Intimidation (Smart Meter Plan) song

Stop Smart Meters Australia launches Intimidation (Smart Meter Plan) song as another means to inform the masses about the dangers of smart meters.

The song is sung and written by Sharka, and Shane Griffo. Lyrics co-written by Brian Clarke. Film clip co-produced by David Thomas. Animation by John Goodwin and background art by Kari Kroll. Many thanks to these talented Victorian artists.

Stop Smart Meters Australia dedicates Intimidation (Smart Meter Plan) to:
-The ‘do nothing’ Baillieu Government which is ignoring the will of its constituents and denies ANY health impacts from the radiation emitted from smart meters;
-The money hungry foreign owned power distributors who are bullying and threatening people to accept smart meters against their will;
-The Department of Primary Industry, that responds to smart meter questions with "we’ll get back to you" but never do;
-and especially YOU, fellow Victorians, who are fighting for your civil and human rights to refuse smart meters on you properties.

Intimidation can be downloaded for fee at Triple J Unearthed:

As well as this website, it is also available on YouTube:

Spread the word….. We will NOT BE INTIMIDATED!

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1 Response to Intimidation (Smart Meter Plan) song

  1. FightingBack says:

    Medical alert.
    There needs to be urgent investigations done to the very large increase (especially in women) in having thyroid problems due the the electromagnetic and microwave radiation emissions coming from smart meters.
    If you are now experiencing thyroid trouble since your meters went in please mention here. I have some evidence that many now are experiencing thyroid troubles. If these facts are correct and we gain more medical evidence, then the Victorian government can be held accountable over this.

    Some could possibly have thyroid troubles and not know it. Your thyroid is in your neck and a good sign that you are having trouble is difficulty swallowing food, tightness around the middle of throat, rapid weight lose or gain. If your having these symptoms are more see your doctor.
    Make sure your blood tests for thyroid are also coming back correct, they need to test TSH, T3 and T4.
    With the untold fallout of the Fukushima Nuclear disaster (continued to be covered up) topped off with the microwave radiation emissions coming from smart meters, we are in some serious troubles.
    One word of advise, get yourselves some potassium iodide, I hear that the US military are now stock piling it.

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