Public Meeting Upwey Friday 29th June 7pm

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11 Responses to Public Meeting Upwey Friday 29th June 7pm

  1. Pam Densley says:

    People of Upwey – Hope your Meeting is successful ……………. Can someone please let us all know how it goes. EVERYONE PLEASE LOCK YOUR BOXES ……Good Luck. I think we should have a Smart Meters candidate in the next Elections……………….then we may be able to get rid of these darn things once and for all. Hope you all got your submissions into ESV…………………Look forward to comments on the Upwey Meeting.

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Hi Pam,
      Richard L here, I found out from a cobber who was at the Upwey meeting last night that there were around 50 people at the meeting. My cobber gave a short talk as did others and it seems that the general audience was very receptive to the speakers and their messages as to 1. Firstly lock up their meter boxes to stop the GOONS from stealing the Safe Analog Meter. Next to get up their laminated Anti Trespass Signs with the $167,000.00 fine for any trespassers. Next to make sure these signs are firmly affixed;. one on their front fence or gate and the other on the Electric Meter Box. Next photograph each for Legal purposes etc. Then to write a letter to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company for your area refusing to accept a Smart Meter at any time, and send this letter to him by registered post and keep a copy of same letter for Legal Purposes.

      • Pam Densley says:

        Thanks Richard. I have done all that and more. It starts all over again tomorrow and I have to go to Melbourne Tuesday. .My box is locked as you know and hopefuly the people of Upwey will do likewise. When is this ever going to end????? I have just about had enough !!!!! Cheers Pam

        • Pam Densley says:

          Richard – Nothing in mail today. My Solicitor says they will contact him in preference to me and he will Email me if he hears anything from them. Do you know when the ESV will let us know the Result of all the Submissions we have sent????? Cheers Pam

          • myadvice says:

            Hi Pam,
            I am still awaiting this ESV Submissions News to come to me and others, can’t give you a definate answer just now Pam. I will advise you when I know the answer..


            Richard Leschen.

  2. Colin S says:

    Thanks Andrew.
    Excellent video that everyone needs to watch, and pass on to everyone they know and care about. We must all band together to fight this.
    It’s a scary, scary world that we’re now living in.
    We Must Say No To Smart Meters!!!

  3. Andrew says:

    The latest from your Smart Meter Distributors, ( Safe as Houses ).

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Loved the Alex Jones Tape, great news people are really hitting back in California now and here in Victoria Australia as well.

      • Pam Densley says:

        Hi Andrew – Fantastic Video – maybe ESV should also view it. Did you lodge a Submission to ESV? and mention this. Also there is going to be something on Smart Meters on either 6.30 Report or ACA Monday night, explaining how these things calculate the cost of Electricity. Funny really – I know several people who haven’t had an account since their Smart Meter was installed well over 12 months ago!!!!!

        • Andrew says:

          Health is the issue, nothing else matters.
          There will be a lot of distractions, eg. cost, billing, privacy, etc…..
          But a slow kill of the population is what concerns me.

          • Cedar Wilde says:

            I agree Andrew. Health is the issue (though some of the bills I’ve heard about are totally mind-boggling!) Whenever we are told new systems are for our benefit they turn out not to be but are for the benefit of the people who stand to make a profit out of them. Remember the tobacco companies and their spiel about how tobacco didn’t cause lung cancer because some people smoked and didn’t get it. Some people speed in their cars and don’t kill anyone but it’s commonly known that speed can and does, kill!

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