We have a democracy worth fighting for

Since going public with my story of how the roll-out of smartmeters in my area has affected my health and my life, I have been contacted by and have heard and read of a number of people who state that they are experiencing similar symptoms. As a result, some have had to leave their jobs, consider relocating; in short, their lives are ruined.

As I walk through suburban streets, I see signs and padlocks on meter boxes, a testament of a state at war – the government and the energy companies versus the people of Victoria.
My impression is that the majority of Victorians do not want smartmeters, for a variety of reasons. Some, like myself, have suffered disabling symptoms from their radio transmissions, others have no immediate symptoms, but worry about the longterm health effects on themselves and their families; pregnant women have no idea of what it will do to their developing baby.

Smartmeters are being forced on the people of Victoria, initially with subterfuge, as at no stage has there been consultation or even information on these devices, now with threats and intimidation. There is no concrete proof of any benefit to taxpayers.

A wonderful state has been turned into a nightmarish place, from which some people have no choice but to try to escape. In front of our very eyes, the values most of us hold as ‘sacred’ are being eroded. They are the principles of democracy – each person has rights and has a voice – and of freedom – the freedom to pursue health and happiness.

Generations before us have built a civilization fron scratch, have fought wars and lost lives to defend it. We are the lucky ones who have benefited from it. We are rightly proud of our civilized society, but cannot take it for granted. The state of Victoria belongs to all of us, not just to Ted Baillieu, Michael O’Brien and the energy companies.

I suggest it is time to speak out, sign the petition on this website and get your friends to do so also, bombard the Premier and other ministers with polite, yet direct letters. It is time to awake from dangerous apathy, we have a democracy worth fighting for.


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14 Responses to We have a democracy worth fighting for

  1. Tom says:

    It appears there is no evidence that the Bailleau Government is listening to the thousands of complaints from the Electorate about the Smart meter Scheme. Their answer is to ramp up the ‘help’ Committees for indoctrinating Consumers that the roll out is something we really, really need, despite the fact there are no discernible benefits, only drawbacks, for Consumers.

    I recently spoke with a smart meter advocate who accused ‘us the Consumers’ of spreading ‘disinformation and fear’ among the people. That person forgets it is ‘they’ who initiated the roll out on an unsuspecting electorate, with NO mandate to do so.

    BUT it is not spread by ‘we the Consumers’ who are having to deal with the dire consequences of the scheme – it is by the actions of a Government who are hell bent on doing the will of big Corporations – to the detriment of Australian Consumers. THIS is scary indeed. The rest of the world is waking up to who is pulling the strings behind the scenes – now its Australia’s turn.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with everything said here, but fear thar most Australians are reluctantly giveing in to the power companies, I am the only one who has locked my box in my street. Some of my neighbours have commented that they are to old to fight and have said that you wont beat them. I have refused the smart meter, but i do admit that i am worried about the action that powercor may take, because lets face it they have more money than i do. I have no support from my family, although we own our home we dont have a big bank account so if i am forced to have a smart meter I am going to take photos of the installation, note the date and time and moniter the effects it has on our health from then on. I a going to send Ted Baillieu and Powercor a letter stateing that these records will be kept in the event of possible class court action !!

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Dear Anonymous,
      Please keep you Electric Meter Box firmly padlocked at all times, save to let the Meter Reader Man take his three monthly readings, then padlock it immediately he has taken his readings.
      What ever you do, please don’t let these Electric Power Company people for your area install a Smart Meter on your property. They tried to bully me and intimidate me and all to no avail some months ago. I just said to this particular very rude woman…….
      ” Please put all the threats you have just made to me over the telephone, in writing and send those threats to me on your Official PowerCor letter and be sure to both sign it with your signature and date it and post it to me. I will then SUE you for your home and all your posessions ! ”
      ” Oh, No No, ” she cried, ” I couldn’t do that ! ”
      ” No, ” I replied. ” Please do that and my lawyer and I will drag you kicking and screaming into Court and he and I will win ! mark my words.”
      At this my challenge, this woman broke down and started to cry great heaving sobs. Almost straight away her woman boss took the telephone off her and demanded that she go to her office and sit down quietly and cool off.
      Now the boss woman who having taken over the phone apologised for her minion’s gross rudeness towards me her customer.
      She quietly explained to me that no one is ever allowed to threaten to cut-off anyone’s electricity if that customer refuses to take an Electrical Smart Meter.

      So you see, all this intimidation they try to use to make you change your mind is not only very wicked but quite unlawful. Don’t get angry with them, don’t get mad ! Just get even, as I did. If you keep nice and calm ( easy to say I know ) and state what I did you will be the winner and not them. It is not the LAW nor has it ever been the LAW that one must take an Electrical Smart Meter against one’s Will and Better Judgement. These tactics of these Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Companies are just Bullying and Harrasiing Tactics of a desperate and wicked industry which is beholden to their Overseas Masters.

      One of the greatest wickedness was when Jeff Kennett of the then Liberal Victorian Party many years ago stole the Electricity Companies off us the Victorian People
      and sold these Electricity Power Companies to Overseas Interests for a Song !
      What we should do, is Take Back Every One Of These Electricity Companies from these Overseas Companies and pay them almost nothing at all. That would be FAIR JUSTICE INDEED. when we Victorians had control of our own electric power, it was us the Victorian People under the State Electricity Commission and that is what we need today, to get back our own S.E.C.

      • Viv Atch says:

        I totally agree Richard… I cannot believe that we as a country don’t own our own power companies ! I am sick and tired of our Government not backing it’s own people and their needs.

  3. FightingBack says:

    The propaganda goes to the highest levels to fool the public, just look at all the Kony (Phony) signs everywhere. It is just a fund raiser for war with Africa to defeat China’s influence there. Based on lies, simple.
    Maybe we should take note of the Phony signs and put Smart Meters signs up too.

  4. Di says:

    Thank you Federica, agree wholeheartedly, as do many other Victorians. While being part of this fight against smart meters in Victoria for 12 months now, your words are similar to what so many Victorians have said to me. Many of them have added we have been pushed around for long enough, but NO MORE. I believe this is also a catch cry of a State with people at war with the Government and Power Companies. I never thought I would hear of all the threats and intimidation that are occurring, in my beloved State and Country. It sickens me further that much of this despicable behaviour is being directed at the more vulnerable members of our society, particularly the elderly.
    Victorians who value their freedom and rights, must move from the Aussie “she’ll be right mate” attitude and make a stand now.

  5. Richard Leschen. says:

    Dear Federica,
    You are so right in all you say. I can only suggest people reading your message do as you sensibly advise. I have done all of these things you suggest and tell everybody willing to listen to me, to firstly lock their Electric Meter Boxes to stop these Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies from stealing the perfectly sound Analog Electric Meters from Victorian Citizens properties. There is no Microwave Radiation associated with these older and very safe Analog Meters, one of which is firmly padlocked in my Privately Owned Meter Box. Yes that is correct, I own the Electric Meter Box and not these LYING Electric Power Companies !

    Secondly, when you have locked your Electric Meter box with a stout padlock and put up your Legal by the Australian Constitution ‘ No Trespass Signs ‘ on your front fence and front door and on your Electric Meter Box, and taken photographs of same, make sure you write a polite but firm letter to the Chief Executve Officer……C.E.O of the Electric Power Company for your area. Please state in this letter of yours, that at no time will you allow a Dopy and Dangerous Electric Smart Meter on your property owing to the Severe Health Risks these Electric Smart Meters are proving to be to so many peoples’ health and the added and very real risks of these Smart ( actually not so smart) Smart Meters to your private electrical goods. Make sure you send this letter to your C.E.O of the Electric Power Company in your area by registered post and keep a copy of same and its registration number/s should you need this or similar letters for a COURT Appearance.

    Right now from all over Victoria and the rest of the world many of my friends and I are getting reports about not only fires breaking out in Electrical Meter Boxes after these truly dangerous Electrical Smart Meters have been installed, but severe damage in many cases to Customers’ Fridges and or Washing Machines, and or Computers and or Printers or Fax Machines and or T.V ‘s etc.
    These truly wicked ongoing bullying and intimidating tactics of the Electrical Power Companies towards US thier Customers is an absolute Disgrace and the height of Rudeness which I will not tollerate and nor should any of you. We the Victorian Public are Thier Customers, and it behoves them to treat us politely at all times.

    It is some months ago now when I was bullied over the ‘phone by one of the Customer Relations Offiers, demanding that I take a Smart Meter against my Will and Better Judgement. I was told the following…….
    ” I would receive up to three letters from PowerCor instructing me to take a Smart Meter over three to four months, and that I would have to agree at the end of this time to have a Smart Meter installed on my home property, or they at PowerCor ” WOULD CUT OFF MY ELECTRICITY.”
    I was literally shocked to hear such ARROGANCE from one of PowerCor’s Servants towards a regular paying customer like me. I responded quite calmly at the time by saying to this very rude woman……..” Would you please put all those threats you have just made to me in writing ? ”
    ” Oh, No No, she responded in a very alarmed tone ! ”
    ” No,” said I, ” Please do put that all those wicked threats you have just made to me in writing and sign it with your regular signature and date it and type it all on your regular letter paper and post it to me and I will SUE you for everything you have. ”

    Some seconds after my challenge to her, she broke down weeping loudly. Then her boss came to her phone and took it off her and apologised for her minion’s gross rudeness to me. This boss explained to me that at no time is anybody allowed to even threaten to cut off my or anybody’s electricity when that customer refuses to take a Smart Meter. This woman boss also was instrumental in cautioning this minion who had so very rudely tried to force me into taking a Smart Meter against my Will and Better Judgement.

    Please gentle readers, stick to your guns and never allow an Electrical Smart Meter on your property or properties at any time, for to my mind these Electrical Smart Meters are ” The Sword Of Damoclese hanging over everybody’s heads.

    Yours faithfully,

    Richard Leschen.

    • Carmela Leone says:

      For a large number of us, your advice comes too late. I have a Smart Meter and so do many, many people I know, reluctantly albeit. I have been writing to Powercor and Minister O’Brien to argue that it was installed against my consent. I have asked to know what State law dictates that I MUST have a Smart Meter. I am looking at buying an analog meter from the US and having mine replaced by a qualified electrician. I have no idea if ones from the US are compatible and am currently researching this. I haven’t found any for sale here.
      For those who have padlocked their meter boxes, good on you. For most of us though, Smart Meters have been installed against our will and we need an action plan to get them removed.

  6. Linda R. Floyd says:

    We have exactly the same fight happening here in British Columbia, Canada.

    Go for it! Fight for your rights to protect and retain your democracy and human rights.

    Best wishes, Linda

  7. Carmela Leone says:

    Absolutely Frederica!
    I am sending letters weekly to the Premier, the DPI and Powercor to say I want my meter replaced. My big questions to them are What state law says that I have to have a Smart Meter? Is it illegal for me to have an analog meter?
    I am interested in the possibility of buying my own analog meter. I would naturally send theirs back. The idea of actually owning my own meter is empowering! I have found some in the US, I just need to find out if they are compatible here. On that note, if anyone reading this knows this, please share.
    I agree with you Frederica, as societies become more and more closed and governments take more freedom away from their people, it’s a fact that if we don’t fight to protect the freedoms we have left, we will lose them too.
    I’m glad you went public with your situation. You are not alone and there are many of us in this together. I wish you well with your health.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I locked up my meter box and cut a window into it so they may read the meter but can not open it, if they decide to install a smart meter they will have to break open the meter box.One of my earlier suggestions was to approach your local printer and ask them to sponsor the printing and laminating of a bunch of A4 posters which can be tacked to trees and power poles in your street.

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Dear Anon,
      A Truly excellent letter of yours, congratulations. As you say these really Foreign Owned Victorian Electricity Companies are quoting from a document that is seven years old, how DUMB is that ! Really Dumb I say. Now that shows me just how stupid and Unscientific SP AusNet is. Of course the other four Electricity Power Companies keep using these stupid and totally out of date figures just to try and treat us as if we are a ‘ Load of Mushrooms’ to be kept in the Dark and fed on Horse Manure. No, we Victorians are not as stupid or gullible as you Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies would like to believe.

      I have written politely to Mr Shane Breheny the C.E.O of PowerCor some time ago and politely told him that I refuse to take a Dopy Electrical Smart Meter on my property at any time and that, ” I will join The Common Class Action To Sue should I find an Electrical Smart Meter has been forced on my property.” He has not even had the backbone to ‘phone me or ever written me a polite letter of reply.” He will not sign any letters but gets his women publicity officers to do his DIRTY WORK for him ! How BRAVE is that ?

      The Facts and the Truth are, that the World Health Organisation or W.H.O is very concerned about all of this Electro-smog now pervading so much of Planet Earth and all living creatures as the W.H.O are constantly monitoring the Microwave Energy given out by all these Microwave Energy Smart Meters and Mobile or Cell Phones and the Microwave energy tall towers which communicate with the Smart Meters as well as Mobile Phones. This veritable sea of Microwave Electro-pollution is growing now at an exponential rate in so many of Earth’s Cities and hamlets and especially where there are high densities of population and where the Microwave Towers are close together. This Microwave Energy is now badly affecting humans and animals and even Insect life, especially the Bees which are fast fading in numbers all over Planet Earth.

      I say for the sake of Human Life and all life on Earth it is time to BAN any further Rollout of the so-called Electrical Smart Meters ( Read Dumb Meters ) We the people of Earth demand immediately the full eradication of these these DUMB and very Dangerous Electric Smart Meters and the immediate replacement of the safe and proven Analog Electric Meters which these Electric Power Companies have stolen and keep stealing from their customers here in Victoria Australia and worldwide as well.

      From: Stop Smart Meters Australia
      Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2012 7:56 PM
      To: rvimana@vic.chariot.net.au
      Subject: [New comment] We have a democracy worth fighting for

  9. mohsen says:

    The question should be not about democracy, it is about liberty. Democracy at its best is a by product of liberty. Democracy is just a process.We have no liberty here, we have allowed governments to sell public owned services to corporations while most of use is asleep. We need to get them back in the public hands..

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