Open letter to Hon. Michael O’Brien, Minister for Energy and Resources


Who is really spreading misinformation?

An open letter to Michael O’Brien Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources


On the 10th July 2012 you spoke on ABC Radio Gippsland. It was in response to an earlier interview dealing with an anti-smart meter petition and during that interview you said the following quotes:

“…I am very concerned about the level of misinformation in the community…”

“…smart meters have had problems but these problems don’t include safety…”

“…the smart meter programme is safe…”

Then you specifically referred to me by name and continued ‘…spreading misinformation and quite frankly scaring people who have got every right to reject the information…”

You also said that you knew of no actual evidence that smart meters pose health risks.

So, my challenge to you is this:

You have accused me of promoting unsubstantiated information, yet I can supply over 100 independent research articles from experts all around the world, saying the same thing I did:

…Wireless technology is potentially harmful, the standards used by Governments and industry are outdated and irrelevant, and that EMF should be treated with caution, particularly around children. Many scientists, biologists and environmental researchers believe the rapid deployment of smart meters is dangerous and should be halted.

I can back up my statements (research links have been supplied with this letter). Can you back up yours?

Minister O’Brien, can you supply over 100 credible, NON industry research papers that show smart meters are safe? Many Victorians await your reply.

A. Nugent, Bairnsdale, Vic.

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17 Responses to Open letter to Hon. Michael O’Brien, Minister for Energy and Resources

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done to everyone
    Now have we all forgotten how governments work?

    Along time ago Governments said smoking is not harmful and took the advice of tobacco companies and promoted smoking as good for you and reaped in mega billions of dollars and still are today.
    At the same time the government also promoted asbestos as a safe building material at the advice of corporations E.G the James Hardy Corporation
    So we all smoked like troopers and put asbestos in our homes and buildings
    we all work in.
    Now it is proven that smoking causes lung cancer and other diseases it is also proven that asbestos causes asbestoses and other related diseases but while you and I are dying from these diseases the government has its head in the sand and listening to corporations and the lies that these corporations are telling to protect there bottom line and at the same time the government is reaping in billions of dollars so they all have an vested interest in these smart meters
    It is in our interest to protest these meters out of existence and you do this by word of mouth or on parliament steps in your capital city.

    I do know that a Wi-Fi affects children I have autistic child at home and since I have turned off the Wi-Fi router in our home my son is like a different child. I don’t want such a meter on my home they can stick it on the power poll if they like or where the sun doesn’t shine.


  2. Just an update: The letter and reseach has been sent to ABC Radio Gippsland, Bairnsdale Advertiser, the Age, Fairfax group, Leader group, Star group, Herald Sun, Geelong Advertiser and Border Mail.

    • Informed Choice says:

      Finally we are getting some mass media coverage… big thankyou to all those involved! Great to see and this O’Brien person would have to be just a little bit nervous by now, hence the defensive nature of recent comments he has made. Doesn’t he get it that we are not prepared to be lab rats in his experiment?? In his reply to my letter via Sarah Leslie who is his senior advisor, he states : ‘The Coalition Government has also based its decision on advice from the Auditor-General, who stated in his report on smart meters that “if the projects emerging risks delay the installation of smart meters it is likely that consumers will face further cost increases and gain fewer benefits.” Emerging risks?? Not good enough minister.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This O`Brien person seems to have no conscience, he seems arrogant and a bully forcing young children and nursing homes to sleep with these killer meters a few feet from their head. Perhaps this is one way of getting rid of an overcrowed population. I hope he can sleep at night and I am sure he does not have a meter next his head. This man should be called up in years to come when it will be revealed these are killer meter, people are genuinely stressed and suffer from side effects which could be life threatining, We are told “whatsoever a person sows that will he will also reap” let us wait and see how this person turns out in the future.

    The health disorders these meters will and can cause, no doubt will be the responsibility of O`Brien who has imposed these meters on the public, perhaps one day he may not be a tall poppy pushing innocent harmless frail people and children to receive these radioactive frequencies from this meter ,why not Mr O`Brien if you are so sure about the meters BEING SAFE gave us 10 years of your life sleeping with it next to your head emitting Radioactive frequencies and only then would I accept the meter if you do not have cancer.

    Keep telling the truth about these meters.

  4. Cedar Wilde says:

    It’s always the same tactic. If it looks as though there is opposition to some plan the authorities have hatched, they look around for someone’s character to blacken and call them a liar or worse. DOES ANYONE IMAGINE WE WOULD BE FIGHTING THIS JUST FOR A HOBBY? NO! WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR AND OUR CHILDREN’S AND GRANDCHILDREN’S HEALTH. Not to mention our pets (and our garden plants too. I remember years ago being told by the daughter of a famous American psychologist I Can’t recall his name at present, not Freud or Jung but the other one of the main three! That in a block of apartments that all had their tv’s situated in the only corner available the plants on the roof above them all sickened and died. After study it was concluded that the TV radiation caused it. How much longer are we going to drag behind the rest of the world because we don’t have the confidence to be a world leader. We are ideally situated to do the right thing not the usual “anything for an easy buck” thing. It won’t be an easy buck because the costs will eventually be enormous and I don’t think the electricity companies will be paying our medical bills though they are quite happy to take our money now, with the help of the government. Of course matters should have been taken in hand many years ago to deal with our over-consumption of electricity. We could have had wind and wave power systems as well as solar and no doubt others which we would have discovered when we started using the ones I’ve mentioned. However we can now decide to save power without being irradiated or having massive bills for electricity. Some of these ministers just don’t do their homework, or maybe they are just mouthpieces for top government or industry.

    • Pam Densley says:

      Cedar – They are only in Govt. till the next Election and don’t care about anyone. I know the previous Govt started all this – but Minister O’Brien surely can not DISMISS all the in formation STOP SMART METERS AUSTRALIA have been able to gather since the start of this Roll-out…The Dangers to Health, etc etc etc. Why can’t he attend one of our Meetings that are being held all over Victoria and speak to the people who have issues with the installation of these SMART METERS?????????????? Makes me wonder where all this is going to end………………Pam

  5. Pete says:

    I like the open letter to O’Brien If he is so concerned about misinformation, why doesn’t he stop dishing it out?!!!!

    • Pete says:

      Forgot to add, does his Parliamentary Privilige protect him from making such a public accusation against named Victorians, or has he left himself wide open for legal action?

  6. Melbourne Mum says:

    O’Brien says there is misinformation in the community. No way. He has a PhD in lying to the community. He probably does sleep with the smart meter near his head as his brain doesn’t seem to be working properly. Agree with Graeme T and A. Nugent there needs to be a huge change in the man’s thinking and attitude towards public complaints/concerns…he’s not fit for the job description though I’m afraid…

  7. Adani says:

    Great letter! Thankyou for all the information – totally appreciate time, effort and research!

  8. An international group of scientists and health professionals correct the gross misinformation on smart meters:

  9. M B says:

    Dear Minister, please show me a picture of your smartmeter beside your bed and I will believe you. Of course also private evidence from reliable sources.

  10. Pam Densley says:

    Allanah – I listened to your interview and that of Minister O’Brien. I am awaiting his reply to you as are 1000’s of other Victorians. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a Reply….it may take several weeks/months. Good Luck Pam

  11. Margaret says:

    EXACTLY !!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    A.Nugent, well done with your open and prompt letter to Mr O’Brien. It is all very well put and it is really important not to let him get away with lies, spin and nonsense. It is our taxes that pay his wages and all he is interested in is protecting his own job. He is aware of the enourmous human cost of his decisions – shame on him, it is disgusting!

  13. mohsen says:

    Brilliant, thank you

  14. Graeme T says:

    Well done – But the minister seems to only have one agenda – big powers hip pocket – (is there any under the table handouts ???mm). Seriously though these guys need to get off their butts and do some research, think about these things from their heart not their hip-pocket and look at what is happening. People are worried about something maybe we should look into this, but no we’ll just put our head in the sand continue on our way and stuff the everyday public, what the hell would they know……..
    Surely they have to realise that they have made a stuff up – but they just dont seem to want to admit it. It would make them more creditable (if that is possible in a politician) if they said Ok we blew it lets withdraw this issue and look at some better alternative.
    I better leave off now otherwise I’ll start getting the old blood pressure up. But it does p!$$ me off when these people try to enforce their wishes on us public without getting any choice………

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