ill with migraines and fever like symptoms

Comment: A smart meter was installed in the rented home I live in Daylesford, Central Victoria – and over the last week I have been very ill with migraines and fever like symptoms. I believe that the smart meter is spiking radiation, I rang Powercor who gave me the usual line that it is a mandatory installation. I have tried to shield the smart meter – which is on the wall of the kitchen, a room I am in a great deal – with aluminium mesh and aluminium sheeting on the wall in the kitchen, to no effect. Do you know a retailer who will sell me an analogue electricity meter and a sympathetic electrician who could install it for me. I live with my teenage children and am not able to do this myself. I am desperate – all help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    It is important that anyone with symptoms of unwellness around smart meter exposure go and see their local GP. The Australian Medical Association will not react unless WE give them case studies and assist them in gathering statistics. Please take your children with you when you see your GP. Children don’t lie about such matters. It is amazing how influential hearing children’s symptoms can be on doctors and hopefully this will filter up to the AMA. We probably also need to continue to see our GPs regularly to update them each month or so if symptoms persist or increase. This is the ONLY way the AMA will recognize our concerns.

  2. Joanne McCombe says:

    I live in Glenlyon and am arranging a community meeting to get the word out ! 2 friends in Melbourne have headaches from them and I stay in St Kilda and have heart palpitations – I am so scared like you – we mast get together and sort something out in our community and get you some
    Help … None in Glenlyon yet .. Joanne – 0409955897 or 53487671 –

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hammer therapy to the smart meter will cure this problem
    Break it
    I tell ya now I’ll take an axe to any smart meter put on my property Which they can’t because my box is locked tight

    • Andrew says:

      Thats the fighting spirit. We need the rest of people in Victoria to have your spirit, but most of the poeple are sleep walking.

  4. Andrew says:

    “Lead” will block any radiation, builders use it on roofs. Ususally comes in a roll. There is also lead paint, use with caution. Paint only the aerial, that should stop any signal. Keep in mind that what is on or outside the meter box is the property of the owner, inside the meter box is the property of the “corrupt” power company. (You should not manipulate anything inside the meter box, it is illegal.)
    These are my views, and this is what i would do if i had this situation to deal with.
    I love my family, i do my own research, and i would do anything to minimise any danger to them.
    My meter box has a huge padlock, it gets open on reading days ONLY.
    I will be the last person in this country to have a “SLOW-KILL” meter installed.
    Good luck to you all !!

  5. Carmela says:

    How awful for you, ill!
    Ask Powercor to move it for you. Be persistent with them. I have been told they can move them. Find out if yours can be moved!
    The kitchen is no place for a stupid meter!!
    All the best with it, and let us know how it goes.

  6. Brian Walker says:

    All should take a class action,to fit the old meters back.Theres no law involved just Greed and being a bully..

  7. Art says:

    Also from Daylesford looking for the same solution ;o)

    • Joanne McCombe says:

      I am organising a speaker to come to
      Daylesford – my details are above with the other comment from there. I am
      From Glenlyon – your welcome to contact me to discuss more …

  8. Alan says:

    Your suggestion of replacing the meter with an analog type is illegal. It can’t be done. Your only option is to contact the real estate agent and say that the house is no longer habitable. Ask to be released from your lease and seek another property that does not have a smart meter fitted. Before you sign a new lease, request that the landlord have the meter box padlocked and the appropriate signs erected to ward off any new smart meter installers.

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