Smart meter anger in Frankston – Frankston Weekly

A SMART meter protest group has been formed following a packed public meeting in Frankston.

Organisers were only expecting about 30 people to attend the meeting at the Frankston Mechanics Institute Hall, but 130 turned up to voice concerns over the state government’s smart meter roll out.

Some residents of Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula believe the devices are causing poor health including headaches and ringing in the ears, with a few sleeping in vehicles, tents and workplaces to avoid symptoms.

Frankston councillor Glenn Aitken, who has thrown his support behind protesters, said those at the meeting came from as far away as Cockatoo, Monbulk and Elsternwick.

“I’ve dealt with people issues for a long enough to know that 99 per cent of the time there is a real reason for it. These people are genuinely not well,” he said.

An action group was started and Cr Aitken shared a letter which he is encouraging concerned people to send to the government and installers.

The letter formally withdraws consent for the installation of meters and states that any health and financial losses are the responsibility of parties involved in their installation.

Protesters will write to the state government asking that the roll out be discontinued or made optional and that meters are removed from the homes of those who believe they are ill as a result.

Cr Aitken confirmed he would raise a similar item at Frankston Council and push for a Victorian class action.

Last month, Energy Safe Victoria released a draft report which found that smart meters were safe and that there was no evidence the meters were exploding or causing fires. It attributed reported meter failures to criminal damage.

A United Energy spokesman told the Weekly that having a smart meter installed was compulsory and the roll out would be completed by the end of 2013.

The company would not disconnect electricity supplies of those refusing smart meter installation or cut locks placed on meter boxes by residents. Instead, a card would be left asking the resident to contact United Energy to discuss concerns.

“We’ll move on to the next house initially but if installation is looking unlikely in 2013 we will have to talk to the state government,” he said. “There is no penalty at this stage – we haven’t discussed penalties.”

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10 Responses to Smart meter anger in Frankston – Frankston Weekly

  1. Luise Leggatt says:

    Hi All
    I’m expecting an installer to visit my property any day now as I have received another letter to say they are revisiting the area I live in. I’m hoping to stall them with installing a smart meter and buy some more time. I’m keen to know any updates from like minded people. I see on this web site there are public meetings which I may be able to get to one as the location is not too far away. Just like to say thanks very much to Councilor Glen Atkins for his help too.

    • Eric says:

      Luise if you understand what you are about, that installer will leave your property even more quickly than he came.
      Some very useful advice for you…trust me……., if you go out to “greet” anyone knocking at your door, take a handycam with you (or camera that can shoot video). Have it rolling before you open the door….(if you open the door)

  2. Totally Incensed says:

    If this madness is allowed to continue Ted Baillieu’s legacy will be that of a one term failed Premier who turned Victoria into the DRACONIAN STATE. SHAME SHAME Ted Baillieu. We will fight you and the distributors. United Energy, Jemena, get ready. Very, very irresponsible. How is it that a person lives all their life in Victoria, pays their taxes, can be a model citizen and is forced into a situation of having to live without electricity. STICK YOUR DAMN METERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! STICK THEM !!!!!!!!
    It would be good if we all, many thousands of us at once were prepared to call the power companies and disconnect from the grid. Stop the madness or lose your customers. Not the individual customer whom they don’t care about but ALL their customers at once. Hit them where it hurts most $$$$$. My EMR meter spikes into the danger zone every few seconds when placed next to one of these devices. And how pathetic was their safety study. Only 16 residences were tested and some of the figures were not even available. And no study on long term effects of constant exposure to smart meter EMR. And on this pathetic basis they declare the meters to be safe. Let’s make them provide justification to every lying manipulated word that comes out of their mouth. GRRRRR! And O’Brien just seems to keep a straight face. Ted Baillieu WAKE UP. I voted you in Ted Baillieu and this is what you do to me and five million other Victorians.

  3. Archie says:

    PENALTIES! What a cheek! By what democratic process did the company win the right to TELL US WE MUST USE THEIR PRODUCT? Labor party,tell us how you came to pass legislation to legalise this INFRINGEMENT of our DEMOCRATIC right to choose!

  4. Melbourne Mum says:

    I was at the Frankston meeting and so glad I attended. Glenn Aitken is a fantastic speaker and a genuine person. The meeting was an outstanding success given that the smart meters are such a ‘new’ invasion in many areas including my beloved Peninsula! A great number of people know nothing about the dangers to their families, pets & local environment. All speakers were well received by the attendants and got their messages across very well indeed… I was impressed!! They should keep the momentum going and hopefully more can join the fight because people are beginning to wake-up to this massive deception here in Victoria. And here I was thinking that I would be among only a handful of people at the Frankston meeting… happily I was wrong!!

  5. Rosemary says:

    We had a Smart meter installed last October and it made us so ill we havent been able to live in our home of 22 years since. We fought United Energy for months to have the thing removed, to no avail. We slept in our car for 6 months while the Energy Ombudsman wasted our time. Knowing my husband is battling cancer, they closed our case and their final recommendations were that we have the main fuse to the house removed or the Smart meter removed at our expense and live without electricity. (an essential service) And if we don’t like it we can move interstate!
    After months of trauma and abuse from united Energy, we finally sold our home and are moving interstate away from friends and family. You can be sure we will join many others when the class actions begin.
    United Energy could have saved themselves billions by just fixing the problem and providing the “safe” electricity that their charter of rights and obligations promises.
    Many thanks to Glen Aitken for supporting us. As for the many other politicians, energy company representatives, Government departments, etc who have ignored and/or abused those who pay them, I don’t know how they sleep at night and would hate to live with what they have done to so many citizens. So much for democracy!

    • Freddie says:

      Rosemary, the evil of what government and energy company have done to you and your husband – chasing you out of your home and state – will stick to them like and unwashable stain that will shame them and condemn them till the end of time!
      It will never be forgotten!

  6. Melbourne Resident says:


    This is dangerous. What they are challenging is our democratic rights which this society is built on.

    We are the consumer and WE PAY THERE BILLS! We are the boss. Not the other way around. Why are we being bullied? Do they not understand? We don’t want to be SMART like them!
    SMARTLY FRIED? We want safe home in which we can RELAX in and not have to feel like we
    are being microwaved!

    Really….smart meters are the most stupidest idea!

  7. anne says:

    congratulations on Cr Aiken coming forward to support this, well done!

  8. Dan says:

    So ” “There is no penalty at this stage – we haven’t discussed penalties.”, Well then only penalty should be served up it should be directly to the government themselves for pushing these dangerous devices to be installed… We all pay a hell of a lot of money just to pay the high electricity bills as it is. Now they want us to pay with our health and our lives with these dangerous devices. At least some countries decided to ban these things I hope eventually our government will stop the roll out if they have any decency and sense.

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