Time for Serious Action – Serious intimidation/coercion require serious responses.

As it is now being reported that many people are being threatened and intimidated by smart meter installers and by representatives of power companies on the phone and in person, it is time to share information from others dealing with what many are calling threats and bullying. What is extremely interesting is that comments are being made verbally to citizens not consenting to smart meters being installed at their home, but these same comments are not being put in writing. What actions are you prepared to take when standing up for your rights?

  1. Best to deal with power distributors and their agents, only via (registered) mail where possible.  If you do communicate over the phone or face-to-face tell them you are recording the conversation for evidence.  dictaphones can be bought for under $100 at places like Officeworks and many mobile phones have audio and video recording capabilities these days. If anybody makes a threat of any kind you want the evidence captured (and witnesses), so photograph/record what occurs if installers arrive at your home.  Alternatively, insist that they put their statements in writing.
  1. Don’t be intimidated. They will try to intimidate people into submission and use fear to manipulate people. Perhaps it’s time to return the favour! Some of the statements being made to citizens are “we own the meter and we will install a smart meter whether you like it or not” , “if you don’t have it installed now, you will have to pay a lot to have it installed later”, “it will be installed whether you like it or not, even if it is on your private property”, “we will cut your power off if you don’t have it installed”, “we will come back and bust your lock and install it anyway”, “we will take legal action against you”. All these statements, yet power companies, the Department of Primary Industries and the Government will not put anything in writing about the so-called “set procedure prior to disconnection”.  If you are replying to any of the above statements, some are replying with the following questions: “Are you speaking on behalf of (insert name of your power distributor) or on behalf of yourself? If you speak on behalf of (insert name of your power distributor), are you authorised to do so?” (so that you can determine if the power company is liable for the threat or the person making the threat) and/or “Do you wish to retract that threat or be charged under Section 247L of the Crimes Act 1958 of Victoria? Such an offence carries a penalty of up to 15 years imprisonment.”

3.  “No trespass” signs are an absolute must, as is informing in writing to the power company (CEO) you do not consent to the installation of a smart meter (many are using the signs and letters of no consent available on this site). Always keep copies of letters and take photos of signs in place – date and sign them. Some people are having them stamped and witnessed at the local police station.

4.  Always try to respond to letters you receive from the power company, never ignore them. If you find you are just repeating yourself you may just choose to send something simple like “I still do not consent to the installation of a smart meter at ……. .(insert your address and NMI code) and keep a copy.

5.  Never make threats, particularly threats of violence or criminal damage (many people are getting really angry and frustrated, but threatening others is not the answer). Always stress that you want a peaceful resolution but WILL ASSERT YOUR RIGHTS.

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14 Responses to Time for Serious Action – Serious intimidation/coercion require serious responses.

  1. Tim says:

    I also had an unpleasant experience with the ‘smart’ meter installation. I live in an apartment block. The block had a sign on the door of the meter box saying we did not want smart meters installed. One night, they came along and installed them (after hours). They then beat loudly on my door and said they had to come inside my apartment to check the electricals, I refused and they said they would turn off my power. 5 minutes later, I was in darkness. I called Citicorp and the representative was shocked this had happened and would follow it up. 10 minutes later I got a call and everyone agreed that I had to let them into my house to have my electrical system checked even though it has been functioning for the past 40 years flawlessly. The invasion of my home is bad enough, but for it to happen at night when the ombudsman and electricians are not available is placing citizens at risk of losing their power overnight in the dead of winter which is the biggest risk to safety. Reducing safety in the name of safety appears to be the new Australian mantra.

  2. FightingBack says:

    It is so funny(not really) that this article has come up just now. I have just had the installers come to our house a couple of days ago and was also being intimidating.
    First one man came to the door to ask why I have locked the meter box and asked to unlock it so he can install. I assume he was there to read the meter before they changed it.
    Now I am very sick at the moment with a chest infection (seem to be sick since these meters went in around us)and as he was speaking to me at the front door of our house the house began to smell like cigarettes which he just finished out the front while waiting for the second installer. I put up with it, unlocked the security door and went outside to talk to him, he was understanding, asked some questions and even agreed with me on some issues. I said I don’t want a mobile phone near my head while I sleep. That our 9 mth old now never sleeps since they installed them in the area and my wife has lost 6 kgs since they went in (never changed diet) and now she’s getting an investigation done too. The first installer went on to say he will put it down as bad health for the reason why we don’t want it. He went out to the front and I walked inside thinking it was the last conversation.
    Now as I sat at my desk inside I started hearing someone yelling at my front door ( the door was opened, security door locked). I was shocked that someone was yelling and as I went to walk to the front this guy continued to yell (I assumed at this stage it was the second installer) to the first installer standing out the front of our house, telling him what he should put down in the report. It sounded like he was telling him to put down nasty reasons. As I was shocked by it I didn’t listen to what he was saying, instead asking my wife what or who is that.
    As I reached the front door this second installer started telling me in a loud voice that the “meter is going to go in MATE” and again repeated himself with the same words. I could see he looked angry so I unlocked the door ( I can handle myself), so I confronted him and walked out the door and said “No its not”. (he walked a distance away by now), He again said “whether you like it or not its going to go in mate”. I said “no its not”, I said “this is still a free country and we are not a communist country yet”. He didn’t listen and said “its going to go in maybe not today but we will be back, you can guarantee that” he said. He said “if you don’t let us we will just come back and turn your power off. That it might take 10 warnings but we will either way”. I said “that won’t happen, I have rights and I have a young family and no one is going to turn my power off, that I will fight it”.
    He then started to slightly calm down and asked me finally why. I told him my bedroom is right there and my head is right next to it, that I am not having a mobile phone type device next to my head while I sleep and that I am already suffering and my family is suffering. He then said “that is Bull” He told me that “the signal is as low as a baby monitor” that “it is the same type of signal as a baby monitor”.
    I also told him about the fires and he said people are tipping acid on them, I said to him that is false, someone is not going around to different suburbs just to tip acid on everyone’s meters or that they don’t want to wreak their own houses. I told him that is a lie to make themselves look good. He went on about some more things and then walked away.
    I was just shocked by it all. I was made to feel threatened in my own home. That he should not have yelled out at my front door so that everyone can hear him (including the neighbours). To make out he is the boss and try to intimidate me to get scared.
    I have been concerned about it since. As I am under stress from being sick and my business is shutting down because I am sick, I didn’t need this. It is just strange that since these things has gone in I am fighting weakness, illness, headache and more.
    I am now only more determined. The people are not informed about what is going on. I think just like the politicians the best way to inform Victorias is to organise a mail out to every Victoria home(I will donate for printing) to tell them all about the meters and the current government taking away our rights to say NO! This will make the Victoria government take notice.
    Also I know of a new political voice in this country to take back our freedoms and rights.
    You all may like to have a look. They are launching on May 1st and it will have some powerful people behind it. They might look at this meter cause as well – http://www.taxpayers.org.au/
    Keep up the fight
    Fighting Back.

    • Vickie says:

      Oh hearing that situation from fighting back has me really worried, I have been trying to defend my rights not to have a smart meter, most of the homes around me have them and since this time I have been unable to sleep, I live with my mother and my son, there is no adult man at our home and to think that they may come and intimidate me at my own home is outrageous and scary, I would never have believed the day would come when the Government would allow the bullying of citizens who are simply trying to stand up for their own human rights, I fear for the future of all of us, the Government disgusts me for allowing this to happen.

    • Terry says:

      Who the hell do these cowboys think they are, talking to people like that? Is this Australia? Seriously, if we don’t take a stand now, we are GONE!

      “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”

    • FightingBack says:

      The other thing I forgot to mention is they (installers) told me that I will be charged for having a reader come and read my meter and made other threats that I didn’t mention here.
      Best thing to do when they come is to take a note pad to the door or have one near the door ready, ask for their ID’s, write it down, also write down date and time, then tell them I will not be getting any smart meter installed. If they start making threats write down what they say and (like it says here) ask are they representing themselves when making those claims or their company.
      You can have voice recorders on mobiles these days, just record the conversation and take a photo of their ID with the mobile, if you can try to take photo of their ID and the installer. I should have done this but next time I will.
      Just keep stepping out of line power companies(mines SP AusNet) and your court days will come, your propaganda wont save you then. Sometime you can mess with the wrong people who have strong friends.

    • anon says:

      Good for you.
      However I am sceptical about your referral: to http://www.taxpayers.org.au. I see their first priority is to repeal the mining tax and they have on board not only a Fellow of both the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, but several staunch liberal party members. Hmmm.

    • Olga says:

      For an alternative political group who really do seem to care about our freedoms and rights, try the Australian Sovereignty Party http://www.sovereigntyparty.org.au/. Read their policies and see what you think. From their website, you can download the Australian Constitution, information about those “It is MY WILL” letters you can write to the government (mentioned on this Stop Smart Meters site – I saw that somebody had already written one of these), and various other documents dealing with freedoms and rights. (Under Resources > Learn Your Rights)

      The other party of course is the Democratic Labor Party, who placed the end of forced installation of smart meters as a top priority in their election campaign (also mentioned on this site, together with a download of their vote card). Will be checking out their website, too.

  3. Brian Walker says:

    Governments work for Corporations not people.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The meter reader from powercor came out to read my meter, as I was unlocking my meterbox for him he admited to me that he had his box locked at home as well. He said that he would delay his installation as long as he could, as he feels that the time of use tarrif was going to be more of a concern than the health issues.

  5. Maureen says:

    I spoke to a representative from Jemena a couple of days ago . As yet I do not have a smart meter as I have locked my meter box, but I am still suffering health problems from surrounding meters in our area, most recently a high pitched ringing in my ears. When I asked him if meters in our street could be turned down he said he couldn’t help me and that I would have to ask each neighbour individually to contact their supplier and ask for their meter to be turned down.

  6. Vickie says:

    If this sort of bulling and intimidation happens in the work place or at schools there are consequences, infact bullying and intimidation are seen as a crimes, what sort of message does this send to the general public that people from the authorities and Government can scare and manipulate people as result of these threatening actions. the more I see and read the more I fear for our future. on the issue of appliances blowing up and breaking down after smart meter installations has anyone noticed the many house fires that have been happening recently have been blamed on faulty electrical appliances, including the lady whos house fire happened when she turned her radio on in the morning, the whole story turned into one of a lady who hoarded too much furniture in her house this distracted from the whole story, I advise people to keep an eye on all the house fires happening, you will see many statements such as cold weather related to spate of house fires ect, I noted many house fires appear to be happening while the house is unoccupied or the occupants are away on holidays at the time, hmmm rather weird.

  7. jackV says:

    Good advice, thank you.

  8. Sandra says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. It’s good to have a straight forward guide to follow. I’ve got my signs up, written my letters and sent the installer away when he came to my door. Just waiting to see what happens next. With the support of the information on this site, I feel empowered to stand my ground and I will. No awful ‘smart meter’ is going to take up residence at my place!

    • If you could see my house now, it looks like an advertising board. 9 signs in all plus two locks on my analogue meter. A heavy gate with more signs, plus two registered letters. Oh and not to forget my insurance co., if I am covered in the event of a fire caused by the smart meter .Is like being a prisoner in my own home . If we allow corporations to do their thing then we have lost our freedom. Never give up, your fight is for the future of
      your children and grand children. Stick together with neighbors. Freedom was gained with a lot of noise, the same is for now. We are all together in this.

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