(Another) Local Government Bans Smart Meters!

The City of Ojai joined other Californian local governments Santa Cruz, Marin, Lake, Mendocino, Capitola, Fairfax, Lake Port, Rio Dell, Ross, Seaside and Watsonville to adopt an ordinance officially banning smart meters within their municipalities.  Overall, more than 56 local governments in California have now officially declared their opposition to current smart grid policy, an overwhelming statement of democratic opposition to a flawed and dangerous system, including  who have banned them.

Below are excerpts from the adopted City of Ojai ordinance:

H. FCC safety standards are inadequate to address chronic long-term exposure to EMF or from multiple sources, and fail to recognize reported adverse health effects from electromagnetic pollution include sleep disorders, irritability, short term memory loss, headaches, anxiety, nausea, DNA breaks, abnormal cell growth, cancer, premature aging, etc. Because of untested technology, international scientists, environmental agencies, advocacy groups and doctors are calling for the use of caution in wireless technologies; and

I. Opt out rules belatedly approved by the CPUC are unjust, discriminatory and ineffective and should be reformed before any more SmartMeters are deployed by SCE; and

J. Because the potential risks to the health, safety and welfare of City residents are so great, the City Council wishes to adopt a moratorium on the installation of SmartMeters and related equipment within the City of Ojai. The moratorium period will allow the Council on Science and Technology and legislative process referenced above to be completed and for additional information to be collected and analyzed regarding potential problems with SmartMeters; and

K. There is a current and immediate threat to public health, safety and welfare because, without this urgency ordinance, SmartMeters or supporting equipment are being installed or constructed or modified in the City subjecting residents of Ojai to the privacy, security, health, accuracy and consumer fraud risks of the unproven SmartMeter technology; 

The full ordinance of May 29 2012 can be downloaded from Ojai’s website (pdf).

Proof democracy is still alive on a local level – at least in California!

When will Australian local governments start standing up for their residents??? 

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