen ….

    • jackV says:

      It’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it

    • Lets take the power back says:

      John, when are they rolling out in Swan Hill?

      • John Cornish says:

        Exact roll out dates were not given but I got the impression that it would all be done and completed by sometime in October. I’m not sure if roll outs have commenced in Mildura.

        • Pam Densley says:

          John – Get something in your Local Paper (I did – “Pensioner takes a Stance” – Warrnambool Standard). People read Local News hopefully. I have my BOXED LOCKED a cut-out so my Energy Supplier can read my Anologue Meter. SIGNS EVERYWHERE. Some folk find this too hard to do this and wonder why when they go out shopping, come home and find they have a SMART METER installed!!!!!! Until the Minister or whoever cuts their losses and STOPS THIS ROLL-OUT we have to protect our Homes and Ourselves from the Dangers of these SO CALLED SMART METERS. It is my Life and my Home and I will not be bullied into having a SMART METER INSTALLED… Good Luck ..Pam

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