Power puzzle in Moreland – Moreland Leader

MYSTERY surrounds the continued failure of smart meters across Moreland.

Electricity providers confirmed they have now replaced 38 vandalised meters – all but five in Moreland – that forensic tests found were sprayed with household chemicals.

Police began investigating in February, but have yet to establish who is launching the attacks and why.

Power distributor Jemena has ruled out suspending the program until the matter is resolved, but managing director Paul Adams warned vandalism of the electrical equipment could endanger lives.

Fawkner detective Sen-Constable Anna McIlroy said police identified 20 possible motives and had several leads.

But “until we can more closely identify the group we can’t say why or what motive,” Sen-Constable McIlroy said.

Lobby groups opposed to the meters claim they could breach privacy and associated electromagnetic frequencies could harm human health.

This year, new claims emerged the meters were exploding after black soot was found behind failed meters in Moreland.

Energy Safe Victoria energy safety director Paul Fearon said the meters were “designed to fail safely” and any associated flash, noise or smoke was not an explosion.

But Broadmeadows Progress Association spokeswoman Sonja Rutherford said she would not be convinced vandalism was behind the failures until Jemena released the forensic evidence.

“I find it extraordinary that a waterproof device can be damaged by liquid as is apparently claimed,” Ms Rutherford said.

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4 Responses to Power puzzle in Moreland – Moreland Leader

  1. Anonymous says:

    Agree, it seems no obstacle including people’s health and safety can stand in the way of the ‘smart meter’ spin ‘machine’…

  2. Brian Walker says:

    Smart meters catch fire,must be vandalised.What a load of Bull.

  3. Terry says:

    I want to see if I have this straight. They have investigated 38 instances of meters failing, 33 in Moreland and 5 elsewhere, and they have found that vandalism was the cause of the meters failing. Do I have the gist of it? So they are saying that someone who is opposed to the smart meter roll out, like all of us here, because of health, safety and privacy concerns, are going around sneaking into the homes of strangers, who have had meters installed, and spraying the meters with some chemical to make them fail, possibly catch on fire? Am I dreaming this? Why would anyone opposed to these monstrosities risk some other innocent person’s house burning down to make the point that the meters are dangerous? OK, I wouldn’t rule out that there might be crazies out there who might possibly go about things the wrong way. But until I see hard evidence that this is happening, I aint buying it. Of these 38 houses, has even one home owner seen the culprit? Has anyone seen the forensic evidence? I think the people making these claims ought to put up or shut up. But I tell you what, if these claims turn out to be false, a false flag type of thing, in order for the powers that be to further their agenda, we ought to be very, very concerned as to what is happening in this country of ours.

    • Vickie says:

      Terry, totally agree with what you are saying, another thing that keeps coming to me is the warning that the Fire Authorities gave to power companies late last year that they were not to remove the smart meters from the scenes of house fires, when I heard this statement I thought it very odd, apparently the fire department had arrived at scenes of house fires and the Energy Company had already been and removed the smart meter. they should have been charged with interfering and tampering with evidence prior to an investigation. and we need to ask why? would they do such a thing?

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