Stop Smart Meters Australia mentioned in the ESV report

Yesterday Energy Safe Victoria issued a press release about the completion of its draft report  into the safety of Victoria’s smart meters stating: “….ESV believes it is important that the public receives informed and independent information so they can continue to have confidence that smart meters are safe.”

The Herald Sun adds: “Fears over health risks supposedly linked with smart meters have seen people move out of their homes and others coat their houses in electromagnetic shielding paint amid claims of heart palpitations and other ailments.”

We are having quite an impact. In-fact we are mentioned twice in the report and recognised as a key stakeholder: 

1.3 Nature of issues raised
While most of the recent incidents now appear to be the result of criminal damage, ESV believes it is important to answer the additional questions that have emerged in relation to the safety of smart meters.

Most of the issues raised have been put forward by the Victorian Branch of the Electrical
Trades Union (ETU) and Stop Smart Meters Australia, who have questioned the safety of  smart meters. The media has reported the concerns raised by these key stakeholders, resulting in a great deal of largely misplaced community concern.

A summary of the key issues and assertions raised include:
• There has been a massive increase in meter failures since the smart meters were rolled
• Smart meters cause fires and explosions.
• All smart meters that are affected by a HV injection on a circuit need to be replaced to
ensure safety.
• Smart meters need to be installed on non-flammable backing board to ensure safety.
• Smart meters are being installed on deteriorated backing boards.
• Energy companies have not followed appropriate procedures for testing of smart meters
following a HV injection.
• The smart meters that are being installed are poor quality and unsafe.
• Smart meters are emitting a coloured liquid that is unsafe.
• Smart meters emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation and cause health issues.

ESV is releasing this draft report to provide an opportunity for public comment to ensure that it addresses the key issues of concern to the community about smart meters.

ESV welcomes any comments or further information in response to this report. Submissions should be forwarded to by 15 June 2012.

After assessing any comments and further information received, ESV proposes to release a final report on the safety of the smart meter component of the AMI rollout in June/July 2012.

We encourage you to make submissions and contribute to the final report.  The draft report did not adequately deal with all of the key issues of concern.  


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9 Responses to Stop Smart Meters Australia mentioned in the ESV report

  1. Cedar Wilde says:

    Aren’t they legally obliged to give notice in writing that they are going to install not-so “Smart” meters? I know people who have had them installed and who didn’t know a thing about it until they visited their meter box and found one ensconced there. This behaviour alone should make them remove the thing and NO MORE should be installed anywhere. Why are they being removed overseas if they are safe? The answer is THEY ARE NOT SAFE. (and SpAusnet please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me you care about the “consumers wellbeing” of course you don’t, there’s only one thing you’re concerned about – money.

  2. Cedar Wilde says:

    Vested interests told us that mobile phones were safe when people were concerned about the risks. Now it is generally known that they are not. Tobacco companies told us that smoking didn’t cause cancer, now it is known that it does (amongst other things). Do all these companies think we are mushrooms to be kept in the dark and fed bull…t. We are not any longer, we are educated about the risks and we refuse to take them. We’re supposed to be living in a democracy. What is happening to our democratic rights? Where are are pollies who are supposed to stand up for our rights? Are they too cowed by big business to do so or do they have a more sinister motive for their inaction?

  3. Pam Densley says:

    Thanks Richard and everyone else who ARE against these SMART METERS. Will re do my signage and lock my meter box. I had article in our Local Paper (Warrnmbool Standard 18/5). I registered my refusal in May 2011 with Power Cor and again on 14/5/2012 when I received a letter telling me rollout again in May this year. I do not have a front fence and my Meter box is easily assessible to workmen. I don’t want to go shopping and come home to find they have installed a SMART METER in my absence, like they are doing to many many folk. God know’s where this is all going to end.

  4. Terry says:

    “Largely misplaced community concern.”
    Paraphrased: “We are god, we know all, you people are mere dumb sheep, you don’t know anything, just trust us.”
    A technique used in all fascist, big brother, authoritarianist regimes.
    ESV = Propaganda puppets.

  5. a smart person says:

    Lies Lies Lies – – – The truth is Smart meters arent safe!!!

  6. Richard Leschen. says:

    Microwave so-called Smart Meters definitely aren’t SAFE. If they were there would be no complaints about them. In fact, the complaints about these truly dangerous Meters keep coming in day after day. Just who the Hell do these Idiots of Chief Executives think they are, treating us their Customers like a load of SHEEP. We aren’t SHEEP, they are, as they are just a lot of weak-kneed, Money hungry bosses who treat their customers with utter contempt. These C.E.O’s are simply PUPPETS controlled by their overseas masters. For Heavens sake people lock your Electric Meter Boxes immediately and put up your Legal by the Australian Constitution and still effective Anti-Trespass Signs. Trespassers are liable to a $167,000.00 fine for entering your property without your written authority.

    Don’t believe the CONSTANT LIES you are told, ‘ that the Smart Meters are safe,’ they aren’t, they are very dangerous indeed. The other day I phoned the Department of Primary Industry and the man in charge of public relations told me a HUGE LIE…..stating that the Smart Meter Installer Men were exempt from all Anti-Trespass Signs. That is not the case, The Legal Anti-Trespass Signs state…….The following words….” NOTICE To: Smart Meter Installer DO NOT INSTALL A SMART METER AT THIS PROPERTY. The owner does NOT consent to any electricity supplier sending you here to enter upon this property for the purpose of installing a ‘smart meter.’ Contact the utility who has been advised in writing not to install a smart meter to this property. Any contact with the property owner must be in writing.
    You will be held accountable to the law of our Australian Constitution Act ( 1900-01) and the Privacy Act for trespassing and are liable for a $167,000.00 fine.


    Apart from needing the aforementioned signage firmly affixed on your front fence, you also need the same signage on your Electric Meter Box. Then you must make sure you LOCK your Electric Meter Box which you own and not the Money Hungry Foreign Owned Electric Power Company. They will tell lies that they own it as well. Make sure that you photograph your Anti Trespass Signs, you may need these photographs for evidence In COURT.

  7. Brian Walker says:

    Energy Safe victoria in power company pocket.

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