Plan to use popular actors to sell smart meters | Herald Sun

POPULAR actors were to be recruited to try to persuade Victorians that smart meters were a good idea.

Secret documents reveal a plan to hire “down-to-earth” celebrities such as John Wood, Ray Meagher, Michael Caton and Denise Drysdale to overcome negative public opinion about the electricity meters.

The Baillieu Government has seized on the documents, saying they also show a $240 million blowout was kept secret for two years.

The market research was commissioned by the former Labor government in 2010.

A plan was hatched to employ actors to spruik the devices.

The study, by Open Mind Research Group, warned the government against using a politician or “greenie” to sell smart meters.

“The risk is that if the debate is not refocused to include the positives, the negatives and confusing aspects of the debate will continue to dominate,” the report says.

Labor lost government six months after the report was completed and the plan was never acted on.

Other documents include letters from power distributors to then energy minister Peter Batchelor warning that smart meters could not be installed on schedule.

via Plan to use popular actors to sell smart meters | Herald Sun.

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7 Responses to Plan to use popular actors to sell smart meters | Herald Sun

  1. dragonfly says:

    My respect & esteem for the actors will drop, if they support, endorse the smart meters. How crazy is that. Silly advertising ploys, fueled by greedy power hungry corporations. Hope Hugh Jackman or Kylie Minogue or Keith Urban etc will not be tempted to stoop to this low base level, whooed by the fame & extra money paid.

  2. Archie Burke says:

    Definitely get actors who are against these meters to publicly say so! While we,re at it we should re-name to “THEIF METERS”!!

  3. Arron says:

    Just shows that the idea of smart meters is NOT smart if they have to convince people.

    Any actor that promotes smart meters looses my respect!

    Maybe we should get celebrities that are against smart meters to go public and speak out!
    Give it back to them!

  4. peterrocker says:

    Wish Bailleau was as forthcoming on what/why he decided to side with the Power distributors & not protect his constituents from this Stalinist-like evil. Like all his promises, this was another not worth a cracker.

  5. Janette Cumming says:

    Popular actors to sell smart meters? I know I will not be changing my attitude on Smart Meters just because so actor comes out and says “all is good”

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      Popular actors might make themselves look like asses if they don’t refuse to promote these infernal devices. They should think of their own reputations. I know they already advertise a lot of old rubbish but advertising “Smart” meters is just a step too far!

  6. Terry says:

    That is so Nazi Germany. This country/state is going down the drain. Wakey wakey everybody before it is too late.

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