New group forming in Bairnsdale

East Gippsland Information Hub. Attached to Stop Smart Meters Australia, there is now a group forming in Bairnsdale. If you are in the East Gippsland region, come to Treasures of Atlantis to pick up free Do Not Fit A Smart Meter sign, information packs, letters of refusal and more.

Details of the upcoming meeting can be found at the store Treasures of Atlantis 1/25 Wood St Bairnsdale Vic, Ph: 03-51523485 or on this site soon.

DO NOT risk your health

DO NOT risk your home insurance

DO NOT accept being bullied

DO NOT accept being held to ransom by an overseas company


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1 Response to New group forming in Bairnsdale

  1. Lesley Clague says:

    I live in Orbost and am very concerned about the smartmeter issues. I want to be better informed if you can help that would be great. Do you have a professional (or experienced) speaker who might be interested in coming up later in the year to talk to The Orbost Womens Awareness Group (OWAG) I am the secretary at

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