What angles might be taken to install a smart meter?

Comment: I contact you with critical information which I believe should be posted on your website to make customers more informed about what angles might be taken to install a smart meter.

Recently, one of my neighbours informed me that she had received letters from Sp-Ausnet in regards to her country properties in rural Victoria, informing her that the safest option for the distribution of electricity to her property would be to convert to underground power cables, and turn off the existing overhead connection, reluctantly as she did not feel the need for it, she agreed, and scheduled an appointment with Sp-Ausnet to come out to 3 of her properties to change connections, so she thought.

She later noticed that whilst a few workmen worked on digging up her land and installing the new underground cables and cutting the existing ones, two of the men had gone around and installed smart meters at the same time that the others were working without her knowing.

She was furious, as at no point had she been informed that they also had intentions to install a new smart meter at the premesis at the same time.
Sp-Ausnet stated that it is a regular occourance when they changeover any supply connections also.

She then had to pay $230 per property to have the connection changed, and any additional cost that may be incurred due to having a smart meter installed with it’s inaccuracies.

I believe that this information is important for consumers as many may be against smart meters, although if they are invitied to install underground cables for safety in bushfire zones, may not also know that it means installing a new smart meter.

In conclusion —
Don’t allow them to do anything!
Do not allow access to your property! (Unless they state there is an imediate hazard, there is no reason for them to enter)
Do not agree to change anything, connections, meters ect. As changing one, generally means changing another for their own personal benefit!

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  1. Pamela says:

    Also I was told by Jemena that if you install a new solar power system you must have a smart met installed. They said the ‘old’ bi-directional meters were no longer used and ‘would be declared illegal by the end of the year’. So don’t think that if you have, or plan to get, a solar power system you will be safe.

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