Have we found their achilles heel?

Thanks to the Ex Facie post on March 22nd on this site. I sent a similar letter which I posted on this site, and I am as yet to receive a reply.

But I find it really interesting that the people in our area who have used the “NO Trespass” signs at the entry to their property and on their locked meter boxes, are being bypassed.

Then yesterday a friend showed me a letter they had received in reply to the “no harassment or coercion” letter (shown on this site) which they had sent.

The reply from the Power Company reads as follows, “We ask that you continue to respect our people as they go about their work, and that any “trespass” or “do not install” signage and any unregistered locks or devices on the meter housing are removed for installation.”
It then suggests contacting their consumer service centre and states “We are committed to working with consumers to allay concerns and resolve any issues you may have.”

Well everyone this tells me the “no trespass” and “no consent to install” signs are a must – I have them as well as my box locked with windows for meter reading. My signs have all been photographed in place as has my meter box. I am also considering now taking my photos to the Police station for witnessing and date stamping.

THERE WILL BE NO SMART METER INSTALLED AT MY PROPERTY, as there is no way they can allay my issues and concerns. I already have electrical issues with my heart and a tumour on my brain, so they will NEVER convince me that EMR is something I can live with in my home.


I also find it really interesting that the letters from the Power Companies are changing tact from “confrontational and threatening” to “we ask”.

Have we found an Achilles heel? Are they now trying to change the laws and constitution behind the scenes via a stealth approach as they did with the whole AMI smart meter program.

Well I hope they are ready for a huge number of people who are prepared to stand up for their rights to a level that they have never done so before. I AM.

I understand that Contract law requires CONSENT

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8 Responses to Have we found their achilles heel?

  1. Moira says:

    I have just received my first electricity bill after my smart meter was installed.

    I have documentation of my objection/non-approval for my property to be visited for the purpose of smart meter installation.

    My bill includes a service to property fee of $73.23, which I assume is an attempt to bill me for something that, I not only did not request, but did not permit.

    I am prepared to pay my electricity usage, but not service to property.

    Can someone advise me of my rights? I will bet that Origin threaten me regarding the incomplete payment, but I cannot and will not pay for something I did not request.

    I intend to talk to the electricity ombudsman regarding this, as well as informing Origin.

    Can anyone advise me?


  2. FightingBack says:

    Governments across the World are rewriting laws in mass now. This government is just doing what the rest of the World is doing. There is a banking takeover of World governments and laws of all your rights and freedoms. People must wakeup to this fact.
    Agenda 21 is coming from the UN, google it. It is a complete takeover of individual right and property. No one will own a property in the future.
    Doesn’t anyone find it strange that they are putting in Smart Meters all over the World ? Because it is a plan, it is not just a coincidence. Governments don’t work for the people, they work for a certain banking cartel ripping off the World. Smart Meters are just a control device, it will be used to tell you how much power you are allowed for the day. Curfews in place to switch off your power when they want to. This is a World wide thing. Wake up to what is happening!

  3. Alan Burke says:

    So now email Ted Baillieu,to reverse this highly unpopular & damn near illegal imposition of these meters! Liberal can,t BE LIBERAL,to allow this farce to continue!

  4. KWJ says:

    I posted this in a nother comment-thread and thought it’s relevant to add here since that was an older February post.

    I’ve tried to find legislation that mandates this install and came across something very interesting.
    National Electricity (Victoria) Act 2005
    No. 8 of 2005
    “16B Disapplication of national smart meter rollout provisions.
    Despite section 6—
    (a) Part 8A of the NEL does not apply as a law
    of Victoria; and
    (b) any Rule made for the purposes of that Part
    does not have the force of law in Victoria”

    Seems there is no force of law behind the smart meter rollout provisions.

  5. Kathleen says:

    Very interesting. I’m sure there’s some fiddling behind the scenes re laws and word meanings. Manadatory and legislation are somewhat slightly different kettles of fish in a legal sense aren’t they? Anyway, thanks for this update. I’m waiting to hear back after refusing the installer last week and have put up the required signage. Thank goodness for the internet!

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